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First Time

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I was going to meet her at last. I was so nervous but excited at the same time. My hands were slightly damp…and so was my pussy.

We met on the internet of course. I had recently discovered that I had bisexual feelings and wanted to explore, discreetly. Putting the ad on the dating site, I deliberately chose the larger metropolis about an hour away from my home.

I had dressed carefully, taking time with my makeup, using the dark eyeliner that made my eyes pop…choosing the lacy underwear and having shaved and exfoliated every inch of my skin. I felt on fire, smooth and hairless, wet and slippery between my legs already. I felt my nipples harden, and the man passing me on the street looked at my tits and smiled.

Nope. I wanted pussy. I could only imagine since I had never been with a woman. But I wanted to taste cunt, push my tongue deep inside and gently bite her clit. I wanted her juice on my face as I buried it between her legs, sliding my lips up and down her crevice, lapping at her cream as she came.

Oooh! I needed to hurry and get inside the restaurant, find her. She would be wearing a black dress, with long white blonde hair and red lipstick…a book of poetry by Anais Nin on the table.

Inside at last. I looked toward the back…there she was. I approached the table, my trembling hidden for the moment. Laurin. Lovely…scooting over to allow room on the bench seat beside her. I sat and turned to her, kissing Ankara Escort her on the cheek near her mouth. She smiled, showing perfect teeth.

“Marnie, how beautiful you look…I knew you would be.” She leaned over and kissed me, letting her full lips linger. “I could eat you up already.” She winked. “Do you want to order drinks? Or leave now?”

“One drink, then let’s go,” I said. “I already have a room upstairs.”

We drank our martinis in record time. I was so fucking hot for her. When she stood up her dress barely covered her ass and there was no panty line anywhere. Her tits were high and spilling out of the plunging neckline. I wanted to suck her everywhere.

Into the elevator, tenth floor dammit! The doors barely closed and we were eating each other’s tongues. I pinched and twisted her nipples, standing out so hard like berries. She moaned and bit my tongue. “Save some baby, my pussy is so wet for you I’m dripping.” Sure enough, wetness was shining on her legs and I could smell her sex. I wanted to lap it up and went to my knees…pushing her dress up I licked her pussy crack, tasting her juices, like nectar.

We stumbled into the room, pulling clothes off and falling onto the bed. Laurin lay back, her legs wide open. I stared at her golden skin, her hairless pussy so shiny with her juice and swollen with desire. Her pink pussy lips were standing up, her clit Balgat Escort at attention. Her tits were hard as rocks, with berry tips begging to be suckled. I started sucking them hard, pulling them into my mouth and biting gently, then harder as she moaned. I laid full out on her body, sliding in the cunt juice – hers and mine. Grinding on her, then slipping down her body to munch on her pussy, so warm and juicy. Open the lips, and lap her fully with my tongue as I had wanted to do…I pushed two fingers into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She moaned and bucked under my hand. I buried my face in her poon and shoved my finger in her ass, fucking her with it. She screamed and bucked wildly, pushing her cunt into my face as I ate her, slowly sucking her clit into my mouth and nibbling it. I felt a rush of wetness as she flooded my mouth with her desire.

My pussy was aching with need, so wet and so needing her mouth to give me relief. I swung around and she opened her mouth to meet my pussy, tongue ready. Her lips danced over my clit and sucked it hard, pulling it deep into her mouth. I felt a jolt of electricity as I ground my cunt into her face. I was moaning as I was pushing my mouth against her, eating frantically, licking, sucking, lapping her juice and all the time fucking her face. We were so slippery wet. We scissored our cunts together, slipping and sliding as we rubbed Çankaya Escort our pussies and kissed deeply, my hands buried in her hair and holding her tightly.

Her boobs were magnificent, pressed against me like cushions with hard rock nipples made for sucking. I pinched and twisted them, making her gasp and grind up against me. I pulled her tight and grasped her round ass…sliding my finger around and pushing in that tight bung hole. I fucked her with my fingers and tongue, pushing as deep as I could while she moaned and bucked against me.

I strapped on the dick I had bought at a sex shop and plunged it into her, seeing her eyes widen as the 10 inches impaled her. I grabbed her tits and twisted as I fucked her, leaned over and sucked her mouth and tangled our tongues together. She was moaning so loud I thought management would come. I flipped her over, leaving my hand underneath, rubbing her pussy. Her ass was plumped up in the air and her pink bung hole looked inviting. Leaning over, I licked it gently, while rubbing her cunt and clit. She pushed her ass toward me and I pushed my tongue into the tightness, fucking her with it, followed by my finger…then two. I finger fucked her hard…rough…then on my knees I pushed my strap-on into her, hard. Reaching around I fingered her pussy while she came, dripping her cum on my fingers. I pulled out and shoved her face into my pussy so she could eat me out and I spurted my cum, flooding her face with juice.

We kissed deeply and I tasted my pussy on her lips; I pushed my cum soaked fingers into her mouth so she could taste hers…and we mingled our cum juice in one long erotic tongue twisting kiss.

We fell asleep, our tits rubbing and legs tangled together so our pussies were touching…resting for a second go ’round.

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