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First Annie, Then Vimla

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After Anita had called me on my cell phone a few minutes past midnight to wish me a happy new year, I’d had a shower, changed into some old but clean and fresh clothes, and now waited for the doorbell to ring. She’d just finished a long 18-hour shift, probably taken a shower at the hotel itself, and I had no doubt she’d be on her way over as promised. It was now 12:30 a.m.

There was a knock on my door less than five minutes later. When I opened it Annie’s beauty, which I still couldn’t get over after ten years, overwhelmed me as usual. She had changed her work uniform into a simple, soft black dress with a low cut V neck which I was sure would easily reveal a good portion of her breasts even with a gentle tug on the neckline. The dress was tight at the waist then draped loosely to flirt just above her knees. She looked absolutely amazing; I was astounded.

I had expected us to sit at home, have a few drinks, listen to some late night jazz, and maybe make love… that sort of thing. But Anita was clearly dressed for an outing. She didn’t even enter into a discussion with me on the subject, just grabbed my hand, told me I was dressed fine, and pulled me out of the door. We got a cab and made it to a very upscale hip club a few minutes before 1 o’clock in the morning; there was a short queue to enter but Anita knew the bouncer at the gate. Of course, she also knew the owner.

We made our way into the club and I was surprised by the number of people jammed inside. I pushed my way towards the bar, holding Annie’s hand all the time so that she didn’t get swallowed up by the crowd, and grabbed a couple of shots before heading towards the dance floor. The music was electric and everyone was moving in rhythm. It was body against body and everyone seemed to be glued together. I started moving around the edge of the floor with Anita in tow, found a gap, pulled her in front of me and held her by the waist.

Against Annie’s torso-hugging chic black dress, I was in an equally black t-shirt faded by a couple of shades over the last two years; my jeans were also faded but clean and not too old. I held on to Anita tightly, not entirely because I was lusting for her body but also because of the unyielding press of bodies on the dance floor. We swayed in tandem to the music, finding our own rhythm in the deep bass of the sub-woofers. The tightness of her dress was like a second skin over her fantastic breasts, the perfect contours leaving nothing to the imagination. The form of her arse was a lot clearer than her uniform sari ever allowed me to see at the hotel, which is also where my office is located. And that form, that tight rounded shape of her buttocks now swished and sashayed over my crotch. It didn’t take any time for the hardness to become apparent and I was sure she would have noticed it, felt it, by now.

Annie turned her head and looked up at me, smiled, and kept rocking in sync with me on the crowded floor. We kept dancing, my hand still around her waist and as we moved with the music. I pulled her closer to me and danced against her body, my hips moving with the music against her delectable body. After a while, my hand began to wander and I felt my thumb graze against her breast before moving back down to rest on her hip.

She pushed back towards me and I thought she was keen to know whether I was getting sexually turned on. I responded immediately by pulling Annie’s hips into my body so she could feel that I was hard. Annie looked up towards my face again and smiled, then started moving against me with the music, rubbing her arse and hips against my denim-enclosed erection. Already the adrenaline was flowing through my body; I was as charged as I’d always been in the presence of this lady, my sobriety of earlier in the evening now long gone.

She teased me like that for what seemed like an eternity; and when the music changed I pulled her back and grabbed her arm tightly, turning her around so that she faced me. We continued to dance, my arm gripping her so tight I thought she was beginning to hurt. But I couldn’t help myself anymore; it seemed like a raging fire was burning inside me as I held this embodiment of feminine perfection crushed against my body.

Annie tried pulling away again from me and I suddenly realised that I was in fact hurting her; I released the vice like grip on her arm and waist and moved it hand around her back instead, but still pulling her close to me. I was overcome with a sense of apology and leaned down to kiss Anita’s neck, nibbling her ear and letting the tip of my tongue dart inside. She shivered and pressed herself harder against my body, her belly warm against my erection. I knew we were alright even though I had got a little carried away and rough; in fact now I wondered if perhaps there was some wetness between her thighs. Was she lusting for my body the way I was for hers?

The music continued to play and I moved my left hand down her spine to sit on her lower back for a while, then let it slide further Mardin Escort till I held her buttocks. I slipped my right hand along her hip and down along the outside of her thigh; then lifting the hem of her dress I slid it between her legs, rubbing against her underwear with my palm. Annie responded to this touch, her pelvis thrusting forward against my palm, almost urging my fingers to explore further.

She pressed her face against my chest and I felt her warm breath released in a sigh; I leaned towards her at the same time and buried my face in her neck, gently biting her as I pulled her underwear to one side and ran my fingers along the outside of her now very wet pussy. We were both vaguely aware of the crowd around us, I’m sure but the forces at play were too strong now to control. She moaned gently as I continued to kiss her neck and throat.

In the crush of the dance floor, someone pushed Anita from behind, thrusting her even closer to me as I held her, shoving my fingers between the lips of her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. I felt Annie propel herself towards me, no more worried that everyone could see us, and my fingers inserted themselves all the way into her wet opening. Without a word exchanged, we knew we had to get away and take our dance to another level; the power and force of our limited physical connection was compelling us beyond our own control.

Annie suddenly released herself from my hold and pushed her way through the crowd, heading towards the bathroom without looking back. I followed her as she made it to the ladies toilets but saw the queue outside the door. She then turned the corner that led to the club’s inner offices and saw another small toilet marked ‘For Staff Only’ down the hall and headed for it quickly. She pushed the door open and let out a sigh of relief as she turned to look for me. I pushed the door shut behind me, sliding the lock and rushed to her. Holding her with my arms wrapped around her I pressed his mouth hard against hers, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. Anita kissed back, our tongues intertwining as I lowered my arms to her waist and pushed her towards the wall of the bathroom.

Reaching hurriedly under her dress, I pulled Annie’s underwear down and let them fall to the floor. She moved her legs apart as my hands felt the smoothness of her inner thighs and I pushed my fingers into her wet cunt. She leaned her head back on the wall as I kissed my way down her neck, moving the V-shaped neckline of her dress aside so I could peel back her bra and gently bite one of her nipples. I felt Anita’s body go momentarily limp as I rapidly thrust my fingers in and out of her pussy.

I could feel hear heartbeat as her breasts crushed against my chest. I moved my mouth from one breast to the other, licking and sucking on her nipples. As I lashed her long stiff nipples with my tongue, my hand feverishly pumped in and out of her vagina, twisting the outer lips, pressing against her clitoris with every insertion. The fire was now raging inside of me; in one quick movement I turned Annie around, pushing her face towards the wall, holding her roughly by her hair. I hastily undid the zipper on my jeans and grabbed her arm. Then removing my belt I pulled her hands behind her back, tying them at the wrists with the leather strap, still holding her against the wall with the weight of my body.

As I wrapped one arm around her breasts I could feel her heart beating so fast I felt as though she could explode. My pants were now on the floor as I moved close behind her, pulling her hips away from the wall. Moving my legs apart and slipping a hand between her legs again, rubbing her clit and slipping my fingers into her from behind, I felt her moving her hips back and forth against my hand. The deep bass sound from the dance floor still vibrated in the dimly lit atmosphere around us.

I removed my hand from Anita’s pussy and pulling up the hem of her skirt to her waist, I ran my palms all over her buttocks, feeling the tautness of the smooth skin. I ran a finger along the crack, drawing a line from the base of her spine along the crevice all the way down to her puckered anus, slipping the tip of my thumb inside as I grabbed her arse again. I let my hard thick phallus rest in the groove between her arse cheeks, gliding its length along the gully. Then with a firm grip on her haunches I held tight while guiding my thick raging manhood towards her dripping core, rubbing it in the juices of her pussy before slowly sliding just the head inside her.

Her wrists were still tied behind her with my belt but they could reach down to touch my cock, which she did, raking the bulging veins with her fingernails. Annie tried unsuccessfully to grip the massive rod, managing only to push herself further against my body. She seemed to be getting somewhat impatient, probably desperate, as she thrust herself backwards in an attempt to impale my cock. Turning her head, she looked back at me with lust and longing in her eyes, Mardin Escort Bayan “Fuck me hard, Hjjer; Now!” she said, clawing her fingers against the length of my hard-on.

I paused for a moment letting Anita’s desire flare up some more, letting my own anticipation build because I knew that I would expel my semen into her without too much delay once I fully entered her. She grew impatient and pushed back towards me, my cock sliding a little further into her pussy. I undid the knot binding her wrists, freeing her hands; she reached back with one, grabbing hold of my engorged penis, and with the other she reached between her legs, reaching for her clitoris. I still held back, pushing myself only a little further inside her before pulling back out again slowly, the head of my cock just inside her pussy lips.

Pushing away from her now, I turned Annie around so she faced me; her hands reached for my face and she drew my head down to hers, our mouths desperately linking together as our tongues pushed against one another’s. She kissed me hard as I pushed against her, pinning her back to the wall. I wrapped one hand around her left thigh, lifting her leg as I shoved my enlarged penis into her, ramming her hard as I went all the way into her cunt. I heard her gasp as my testicles slammed against the fleshy softness below her vagina, my thick pubic hair mingled with her own trimmed bush as I sheathed the full length of my rod in her. With my other hand, I kneaded her exposed breasts, fingers plucking at the protuberance of her stiff nipples.

Pinned against the wall I felt Annie start to shudder against me as my hips pounded against her violently, my thick manhood pushing into her again and again. Her vaginal muscles clamped tightly around the girth of my cock and Anita’s body shook violently in both ecstasy and maybe pain. My grip on her hips tightened further as I pushed deep inside her, pulling her hips towards myself as I exploded inside her. I felt the thick hot spurts ejaculating into her deep warm wet crevice, our juices mingling to form a fiery mixture. The first eruption was followed by another, possibly more forceful, and then spasmodic jerks ran through my entire body as I emptied my reservoir of white hot cum into her.

Breathless I pressed my chest against her breasts as I lowered her leg to the ground, finding her mouth again for a long lingering kiss. I was so overcome with the powerful climax, I didn’t know whether Annie had reached an orgasm but I suspected she had since her body was almost limp against mine. As I pulled out of her, I straightened out her dress, bent down to find her panties and helped he step into them, pulling them up past her thighs and on to her hips. I tucked my wet cock into my underwear, zipped up and waited till Anita had washed herself. We then stepped out of the staff toilet and headed back to the dance floor, exhausted.

This had turned out to be one of my happiest New Year celebrations in a long time; my sadness and the melancholy gloom that had overtaken me earlier in the night had since dissipated. Annie and I danced and ate and drank till almost 4 o’clock in the morning before we headed back; I dropped her home in the cab, and then went home for a long restful sleep.

After eight hours of a completely dreamless and undisturbed sleep, I awoke with the sun shining through a crack in the drapes; my mood was still upbeat as memories of the previous night filtered back into my brain. I got out of bed still feeling somewhat fatigued, but got ready and went out to a nearby cafeteria for some food and nourishment. At around 3:00 p.m. I returned home with the intention of lazing around, reading a book maybe, or watching a film on TV if there was anything worthwhile.

When I got into the elevator, I saw Mrs. Vimla Kapoor inside; she’d ridden up from the parking lot in the basement. The moment the doors slid shut, she hugged me tight against her body and planted a really wet kiss on my cheek. She then leaned back and stared at me saying “Where have you been Hjjer? I haven’t seen you for ages. You must come and have dinner with me one of these days. And yes, Happy New Year.” She gushed all those words out, clearly excited at seeing me. I said hello to her and promised that we’d meet up soon. I was relieved when the lift reached her floor and she wafted out in her ever graceful manner, leaving me the memory of her lovely smile and intoxicating perfume.

Vimla is the lady that helped me find this apartment that I now live in. Some five years ago when the company decided that I should have a permanent residence in Delhi instead of living in a hotel all the time, she was a regular visitor to the spa in my hotel. Annie knew her and had introduced me to her, informing me that she dabbled in real estate deals and ran other businesses in the city. The way it turned out, the penthouse in her apartment building was vacant and Vimla invited me over, saying she’d arrange for the viewing whenever I came Escort Mardin over.

It was a couple of weeks later that I found time to go and take a look at the apartment so I called Mrs. Kapoor and asked if I could come over in the evening. She said she’d arrange for the keys and that she’d be able to show me the flat personally. I thanked her and promised to be there not later than 7:30 in the evening. After work I decided to walk to the apartment building, thinking it would be give me a chance to determine how long the stroll would take in case I ever did have to walk to work.

After I set out from my office in the hotel, I realised the folly of my venture; I had walked about half way to the apartment in five or six minutes when there was the pre-monsoon skies opened up with sudden downpour. Too late to turn around and go back to the hotel, I decided to brave it and continue to walk. By the time I reached the building I was completely soaked, looking like I’d just stepped out of a swimming pool with all my clothes on. I took the elevator up to Mrs. Kapoor’s residence and rang her doorbell; even though the door was open a crack.

Mrs. Kapoor is about 10 years older than I am, plump but nevertheless with a large hourglass figure. She has a pretty face and a long neck. She has short hair, and keeps it that way because she believes it’s easier to maintain. Her breasts are large, conical and full and her tight blouses show them off well. Her arse is huge but shapely and her buttocks sway, undulate and swing when she walks. Her thighs and hips are in proportion to the rest of her body. She is an absolutely delectable sight to behold, even with her clothes on. At the age of 45 she dressed conservatively but could do little to hide her well proportioned and packed body.

I kept standing at the door waiting for her to open it but instead heard her calling out for me to come in. Since I was completely soaked and my clothes and hair were still dripping water, I didn’t want to step into her flat so I just stood rooted to her doormat. I pushed the door open slightly with the idea of beckoning her but instead saw her come out of the bathroom wearing only her blouse and petticoat.

I stood there mesmerised, unable to open my mouth or raise my hand to knock. It took me a few seconds to realise that she too was wet, probably having got caught in the rain like me; she’d most likely arrived only a few minutes before I had.

Her clothes were plastered to her skin as if they had been sprayed on. Every curve of her large, voluptuous body was visible. The most prominent feature was her large bottom. It swayed and wiggled and each fleshy cheek rose up and came down while she moved about in the bathroom. I suddenly felt my penis coming to life, stirring against the rain drenched trousers; the need to place my cock between those lovely large buttocks was suddenly overpowering. In my mind I was already stripping her of her petticoat and blouse, my imagination running miles ahead of this drenched reality. Standing in front of the wash basin, she suddenly looked up at the mirror and saw me standing in the doorway, looking at her body. She turned around with one swift move and started walking up to me, her eyes briefly moving down to look at my crotch where the wet clothes had outlined my penis.

She grabbed my hand pulling me into the flat; then carefully shut and locked the door and looked at me quizzically, saying “You’re going to catch a cold if you don’t remove these wet clothes immediately. I just came in from the rain myself.” I nodded my head stupidly and said “Yes Mrs. Kapoor”. “Call me Vimla please” she responded “and get out of those clothes.” I just watched her standing there in her blouse and petticoat. “Take off your clothes. What are you waiting for?” she commanded. I had been busy looking at her boobs, barely held back by her blouse and bra. I smiled my embarrassment.

Seeing my hesitation, she came up to me and started unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled out the part tucked into my trousers and undid the last two buttons at the bottom, her hand brushing my penis which was fast reacting to the possibilities in this unfolding situation. Her breasts were inches from my chest and I could see the gorgeous upper slopes forming a deep cleavage. She had me out of my shirt and undershirt in moments and while removing them, she grazed my nipples with the back of her hands. They were already stiff because of the cold but a sudden electric jolt ran down my body and centred on the growing solidity of my phallus. Vimla asked me if I had an Indian girlfriend, had I ever made love to an Indian woman, did I want to, did I like my women with pubic hair or shaven? I remained mute during this erotic interrogation.

By this time, she had removed my belt and was unzipping my trousers. She bent down and holding the trousers pulled them to my ankles, then looked up as I stepped out of them. I stood frozen and embarrassed by the huge erection that my briefs could barely contain. She pushed all my clothes aside and then started pulling my briefs down. Instinctively I put my hands on hers, restraining her. “What’s wrong? Why are you stopping me?” she asked. I looked flabbergasted at her, not knowing how to articulate my obvious predicament here.

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