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Finally Fisted

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I am a happily married 29 year old woman who absolutely loves sex! I love having my holes filled by my husband – either with his cock, or fingers, or with various toys we have introduced into the bedroom. Curvy in all the right places – my tiny waist sweeps out to round hips and a thick ass my husband loves to smack. My dark brown hair hangs down my back, tickling the top of my ass. My pale skin has a light dusting of freckles across my shoulders and nose.

As I step into the bedroom it has been transformed by the flicker of lit candles and soft music. I strip down to just a spaghetti strap black top, locking eyes with my husband as I peel off my red lace panties and bra – he doesn’t like barriers between him and my soft vanilla scented skin.

The skimpy top barely contains my breasts and you can see my erect nipples poking into the thin material. I climb on top of my husband who is laying down in the plush bed. I know he loves when my large milky 34D breasts hang down in his face and he can easily move his mouth from one swinging breast to the other. My pussy is already wet at is sits on top of the length of his hard cock. I grind against him as he massages my tits and sucks them each gently into his mouth. This continues for a little while as my moans get increasingly louder, and his breathing speeds up.

When he pulls away for a deep breath I slid off of him and slip under the covers, using them as a shield so he can’t see what I am doing. I hover, holding my mouth close to him so he can feel my warm breath. He shuddered. Slowly, reaching out with my tongue, I licked up the length of him, starting at the base of his 7 inch hard cock and licking up to the tip of shaft. I could taste a bit of my wetness on his length from grinding on top of him.

Loving how his body responds to me, I tease him by caressing the tip of his shaft with my tongue, gently flicking it over the sensitive skin. I continue to tease his hard cock, gently sucking his balls and trailing my tongue up his shaft then back down to the base of his dick – but he doesn’t want to be teased and the next time my mouth is on his head he quickly pulls the covers off of me and grabs the back of my head to push his cock into my waiting mouth.

He enters me abruptly at first but then more gently as he begins to fill my mouth, inching his cock down my throat. I moan around his cock, pivoting so he can grab a handful of my breast bursa escort bayan as I deep throat him. He kneeds my breast in his palm with one hand while grabbing into my pony-tale with the other and fucking my face with his cock. I love the taste of his dick on my tongue as he fills my throat. I open up to take him deeper, loving the feeling. I caress his balls as I swallow him, bobbing my head up and down on his cock.

He pulled me off of his cock, tugging my legs and pulling them towards him so I was straddling his face in a 69. Leaning on my hands I began my sucking with new vigor! When he was again satisfied by my loud slurping noises and pace of my bobbing mouth he pulled me close and began to tease my aching clit with his tongue.

I moaned, and it was slightly muffed by my lips around his cock. I tried to focus on his warm shaft in my throat while also enjoying the feel of his breath and soft mouth on my slit. He continued to tease me, lapping at my tender lips, running tiny kisses along the inside of my thigh, and massaging my ass and pussy with his hands.

As I came up for air he abruptly grabbed my hips and flipped me over onto the bed, adjusting us both so I was on my back with his mouth between my legs again. “I need more of you” he told me in a gruff voice, my juices glistening on his lips. I grabbed his head, coaxing his mouth back onto my sensitive clit. My back arched as I savored the feel of him, warm and soft, yet the scruff of his beard was rough as it brushed up against me. The contrast was maddening!

I began to thrust my hips upward to meet his tongue, craving more. He knew just what I needed, and slowly slid two fingers inside my warm wet center, stopping when his thumb rested on my clit. He continued with his tongue, swirling it across my lips, and darting it inside me to join his fingers. That’s when he started to move his fingers in a “come hither” motion inside of me, massaging me inside and out.

I was squirming underneath him at this point – he lifted his mouth from me to tell me to “lift my legs”, bending my knees to provide him more – and deeper – access to my most sensitive areas. He locked eyes with me, “Do you want me to fill you up? Stuff you good and tight until you cum around me?”

“Yes” I whispered softly, blushing at his choice of words – but wanting that so badly!

“That’s a good girl. I want that too. My cock is so hard at the görükle escort thought of filling you up, I think I’ll use my hand first.”

Now, he’s fingered me before, and we’ve double stuffed my pussy with his cock and a dildo, but he’s never been able to fist me. His large hand just couldn’t get past the knuckles to fully fit inside my tight pussy. But we’ve never started a fisting session with his mouth on my pussy, messaging it and relaxing it to the point where it was aching to be filled. He grabbed the lube and added plenty to my pussy, spreading it with his fingers and making sure to coat his hand.

My knees were still bent, my legs open for him. He dipped two fingers inside me, continuing to spread the lube, adding more. Then he began to pump his fingers in and out. Slow, fast, fast; shallow, deep deep…he pumped onto me with no rhyme or reason, then he added another finger.

As he continued to pump in and out of me I began to pant, clutching at the bed sheets. I was fully on display and completely pinned to the spot as he added a fourth finger. “You have four of my fingers inside your pussy you naughty girl, do you like how that feels?”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Good, then your going to take all five of my fingers, and I will get them ALL inside you. Now relax, and take a deep breath – that’s it, now breathe out. Good girl.”

I did just that, breathing in through my nose and slowly releasing the breath through my mouth. I continued controlling my breath, amazed at how the pain eased from my pussy. He continued his ministrations, massaging his five fingers to the knuckle in and out of me. He spread his fingers, stretching me, as he kept pumping. Changing his tempo to keep my orgasm at bay he was massaging me with his other hand, rubbing my clit and trailing his fingers along my sensitive inner thighs.

“You are absolutely beautiful right now, with your legs spread and your pink pussy just about swallowing my hand.” At that I ground against him, showing him I was ready for more – that I needed it! “Ahh, good girl, you want me all the way inside you?”

“Please!” I whispered hoarsely, my eyes squeezed shut in anticipation.

“Please, what? Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fist me! I want you to stretch my pussy with your hand and make me cum, please, I need to cum!”

He didn’t make me beg any more. With my request he sped up his bursa escort bayan pumping/massaging motion, and he watched as his knuckles slowly began to disappear, sinking into me further with each pump. I continued my controlled breathing, focusing on the pure pleasure of his hand inside me. I massaged my clit, and the added pleasure only opened me to him further.

He began to whisper in a gruff voice, not stopping the invasion. “How did I get so lucky? You are so beautiful. You are doing such a good job taking my fingers. I’m going to fill you up!” And as I released another shaky breath with one final push his entire HAND inside me!

I let out a whimper, reaching out with my hand to feel for myself what was happening to my pussy, as I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around it. My husband moaned, “I’m fisting you baby, your doing so great. I’m so proud of how well you let me fill you up!” As I got used to the large intrusion he continued to rub my clit, whispering words of encouragement to me, telling me how beautiful I looked spread out before him.

I adored the praise, blushing as he described what his hand in my pussy was doing to him! To him! How was I still blushing with his hand buried deep inside me, there was nothing left to feel shame about, he was loving this as much as I was – his arousal was obvious as he continued to wiggle his fingers inside me.

Suddenly, a curling motion started low in my belly – god, he had closed his hand into a fist and was actually thrusting into me. Over and over he pushed into me, withdrawing to his knuckles and then burying his hand inside me just past the wrist. I couldn’t believe the feeling, the FULLNESS, the fact that I LOVED it, the pure SIN of it!

I moaned, matching his thrusts as I lifted my hips to meet his hand, pulling him deeper. All of a sudden I froze – arching my back as I squeezed my legs tight around his hand. He continued his pumping, moving with me as my orgasm exploded, sending shivers across my body. My breasts felt heavy and my erect nipples stood at attention but all I could think of was the fullness between my legs. My pussy clenched around my husbands hand and he groaned, “You are so fucking TIGHT my love!”

And with that my breathing slowed and my muscles relaxed as my orgasm trailed off. I was seeing spots behind my closed eyes! He carefully eased out of me at that moment. It left me feeling…empty.

Reading my mind he had a sparkle in his eye as he said, “Not to worry my love, I’ll fill you up again shortly. I’ve been dying to bury my cock inside you. I want to make you scream in pleasure when this big load of cum I’ve been saving is pumped deep inside you!”

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