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Finding Their Kinks Ch. 07

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Jack woke up from his deep slumber in their hotel bed to the sound of the shower running. He yawned and stretched, assisting himself in his change of consciousness from sound asleep to slowly rolling himself out of bed. He put his two feet firmly on the floor, steadied himself, yawned once more, and walked slowly to the door separating their temporary bedroom from their temporary bathroom. He grasped for the door’s handle, twisted it, and opened the door.

Stacy was still in the shower. He looked through the glass barrier and she smiled at him. Her hands were both on her head rubbing in what appeared to be conditioner. He admired her large wet breasts through the fog that had created a translucent barrier from her full view. He could make out her dark tuft of pubic hair hiding from full view through the same fog.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Jack directed at his wet naked wife through the glass barrier.

“Good morning to you too!” Stacy replied before she tilted her head back into the gusts of water falling from the showerhead to rinse the conditioner out.

Jack again admired her naked silhouette through the glass as the water traveled down her curves to the drain below. He turned around to the sink and grabbed his toothbrush and the Colgate tube they had brought from home. He squirted a line of the blue gel on the bristles before beginning the morning routine of ensuring his teeth were cleaned for the day ahead and his breath was fresh. After a minute of two of brushing, he spit the now light blue foam from his mouth and rinsed with the cool water from the faucet.

As he started to turn around he heard the shower stop. Stacy opened the door just enough to grab her towel to begin the process of drying her freshly cleaned body. They chatted through the glass barrier for a couple of minutes as to what the day entailed. Once she was adequately dried off, Stacy stepped out of the shower and into the main area of the bathroom. She wrapped the white crisp hotel towel around her breasts and the slightly too small linen hung ever so slightly above the very bottom of her womanhood. Jack looked down to catch a peak.

“Hey, eyes up here,” Stacy directed him. He looked back up at her and smiled. “That’s better.”

“Well, I’m gonna jump in the shower now while you get ready,” Jack said. “After that, brunch followed by the show.” Jack had surprised Stacy with yet another gift of two tickets to a musical that was currently in town based on one of their favorite movie franchises.

At around 10:45 a.m., they left their hotel room, took the elevator down to the main floor, and walked out onto the sidewalk to start the second day of their anniversary weekend. They decided to get brunch at a spot they had been to on various occasions in the past. It never disappointed and always had something new and fresh on the menu. This time was no different. They sat at the diner for an hour or so and filled their bellies with the creative items and each enjoyed a couple mimosas as one tends to do at a Saturday brunch. They finished up and paid the tab. It was just after noon and the musical was at 1:00. They had a little time to kill so they browsed around a few boutique shops before heading to the theater.

Jack presented their tickets on his phone to the ticket taker and they found their seats. Jack had splurged and got two seats around ten rows back from the stage and just left of center. Stacy got situated in her seat and Jack went to the concession stand to order a couple of glasses of wine to sip while they enjoyed the show. Five minutes later he returned and handed one glass to his wife and kept one for himself. He sat down in his seat on her left side. “Happy anniversary, sweetie. I love you,” he whispered to her as the house lights dimmed and the music started to crescendo starting the show.

The couple sat quietly and took in the show as it played out on the stage not more than 20-30 feet away. Jack reached out with his right hand and held Stacy’s left for much of the theatrics. Ninety minutes or so into the show intermission occurred. Stacy wiggled out of her seat and stood up to stretch. Jack did the same thing and placed his hand softly on her round bottom guiding her gently down the aisle to stretch their legs and bodies in the concession area.

“I’m gonna need to run and take a pee,” Stacy said to Jack. “Two mimosas and that glass of wine will do that to a girl!”

“Jack laughed, “Well honestly I need to do the same. W can just meet back at the seats.” he suggested. “Did you want me to get us anything? I’m sure the men’s room line will be quicker anyhow,” Jack asked.

“Um, sure, just a Coke.” Stacy replied.

“You got it. See you in a few,” Jack said. The couple then walked off in separate directions to take care of the necessary bathroom business. Jack got to the back of the line for the men’s room and started to wait his turn. As he anticipated, however, things seemed to move quickly. In almost no time he was no longer in the line outside of Kartal Escort the bathroom but had made it to the inside line.

Jack watched the backs of a dozen or so men lined up at individual urinals taking care of their business. He laughed to himself when he noticed when a guy took a little too long to start than one would in the comfort and privacy of one’s own bathroom. Your basic male stage fright. Jack thought back to the first few times Stacy had peed in front of him for his sexual gratification. It would seemingly take forever for her to get going. The anticipation would drive him nuts but in a good way. These days though, that fright was mostly gone and she would only take a little extra time to tease him on purpose.

Finally, he was next in line to use a urinal. He watched the men trying to figure out who would finish first. At last, a taller man at the second to the last urinal on the right seemed to be finishing up. He saw the man’s right arm moving signifying the shake it off moment as his piss came to an end. Jack wondered suddenly what that man was packing. As he watched and waited his turn, the man turned around before he had put his package fully away. Jacked looked in awe at the enormity of what was still hanging out of this man’s pants. His jaw must have dropped and he felt the man’s eyes looking his way. Jack caught his glance and saw the man smirk. “Had he done that on purpose? Was he showing off for whoever might want to look?” Jack thought to himself as he walked to the now vacant urinal to take his turn.

Jack unzipped his pants and pulled out his manhood to take this much needed piss. He had gotten semi erect he noticed but luckily it wasn’t enough to affect his ability to take care of the business at hand. He finished up, shook it off, and zipped up. He headed to the sink and washed his hands thoroughly before exiting the bathroom and headed to the concession area. He grabbed a Coke for Stacy and an IPA for himself and walked back to their seats.

Jack sipped his beer as he waited for his wife to return, which she did only about five minutes later. The announcement came over the speakers indicating the show would be starting again in five minutes. Once Stacy was situation in her seat again, Jack handed her over her Coke. “Thank you,” she stated.

“So, something weird happened in the bathroom,” Jack whispered. “This guy was peeing at the urinal and turned around before he had put it away if you know what I mean.”

“Oh yeah? Tell me more,” Stacy whispered back.

“Well two things – one, this dude was big. Like big big. I’ve never seen anything like that in real life. Thick. Long. Well, you get the idea. Two – he sort of caught me looking I think and smirked right at me. I think he was showing it off on purpose. I mean, I would if I had that thing hanging between my legs,” Jack rambled on.

“Well sounds like you had quite the exciting bathroom break, honey,” Stacy giggled. As she finished her sentence, the house light dimmed and the second half of the show began.

Just over an hour later, the show was complete. Jack and Stacy and the rest of the audience stood up and applauded the actors on stage. As things came to a finale, the audience began to file out and leave the theater. Jack and Stacy walked side by side to the exit doors and left the theater and were back outside. It was still bright and sunny and warm.

“So, now what?” Stacy asked.

“Well, we have nothing but time. Our dinner reservations are at 8:00 p.m. so we can do pretty much anything we want. Although, a nice snack is probably a good idea,” Jack shared his thoughts.

“Agreed. I’m already a little hungry. Let’s do that,” Stacy concurred.

They checked the maps app on their phones and found a bar not too far away and it was also on the way back to their hotel, which they would need to stop by to get ready for dinner with a change of clothes and some freshening up. The couple walked hand in hand the two or three blocks until they reached their destination. Along the way, Jack couldn’t help notice all the good looking people out and about on this perfect summer weekend afternoon. They reached the front entrance to the bar and pushed through the revolving door. They stepped inside to the host stand to inquire about a table.

“Hi there! Welcome to The Den. How can I help you two today?” inquired the host behind the podium.

Stacy admired her as she spoke. She noticed her nametag indicated she was Bethany. Bethany was the same height as Stacy. She had dark reddish black hair from what Stacy could only imagine was a very good stylist. It landed just below her chin with a slight curve upwards. She had on more makeup than Stacy would ever wear but it looked like a professional must’ve done it for her or she was simply that good at applying her own. She was wearing tight black pants and a dark red sleeveless button up blouse that hugged every one of her curves. Her cleavage poked out and teased both of the new bar guests.

“Um,” Tuzla Escort Stacy stammered a bit as she caught her composure. “We were just looking for a seat at a bar table to grab an appetizer or two and some drinks.”

“Sure thing. Let me grab a couple of menus and follow me right this way,” Bethany smiled back. Stacy went first behind her with Jack trailing behind. He smiled knowing his wife was surely now checking out Bethany’s backside as he had noticed she had already been checking out her front.

Bethany led them to a perfect for the occasion – a high top table in the not quite full bar section. “Here are your menus. Drinks are on the back. Your server should be here any minute. Is there anything you needed right away?” Bethany asked.

“We are great at the moment,” Jack replied for them both. He sensed Stacy was still lost in her own thoughts. And with that, Bethany walked back to her host stand. Jack’s back was to her but Stacy’s wasn’t. Jack watched his wife’s eyes as she stared at Bethany as she walked away.

“Ahem. I am right here, sweetie,” Jack broke Stacy out of her apparent trance.

“Yeah I know, what?” Stacy shot back.

“Oh nothing. Just couldn’t help notice you seem to take a liking to Bethany,” Jack replied.

“She’s stunning. Like nothing on her is out of place,” she stated back at Jack. “At least I’m not staring at a big dick in a men’s bathroom.”

“Hey! I wasn’t staring. It just caught my eye. Like when you see a Ferrari on the street – you gotta look you know,” Jack somehow explained himself.

“You’re weird. What should we eat?” Stacy steered the conversation back to the task at hand.

They ordered their food and drank a couple of beers before deciding it was probably time to get going. Stacy admired Bethany one last time as they walked out. Jack did too of course. They walked back outside and the sun was still shining and the air was still warm against their skin. Ten minutes later, they were back at their hotel.

Jack slumped down onto the living room chair but before he could even get situated, he heard Stacy calling his name from the other room. He stood up and walked to the bedroom following the sounds of her voice. He realized she was in the bathroom and went in. To his surprise, she stood there completely naked except for her bra that remained on squeezing her ample breasts together and a pair of sexy red high heels on her feet. “I need your help,” she stated without any additional instructions.

“Okay, I’m here. What can I help you with?” Jack inquired.

“I can’t decide which panties to wear,” she explained back turning her eyes to the counter top.

Jack looked over and saw three pairs of her panties, none of which he immediately recognized. Apparently she had bought some new ones for their special weekend. They all looked somewhat similar with varying degrees of lace and silky accents. They all appeared to be g-strings or thongs he guessed. There was a blue pair, a black pair, and a yellow pair. “Ummm, I’d say either blue or yellow.”

“Okay, stay right there,” Stacy direct Jack. She began to walk towards him then continued passed. “Follow me.”

Jack was happy to do follow her and admired her naked bottom as she walked. She got to the toilet and sat down and opened her legs. “Come down here. I need your help. Take off your shirt,” she continued to take charge.

Jack again was happy to oblige and knelt down between his wife’s open legs in front of the toilet. He removed his shirt and tossed it to the side. He placed a hand on each of her naked thighs and helped her spread her legs just slightly more open. He looked down as a stream of her warm pale pee began to trickle out. He licked his lips with anticipation.

Stacy looked down at her eager husband. She purposefully held back the powerful stream that needed to be released. Finally she had to let it go and a warm stream shot out down into the toilet and splashed powerfully against the porcelain.

Jack looked on in sexual delight at the erotic private show. He felt his cock stiffening even more than it had when he first stepped in and saw Stacy standing there. The piss came out for what seemed like forever but still came to an end much too quickly.

Stacy stood up in front of Jack, “Clean me, please.”

“Jack lifted his head up to lick the drops of pee that hand landed on her thighs and labia. He began with her left thigh and placed his eager tongue against the quickly cooling urine and helped her clean up her mess. He breathed in deeply and took in her musky womanly scent mixed with the sexy smell of her fresh piss. He deemed her sufficiently cleaned on the left thigh and moved on to the right and performed the same sexy cleanup.

Stacy looked down at her husband and enjoyed the touch of his tongue against her soft sensitive inner thighs. She moaned softly as he started his work on her labia. This was always her favorite part of this ritual for obvious reasons. She felt Anadolu Yakası Escort Jack’s tongue doing a little more to tease her than simply licking up her splashes. Her breathing shortened with the charges of sexual teasing.

Jack pulled back and stood up, “I think you should be good and clean now. I’m gonna go get dressed as well.” He gave her a quick peck on the lips and a squeeze on her bare left butt cheek and started to walk away.

Stacy felt herself wet again but not because Jack did a bad job cleaning her up but because he had done a very good job. “Wait,” she blurted out. “Come back here.”

Jack turned around as he had been instructed. Stacy looked at him with lust in her eyes. He stood there with his jeans and shoes on. His shirt he had just removed at her instruction was balled up in his fist. She admired her husband’s muscular chest and arms. He laughed a little and his abs tightened. “Take your shoes and pants off,” she continued her instructions.

Jack did as he was told and stripped down. “And the boxers,” she directed him one last time. Jack again did as he was told and now stood there fully erect and naked.

Jack watched his wife as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She tossed it to the side and slowly walked closer to her husband. She stood there directly in front of him. He admired her naked body decorated only in high heels and jewelry. She leaned up and kissed him deep. Jack wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in tight. He tasted her breath. Her breasts pushed up against his chest and he could feel her big nipples had already grown hard and pushed deep into his skin. He moaned softly into her kiss and she did the same. He felt Stacy reach down and start to stroke his throbbing erection. She pulled away as she did so and started into his eyes.

“I want you right now,” she said to him with desire.

Stacy then squatted down in front of Jack as she continued to softly stroke him. Jack looked down at her and she looked up. The way she was squatting down opened her legs up wide to his delight. He looked down from her eyes to her womanhood. He moaned loudly as she wrapped her mouth around his full erection. She started slowly up and down, up and down. Each of her hands braced herself on Jack’s thighs. She was using only her mouth to please him. She teased him like this for several minutes.

Jack placed his hand on the back of his wife’s head and encouraged her sucking. He watched as she released her right hand from his thigh and wrapped it around the base of his cock. She gripped him tightly and started to stroke him in rhythm with her lips moving up and down his hard shaft. She moaned as the suddenly saliva soaked member entered deeper and deeper into her eager mouth.

Jack stared down at his wife as she sucked his hard cock. His shaft glistened with his wife’s saliva. She stared right back up at him silently urging him to cum for both of their pleasure.

“Yeah, fuck yeah. That’s feels fucking good. Harder,” he was now directing her and it turned Stacy on even more. Jack watched as his wife slid his entire cock down her throat. Her nose practically rubbed up against his abdomen. He started to rock his hips as Stacy sucked him down hard. His hand was no longer placed gently on the back of her head but he was pulling her back and forth with his thrusts.

Stacy was not so much sucking her husband’s cock at this point as he was fucking her mouth. She liked it. No, she loved it. She was completely lost in an overwhelming sexual energy. She pulled her mouth away just for a moment and looked up at her husband, “I want you to cum down my fucking throat,” Stacy urged him on before sliding her mouth back around his cock. He continued to fuck her deep down her throat. She removed her right hand from his shaft and reached down between her spread open legs and started rubbing her fully exposed clit.

Jack was teetering on the edge of his orgasm, ready to explode into his wife’s wet mouth. “Oh yeah. Yes,” Jack grunted and moaned with each thrust. His left hand was now gripping at the right side of her head. Stacy was busy rubbing her wet pussy building up her own orgasm as he happily shoved his cock in and out of her mouth. Stacy’s moans were evident from her own masturbation as well as from the pleasure she experienced as Jack fucked her mouth.

He finally exploded. He felt his cum shooting deep into his wife’s eager throat. His entire cock was almost engulfed by her as he lost himself in the forces of his climax. Stacy gagged just a little as her eyes watered from the force of his orgasm and the fucking she was taking. Jack’s orgasm slowed to an end. Stacy took her hand away just for a moment to wrap it around his cock and help squeeze out the last remnants of his warm seed. She finally pulled her mouth away and looked up at him. She opened her mouth and showed Jack the volume of his cum she had collected. She then closed her lips, swallowed him down and then stood up. Jack leaned over to meet his wife’s warm wet lips with a deep kiss. He could taste his cock and cum on her lips and tongue.

“Lie down right there,” she directed. Jack didn’t question her. He did exactly as he was told. Stacy knelt down and sat right down on his face. “Lick my pussy and make me cum.”

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