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First Little Piggy Pt. 03

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Lilly was enjoying dancing around the living room in her three story town house, in nothing but her silk dressing gown, when she was rudely disturbed by a harsh knocking at the door.

‘oh who on earth could that be’ she thought to herself, she was not in the mood for visitors.

She stomped over to the door and took a look out of the window. Oh goodie, she thought sarcastically, it’s that damn Lady Wolf. Lilly hated her, mainly out of jealously, she so badly wanted to be her, she wanted to run this town! With a snarl she spun away from the window half tempted to ignore the dreadful woman.

But a spark of spite had her turning back, she was so close to unseating Lady Wolf, and the woman had no idea Lilly had been working hard behind the scenes to get the backing of many high up officials, and she had plans to take over this town.

The malicious child in her couldn’t resist the chance to get her claws out, and throw a few digs at the Lady Wolf, so she purposely strode back over to the door, throwing it open, she stood facing Lady Wolf, hands on hips, ample chest thrust out, and a smug look on her face.

“What can I do for you, oh so great and wonderful Lady Wolf?” she asked with sweet sarcasm dripping from every word.

“Well for a start, you can strip off that robe, put on these items..” she said throwing pig ears, nose and butt plug on Lilly’s hallway floor “get down on all fours and start grunting like a pig. Then you can bury that piggy nose in my ass and clean it!”

Lilly’s mouth dropped open in surprise, so taken aback was she.

“Well you did ask.” said Lady Wolf with a sharp smile as she pushed past Lilly into the house.

“Hey, hold up.” shouted Lilly not taking long to find her voice again. “You can’t just walk in here like you own the place. Get out and take you pig paraphernalia with you! I don’t know what game your playing but I want no part of it!” demanded Lilly.

“Oh really?” responded Lady W with a sweetly evil smile “I heard you’re rather found of sex games.”

Lilly started to get a sick feeling in her stomach, but decided to brazen her way through. “I have no idea what your talking about, or whose been telling lies about me, but you’re barking up the wrong tree with me.”

“Oh no no, I don’t want you to bark my dear, I want you to grunt and groan, squeal and snort for me.”

“Stop it! just leave” said Lilly trying to cut her off, but çankaya escort Lady W continued as if she hadn’t spoken

“And as for who I’ve been speaking to, well the Judge, the police commissioner, the chairman of the board and a few of his underlings…should I continue, or have you figured out where I’m going with this?” she asked with deadly delight.

“Oh no!” cried Lilly in dispair.

“Oh yes, you little slut!” laughed Lady W with delight “You thought you could fuck your way to the top, behind my back! But little did you know, I already had all those men in my pocket, I know all their little secrets, nothing, not even your whorish charms would be worth enough for them to risk turning their backs on me!” she announced with delight.

“Fine you evil bitch! You figured me out and stopped my plot to overthrow you, you’ve had you’re gloat, now get out of my house!” cried Lilly is despair and defiance, she wanted to be alone to lick her wounds in private, it appeared her plan was foiled and she would have to start over somewhere else.

“Get out? So you can pack up and move town, to start your plot again on some other unsuspecting town? I don’t think so, I’ve decided I want to put your whorish talents to better use.” said Lady W

“What?! Get real, you cant stop me leaving and you can’t make me do anything for you!” shouted Lilly.

“I can’t? Oh but my dear I can, I knew about your plot from the off, I’ve let you think you could fuck your way to the top, but the whole time those men and women were working for me.” and in so saying she walked over to the table and started laying out photos.

OMG, No! thought Lilly, she can’t have. She didn’t want to see but she had to know for sure, so she gingerly made her way to the table to see her worst fears confirmed. Dozens of pictures of her in some of the most degrading sexual positions.

“I have videos to, in case you were wondering, they’ve made for a fascinating watch, I had to admire the degrading lengths you would go to, to get to the top.” she paused a moment to soak up the despair evident on Lillys pretty face “so now you’ll continue to degrade yourself but for my pleasure only, no longer your own.”

Lilly looked at her, and decided to have one last shot at defiance “So, what if I don’t?”

“Well then my dear you leave me know choice but to make these pictures and videos public, I think I’ve çankırı escort got enough to start my own little porn website with you as the star.” she smirked as Lilly’s face grew red with anger and shame. “You can try to run from me if you wish, but I have the means and the desire to hunt you down, and ruin you all over again.”

Lilly’s head dropped in defeat, she didn’t have the resources to start over again, let alone try and hide from Lady W at the same time.

Lady Wolf sensing she had won, didn’t delay in acquainting Lilly with her new found station in life. “Robe off, pig accessories on, crawl back to me on all fours when your done, don’t keep me waiting!”

Lilly’s anger grew at Lady W’s harsh commands, but she couldn’t think of a way out, so she did as she was told. She removed her robe, Lady W was hardly the first person to see her naked but the nasty gleam in her eyes made Lilly nervous and she longed to cover herself up again. Next she put on each pig accessory in turn, having no issue with the butt plug, her ass had got enough use recently. Crawling back over the Lady Wolf she kept her eyes on the floor, so Lady Wolf wouldn’t see the hatred in them, the last thing she needed was to make her mad.

“Mmmm, your body is even better than it looks in the pictures and videos, what a shame” she sighed in longing “I had hoped to play with you, but we’ve run out of time, I have an appointment to keep. Come along piggy, your coming to.”

Outside Lady Wolf told Lilly to get in the boot of her car “I can’t have animals messing up my upholstery now can I?” she said slamming the boot shut.

Shut up inside Lilly couldn’t see where they were going, but about 10 mins later, the boot was thrown open, Lady W roughly pulled Lilly out, ordered her to follow as she headed towards a small thatched cottage.

Once inside the gate Lilly could see two other woman ‘pigs’ such as herself. One was covered all over in mud and had a very satisfied look on her face. The other just had mud on her face and looked rather tired and worn out. They both however smiled when they saw Lady Wolf and came bounding over, snorting and grunting.

“Hello my darlings, did you enjoy your game?” she laughed in delight at the chorus of oinking/grunts she got in response. “Well Milly I hope you’re not too full up on truffles, because its dinner time now, come on darlings, I have it all set up around the çayyolu escort back of the cottage.”

The other two pigs looked at Lilly curiously but moved to follow Lady W as she made her way around the side to the back of the cottage. Lilly followed with much less enthusiasm, she was even less happy with the sight that greeted her. A long low pig trough was positioned by the wall of the cottage, with a wooden bar running parallel to the trough but a few feet away from it.

“Line up piggys” demanded Lady Wolf “Get your hips up to the bar, lean over it and make sure you can reach the trough, or you’ll be going hungry.” she laughed.

Once they we’re all lined up, Lady Wolf came along and secured all their legs to the wooden bar, so they couldn’t move the lower half of their bodies at all, she then came along the front and tied all their wrists to the bottom of the feeding trough, so they had minimal movement for their top halves as well. Lilly had a really bad feeling about this, glancing at the other two, they looked more excited then nervous, the little fools.

Next Lady Wolf came along with with a bucket which she emptied into the trough before them, Lillys position meant her head was virtually resting in the trough anyway, so a lot of it splashed up onto her face, to her surprise it wasn’t some awful leftovers, it looked more just like a very milky porridge mixture, and a quick test with her tongue proved it to be sweet and warm. The other two piggies were tucking in with enthusiasm, but Lilly didn’t have much of appetite.

All of a sudden, the first little pig squealed out in horror, spitting food everywhere and making the trough shake as she tried desperately to escape. “Nooooo, no, no!” she screamed.

Lilly tried in vain to escape also, but before she could even try to fathom out what had happened, little pig number two put on the same screaming shouting act, and the smell of burning flesh hit Lillys nose. But before her brain could even grasp the horror of that thought, her right ass cheek was burning in pain as red hot metal was pressed into it, and she let out a scream of her own. The intense burning was quickly followed by instant freezing cold water being splashed all over her backside, before the pain returned! She couldn’t believe it, no way could she have! she wouldn’t possible go that far would she? Had the evil woman branded them, just like real livestock!

As the sun set on what had been an eventful day, Lady Wolf could hardly believe it but she had finally made her fantasy come to life. She leaned back against the fence and sighed with delight, as the sound of three little squealing piggies was music to her ears.

The End

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