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First Day in the Caribbean 21

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The weather was about as perfect as anyone could want. Almost no swell, not a cloud in the sky, and temp in the mid 80’s. Everybody showed up on time for the dive, about an hour after dawn. Karen was there as instructor, Bill to navigate—he had known these waters since he was a kid, Rick to pilot—after all, it was his and Karen’s boat, Asch and Octavia as paying participants, Charlie to take pictures, and the girls for the excitement. —Oh yes, and to pose for photos.

Rick and Karen had strapped air tanks to the railings and stocked the boat with drinking water and snacks. Everyone stowed their gear under the seats, and they headed out.

Bill took out a GPS. “Okay, that kinda shallow place with the interesting coral is out, uh, that way, maybe three quarters of a mile.”

Rick pointed the boat west and slightly south. Karen made everyone review their dive charts and calculate how long they’d be able to stay under at the estimated 20 feet. The men pulled on their wetsuits but left them unzipped to keep cool. The women discussed swimwear. They were already dressed in “modest” bikinis under their coverups, and had their snorkeling gear at hand.

They arrived at the location and Rick dropped anchor a little way from the reef. Karen said “Okay Charlie, you’re in charge. I’ll watch.”

Charlie got up and looked a little bashful. “Okay, I’d like you all to just get in the water and explore like it was a regular skin dive while I practice with the camera a little and take some fish pictures. I’ll bang on my tank when I’m ready and you can wave at me and I’ll come over and take pictures of whatever you’re pointing at, and you can do some poses, too. Okay?”

The girls jumped into the water and Charlie, Octavia, and Asch put on their dive gear. Karen said, “Bill, you should get in, too. That way there’ll be an even number of people the water for buddying up. You can buddy with Charlie. I think Asch wants to buddy with your sister,” she grinned.

Bill shrugged into his gear and joined the rest, secretly delighted to have an excuse to do some girl-watching.

Rick double-checked their first stage valves and sent them in. Rick and Karen leaned on the railing side by side. “It’ll be hard for Charlie to take bad pictures with those models,” she remarked.

“Not as cute as you, but yup.”

She leaned into him as they kept watch over the splashing girls and the streams of bubbles.

Under the water, Asch fell into his learned habit of steady breathing and followed Octavia as she descended, gliding sensuously around outcroppings and turning to look at fish. Asch wondered if she was deliberately moving erotically knowing that he was watching. Even with her wetsuit she looked pretty sexy.

Charlie was off to one side pointing the camera at things and creating occasional flashes. He’d take a picture, look at the camera, adjust the lights, and take another. It looked as if he wasn’t even looking at the girls, but Asch noticed that every now and then he’d point the camera upwards and take a shot, still with the camera examination after each one.

Bill hung below Charlie so he could look up and watch the girls while being a good buddy, keeping Charlie in view.

The girls revelled in the attention they knew they were getting, and the attention they figured they’d get later, too. They dove a lot to look at things, played tag, swam parallel holding hands, waving at Charlie and Bill, and generally having a good time.

Finally Charlie banged on his tank with his knife, and pointed at the girls, motioning them to come toward him. They dove and he got some nice shots of them head on, they swam across his line of vision and he got some nice side shots. They turned every which way and he got some nice full frontal views, and more shots from about every angle you could imagine. He tapped his tank again and signaled to Asch and Octavia, so they swam over and he took some photos of them exploring, holding hands, from a couple angles.

Eventually it was time to go up. They broke the surface, the girls chattering excitedly as they took turns climbing onto the boat.

“Okay, Charlie,” announced Sharon. “I want you to get a few more shots of us before we move on to the next location. We want to do this in different suits.”

“Uh, okay.” He watched as she and Jenny went to their bags and pulled out wisps of white fabric that were supposed to be bathing suits.

Sharon faced Charlie with a little smile on her face, and took off her bikini right in front of him! Top off first, then she pulled down the bottom. Jenny followed suit. Then they wiggled into the new bikinis, still smiling. It happened so fast, nobody had time to react, but both Octavia and Karen smirked, mainly at Charlie’s and Bill’s reactions.

“Okay, let’s go!” and they dove into the water. Their suits turned essentially transparent in the water.

Charlie stood there dumbfounded, then gathered himself together and jumped in with his camera, tankless, but with his mask and snorkel. He still had his fins on. Mardin Escort

Rick and Asch threw the girls their fins, and Charlie took pictures of the girls putting theirs on, and followed them around as they dove and cavorted in the water.

On the boat, Octavia looked at Karen and nodded her head toward the water. “Let’s go.”

Karen caught on, and both women stripped off their suits and dove into the water. When they popped back to the surface, Octavia yelled, “Bill, you can’t look at Karen, and I’m your sister!”

Karen yelled, “Rick, don’t look at Octavia, okay?”

Both men laughed, and Asch threw in two more pair of fins, and the women swam in front of Charlie, who nearly choked when he saw he had two more targets. But he rose to the occasion, and kept snapping away. The four females swam-danced together, making stars and rings, presenting Charlie with some spectacular opportunities to get pictures of wet underwater mermaids.

Finally they got tired and swam for the boat. Rick looked sideways at Asch and said, “I didn’t look, but that’s quite a woman you got there.”

Asch smiled. “Me neither, and you too.” Then they helped everyone get onto the boat. Karen and Octavia caressed their man’s cheek as they sashayed by, and Jenny and Sharon did a finger-wiggling wave to the other two men. Then the four models pulled on their coverups, which didn’t quite cover everything.

“Whaddya say we save the wreck for another day and go have lunch?” ventured Rick. “After this adventure, even a wreck would be anticlimactic.”

Everyone agreed. The women put on a little more clothing under their coverups while Rick headed back to the pier.

Karen looked at Charlie. “As instructor, I insist on helping you select and edit your photographs. Maybe one evening this week?” She looked the group over, “Um, let’s have a public viewing session, say next weekend?”

“Bring a CD up to the house and we can look at them on the big screen,” offered Asch.

Everybody agreed that was a fine idea. Bill, Karen, Sharon, and Jenny said they’d bring goodies, and no one suggested bringing any parents.

Charlie kind of sighed. He wiped off the camera and opened the door to the memory card and handed it to Karen. “Tomorrow night after the bike store closes?”

Karen took the card. “You’re not going to look them over yourself first?” She smiled a too-innocent smile.

Charlie kept a straight face. “I figure the instructor ought to see the bad ones as well as the good ones. This way I won’t be tempted to edit them on my own.” He meant he was afraid to let everybody think he would spend the whole night looking a load of pictures of naked and nearly naked women.

Sharon put her arms around Charlie. “Charlie, you are such a noble beast.” She kissed his cheek and gave him a coy look. “I guess I won’t be able to stop over tonight and look at them with you. Oh well.”

“Just wait till Saturday. We’ll knock your socks off.”

Not to be outdone, Jenny gave him a hug and kiss, too. “Thank you for putting up with all our antics.”

Charlie smiled a smile that was almost wicked. “The pleasure was all mine.”

Everybody helped Rick and Karen load up the gear that was headed for the dive shop.

Octavia said she was tired enough to go home and take a nap. Rick and Karen nodded thoughtfully and said they didn’t really need any help unloading the stuff at the store, so go ahead and head on out. Bill, Charlie, and the two girls decided they still wanted to do lunch, so the party more or less broke up and everyone went their way.

On the way up to the house, Asch remarked, “I was impressed that Charlie turned in that memory chip. And you make an outstanding mermaid.” He put his hand on her knee. “Do you also lure innocent sailors to their doom?”

She slid his hand up to her her leg to her thigh. “Not the innocent ones.”

They pulled into the driveway. “Let me show you how un-innocent I am, then.”

“Ready to meet your doom, eh sailor?” She bumped her hip against him as they went through the door.

Asch pretended to stagger. “Oof! I’ve been struck. Rescue me!” He spun her so her back was to him, put his hands on her hips, and steered her toward the stairs. “Lead me to a place of safety and comfort!” He pushed her up the stairs and into the bedroom while she unbuttoned her coverup. “Ah! Here’s a place of comfort!” and he pushed her onto the bed.

She grinned and cooperated, falling forward. “Don’t be too sure about the safety, though.”

“First let me get rid of these weeds,” a quick flick and her sandals hit the floor. Then he pulled her shorts down and tossed them aside. She spread her legs in response. Asch could see her fanny, slit already showing moisture. “Definitely not a mermaid on this end.” He said, leaning forward to pull the coverup off her shoulders and down to her hands, where he left it, wrapping it around her wrists.

She pretended to try to escape, jiggling her hands a couple times. “Oo! Kinky!”

Asch didn’t Mardin Escort Bayan say anything. He reached back up and unfastened her bikini top, leaving her back bare. He dropped his shorts and leaned forward again, this time to massage her neck and shoulders, his own knees between her legs.

Octavia gave a contented sigh at the feel of his hands on her. Asch shifted forward a little more, and she found his stiff manhood in her hands. “There goes your safety,” she said as she began to play with him, grabbing, pulling, pushing, and twisting.

Asch hmmed, enjoying the feel of her eagerness. He reached under her arms and caressed the sides of her breasts with his fingertips, making her do some hmming herself. She rocked a couple times. “I can’t roll over!”

“Pity.” He continued massaging, working down to her buttocks.

“I can’t play with you!”

“Just as well. I was about to come. You’re just too exciting.” He reached between her legs and drew his fingers over her womanhood, feeling the slickness of her crack. He ventured in and made some slow circles on her clit.

She buried her face in the bed and pulled her knees up to give him more room to reach her.

“Ahh. Don’t stop!”

“Don’t plan to,” he replied, using one hand on her clit and making circles around her back door with the other.

She managed to walk her knees farther up until her behind was as high as it could go. Her entire crotch area was wet, and Asch changed to making those back end circles with his thumb while the rest of his hand stimulated her slit and clit. He reached his free hand to the closest breast and gently pinched the nipple. “Oh ah. Get inside me. I want to come with you in me.”

Asch squatted on the bed and inserted himself into her, slowly, a little bit at a time, backing out and going deeper. After a while he grabbed her hips and pulled her onto him rapidly.

She did her best to rock back into him, but he did most of the work. “Oh! Yes! Don’t stop! Harder faster!” She began to tremble as she felt his erection grow larger deep inside her. They came together, her screaming muffled by the bed, Asch grunting in ecstasy of his own.

He reached forward and slipped the garment off her wrists, and he flopped down next to her. She climbed partially onto him, breasts against his chest. “That was in interesting frustration,” she said, and ran her fingernails down his ribs. She kissed him and collapsed onto him, satisfied and happy.


Rick and Karen shooed everyone away “so we can earn the rental fee and manage the inventory properly.” As they carried in and stowed the gear, Rick said, “Charlie seems to be a little green behind the ears. You like to flirt; maybe you could give him a little bit of an education besides just about photography?”

Karen smiled to herself, “You mean how to satisfy a woman? Not be so bashful?” She turned to him. “Might be fun, and good for him and benefit his woman, but you gotta know my actual interest in something like that would be pretty much academic. Or didactic. I’m that good, eh, that I should teach more than photography?” She put her arms around him and reached up to give him a kiss. “Think I can do it when my real, true interest is in this certain furriner who is pretty good at satisfying a woman, especially this woman, himself?”

“Thank you for the compliment, and if you actually take me up on my dare, I’m confident you’d have fun without getting, um, involved.” He gave her a kiss and a squeeze, and they got back to work.

Finally the gear was stowed, and they meandered into the office. Rick remarked about Charlie again, “I was impressed that Charlie turned in that memory chip. And you make an outstanding mermaid.” He was standing behind her and put his hands on her shoulders, massaging her trapezius muscles with his thumbs. “Do you also lure innocent sailors to their doom?”

She pulled his hands down onto her breasts and leaned back into him, looking up, “Not the innocent ones.”

He slid his hands over her breasts and down her belly. “Let me show you how un-innocent I am, then.” He hooked his thumbs in her shorts and pulled them down. He gave an ass cheek a playful bite when he reached her feet.

“Eek,” and she stepped out of the shorts. “That’s still pretty innocent.”

He stood up, still behind her. “How about this?” He grabbed the bottom of her tube top and pulled it up over her head. From habit, she raised her hands to assist, and he left the top with her head and arms entrapped, then grabbed her and (gently) dumped her on the bed, face down.

“Oo. Getting less innocent,” her slightly muffled voice drifted out.

Rick caressed her legs, stroking and massaging his way up from feet to crotch. Then he took her hips and lifted. She cooperated immediately by tucking her knees up. “I suppose I’ll meet my doom now; I’m tempted to dive as deep as I can,” and he gently ran his hands over her butt and slit, then began to concentrate on her clit and vagina.

Karen wiggled Escort Mardin her knees a little farther apart. “Mmm. I know something that’ll go deeper than your fingers, good as those fingers are…”

“Now there’s a thought!” Rick climbed between her legs and began to play with her with his penis. “Might this be it?”

“It sure better be,” she chuckled. “I don’t need any more moray eel bites.”

Rick kept playing, making circles and back-and-forth movements. “Guess I better be careful, then,” but he started to speed up, and Karen started to match his movements with her own, and Rick helped by moving her hips to suit his movements. They enjoyed the fellowship of sensuality for a while before he started to press himself against her opening, going in and out slowly, a quarter inch at a time, barely enough difference to tell he was going in deeper. It took a while, but eventually he was slowly penetrating her all the way, and she was trembling from the stimulation.

“Ahh,” she moaned. “I see you’re ahh diving slowly so you don’t ahh! get the bends,” and she increased her push-back when he went in.

After a while, he began to speed up, unable to resist responding to her pushes. They both picked up speed, faster and faster, until she gasped and yelled “ah Rick! Rick!” The sound pushed Rick over the edge and he grunted and spasmed in climax. She followed about a second after he started. Animal instinct took over for several several seconds for both of them, until they finally began to relax.

Rick rolled to the side and tugged her tube top. She backed out of it and flopped onto him, Breasts on his collarbone. She raked her fingernails down his ribs. “Ah! Free at last.! That was frustrating, but it was a good frustrating.”

He smiled and put his arms around her and they kissed. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed in contentment.


Bill, Charlie, Sharon, and Jenny decided to have lunch at Bob’s Beers, partly so Bill could poke his head into the bike shop to make sure everything was okay, but also because the sandwiches were good. Bill and Sharon made a quick trip to the bike store and Charlie and Jenny settled into a booth.

Charlie remarked, “I’ve noticed that Sharon doesn’t flirt with me so much when Bill’s around. Do you suppose she’s sweet on him?”

Jenny chuckled, “You’re only just now noticing? He’s older, but I don’t think the age difference is much different than Asch and Octavia’s ages. So you miss her flirtatiousness do you?”

He eyed Jenny, “Actually I’d rather have you flirt with me than her in any case,” he took her hand.

“You flirt with me and I’ll flirt back,” she made a wicked smile, “maybe,” she gave his hand a squeeze.

Bill and Sharon came trooping in. “Not much going on. Looks like Juno’s doing all right.”

“When does she go back?” asked Jenny.

“Two weeks. Short summer for her this year. I’m glad she could help out. Thanks to you three, the store’s doing pretty well; I’m paying her kind of generously. College in the states has really made her grow up. She’s making noises about going for a masters.” He paused. I suppose I should give you guys a raise, too. You have school coming up, too, in what? Three weeks? We gotta talk schedules if you want to stay with the store.”

Charlie spoke first. I have only about a year left, and I was figuring on evening classes, so I should be pretty much available, if you can handle evenings.”

It was Jenny’s turn. “You seem to be pretty good at running the store, so the college must have a pretty good business degree. I was kind of leaning in that direction, but you influenced me, you could say.” She smiled.

Sharon chimed in. “I don’t know what I want yet, so I’m gonna take mostly general courses. Besides, I told my parents I was going to go to college.” She smiled at Bill, “I’m glad that Ivy League school didn’t work out.”

They dug into their sandwiches and conversation was animated. Presently Charlie suggested, “Say—the day is still young. Whaddya say we take a walk along the bay and look for some good photo spots?”

“I have a better idea,” offered Bill. Why don’t you two go south, and Sharon and I work our way north? That way we can cover both sides of the bay.”

Charlie perked up. He knew good and well what Bill’s motive was, and it improved on his own chances. He hadn’t been too sure how he was going to get alone with Jenny. “Excellent idea! Sharon’s got wheels, and the north shore is farther from downtown, so you guys could take the car. Jenny and I can walk. It gets more or less rural within walking distance.” He looked at the girls. “What do you say, ladies?”

Jenny and Sharon looked at each other, and decided it was a fine idea.


Charlie and Jenny hopped off their bikes when the sand got too soft and there was no place both firm and wide enough to ride on. They had decided they’d get to good territory faster if they stopped at their respective homes to pick up their bikes. Jenny had managed to get her parents blessing on the excursion without revealing anything about the photography dive or the ostensible goal of finding some nice sites for photos. Charlie’s dad made sure they had water and something to eat to take along: a dozen or so eastern european meat-filled pastries called pirags.

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