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Filthy Girlfriend

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The text read, “Where are you?” It was my girlfriend, Marie.

I replied, “In Danville working on a barn.”

Just a few seconds passed when my phone chimed again. She said, “Wait 30 minutes, then head home. When you get here go straight to the bathroom and take a nice, hot shower. Your clothes will be in there by the sink. When you get finished come to the living room. Can you manage all that?”

I told her I could. Even though i was wondering what she had planned I didn’t ask. 30 minutes passed and i started the drive home.

I arrived and, as told, I walked inside and straight to the shower. I noticed our bedroom door was closed and I could hear her R&B music playing softly. I closed the bathroom door behind me. She had me a pair of basketball shorts, some ankle socks, and my tennis shoes laid out. That was it. No shirt. No underwear. Hmmmmm…

I took my time im the shower and cleaned myself well. I got out and put on deoderant, body spray, brushed my teeth, and took a quick look in the mirror. Then i opened the door and walked out into the hall.

To my left, coming from the living room, I could hear moaning and another familiar sound. I slowly stepped in that direction. The moaning I heard was coming from the porn that was playing on our flat screen tv. A young, blonde beauty was riding a cock and moaning excessively. The other sound that I knew was familiar to my ears was exactly what i suspected it to be. My sexy, blonde haired, blue eyed, petite girlfriend was in my recliner with her legs propped up, one on each arm of the chair. She was playing with her little, shaved pussy. The sound i heard was the sound made when she periodically slapped her wet twat with her fingers. I fucking love that sound, and she knows it.

She looked at me with eyes that begged and cried out, “Oh Daddy, my little pussy is so fucking wet. I just want a hard cock to stuff it full. Will you help me Mr.?”

I stood there taking it all in while she teased me with a series of pussy slaps with her finger tips. Then I said, “Marie, you’re a dirty slut and Im gonna fuck the shit out of you.”

I wanted very badly to bury my cock in her, but I had to taste her first. I fell to my knees in front of the chair and yanked her ass to the edge of it. She pulled her legs back and spread them, surrendering her tiny twat to me. I buried my face in her sticky juices. I licked her from her asshole to her clit over and over. She wiggled and squealed to the point that i had to pin her down forcefully. I started tongue fucking bahis şirketleri her fuck hole, ramming my tongue in and out. She shouted vile words of encouragement as i continued. I sucked her lips in my mouth one at a time and kissed her inner thighs. I craved her cum all over my face, and I knew how to get what i wanted. I focused my attention on her cum button. I’m talking about her clit. I was relentless as i began flicking the tip of my tongue on and off of it. She instantly started squirming and gasping for air. “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit,” I heard her say through gritted teeth.

Then she screamed loud enough that the neighbors definetly became informed as she confessed, “Fuck, Daddy, I’m cumming!” Her legs straightened and trembled. Her body convulsed and locked up beyond her control. She cried out in pure pleasure as she grinded her pussy up and down my entire face, painting it thickly with her fuck juices. I stuck my tongue out and got a fulfilling taste of her sweet pussy. I have always craved the taste of her and I was very satisfied.

When her orgasm released its hold on her she looked at me. Her mascara was running down her cheeks. Her eyes where watery and red. She looked wore out, but she was anything but that. “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy, Daddy.” she pleaded.

I rose to my feet and positioned myself so i was kind of hovering directly over her pussy. I squatted down, lowering myself closer to her. Then, I aimed my aching dick at her pink and buried it in with one swift motion. Her pussy was tight, but it offered no resistance as wet as it was. She spit out a, “Fuck!” as I began steadily pumping out her hole.

Marie always talked dirty when we had sex, but today she was down right filthy. She had no shame as she spouted uncensored filth out from her mouth. She loudly said, “Thats it Daddy! Right Fucking there! Pound my little pussy! Beat it up! Make your balls slap my asshole while you ram my fuck hole with that cock! Goddamn! Fuck Yes!”

Her words were my fuel. They made me fuck her harder and faster. We were both like frenzied sexual deviants. Nothing else mattered or even existed at that time to either of us. We didnt care who heard us or who saw us even. The world could have burned down around us, and we wouldnt have even known it. We were fucking and nothing was gonna stop us.

I kept pounding away at her tiny twat even when she screamed that she was about to cum again. She didn’t push me away. She took my cock like a true slut as her pussy caked it in a nice thick coating bahis firmaları of her sticky juices.

When her 2nd orgasm passed she looked at me and said, “Oh Daddy, I wanna taste it.” I pulled my dick out from her hole and stood up straight in front of her. She sat up and licked my dick from it’s base to it’s tip. She cleaned every drop of her cum off of my throbbing fuck stick. Then, she engulfed it into the back of her throat. For the next ten minutes or so she sucked, kissed, licked, and teased my cock and balls to the point that i was about to go insane.

When she was satisfied she pulled it from her lips and, in an innocent voice, said, “i taste so good on your dick Daddy.”

I replied, “Well lets get some more on there and you can taste it again if you want.”

She stared up at me with devilish eyes bleeding with lust as she put her hands on my chest and pushed me back on our couch. The porn on the tv raged on

as she straddled my cock in te reverse cowgirl position. I had the best view possible as she lowered her flawless pussy down over my erect cock. She leaned forward a bit and softly said, “Now watch, Big Boy. Watch my little pussy fuck your cock.”

My eyes were glued to her pussy while she bounced up and down on my aching dick. Her plump ass cheeks jiggled with each movement. I couldnt resist a firm slap with my hand here and there while she milked my cock. Her fuck juices were leaking out around my cock and oozing down my balls. I started teasing her asshole while she fucked me senseless. I grabbed a cheek in each hand and began slamming her down on my cock while,at the same time, thrusting it upward. Our wet bodies slapping together created the sound i love so much. Maybe a minute of this pounding was all it took before she was screaming and under the spell of her 3rd orgasm of the day.

When she finished I heard her scream, “Fuck!” before jumping up off my cock, spinning around, and engulfing it into her mouth. Guess she wanted another taste.

She looked so fucking hot on hands and knees while she sucked my cock like it was the last drink of water on Earth. The curves of her ass cheeks and the arch in her back were simply perfect. Her blonde hair hung down in her face and over her shoulders. Her little tits where just what I liked on a girl. Plus, they were a perfect match to her little pussy. My eyes rolled back in my head when she stuffed the head of my cock in her throat and made a deep moaning sound making it vibrate on my swollen head. I could take no more.

I kaçak bahis siteleri grabbed her by the head of her hair and pulled her off my cock. She wined a bit. I looked her dead in those blue eyes and said, “You’ve been a good little fuck slut today. Now, why dont you bend over and put that ass and pussy in the air, so I can ram it doggystyle til I cum all over your face.”

“Yes sir Daddy,” she said excitedly, “I want you to cum on my face so fucking bad!”

Obediently, she positioned herself on the couch as I had told her to. She let her upper body and head lay flat on the couch. She propped her ass up with her knees. She archer her back and shoved her ass out and pointed up directly at my face. Her asshole was so tiny, having never been fucked before. We have tried. It doesn’t fit. Her fuck hole was beautiful. It was tiny also, but after being plowed for the past half hour or more it was slightly gaped open exposing it bright pink inside. Her juices still were oozing out from her opening causing her twat to glisten in the overhead light. A pair of swollen pussy lips topped it off, and not a single hair nor blemish was to be seen. I must have taken too long admiring her goods, because she turned her head back to me and sternly asked, “Are you gonna give me that fucking dick or not?”

I laughed a bit then made my dick disappear between her pussy lips. I watched my cock fuck her pussy. I watched it disappear then reappear over and over. It was the sexiest scene I had ever witnessed. She was screaming and squealing and my balls were slapping her drenched skin. All the sounds together sounded like a well written song that I would never grow tired of. I was really slamming her when I fel my balls begin boiling. Oh Fuck! It came creeping up my shaft. That familiar tingle that drives all men. I continued pumping her pussy til I knew it was time. She knew what to do when I yanked my dick out. She spun around in record time just in time to catch the first spurt from my dick. It hit her open mouth perfectly. My vision went blurry and my ears couldnt hear a thing as one of the most intense orgasms i have ever experienced gripped my body. I kept stroking my cock somehow, though, and when I regained my senses she was licking the underside of my cock where the shaft meets the head. Her face was plastered in my cum. It was a fucking load to be reckoned with. Still she sucked the head of my sensitive dick looking for any remaining drops.

I must have fallen asleep after that because I was awaken some time later by her stroking my cock. It was semi-hard when i came to. She looked up at me with that same look as earlier and said, “We have a couple of hours before the kid gets home from school. I want some more of this dick.”

Who was I to say no?

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