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The fire roars, throwing the room, and your naked body into living light and shadows. So warm and intimate. You lay draped over giant pillows, the fake fur of a manufactured bear skin rug tickling your pale skin. And you’re smiling. You’re teasing. You’re talking about what you would like to do to me. To my cock.

“Enough talk,” I say. I mean my voice to sound more playful, less gruff, but it’s the need. You overwhelm me; I have to have you in a thousand different ways, in every moment we’re together.

I still taste you, smell you on my beard. The memory of your pussy under my tongue, your bottom twitching and bucking in my hands has me swelling; and each time you say the word cock, the feeling intensifies.

“Yes, Scott,” you say demurely. Temptress that you are.

I want to tell you, to order you to stand and come to me. I hesitate. I feel the moment, I look in your eyes. And my need to have you overcomes my hesitation, that thought that you may refuse. I’m never quite sure what your reaction will be. Nor do I wish to underestimate you.

“Come here, Angel,” I say softly, but with authority.

Your face changes, and my cock twitches with the raw desire I see wash over you. My heart rate increases. I realize I’m absently rubbing the precum I’m leaking over the throbbing head of my cock.

You rise and cover the distance between parallels izle us in three steps. You look down at me.

“Are you wet for me, Sweetheart?” You smile and nod, and I watch as you boldly take your fingers, run them through your slit, and offer them to me. I suck them clean, groaning my approval. “Kneel, pet.” I point to the floor.

You reach across and your breasts brush my knee. I’m clinging to control. You grab a pillow, place it on the floor and kneel. I wonder how you can be submissive, and still not. How you do as I tell you, but you do it while meeting my eyes, and smiling sweetly. I want to fucking devour you.

No. I want you to devour me.

I put my hand on the back of your neck, and pull you in for a deep, long kiss. I savor you, both your taste and your reactions and response. When I break the kiss, I hold your gaze as I entwine my fingers in your curly hair. And I gently, but without question to my intent, push your head toward my cock.

You darken. I think again you might refuse for a moment, but then the resistance is gone. It is more that you are pulling my hand than that my hand pushes you.

Your warm breath is blowing over me. You look up and meet my eyes again, and my fingers tighten in your hair. You kiss my cockhead, once, twice, and a flick of your tongue beneath sends shockwaves into paul t goldman izle my balls. I test you with a slight nudge, and you close your eyes, your long dark lashes resting on your flushed cheeks as you open and take me into your warmth.

I shudder and stroke your hair, feeling the irregularity in my breath. Your head bobs, varying in speed and depth, I feel your tongue flicking back and forth, and it’s building…

You slow, and your eyes open and encompass me. You are fearless. And you hold my gaze while you slowly take my throbbing cock down your throat, tearing slightly as your nose touches my groin, and I can no longer hold it in. I know you feel the shiver run through me. I know you feel my balls in your hand, tighten. I know you know I’m going to cum, just like this, sweet Angela…

Before the first jet, but after it’s begun its journey, you suddenly pull back… I groan; I have the desire to grab your hair and force you to stay, make you take me, but that smile… all is forgiven. And as the first milky stream leaves my wet and raging cock, I see you take your breasts in your hands, push them up and together, and deliberately move to catch me on them. I watch the white rivulets run over your almost translucent skin, your dark, peaked nipples… I spasm again with the sheer eroticism, watching you watch my midnight at the pera palace izle cock as I cum for you, sweetheart. The next jet paints your throat, and you reach up and touch it, rub it into your skin.

I am shuddering, quivering with the ecstasy of this moment, my wet mark on you shimmering in the firelight. You quickly lean forward and take me in your sticky hand, and all I can murmur comes out as a growl, “Fuck, yes, do it, sweetheart,” and you do. You squeeze me and open wide to catch the last of my offering, and it hits your pink tongue, and a bit dribbles over your pink lip… I wonder a bit foggily if this is heaven. Then you are sucking me again, and I hear the wet sounds, I fucking hear you swallow. Fuck, Baby. Sweetheart. You wonderful woman… You are holding my cock gently inside your mouth, intimately, your hand on my stomach as my breathing slowly steadies. You keep holding me, and I have the feeling of being enjoyed, savored. You drape your arms over my thighs and hug them around you.

I lay back against the chair, watching in wonder, and reach to trace the contours of your face. You finally release me, and smile a sweet smile. Your next question is the one that fills me with such feeling.


I shake my head and try to pull you up off the floor. But you grin and hold up a finger. You turn and crawl away from me, giving me a view of your bottom that gets me stirring all over again. You pick up your wine glass, sip. Then a larger one, and I see you swish it about, then swallow. You smile, and crawl back to me, and I pull you onto my chest.

“Good doesn’t even come close,” I whisper against your hair. Not even close.

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