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Finding My Fantasy Pt. 03

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Late one evening I was sleeping, very soundly, and I hate the bed when you’re not in it. The sound of the door opening doesn’t wake me up anymore, because I know you’re the only one that has a key. But the things I knew didn’t matter – because when your hand wrapped around my neck and pulled me from the bed, my heart sunk.

I let out a scream, my arms flailing pointlessly, because within moments you had me pinned to the wall so roughly it knocked the wind out of me. I was sure it was you-pretty sure… I could smell you, I could feel you – I know you. But something in my head just refused to let that comfort me and know that I was safe. So my lungs hitched, my body trembled, and you held my throat so tightly my face was flushing red.

Without effort, you spun me around, and used your belt to tie my hands. We both know you’re much stronger than me, you didn’t even have try and you easily overpowered me. I was still struggling; not as fully as I could be, but I was thrashing and whining, begging and crying; but, not kicking, because the back of my head I knew it was you… and I knew how furious you’d be if it were you… And because I knew it was you, I just knew… At least, I was SURE of it.

When my hands were secure, and my face was pressed hard to the white wall, your hands started to trail down my neck then back. “If you speak, or move, you’ll regret it.” your voice a low growl – but YOUR voice, I knew it was yours, but it still sent shivers through my spine. I didn’t answer you… I was too terrified, oni thunder gods tale izle I didn’t even nod, because I knew better.

My jaw was clenched so tight that my head ached and my knuckles balled into fists so hard my hands lost color. All while as your hands were trailing down my bare back to run across the fabric of my panties. You move your fingers to slide in between my legs, but I don’t move them apart for you. I try to keep them together, scared still that this may somehow not be you. I hear you laugh and growl at almost the same time. With the other hand you reach around to my breasts. You take one nipple in between your finger and thumb and begin to play with it. “Spread open your fucking legs,” you say, as you increase the pressure on my nipple and twist. I let out a sharp gasp and quickly spread my legs. You release my nipple to slap my face. “No…noise…”. With my legs spread apart for you, you pull my panties off in one quick motion.

You take both hands, one on each side and push me back onto your hard, throbbing cock. You let out a rough sigh. One hand trails between my legs and feels my wetness as it has begun to drip down my thigh. I could hear the smile in your voice… “Holy shit! What a little slut! Is my little slut enjoying this.” you laugh confidently – you knew I would… I can’t help but feel guilty and embarrassed, but you know that’s how my body reacts to you… How it reacts to a real man taking control of me and taking what is oussekine izle his.

Feeling defeated and humiliated I can’t help but let out a whimper; which brings your hand back up to slap my face and grab my neck. You lean in, huffing words hot on my flesh. “I said don’t make any fucking noise, didn’t I?” you say, irritated. Despite knowing it’s your voice, it’s a tone that scares me back into place. Your fingers drop back to rub me slowly, somehow making me even more dripping wet. Feeling it all, drenching your hand I feel your dick even harder against me. It’s not long before your rough fingers push into me, forcing a loud whine to escape from my lips – one that I tried and swallow, but it refused to be contained. You ignore it, because that’s what you want, you wanted to hear those sounds of my pain and pleasure. You love being able to decide which ones you hear, and you crave that control over me because you’ve already decided I’m your property…

Your fingers move faster, harder, coaxing more yelps and whimpers out of your naughty, wet girl. Even a couple of low moans fall slowly – and then a louder one. I don’t even know what happened then, but I’m on the floor, under you. One hand on my neck, the other wet hand smacking roughly against my tear stained cheek, pulling more tears from my eyes. “What the fuck! Did I said no sounds?? Did I? Answer me!”…

“Yes, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Babe!” I reply through my tears.

At that your hand drops, tugging yourself free of those paper girls izle cruel jeans that confine you. At that point there’s no teasing, you’ve had enough of that. Now you’re just ready to force your way into me. Hard… and in one smooth movement your enormous dick fills me. The hand on my neck moves, your fingers stuff themselves into my throat, making me gag over and over, but giving you the sounds you love to hear. Rough, violent, fast paced – fucking. Your body moves so quickly and aggressively against mine that I can already feel the bruises forming at my hips and on my thighs, and it gets me even more wet for you.

Your firm grip on my throat loosens a bit and you let go. You slap my ass hard, I don’t know how many times. Soon I feel tears streaming hot down my face and I’m coughing every so often at the wiggle of your fingers. I can’t help but moan, which just pushes your digits further in, against the spots that make me gag. “You better cum for me, you little slut.” -and how can I not? As soon as you say it, I shudder and shake, moan and slightly hate the fact that I enjoy this so much that my muscles betray me, wrap tighter around you, forcing you over your own edge. You pull your enormous cock out of my used, wet pussy and cum all over my chest and stomach.

You move your knees onto the same side of me and grab my hair, pulling me closer to your cock. “Clean my dick. You left quite a mess of your dripping pussy juices all over it.” I hungrily take in your cock and suck it a few times before I start licking your balls up your shaft, to the head. I lick and suck all over until I’m sure your amazing cock is cleaned off for you. You then put 2 fingers on my chest and wipe off your cum, bringing your fingers straight to my open waiting mouth. “That’s my good girl” you say. “I’m so proud of you baby” and you smile.

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