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Filial Attraction

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Dave and Eve had met online some months ago;, unlike most such meetings, this one had ‘clicked.’ They’d spent more and more time in the chat room whispering to each other, and ignoring the room. Finally, someone, he couldn’t remember who, had suggested a face-to-face meeting. They’d picked a spot about half-way between their homes, and would be meeting there tonight.

Dave Adams arrived first, and checked in under his actual name. Eve Jackson would tell them she was ‘Eve Adams’ and ask for a key to her husband’s room. It was all so simple, but still it scared him. What if she didn’t like him, what if he said the wrong thing; what if… He’d gotten a headache reciting all the ‘what if’s’ during the three-hour drive this Saturday morning. He’d finally given up trying to worry about every detail, and concentrated on parking the car. He’d arrived!

Check-in was uneventful, and he’d told them he was expecting his wife, and requested she be given a key. He quickly showered to wash away the dirt of the road, and shaved again; just to be sure. He left his shoes off; he found it very awkward to untie and remove his shoes using only one hand. It had broken several romantic moments in the past, and he didn’t want to risk it here. He had brought some items to give the bare room some character, and he positioned candles around the fireplace and on the bedroom nightstands, strung the speakers from the portable CD-player on each side of the large, soft blanket he spread out in front of the fireplace. Almost ready…

Eve pulled into the parking lot, nervous as a cat; what was she doing? She’d only known this man for a few months, now she was meeting him at a hotel? Geeze, this was wild. But… He was cute; at least in the pictures he’d sent. So, it was worth a try. If she really didn’t like him, she’d just hop in her car and drive home. She parked, added some perfume to her wrists and headed for the lobby.

The name, ‘Eve Adams’ worked like a charm; she was given a key to her ‘husband’s’ room and she headed for the elevators. “Hmmm, room 711,” she thought to herself, “Might be someone’s lucky day.”

Dave jumped when he heard her knock on the door. His heart was pounding a bit, afraid she would be disappointed in the real him. He took a deep breath, and opened the door. “Hi Eve, nice to meet you at last,” he said, his face breaking into a quick smile at the sight of the very pretty blonde that he knew must be Eve. “No trouble finding the place?” he asked, not knowing exactly how to start.

“No trouble at all,” Eve replied. “Nice room, mind if I come in?” she asked with a slight smile, realizing he’d been too taken with her looks to think of asking her inside. He was as cute as she’d imagined, and her small smile widened slightly.

“Oh, sure, sorry, come right in,” Dave stammered, wondering if she’d think him a fool for forgetting the basics, and also wondering if she’d noticed he had been ‘taken’ with her beauty at first sight. “I’ve added some little extras to make it more user-friendly.”

“Hmmmm,” Eve said, looking around, noticing the blanket, the candles and the speakers by the now-lit fireplace, and hearing the music he’d chosen. It was mood-music, but she like it; a bit soft and hesitant right now, like the situation they both were in. “Is there anything to drink?” she asked, figuring he needed a little ‘boost’ to break the ice.

“Sure; white wine?” Dave asked. “That’s fine,” Eve replied, “Mind if I use the bathroom?” Without really waiting for an answer, she picked up her small case and headed into the restroom. On the way, she noticed that the bedroom had more candles and another set of speakers beside the bed. She smiled, and disappeared into the restroom.

She tossed off her traveling clothes, revealing the sexiest bra and panty set she had, and put a slightly loose black silky, slinkly ‘dress’ over them. It was really an outfit for romance, coming from one of the slightly-naughty websites she found in her preparations for this trip. The garter belt and stockings had come from the same place (‘drives men wild’ had been the caption; well, she would find out tonight.) Putting on the black FMPs completed the ‘look’ she wanted. After touching up her lipstick and perfume, she was ready. She opened the door, and went back to the living room.

“Wow,” was all Dave could say, almost dropping her drink in the process. He handed it to her, “Let’s sit by the fire and talk.”

“I’d like that,” Eve said, taking the drink from his slightly-shaking hand and following him to the fireplace. She wanted some excuse to walk around a bit, so she pretended to examine the quite-awful paintings on each side of the mantle. She stretched up on her tip-toes at each one, knowing it would highlight her legs and let him see the top of her stockings and hint at the garter belt. The website said this would produce heavy breathing and an erection in most men. She glanced at Dave as she turned around from the second painting. “Hmmmm, they were Manisa Escort right!” She thought, noticing a definite bulging in Dave’s pants.

There was one more trick she wanted to try before sitting beside him. She took a pull on her wine, then asked for a refill. Of course since he was sitting on the blanket, she had to bend down to let him pour her some more wine. She made sure she was lined up correctly, and that her dress fell open just enough for him to be able to look down her front to see her breasts peeking over the lacy bra.

Dave almost missed her glass as he stared down her dress to marvel at her full, firm breasts straining against the prettiest bra he’d seen, ever. He caught himself just before he overfilled her glass, “There you go,” he said, trying to be cool as he felt his heart racing.

“Thanks,” Eve said, noticing that the bulge had gotten a bit bigger. Mind if I sit beside you?” she asked, not waiting for his answer, she knew he’d say yes. She made sure she tucked her legs as she lowered herself, making the dress ride up her thighs, and exposing the garter belt and her panties by ‘accident.’ She felt his eyes on her body now, she didn’t have to look anymore. She’d managed to put her hip next to his, intiating the first physical contact. “Take the lead a bit,” had been the advice at the website, and they’d been right so far.

Dave started to move his hip away from Eve’s, but then caught himself. “What the hell are you doing, Idiot,” he thought to himself, letting his hip press back against hers, and leaning her way slightly to increase the contact.

“I’d glad you came,” he said, not sure exactly how to start now that they were finally together.

“I love coming,” Eve said slowly, “I hope you do too.” Dave smiled, noticing that she’d not said, “I loved coming,” past tense, and thought he knew what she really meant. It allayed his fears that she’d jump up and leave at his first touching.

“Oh, I do,” he replied, “But never alone.” It was akward and made no sence, except in the sexual way. If she smiled, he’d know she’d ‘got’ it and agreed. Eve did smile; her subtle message had gotten through, and been answered. Dave was no dummy, and she liked intelligent men rather than those who were clueless.

Dave breathed a small sigh of relief at her smile. He’d been half-afraid that she would reject him upon actually seeing him. Now, he knew she was still interested and he could make the ‘first’ move. Although not a dummy, Dave still had not picked-up on all of Eve’s subtle body language hints earlier. Not that he didn’t react; he had grown a stiffening presence in his pants that reminded him why he’d come here. He just hadn’t realized her movements were deliberate.

“That is a very pretty dress,” he said, using it as an excuse to touch her left shoulder, pretending to run the backs of his fingers down the gold- fringed strap, but really making sure he was caressing along her upper arm. He took it slow, wanting her to get used to the touch of his fingers, but lengthened the stoke with each pass. When he reached her neck and rubbed along it, Eve closed her eyes and bent her head away slightly, exposing more of her neck to his attention. He thought he heard a slight sigh, but it could have just been the music.

When he started the down-stroke, he moved more slowly, and targeted his knuckles along the gap between her arm and her chest. This caused half of his touch to run along her chest, still a bit away from her breast, but close enough to stimulate it anyway. He was sure he heard a sigh this time, but Eve’s eyes remained shut, although she seemed to press against him a bit.

Dave let his fingers lean more and more onto her chest as he stroked her, until his hand was roaming up and down her flank, rippling the dress under his touch in silken waves. Eve was feeling different kind of waves, sensual ones, and she put her now-ignored right arm around his waist to steady herself. Dave put his left arm behind her to support her as he noticed her melting under his caress. He knew it was time to make his first contact with her breast.

He curved the next down-stroke to swing across her chest, just under her breast, lifted it as it would have crossed her breast, and finished the circle by re-contacting her chest just above the breast. After a few such cycles, Eve was squirming with anticipation, and tried to lean forward to force contact with his teasing hand.

Dave could see that her nipple had stiffened, and was now a throbbing bud of feminine arousal pressing against her clothes. Now, he thought to himself, she is ready. On the next pass, he let his hand graze against the straining nipple, sending a shock to Eve’s brain, and drawing a sharp gasp from her. Sensing her response, Dave increased the contact with each succeeding pass until he was focusing on her now-stiff nipple with firm strokes that circled, but never released, her left breast.

Dave now let his hand move over to Manisa Escort Bayan the right breast. Her right nipple needed little stimulation to stiffen as hard as the left. Eve’s eyes folded open and she looked at him dreamily, her lips slightly parted. Dave leaned down, using his left arm to lever her up to meet him, and brought his mouth to hers. She closed her eyes as their lips met, and his tongue sought hers through her parted, pouty lips. Eve moaned her arousal into his mouth as her tongue danced against his.

Dave knew it was time to start undressing her, but knew it would be hard when she was sitting on the back of her dress. Opening his eyes slightly, and wondering why girls didn’t like him doing that during a kiss, he used his left arm to drag a pillow off the couch and onto the floor just behind Eve’s head. He then pressed forward with his lips, and tugged gently backward on her left shoulder by reaching behind her back. Eve leaned against his arm, and he settled her head down onto the pillow. She was now on her back, with him leaning over her, still exploring her mouth with his tongue, and her breasts with his right hand. Her arms went around his back, gently tugging him closer and playing over his shoulders.

“Now for that dress,” Dave thought, letting his right hand tug up the material with each upward move he made along her breasts. Soon, the dress was straining against her rump, and Eve unconciously raised her hips to relieve the pressure. The dress promptly sprang over her rump and tucked itself in the small of her back. “Very good,” thought Dave, “now it’s much easier.”

Dave started to use his left hand now, running them both along her sides from the arm to the waist. Eve moaned and squirmed from the new contact, and worked her tongue against his in response. Dave then used both hands to grip the bottom of her dress and slide it up across her tummy until it caught against her bra-covered breasts in front and her shoulders in back.

Dave knew he had to risk breaking the moment in the next move, but it would show if Eve had surrendered sexually since it was a dominating manuever. He curled his hands into the dress material bunched under each of Eve’s armpits. He then swung his right leg across her hips to bring him to his knees, straddling her waist, and straightened up, breaking the extended kiss that had focused her attention up to now.

Eve’s eyes popped open, as his teasing tongue had suddenly left her mouth, and her arms were now almost straight up, caressing the air where his back had been just seconds before. A look of startled surprise flickered across her lust-flushed face.

“Now,” thought Dave, noticing that her arms were in the perfect position for the effect he wanted, and hoping she didn’t scream. He arched back, pulling up sharply with his hands, which were still folded into her dress. The force lifted Eve’s torso up off the carpet and the bunched dress, no longer caught under her shoulders, flew over her back and shoulders, jumped off her arms, and momentarily caught under her chin and ears. One mighty tug and the lust-stretched dress popped over Eve’s head, cascading her blonde hair across her face and shoulders as it sprang completly free from her body. Eve blinked in shock and surprise as she watched it flutter aimlessly into a corner.

Dave acted fast, not giving her time to think or protest. He leaned down and kissed her, squirming his tongue along her lips and into her mouth. With a soft murmer into his now-open mouth, Eve’s eyes closed and her arms circled his back once more. She had surrendered, and Dave knew he could finish stripping her without protest now.

He reached around to her back, searched under her soft, scented hair and found the clasp of her bra. He undid it, and slid first one strap, and then the other over her shoulders and down her arms. Eve helped by drawing each arm back in turn as slid the straps off. He then pushed her down onto the pillow, tugging the bra free of her breasts as she lay back, her blonde hair framing her pretty, flushed face as she again lay under him. Dave carefully tossed the bra onto the couch; it was too pretty to risk ending up in the fire.

Shifting his hips down, he brought one leg between hers and pried them apart, being careful not to contact her pussy yet. Right now he wanted a better position to attend to her breasts, and he couldn’t do that while he straddled her waist. Eve’s legs parted to admit his knee, and he felt the nylon-softness of her stockings against his leg. He tried to ignore it as he needed his concentration focused upon her pert nipples now.

He ran his hands up both her sides at once, slowly but firmly. Just as his hands came level with her nipples, he blew onto the left one, then flicked his tongue against it lightly. Eve drew in a sharp gasp, which turned into a low moan as he swirled his rasping tongue around the now-rock-hard little bud. He traced one finger around the right nipple, Escort Manisa slowly decreasing sprirals until he was rubbing around the sides of the taut little button.

Eve curled her fingers into his hair, drawing his head closer while she thrust her chest up toward him. She wanted to increase the contact; his teasing caresses were driving her wild with desire for more forceful attention. He’d been waiting for this. He simultaneously pinched her right nipple while biting her left, and waited for her reaction.

Eve arched up off the blanket, gasping a sharp, “Ohhhhh Godddd…” into the room as her head rocked back against the pillow and her blonde hair slid across her face. Her face was now damp and flushed, and some strands of her hair stuck to her. It made her appear the picture of female lust; her flushed face, full, parted lips, and half-closed eyes being framed by the thin veil of her desire-damped hair. The sight would drive any male to feel the need to rip her clothes off and ravish her immediately. Dave wanted to take his time tho; he’d planned a more extended seduction.

With her attention now focused on her breasts, the time was right to probe lower. Dave pressed the flat of his hand against her bellybutton and slid it back and forth, caressing Eve’s flat tummy, which was rising and falling in time with her quickened breathing. He bagan to circle his hand down toward her loins with each cycle across her tummy. Soon, he was brushing along the elastic of her panties, and he had to decide; under? or over?

Dave knew it would tease her more if he went over, so he let his hand glide along the outside of her panties. Eve shivered as his fingers slid along the silk-covered valley between her legs, and wished he’d brought his fingers into direct contact. She arched her hips up to try and increase the sensation, but Dave sensed her actions and drew his fingers just out of reach. A small, devilish smile curled at the corners of his mouth, “Not yet, Baby, not yet,” he thought to himself.

When he felt Eve ease her hips back in exhaustion, he started to explore further down and press a bit more with each pass across her panties. He slid along each leg, not touching her pounty, panty-covered pussy just yet. With each stroke down her thighs, he pressed her leg outward, and soon Eve had her legs wide open.

“Now for a little shock,” he thought, and on the next trip up Eve’s right thigh, he extended his thumb and rubbed it deeply along her pussy-cleft, forcing the silken panties into her now-soaking slit. Eve’s hips jumped off the blanket, and a sharp, “Ohhhh, Goddd!!” came from her panting lips. A quaking shook her body from her head to her curled-under toes, and Dave knew she’d just cum. He held his thumb against her cuntlips until her shaking and moaning subsided, then slowly released the pressure.

While Eve was still trembling in the afterglow of her climax, Dave slipped his hands under the back of her panties, and drew them firmly down, under her pert rump, over her flared hips and down her long legs. He tossed them near the bra, leaving Eve dressed only in her garter belt and hose. Those he intended to leave on her; she was now ready to be used for his pleasure.

He stood, and peeled his shirt off over his head, then unzipped his pants and let them fall to his feet. With no shoes on, he simply stepped out of them. His shorts were a bit more of a problem; he had a fairly large erection tenting them up, and they would not ‘slip’ over his hips. He had to fold them over his raging hard-on, then he could get them off. He tossed them atop his pants so that they wouldn’t get lost.

He stood at her head, looking down her lust-raked body, and knelt so that he straddled her waist, his balls just above her nose, and his face above her pussy. She parted her legs easily at his pressure against her knees and he had full access to her lust-dampened loins. He wanted to tease her just a bit more tho. As he traced one finger up her thigh, he blew softly across her pussyhairs. Eve moaned and raised her hips up, but he did not let his finger touch her yet. He danced it over her yearning furrow and stroked down the other thigh. Eve let out a low, “Ohhhhhh..” of disappointment, and her hips settled back down into the blanket.

Dave dipped his head slightly so that he could see up her body to where his cock hovered above her mouth. He brought his hips lower so that the cockhead just brushed against her lips, tracing its rubbery, purplish knob along her lips in a slow, teasing stroke. Eve rocked her head back and forth, trying to escape the strange contact, but she hadn’t yet opened her eyes to examine what was causing her lips to dance with soft caresses; she thought Dave was using his tongue; not thinking clearly enough to realise that his tongue couldn’t be near her face if his head was almost between her legs.

Dave knew how to get her mouth open. He used his thumbs to spread her pussylips enough to expose her clit. Blowing across it brought another moan from Eve and raised her hips again. Dave used his tongue to trace a circle around her clit, and Eve’s moan became stronger and her hip strained to raise her loins up to increase the contact. Just as she did that, Dave ran his tongue across her clit.

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