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Finally Time

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He winked at her from across the club. They had played this game many times before. She knew he was married, but they flirted anyway. In fact, it was always him who initiated it, who pushed it. Not that she ever stopped him. She shamelessly flirted back, wanting to see how far he was willing to go. Their conversations bordered on the obscene, but they never acted on any of their impulses.

At the end of the night, it was the same kiss on the cheek, the same hug goodbye. She often wondered if he went home and thought about her while he was screwing his wife. She always dismissed the thought. He was never serious. The things he said were just for play, to get a rise out of her. And it worked. She, on the other hand, often meant what she said.

She was clever to disguise her feelings in plenty of innuendo and jokes, but the truth was always there, underneath. She wanted him. Not for dinner or a date, but to fuck her. She didn’t care that he was married; she didn’t want him that way. No, she wanted to know what it felt like to have him inside her, to feel his mouth on her body.

He walked over to her and put his arm around her shoulder. A shudder went through her, the way it always did. It was amazing how such an inconsequential touch could have such a profound affect on her. He looked at her and gave her a peck on the cheek and a pat on the behind and walked to the bar. She took a few deep breaths to compose herself, and watched him walk away again.

They hadn’t talked much tonight. He just kept coming by and touching her, more and more each time. She waited for these moments all night. She would watch in anticipation when she saw him start to walk towards her, hoping and waiting for him to give her some crumb of affection. But, the end of the night was fast approaching. Soon it would be the same good-bye and the same frustrating ride home. But this time when he approached her, he asked her if she would like a ride home.

She usually went home with a friend, but tonight she didn’t hesitate to accept. She didn’t think anything would actually happen, but she wanted to spend just a little more time with him, before she said goodbye.

The ride started out uneventful, some small talk, a few laughs. But, then when he stopped in front of her house, the tension in the car became unbearable. She found enough courage to invite him in, and he didn’t say anything. He just smiled and turned off the car. She felt his eyes on her as she had more than a little trouble unlocking the door.

He put his hand on top of hers, and turned the key for her. She finally pushed the door open and she took of her coat. But, before she had finished putting it on the hook, he grabbed her and pressed her up against the closed Maraş Escort door.

He looked at her with that grin that had always been innocent up till now. He leaned in closer, and she waited. But he didn’t do anything, not at first. She wanted him to kiss her so badly, but he wouldn’t give in to her. She tried to lean towards him, but he had her pinned back. He leaned in just close enough to gently brush his lips against hers, just enough to drive her crazy and leave her wanting more.

He teased her for a few more seconds before asking “What do you want?”

“You know what I want.” she panted.

“Yeah, I do, but I want to hear you say it.”

She hesitated for a second, trying once more to get him to kiss her, before she replied, “I want you to fuck me.”

She was practically whimpering when she added, “Please fuck me.”

He paused for one more infuriating second before he finally kissed her. She could barely stand, her knees threatening to give out as he explored her mouth with his tongue. She could hardly breath when he released her mouth in order to kiss her neck. He slid his tongue up to her ear and sucked gently on her lobe before kissing back down to her collarbone. He seemed to know exactly what she wanted, and then she remembered why. She had told him, in one of their more heated discussions about what turned them on.

She decided to return the favor by gently nibbling on his neck, careful not to make any marks. Because, after this he would have to go home to his wife. He lifted his head and kissed her again, this time sucking and biting her lower lip, pulling her into him. His hands reached under her shirt and he started running his thumbs over her nipples. She moaned into his mouth as he pushed the fabric of her bra aside and continued making small circles.

She pushed her chest out to try and encourage him, but he held back, doing everything at his pace. He unhooked the front clasp of her bra, and covered her breasts with his palms. He kneaded them gently and then went back to using his thumbs. He bit into her neck and pinched her nipples at the same time and made her scream out in pleasure and pain. He looked at her and smiled, that knowing smile that killed her.

He slowly pulled her shirt off, and lowered his head and put her nipple in his mouth. The heat singed her, and he sucked hard making her cry out and pull his hair. He didn’t let go, keeping her in his mouth, rolling his tongue over her nipple again and again. He switched to the other side, this time gently using his teeth. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take. He stopped and stood up, pulling off his own shirt. Now it was her turn. She sucked and gently bit his left nipple, Maraş Escort Bayan knowing that it was his weakness. He moaned in gratitude but soon took control back.

He grabbed her, pulling her close to him and said, “Which one is the bedroom?”

She weakly said, “Second on the right.”

They walked slowly down the hall, and when they arrived at the bedroom door, he pulled her close, kissing her roughly before leading her towards the bed. She stood in front of the bed and he dropped to his knees and started to undo her pants.

He slid them and her panties down to the floor and she stepped out of them unsteadily. He started to tease her, running his fingers over her already wet lips, feeling her warmth. He pushed her back onto the bed and she put her legs over his shoulders. He started slowly, gently kissing her inner thighs. Before he got to her cunt, her looked up at her one more time and smiled.

He took her clit between his lips and sucked as he put a finger inside her. One finger became two and his mouth made slow circles over her clit. She rocked her hips up to meet his tongue strokes. Her heels were digging into his back, as his tongue and fingers were pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

She wanted to let him go on, let him eat her out all night. But, she needed him inside her and barely found the voice to beg him one more time to fuck her, in between gasping breaths.

He stood up to take his pants off. She sat up and stopped him, putting her hands on his belt and quickly went to work on getting his pants open. She stuck her hand down the front of his boxers and felt his hard dick. Bigger, much bigger than she had even hoped. She stroked him for a few seconds, but he didn’t let her tease him for long. He pulled his boxers the rest of the way down.

He twined his fingers into her hair, roughly pulling her mouth down onto his dick, and she started to suck him, trying to take as much of him in her mouth as she could. She teased the tip with her tongue, making his knees buckle slightly. He loosened his grip on her, and she ran her hand down the length of his shaft, while circling the head with her mouth. He grasped her shoulders, pushed her back onto the bed, and climbed on top of her, pushing her legs open with his knees.

Time seemed to stop in the seconds before he entered her. His pace was deliberate, just to remind her that he was in control. He slid inside her so slowly, taking his time to let her feel every inch. He had her arms pinned against the bed, and he was sucking and biting at her neck. She was unraveling. She wanted to touch him, but he held her there and just fucked her, hard and slow.

He gave her that half smile, and started Escort Maraş fucking her faster, holding her gaze, not letting her look away. He released her arms and grabbed her under her ass, pushing her legs up. She locked them tight, high around his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt him slide even deeper inside her.

He kissed her and said, “Tell me again, tell me how much you want me.”

She happily complied, rambling, frantic with pleasure and need. She was begging by this point, begging for him to fuck her harder, deeper. She felt her body start to tighten when he started moving into her more slowly.

“Come.” he breathed into her ear. “I want to feel you come.”

She moaned at the sound of his voice. Her body began to shake as her pleasure grew and grew until it ripped through her. She cried out, moaning and holding onto him for dear life as she came. With ever stroke she felt herself tighten around him, his hands still digging into her ass, refusing to let her go. Just as she was settling into another wave of her orgasm, she felt him let go and then he was coming, moaning her name into her ear.

They were still moving together, just barely. Their legs and arms still entwined, his cock still inside her. Eventually exhaustion led them to untangle, pull apart reluctantly and lay in the bed, a sweaty heap of limbs and heavy breathing.

“I guess I should clean up and go home, Kaitlyn will wonder where I am.”

She didn’t reply, as she didn’t expect him to stay. After laying there for a while longer, she saw him reach into his pants for his cell phone.

“Your going to call your wife from my bed? Man, you are sick.”

She laughed and playfully threw his arm off of hers. He motioned for her to keep quiet as he was punching numbers on his phone.

“Hey, baby, it’s me. Yeah, I’m having some car trouble, I’m just waiting for the tow truck. No, Brian’s going to pick me up at the garage, I’m just going to crash there. He’s was going to pick me up early tomorrow anyway for the fishing trip.”

She stared at him, in awe of his ability to spin such great lies.

He continued, after a short pause, “Yeah, I’ll call you from the road tomorrow, I love you too.”

He turned to her after he hung up and said, “So, if I remember right, you said you always like it when a guy spends the night so you can fuck more than once, right?”

She smiled and said, “You remember that, huh? Still, it’s awfully presumptuous of you.”

He laughed and said, “Well, I figured if this is going to be a one shot deal, we’re defiantly going to need to do that at least one more time.”

He leaned over and kissed her, she could taste herself on his lips. His fingers trailed over her breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples into peaks.

“You don’t waste anytime do you?”

“Well, I have to be to Brian’s by 5, so I figured we better get going.”

She rolled him onto his back and straddled him. “I guess your right”

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