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It was the storm of the year. Thunder clapped with vehemence, and fat drops of rain fell on the roof of the small house with tremendous force. Jenifer woke up in the middle of the night not feeling much better than when she dozed off in her sofa earlier that evening. She was dizzy, and for a moment, didn’t quite recognize her own house. She was sweating heavily, and her clothes were stuck to her body, drenched. After a moment Jeniffer decided to get up, and slowly walked to her bedroom. The house was spinning, and her thoughts were entangled. She somehow managed to find the thermometer.

“38.5,” she mumbled.

She sat at the edge of her bed. She listened to the rain and the thunder and the heavy wind, and her thoughts started to wander off into weird corners of her mind. She fell back, and covered herself with her thick blanket. She was cold. She dozed off again.


The Heat waked her up. She felt weird. She felt the vibration of the rain pounding the house, as if it was falling on her skin instead. Except that it wasn’t cold or wet. Quite the opposite, the rain was hot and dry. In her delirious state it felt as if rain was coming from all directions. Almost as if she was the universe’s gravitational pull, and everything was falling towards her. The thunder hit her every time it crashed, and the wind was blowing in her ears and neck. Jennifer was incredibly hot. Her sweat was rolling down her curves and into the bed sheets. She was drenched in her own body fluids, and her clothes now started to bother her, so she half-consciously took them off. Now naked, she clenched her blanket, and wrapped herself tightly with it, and under it, she that her genitals were starting to burn. She became overly sensitive, and even the drops of sweat felt like electricity on her skin. It was at this point that the dreams began.

Jenifer dreamed of many people. She saw familiar visages, and faces known and unknown to her. But in these dreams, everyone had the same intentions. They wanted her, and she wanted them. She felt these people touch her like she hadn’t been touched in a long time. In this dream, the rain fell on the naked bodies, but it never felt cold. The rain was like a soft, warm massage that complemented the sensations of the many mouths licking burdur escort all over her body. She felt strong arms grab her limbs, abuse her, and choke her. Sometimes slapping her or her tits, or sometimes fingering her vagina or introducing rough fingers down her throat or in her anus. However, sometimes soft, delicate hands would caress her breasts, stroke her cheeks, or massage her clitoris. Jenifer was extremely hot. She felt a strong convulsion take over her body, and then when all these bodies were touching her like never before, another loud clap of thunder woke her up for a third time.

Jenifer opened her eyes and felt thirsty. Her lips were dried up, and her body felt increasingly hotter by the minute. The rain kept falling hard, and Jenifer surprised herself, when she found her own hand had slid down and was touching her pussy. The sharp sensation of pleasure roused her from her sleepiness. With her fingers she felt a mixture of sweat and juice down there. She felt her hand burn as if it were approaching a furnace. She moistened up her lips with her tongue, and bit her them softly. She closed her eyes, but not to go back to sleep, but to try to recall her dreams, and to picture them with an extra touch of her own imagination. She heard the warm and harsh rain fall, and started to feel it on her skin again. She softly moved her hips, and after a few moments, began to see those bodies again. Some male, some female. In her half-delirium, she could feel them touch her as clearly as if they were there in bed with her. Dozens of bodies, entangled. She tightened her touch on her pussy. Her fingers caressed her clit softly, sometimes spreading her juices around onto the thick labia, and sometimes down to her anus, and then back up to her clit. She used her other hand to simulate one of the soft and delicate ones that massaged her breasts in her dream. She caressed her tits and softly pinched her soft, puffy, still young and tasty nipples. Her legs tightened around her hand, adding pressure, and her body started to feel a sensation close to ecstasy.

Jenifer caressed her pussy, and introduced a finger, then two. Her pussy juice mixed around with her sweat, and fell in streams down her buttocks and onto the bed. Her hand was now drenched and very bursa escort slippery. Her fingers, nimble and following the guidance of pleasure, moved around with ease, each stroke of her labia and clit making a sloppy sound and sending electricity down her spine. She pulled her breast upwards to her mouth, since they were big enough to allow that, and softly licked her nipple, allowing herself to feel her scorching breath and warm saliva on them, and feeling them get hard and erected on the tip of her tongue. She saw the mouth of a beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes licking and sucking her tits passionately and thoroughly tasting and enjoying her nipples, and she smiled at her with affection and extreme pleasure.

She played with herself like these for a few moments, until she used the hand so far busy with her breasts, to then caress her anus. While one hand was softly penetrating her pussy, the other was now trying to introduce the tip of a finger into her ass, softly, but decidedly. She laid on her side, and the touch of her heavy blanket and drenched bed sheets added to the experience and seemed to grab her as if they were many hands caressing her.

At this point, Jenifer had started to lose herself. Her fever had taken control. She didn’t think anymore, only saw two huge cocks, one in front and one behind. She clearly saw how one big, red head spread her labia and penetrated her pussy, as she unconsciously introduced a third finger inside and started abusing her pussy with violence. She felt how it opened her up, and great pleasure and electricity shot up from her insides and bounced around her entire body. Thick droplets of liquid splashed around the bed and her inner thigh. At the same time, the finger that had been caressing her ass, got in quickly, and she saw how a big black cock went in, and abused her from behind. Two fingers filled her asshole, and she thrust them in and pulled them out again and again, rhythmically and mercilessly. Thus feeling double-penetration, Jenifer gasped and moaned out loud, feeling how those two throbbing cocks pounded her and fucked her. Jenifer drooled and screamed. The bed sheets wrapped around her more tightly as she perspired more and moved around in extreme pleasure. Her tits bounced, shiny in the dim çanakkale escort light of her lamp, and as the rain fell and thunder roared, Jenifer felt how two strong and muscular men fucked her in both her fat and overflowing pussy, and her deliciously round and dark asshole. The dicks came in and out tip to base at an outstanding speed, and every time they went in she felt their fat heads penetrate her all the way to her limits. She screamed some more, and tasting her sweat and saliva she licked her own lips and sticked her tongue out into the air, feeling in her dreams delicious lips that would kiss her passionately. She saw the blue-eyed girl again, and the kiss went on for as long as she was fucked. She bit and licked those tasty red lips that were in front of her. The blonde girl seemed to like her, love her even. She kissed her mouth like she had never been kissed before. She tasted the young girl’s tongue, so wet and nimble, and would smile when sometimes the girl would lick her entire face, or suck her lips or spit into her mouth. She then felt the girl caress her face and pull back her hair now drenched in sweat and sticking to her face. Jenifer abused her pussy and asshole violently, until finally she felt her own body shake and weaken, while her dehydrated body still managed to produce a shower of cum all over her pussy, hand, and bed sheets. Even afterwards she could swear she clearly felt the hot cum of the two cocks shot up into her vagina and anus, and reach her deepest insides, as if it had really happened. Her weakened body then fell into a deep slumber, where there were no dreams, and were Jenifer was finally able to rest. She slept like that, wet and exhausted, until the rain stopped, and the morning came.


Next morning the fever had gone as mysteriously and quickly as it had arrived. She felt better and energized, and the strange experience she had had the night before felt like a distant memory, or maybe a dream that never actually happened, but was more like a weird part of those delirious dreams. It was a bright and sunny morning too, so she decided to step out and breathe in some fresh air, and to try and clear her head. While outside, Jenifer spotted her next door neighbors in their yard. A young couple. He was tall, handsome and muscular, and she was a pretty, frail girl with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Suddenly, Jenifer felt a weird sensation come over her. A sensation not unlike a passionate and feverish heat.

She got up from her seat, and decided to go say hi.

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