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First Meet Up Pt. 02

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I open my mouth and show you the last of your cum pooled on my tongue before closing my lips and swallowing the rest of your release…

You stare down at me and watch as my throat moves when I swallow the last of your cum. My face tilting up so I can look up at you through my lashes. “Good girl” you praise, your hand moving to my face and lightly brushing your thumb along my cheek.

Sliding your hand to my chin you tug lightly to get me to stand, pulling me to my feet as I rise and bringing my body flush against yours. You tip my face up and kiss me hard. The lingering taste of you still on my tongue.

You break the kiss and spin me around pushing me to the bed and bending me over the edge with your hand on my lower back. “Keep your palms flat on the mattress above your head and don’t move” you growl out.

I follow your directions and slide my palms up the comforter and lay them flat above my head. My face turned to the side as I watch you standing behind me. A full body shiver runs though me as your eyes travel my body slowly.

Your hands move to my ass and gently caress my cheeks, sliding up to the waistband of my leggings and hooking your fingers onto the edge. Your eyes meet mine briefly before tugging them büyükesat escort down hard over my hips and down my legs. Kneeling down as you remove them completely.

Starting at my ankles you pull my legs further apart and slowly slide your hands up the back of my calves, kissing the back of my thighs as you go. Your warm breath fanning across my skin.

When you reach the curve of my ass you press a soft kiss against my cheek before bringing your palm down hard on the spot with a loud smack. I gasp and jerk instinctively away, the sting from your spank warming my flesh.

Your fingers tighten around me as you warn me to stay still, your tone making me tremble in pleasure. When I relax, your hand rubs the spot you left your hand print softly and you run your palms over my flesh and down spreading my cheeks from behind.

I feel your warm breath first as you lightly blow between my thighs, the air ghosting over my damp center and cooling my heated skin. Goosebumps spread along my arms as I tremble in anticipation of your next move.

My pretty pink pussy glistens with honey and my nectar taunts you. Bringing your face closer you moan against my folds as you press cebeci escort your tongue flat against my clit and flick my bud with the tip, tasting me for the first time.

You growl possessively and spread my legs even wider for you before working me hard with your mouth from behind. Shifting back suddenly and standing, your hands grip my butt hard. I whimper at the loss of your tongue but the sound is quickly cut off by the clap of your palm against my ass. I cry out and grip the blanket in my fists the bedding balling in my hands.

Moving your hands under me and around my hips you lift and toss me completely on the bed, quickly rolling me onto my back as you move up onto the bed.

Your hands run up the inside of my thighs and you push my legs open wide for you, your eyes hungry and feasting on my pussy before you. You continue to trail your fingers higher, over my mound and down across my clit before sliding between my lips.

You look up and your eyes lock with mine as you push 2 fingers knuckle deep inside me and curl them up against my g spot, stroking my insides slow. My mouth falls open and I gasp, my back arching and my head tipping back on a moan.

You smirk kolej escort at me before leaning down and covering my clit with your mouth, sucking softly as your fingers start to pump in and out of my tight core. My walls fluttering in pleasure, the pressure of my orgasm building quickly.

My moans become louder filling the hotel room and my quiet pleas start to reach your ears. “Please” I beg you, my legs shaking against your shoulders. That one word making you suck harder against my clit.

“Oh god!” I cry “Please can I cum, please” I beg you again, my body tense and on the edge. You break your suction and look up at me, your fingers fucking into me harder, faster, your other hand sliding up and rubbing my sensitive clit. “Cum for me, my needy little slut” you growl “Cum now”.

Your permission crumbles my walls and I shatter around your fingers. My pussy gripping them tightly as I flood your hand with my juices. Rolling waves of ecstasy shooting through my entire body, and dragging every ounce of pleasure out of my depths.

You watch me as I completely come undone for you, my breasts rising and falling with my harsh breathing. Your fingers start to slow their thrusting and you remove some pressure from my clit gradually bringing me back down to earth.

As my eyes meet yours you murmer “So Beautiful” making a deep blush spread across my cheeks. You lean down over me and press your lips against mine, kissing me deep while you pull your fingers out of me. “We aren’t even close to being done yet” you say against my lips before kissing me again…

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