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Female Masturbation Addiction Pt. 3

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Female Masturbation Addiction

by Vanessa Evans

Part 3

The man led me to an office where I saw 4 other girls waiting. When the man brought another girl in he gave us all a cheap T-shirt and told us to put them on. No one seemed to notice, not even the man who watched us, that I got total naked before putting mine on but I did notice that all the other girls had knickers on, but not bras. Then the man gave us all a number, fortunately, I was furthest away from him and he gave me the number 6 then he told us that he’d come and get us all in about 5 minutes.

That was the cue for one of the girls to pick-up a pair of scissors from the desk and to start putting cuts all around the neck and arm holes in her T-shirt. Soon the scissors were being passed to me and I did the same, wondering why I hadn’t thought of doing that.

Then we were all led out to the little stage and lined up against the back wall. By that time the tingling in my nipples and clit were so strong that I thought that I might just cum whilst standing there, and my gawd I needed to cum.

My brain got distracted as the MC guy called for girl 1 and she walked to the front of the stage where a different guy emptied a bucket of water over her chest making the T-shirt cling to every curve of her front. The cheering from the crowd got louder and so did the music. The girl started dancing and running her hand up and down her body and teasing lifting her T-shirt to flash her knickers to the crowd.

This was repeated for girls 2 – 5 and then it was my turn. Nervously, and very close to the point of no return, I put a huge grin on my face, and sashayed over to the guy holding the bucket of water. It was cold but not cold enough to dampen my arousal and I sashayed to the front of the stage and pulled on my nipples through the T-shirt. Then the music started.

I danced, remembering all the moves that the other girls had done that I liked, and those that I’d seen on the videos. We’d been told to keep the T-shirts on for the seconds round, and a few of the other girls had ripped theirs a bit so that they could flash their tits, but I ripped mine much lower and both my tits were on display as I started ripping the T-shirt from the hem up. In doing so I was flashing my bare pussy which, judging by the shouting and cheering, the crowd liked.

Just as I thought the music track was about to end I pulled the hem of the T-shirt up to my waist where it stayed due to it being all wet.

I walked back to the line of girls with my tits, butt and pussy on display.

Round 2 started and this time the girls went further, ripping their T-shirts right off and a couple of them teased pulling their knickers down but they always pulled them back up again, but I wanted more, when I was called forward I ripped the T-shirt right off and threw it into the crowd. I danced as seductively as I could, playing with my nipples and clit for a couple of seconds as my hands went near them.

About halfway through the track I dropped to my very spread knees, leant back and supported myself with my left hand on the stage and pretended to hump an invisible guy who I pretended was fucking me, if only the audience knew. Then as the end of the track approached my right hand went to my clit and rubbed like hell.

I orgasmed in seconds but I some how managed to keep humping the invisible guy, and finger fucking myself at the same time.

When I got my wits about me again I was impressed by the very loud cheering but something was different. Then I realised that the music had stopped and I wondered how long ago. I got to my feet and walked back to the line of girls and saw a couple of what looked like shocked expressions.

The MC guy brought the microphone to his mouth and said,

“Wow, I never expected that, was that cool or what guys?”

The audience was in uproar and I was smiling. I’d achieved something that I’d dreamt about for a long time, cumming, whilst totally naked, in front of a whole load of horny guys.

But wait, there was more. The MC guy asked each girl in turn to step to the front and asked everyone to cheer for her. When it came to my turn I sashayed to the front with one arm in the air then I started gyrating my hips before I did something that I hadn’t planned, I leant back and kept going until my hands touched the floor behind me, thus giving the audience a great view of my spread pussy. After around 4 or 5 seconds I put all my weight on my arms and lifted my legs up into a handstand and spread my legs so that they were parallel with the ground. I only stayed like that for a few seconds before getting to my feet.

As soon as I did I heard the cheering still going on and the MC guy walked over to me and declared me the winner.

As I stood there, still totally naked and looking out on the still cheering crowd I was really proud of myself, I hadn’t done that move since my last gymnastics class at school and I doubted that I would have attempted it if I had been totally sober and high on the adrenalin of the occasion.

When the cheering finally died down the MC guy gave me a bottle of champagne and an envelope with some money in it. I thanked him then turned my back to the audience, spread my legs, leant forwards and twerked my butt for a few seconds then sashayed off.

When I got back to where I’d left my clothes there was only 1 other girl there and she was about to leave. She congratulated me but the tone of her voice told me that she wasn’t happy to have lost.

I decided to surprise the 3 guys, and just picked up my top and skirt and headed back to the bar to find them. I really enjoyed walking through all the drinking guys totally naked and I even enjoyed the comments and wandering hands, so much so that when I saw the 3 guys I went in a different direction so that I had a longer way to get to them.

“That was fucking awesome Emma.” Owen said when he saw me.

Jackson and Mason gave me similar compliments. Mason asking me when I was going to put my clothes on.

“Not that it makes much difference but I’ll put them on when we leave, unless the management here complain.”

“They’d be complete idiots if they did.” Jackson said.

They didn’t and we talked for quite a while before I did put my clothes on and we moved on. As we walked I told them that I’d loved entering the competition but I didn’t think that it was well organised.

“I thought that you said that you’d never entered a wet T-shirt competition before Emma?” Owen asked.

“I haven’t, but I’ve watched a few on the internet.”

“Like watching girls strip do you Emma?” Owen asked.

“I like watching what they do, how they dance, how they tease the men. I’ve got to learn from somewhere.”

“Well you learnt good Emma,” Owen said, “you were definitely the best back there.”

“Thanks Owen, keep the compliments coming and I might just let you in my knickers later. Oops, I’m not wearing any, I guess that there’s nothing to stop you now.”

“Is that a promise Emma?” Owen asked.


We went to one more bar where the guys got me another large beer and again I didn’t drink all of it, topping-up the other’s glasses when they got low. Happily I wasn’t drunk, but I was a bit happy.

In that third bar we had to stand at the bar and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it much and I was happy when the guys decided that they’d had enough and were heading back to the hotel.

As we walked back I decided that I was a bit nervous. My nipples and clit were hard and tingling but my pussy didn’t feel that wet. Then I realised that walking around outside in that hot, dry air would be drying it all the time.

As we were getting near to where we had to turn off the main street I called to the guys to stop. When they did and were looking at me to find out why I’d wanted to stop I said,

“I want to go the rest of the way back naked.”

“Go on then, strip.” Mason said.

In the middle of the busy main street I got naked and handed my skirt and top to Owen. As we walked on with a handful of people noticing me and watching me, I said,

“I always wanted to do this, a bit like the walk of shame but before the fun part.”

That got a little laugh from the 3 guys and we walked the rest of the way without incident.

At the hotel we walked right on in with the middle-aged guy on reception only giving us a cursory glance which made me wonder if naked girls often walked into the hotel at night, and if I could do it again, on my own?

Outside our rooms I asked Owen for my purse and clothes, then as I was opening my door I said,

“Well guys, do you want me one at a time or all together?”

All 3 guys moved to follow me into my room.

I put all the lights on and opened all the balcony curtains to get as much light into the room as I could, then went to one of the drawers and got out my GoPro and mini tripod. As I was setting it up Mason looked into the drawer that I’d left open and said,

“Quite a collection of toys you’ve got here Emma.”

“When there’s no guys around a girl has to do something to satisfy her needs.” I replied.

“Hey guys, look at this.” Mason said.

I turned and saw that he was holding one of my butt plugs, the one with the long, pink, fox tail.

“Wow Emma,” Owen said, “you’ve got to come out with us one night wearing that, it would be great for the fancy dress pub crawl.”

“And you could wear these as well.” Jackson said as he held up my cuffs and collar.

“Yeah, okay, I’ll do that, but right now ………..”

“So you’re going to video us fucking you Emma?” Owen asked.

“Yeah, you don’t mind do you?”

“Hell no, just so long as you send us a copy.” Owen replied.

“Yeah, yeah,” I replied, “but right now, I need your cocks.”

That last bit I said as I got onto the bed and lay spread-eagle sideways on it. I looked up at the 3 guys and I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous and I guess that I’d have been more nervous if I hadn’t of had some alcohol but I definitely wasn’t drunk. What I definitely was, was aroused. My nipples were so hard and tingling that they were almost painful, and it was the same for my clit. The tingling in my whole groin area was as strong as it had ever been.

I knew that if those guys didn’t touch me soon I’d just cum without them.

Thankfully, Owen was standing at my feet and he reached out and started sliding his finger up and down my slit. I moaned as I watched Jackson and Mason drop their shorts and I saw their hard cocks spring free. As they moved to either side of me I reached up and put my hands round the cocks.

I sighed and started cumming.

Owen kept going and Mason and Jackson just watched, probably hoping that my muscle contractions didn’t include my hands. They didn’t and when I started to think straight again I looked up at Mason and Jackson and saw Mason move his head towards my tits and then Jackson moved so that his cock was right in front of my face.

“Here goes, another first.” I thought as my mouth opened and Jackson’s cock slid inside.

Oh my gawd, that feeling of that warm cock in my mouth was wonderful and I really cursed myself for not finding a way of being able to do it before. I quickly put into practise what I had read on the internet and was loving every second.

Then I gasped and almost bit down on Jackson’s cock. Something much bigger than fingers or anything that had been inside my vagina was entering me. The 2 other cocks got neglected for a few seconds as I started to feel the unbelievable pleasure that was coming from my hole.

Deeper and deeper Owen’s cock slowly went inside me, each time withdrawing a little before going further inside me. If I could have screamed with pleasure I would have. Momentarily I cursed myself for not having found a way to have been fucked a million times before.

I felt my hips rising to try to get that cock deeper. Then it started withdrawing and I hoped that that wasn’t it. My worst fears were unfounded as Owen thrust his cock back inside me and I felt his hairy pubic bone smash against my bald one.

That first thrust was enough to make me cum again, and thankfully, Owen thrust into me over and over. Owen was still pounding my pussy when I started to come down from my high and I started to become aware of Jackson’s cock in my mouth, and my throat. Thankfully, Jackson knew how to let me breath and I realised that his balls were banging against my face each time that he thrust into my mouth and throat.

With 2 cocks fucking me I suddenly remembered Mason and my senses told my brain that my hand was wanking his cock.

Then it started to happen, first I felt Owen tense up and the end of his cock felt like it was growing before it stopped moving and I felt a warm gush of his cum deep inside me. Next it was Jackson who stopped going in and out and my throat felt a warm rush of liquid going down to my stomach, and about a minute later Mason’s cock started jerking and I felt blobs of his cum land on my tits.

My spare hand, which had had some of Mason’s cum land on it because I was pulling on my nipple, started to rub the cum all over my tits. I’d read somewhere that sperm rubbed onto tits made them grow but I didn’t believe it, nor did I want my tits to get any bigger..

Finally, the 3 guys sat on the bed next to where they had been stood and I just lay there, still spread-eagle. After a couple of minutes Jackson said,

“Round 2 guys?”

“How many rounds is there in this game?” I asked, “there better be double figures.”

“We’ll do our best Emma, you sure do know how to please a guy. How about doggy then one of us can have a bit of a rest before the next round.”

I nearly asked if I got any rest but I didn’t want any, at that moment I was convinced that I could fuck non-stop for the rest of my life.

As I was getting into the doggy position I wondered if I should tell them that I’d just had 3 more firsts, but I didn’t because another cock was rapidly approaching my face.

For the next goodness knows how long, the guys took it in turns rotating round my face, my pussy and resting whilst I was having almost non-stop pleasure. I lost count of the number of times that I orgasmed, or loads of cum that went down my throat or filled my pussy, and it was only when the guys decided that they couldn’t get it up any more that my first fuck, my first hand job, my first gang-bang and my first blowjobs came to an end and I realised that I was totally knackered.

“Wow guys,” I said, “that was one hell of a session, do you do that to all the girls that you meet?”

“Given half a chance, yes.” Mason replied,

“Are you okay Emma?” Owen asked.

“Living the dream, literally.” I replied, then added, “I’m all sweaty and need a shower, you guys can let yourself out can’t you?”

They all said that they could and I got up stopped the GoPro recording and walked to the shower thinking 2 things. Firstly that I was happy that I’d brought a handful of microSD cards with me, and secondly that my pussy was sore. That didn’t really surprise me because it had been stretched by 3 different cocks at least twice each.

The shower felt great and after I’d dried myself I flopped onto my bed and was out like a light.


I woke up just as the sun was starting to rise. The air was much fresher and it looked like it was going to be another glorious day. I put my hand on my pussy and moved it about a bit expecting it to be quite sore but it wasn’t. I smiled to myself and got off my bed then swapped the microSD card in my GoPro, put it on charge and then went onto the balcony to enjoy the sun coming up, the fresh air and the peace and the quiet.

Just after I’d sat down and put my feet up on the railings I heard a male voice say,

“Morning sexy.”

I turned and saw Owen sat on a chair on his balcony.

“And a good morning to you too Owen, the other 2 still asleep?”

“Yeah, lazy sods, they’re missing the best part of the day.”

“True, but last night’s bit of fun must be up there somewhere.”

“Very true, are you okay with what happened last night Emma?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be, I invited the 3 of you into my room and told you to fuck me. Hey, did you eat my pussy bursa escort last night, I got a bit distracted by their 2 cocks.”

“No I didn’t, do you want me to eat you now?”

I thought for a few seconds then replied,

“Yes, but just you, I don’t want it to turn into another gang-bang, well not this early in the morning.”

As Owen was climbing over the dividing railing he said,

“So you’d like it to happen again then Emma?”

“Of course, it was wonderful, but I would like to fuck normally, just one-on-one occasionally.”

“I think that I could help you with that little problem Emma, just give me a shout whenever you want.”

“I’m not going to shout right now Owen, I might wake up Jackson and Mason.”

“Get on the bed and spread those legs girl, I’m going to eat you out, chew on that succulent clit and then fuck your brains out.”

I giggled a bit then gasped as Owen’s tongue ran up my spread pussy.

“And another first.” I thought in amongst my other thoughts about how amazing it is getting eaten out and having your clit chewed.

My addiction got fed for the first time that day in less than a couple of minutes but Owen kept going until I’d cum again. Then he got up, smiled at me then lifted my legs up and moved them right back so that I could hold them with my toes touching the bed.

Owen looked at my very exposed pussy as he dropped his boxers then he held his cock and aimed it at my hole before moving in and thrusting it down into me. I let out a long sigh as I revelled in that glorious feeling of having a cock inside me.

Owen savoured that feeling for a few seconds before he started properly fucking me, and oh, what a fuck. Owen started out slowly then he slowly increased his pace until the little grunts that I was giving each time that the end of his cock hit my cervix, turned into one long groan.

But that didn’t last long because we both orgasmed within a minute or so. With both of us sated, Owen rolled off me and I let go of my legs, them falling to the bed, and we just lay there in post coital bliss for a couple of minutes before we heard a noise from Owen’s room.

“That was amazing,” I said, “can you do that to me every morning?”

“What if you are asleep when I climb over the balcony?”

“Still do it to me, I can’t imagine a better way to wake up and I’ll leave the balcony door open every night.”


Owen got up, put his boxers back on then went and climbed over the railings again and I just lay there for a few minutes thinking about how wonderful life is, then I went and did my bathroom thing before getting myself organised for the day.

Whilst in the shower I smiled as I realised that I’d had another first, a one-on-one fuck.

My toy drawer was still slightly open and as I went to close it I changed my mind and got out my butt plug, the one with the fake purple diamond, my egg vibrator and the tube of lube. Two minutes later both were in their intended place and I started to think about what to wear. As I was going through my clothes I came across the man’s string vest, the one with million of holes big enough to put my index finger through. I put it on and was pleased that it’s length was how I remembered it in Bethany’s shop, just long enough to cover my slit and 90% of my butt cheeks.

I checked my front and back in the mirror and was pleased that I could see the purple end of the butt plug and my slit. My nipples didn’t need any checking, they’d already found their way through a couple of holes and were doing me proud.

Again there was only a handful of people in the restaurant and the coffee waiter was the only person to get a look at my tits. That didn’t bother me as it wouldn’t be long before I would be walking along the streets to the bus station wearing only that vest.

When I was getting ready to go out for the day I toyed with the idea of putting the vest in my bag and leaving the hotel naked but I chickened out, but I did get an unexpected pleasure, as I was leaving the hotel a coach was outside and around a dozen people were getting off and getting their luggage. I stood outside the door until they had all passed me to go into the hotel. Through my sunglasses I saw 3 of the men have a good look at me and my pussy and nipples started tingling.

The walk to the bus station, and the queuing to get on the bus was uneventful and the bus was just as crowded as it had been the day before. Again I had to stand in the aisle but I wasn’t complaining, there were young men sat on either side of me and both kept looking at my naked body through the holes in the vest. My arousal level was quite high by the time the bus arrived at the beach.

This time, as soon as I was off the bus I took the vest off and walked to the beach naked amongst the clothed people heading to the beach. I figured that they’d see me naked on the beach so it was no different me getting naked as soon as I got off the bus. The other thing that I did was to switch the egg vibrator on to low vibrations, I wanted to build up some arousal and keep it up there for as long as possible.

Instead of walking along the path through the dunes to the beach I turned off and walked through the dunes until I found a nice little hollow where I could rub one out. I’d seen one middle-aged man start to follow me at a distance but when I stopped and put my bag down 2 more appeared and I wondered if they were hiding behind the dunes just waiting for a girl to stop walking.

I could feel my nipples and clit tingling something rotten as I spread my towel and started rubbing sunblock all over my body. That done, I lay down on my back but instead of just spreading my legs I swung then up and back then trapped them behind my shoulders, My spread pussy and the purple butt plug were on very full display as the fingers on my right hand went to my pussy and started slowly rubbing.

It wasn’t long before the men started closing in on me, some of them already with their cocks out and doing their own rubbing. When one guy got right at the bottom of my towel I looked at him and chuckled to myself because he looked a bit like my father although I’d never seen my father wanking in front of me.

Our eyes met and in an unplanned moment I stuck my tongue out and made a licking motion a few times. The man smiled, got down on his knees and bent his head over. I moved my hand away and his head bent further over my pussy and started licking.

Meanwhile, 2 more guys had got so close to me that I could reach up and take over their wanking. A fourth guy knelt behind my head and I saw his cock descend to my face and mouth.

I had a vision of my gang-bang the previous night but it wasn’t quite the same. If the guy eating my pussy had tried to fuck me I knew that I’d drop my legs and kick him away. Even if he did manage to get his cock inside me he’d have a rude awakening when the head of his cock hit the egg. As for the cock that was being rubbed over my face, if that tried to go too far into my mouth all I had to do was bite down on it and he’d be in pain for weeks.

Anyway, it would appear that all the men were ‘gentlemen’, and they didn’t take liberties, only doing what they were invited to do. I guessed that if they raped a girl she’d call the cops and that would put an end to all of their fun.

The guy licking my pussy obviously had years of experience and he quickly made me cum. Thankfully, he kept going and with my body being bent double it was impossible for me to shake or jerk much but my pussy certainly was spamming.

When my brain stated to function properly I realised that the 2 cocks in my hands were going soft and that there was sperm on my tits and the back of my legs. The other thing was that I was starting to get a mouthful of it as well.

All 4 of the men backed away leaving me with my legs still trapped behind my shoulders and my pussy and butt very much on display. Whilst the 4 guys who had enjoyed themselves with my body had moved away there was still some people walking by who had stopped to enjoy the spectacle so I just lay there until they too walked away.

When I was alone I released my legs and just lay there for a while enjoying the memories that had just been made. I hadn’t taken much notice of the faces of the men but I was pretty sure that at least one of them had cum on me the previous day.

After a few minutes I got to my feet, collected all my belongings and walked onto the main beach. There seemed to be more people there than the previous day but there was still plenty of space for me to spread my towel then go for a swim to clean up, but before I did that I switched the egg up to maximum and got my GoPro out of my bag. I wanted to capture me cumming under water.

I succeeded but the angle wasn’t very good, and whilst I was getting another fix my ability to keep the GoPro pointing in the right direction wasn’t so good. What I needed was a man to stand in front of me holding the camera. I wondered if that would ever happen.

Back on my towel I decided to create some more videos and I setup the GoPro on my little tripod between my legs. I was sure that my camgirl voyeurs would appreciate video.

I soaked up the sun for a couple of hours, even turning onto my stomach and creating another short video of my pussy from behind. I had to check that the sun wasn’t bouncing of my but plug and dazzling the camera. It wasn’t, and the butt plug looked great on the GoPro little screen.

One thing that had been playing on my mind a little since I put the butt plug in was just how visible it was when I walked along, so when it was time for me to go on walkabout I attached the GoPro to my selfie stick and made a few videos of the naked me walking along the beach holding the selfie stick behind me. It took a couple of attempts to get the angle right but when I did I was pleased to see that anyone walking behind me would be able to see the purple, fake gem stone.

I made a few videos of me just walking along normally, all of them focused on either my pussy or my tits that were only wobbling a little bit. I also made one of my tits as I was running along, and when I reviewed it I was pleased to see that they were wobbling a bit, but nothing like some of the videos that I had watched. I don’t know how those women do it, I’m sure that it must hurt like hell.

It was only when I stopped recording as I approached the beach bar that I thought about what I must have looked like walking and running whilst naked with a selfie stick pointing a camera at me. I must have looked like a total idiot. I laughed at myself, and wondered how many people had seen my butt plug, then went into the beach bar.

Again, no one said anything about me being totally naked and I sat at the same table drinking my cola and diddling my clit.

Shortly after I’d had my first sip of the cola I had another idea and I got out my GoPro and set it up on one off the chairs at the table then turned my chair to face it. I got a good 10 minutes of video of my pussy because I kept my knees wide open and I kept laying back in the chair, pretending to enjoy the view over the beach.

I was going to have a lot of video editing to do when I got back to England so that I could post the videos on my camgirl site.

The sun hadn’t felt as hot on my skin that day so after the drink I went and found another space for me to sunbathe. I chose a spot not far from a group of youngish people who were all wearing swimming costumes, even bikini tops, and I lay on my back with my legs wide open. The sun on my pussy really did feel good, especially after I’d turned the egg back on.

I’d positioned my towel so that my feet were nearest to the group and I could look along my body, over my bald pubis, between my feet and see what they were doing and, more importantly, where they were looking. And with my sunglasses on I could watch them without them realising.

A few times I saw a couple of the guys take a quick look my way but one of the girls seemed to stare at me a lot, enough to make me wonder if she fancied me.

As I lay there I wondered what it would be like to have sex with a girl. It would be another first that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to have so I decided to do a little experiment and my right hand went to my pussy and started slowly rubbing. I wanted to see if I would get as aroused as much as if it was a man watching me.

I knew that it wasn’t a scientific experiment but I hoped that it would give me a general idea but it didn’t. My rubbing got more intense and I did cum but I couldn’t decide if it was because a girl was watching me or because I was just horny as hell before I started, or if it was just my addiction that needed feeding..

Anyway, as my high receded into just a memory I realised that it wasn’t just the girl that had been watching me, it looked like she had told her mates and quite a few of them were staring at me. I smiled to myself and wondered what they were saying about me. No doubt they were saying that I was a slut, maybe even a whore, but I didn’t care, I was a happy whatever and my addiction had been fed.

I stayed there for about another 30 minutes before going for another swim. Shortly after I went into the water most of that group went in as well and they were swimming and messing around right where I was. I just floated and relaxed, occasionally bumping into one of them.

When I got out I decided that it was time to leave the beach and I gathered my belongings by turning my back to the group and bending at my waist with my feet well apart. As I put my things in my bag I knew that they’d have a great view of my pussy and my butt plug.

As I headed to the bus stop. I again, didn’t put the vest on until I got to the bus stop and I did it right in front of a youngish couple who both stared at me.

The bus wasn’t very full and I got a seat, toying with my clit as I enjoyed the scenery.

This time, I decided to get off the bus at the edge of the resort and walk the rest of the way back to the hotel. I figured that I’d see more of the resort and maybe get a few more men looking at me.

I quickly found myself walking along a broad path between the beach and the properties. Some were villas, some were hotels and some were bars or shops. The path and the beach were still quite busy, but as usual 99% of the people only saw what they were expecting to see and I wasn’t attracting much attention although the reaction of one guy made me feel good. He was walking along with a couple of his mates and it was obvious that they had all been hitting the booze early in the day. This one guy was walking towards me and we nearly bumped shoulders as we passed each other. When he was right next to me he almost shouted,

“Fucking hell, that girl is naked under that dress, I can see her tits and pussy.”

With a smile on my face I just kept walking.

A little further on I came to a raised part (about a metre) on the buildings side and saw that it was lined with sun loungers for the users to look out to the beach and sea. I got an idea and went looking for an entrance. I fancied doing a but of sunbathing on one of those loungers.

I found an entrance, looked around and guessed that the swimming pool, the bar and the loungers belonged to the big hotel that was there. I bought myself a cola then went looking for a free lounger and was lucky to find one that was ideal for what I was thinking.

The foot of the lounger was right up to the path but a metre or so above it. I set the lounger into the reclining position, spread my towel and got on it. As I spread my feet, the whole of my pussy was visible to everyone walking along the path. The string vest rode up and ended around my waist. I was naked from the waist down and on display for anyone who cared to look.

I looked to the loungers on either side of me, both of which around 2 metres from me. One was occupied by a topless woman who was flat on her back and looked to be fast asleep. On my other side was a middle-aged man who was also reclined on his lounger with his eyes closed.

There was quite a few people walking along the path and stood on the beach opposite so the odds that someone would look my way were on my side.

With bursa escort my sunglasses on and my cola in my hand, I relaxed and did some people watching. It wasn’t long before a saw a topless girl and quite a few wearing just thong bikini bottoms. There was 2 old men stood on the sand directly opposite me who were talking to each other and looking my way but they gave no indication that they’d seen me.

Eventually, I saw a young couple, hand in hand, stop directly in front of me. The girl was just wearing a thong bikini bottom and the guy was a good head taller than her. The guy turned to the girl and was saying something to her when I saw his head shake sideways then stop talking. I knew that he’d seen me and he then said something and the girl turned and looked at me.

I felt my pussy suddenly get a lot wetter.

As the couple continued to stare at me I couldn’t help myself and my right hand went to my pussy and my fingers started toying with my clit.

I could see the couple talking to each other and I wished that I could have heard what they were saying but I did see that the couple’s hands parted and as they both fully turned to look at me the guy put his arm around the girl’s neck and his hand was either right in front of one of her tits, or actually on it.

By then my arousal level was rising quickly and my fingers were getting busier. The couple watched me as I took myself to the edge and over it.

Once my body stopped jerking and shaking I looked at the couple and saw the guy turn to face the girl, pull her to him and give her a long kiss. Then they quickly walked away and I wondered if they were rushing to get back to their hotel room to fuck. I smiled as I was sure that the guy would be thinking of me as they fucked.

I continued people watching for a while then got up and left the lounger to continue my walk back to my hotel. As I walked I thought about that young couple and the girl just wearing a thong bikini bottoms and I decided that one day I would walk all along that path wearing just the only knickers that I’d brought with me, the strings only G-string. I considered doing the walk totally naked but there were too many older people and kids around and I guessed that at least one of them wouldn’t be happy and call the police.

I got to an area where there was a row of shops, some of them selling the usual seaside junk, but one of them had racks of clothing out the front, and inside as well, so I went and started browsing. Yes, the string vest covered my body but was hiding nothing, and anyone who really looked at me could see my tits, butt and slit, but I couldn’t wear that every day.

Inside the shop the section that caught my eye was the sarongs. Ignoring the full length ones I zeroed-in on the very small ones that were displayed alongside a ***********ion of scarves, all made of flimsy fabric so designed to be worn as accessories not something to keep you warm.

I ***********ed a couple of chiffon scarves, a couple of chiffon mini sarongs and a chiffon summer dress. All were see-through, some with patterns printed on them, then I looked for somewhere to try them on. Whilst I was looking I remembered Bethany’s shop and wondered if I dare try them on right where I was, in the middle of the shop.

Whilst I was thinking that I saw just one curtained cubicle that had a couple of boxes of something on the floor in it, indicating that it wasn’t used as a changing room very often. The other thing about it was that half the curtain hooks were broken so when I tried to close the curtain it only went half way.

“Nice,” I thought, “an excuse for letting people see me totally naked.”

The vest was off in seconds and I stood there facing out and deciding which garment to try on first. I then tried on each item and was pleased to see a number of people glancing over and seeing me naked. Unsurprisingly, it was the men who did a double take, 2 of them stopping and having a good look at me, all whilst I ignored them.

At one point a young girl shop assistant walked by and tried to close the curtain a bit more but she gave up when it wouldn’t move.

One middle-aged man stared at me for ages, right up until I put my vest back on and picked up what I wanted to purchase.

Just to add to the man’s embarrassment, and my arousal, I walked right up to him, stood about a metre in front of him and said,

“Like what you see?”

The man went a deep shade of red, I smiled and walked to the checkout where I paid for what I wanted, the checkout girl giving no indication that she could see my tits through the holes in the vest.

I continued my walk and it wasn’t long before I was on the main bars and cafes street. I passed the bar with the mechanical bull and I watched as a girl showed everyone her tits and the thong string where it disappeared between her pussy lips.

“Good girl,” I thought, “I’m going to do that one night but I won’t be wearing what you are.”

Back at the hotel I went straight to the swimming pool, dumped my bags, vest and shoes on a lounger and dived into the pool. When I surfaced I looked around and didn’t see any of my neighbours so I did a couple of lengths but I had to stop and feed my addiction. I stood in the shallow end and brought myself off under the water. No one around me gave any indication that they knew what I was doing.

When I got out I decided to go back to my room hoping that my neighbours would be there and they would want a repeat of the previous night. I walked through the lobby and up to my room without putting any clothes on and I got a couple of double takes from what looked like newcomers who were checking-in but I just ignored them.

Up in my room I went out on to the balcony and was a bit disappointed that the 3 guy’s balcony door was closed so I put away my new clothes then went back out onto the balcony to relax and enjoy the rest of the day’s sun, but this time I spread the hotel towel on the tiled floor and lay on that with my head nearest the 3 guy’s room and my legs spread wide open. Okay the tiles were hard but the sun would be on all of my front improving my all-over tan.

I’d been laying there for about 30 minutes, the last 20 or so with my fingers toying with my clit whilst thinking about what to do that evening, when I heard a balcony door slide open, and it sounded close. Ignoring it and not even bothering to open my eyes, I continued just gently frigging with my eyes closed.

After a few minutes I heard a male voice say,

“Hey Ben, amazing view, come and have a look.”

Not knowing what the voice was referring to, nor where the owner was, I ignored it but my fingers did get a bit more serious.

“Bloody hell Theo, that is an amazing view, hi there, I’m Ben and my mate is Theo, do you sunbathe naked on your balcony every day?”

It was then that I realised that this Ben and Theo were on the next balcony. I opened my eyes, stopped frigging, got up on my elbows and said,

“Oh, Hi, I’m Emma, and err, just about, it depends on when I get back from going out for the day. I swim in the pool naked as well but I’m not the only girl who does that. You 2 just got here?”

“There’s more naked girls here?” Ben asked.

“Oh yes, it is an adults only hotel you know.”

“Yeah, we knew that but we didn’t expect to see naked girls wandering around the place.” Theo replied.

“Well then I guess that you two are going to have more fun that you expected. There’s a nude beach up the coast a bit, it’s easy to get there by bus.”

“Err, were you playing with yourself when I first saw you Emma?” Theo asked.

“Yes, why?”

“No reason, you can play with yourself in front of us whenever you want and we won’t complain.”

“Good, because I do it a lot. If you want to see more topless and naked girls you should get down to the pool before the sun goes down.”

“Are they all gorgeous like you Emma, or are the other girls fat and ugly?”

“I haven’t seen any really fat girls down there.”

“Good,” Theo said, shall we go down there right now Ben?”

“Yeah, sod the unpacking, it can wait.” Theo said.

“See you around guys.” I said as they went inside and I continued where I’d left off, thinking,

“Two more guys to provide me with an audience, hey, I talked with them quite easily, I might just be getting over my shyness.”

I rubbed one out then just lay there until the sun went down then went inside wondering if the 3 guys from the other side would be back before I went out to get something to eat. Maybe I’d have to pay for my own food and drink that night.

I chose to wear one of my new chiffon scarves tied at my left hip, and a halter top that is so short that when I tie it right it only just covers my nipples which have a tendency to wobble up and down a little if I jump up and down causing my nipples to escape below the top and provide the hem of the top with 2 pegs to keep the top above my nipples leaving all my under-boobs and my nipples exposed.

I thought about putting my butt plug back in but decided that my butt hole had been stretched enough for one day, there’d be plenty of other days to wear it. Instead I decided to wear my Lush vibrator with the Sound function activated. I wanted to see if all the loud music from the bars would activate it. Also, I wanted to see if the antenna hanging down from my pussy would attract more attention.

In a way I was a little disappointed that the 3 guys didn’t reappear before I went out but I just knew that I’d get plenty of material to help me feed my addiction. For starters, as I went down the stairs I twisted the scarf round so that the knot was over my pubis, the 2 short ends tucked away so that my slit was clearly visible.

I got something to eat at the McDonald’s, the one that has high stools on the inside of the huge windows with a shelf to put your food on. I sat on a stool looking out at all the young people walking by and with my knees wide apart. Anyone who cared to look would have been able to see all of my pussy but I only saw one drunk guy staring at me.

Moving on, I went for a walk along the main drag, memorising where the bars were that had wet T-shirt competitions and the mechanical bull. I also got a good idea of the level of music that was needed to get the Lush to burst into life and I was pleased that the level wasn’t too high.

Talking of the Lush, I was disappointed that the antenna and my visible slit and nipples weren’t attracting very much attention. So far I’d only spotted 2 guys and 1 girl doing a double take.

I went into the bar with the mechanical bull, got myself a drink and watched the people either making a fool of themselves, or, the girls in particular, exposing their tits, butts and pussies as the bull’s controller managed to control it just right so that the girl exposed as much and he could get her clothes to, and for as long as he dared. As I was watching, in between getting hit upon a couple of times, I tried to work out which of my clothes would be best to wear so that I’d end up totally naked on the bull.

The music in that bar was quite loud and my Lush was going crazy inside me and it made me cum as I stood watching one girl come flying off the bull quite close to me and revealing to the people near me that she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“Definitely going to have a go at that.” I thought as I regretted, and didn’t regret, wearing the Lush and not having a bag that was big enough to take the Lush.

Moving on, I came across a bar advertising wet T-shirt competitions so I decided to go in and watch one, see if I could learn anything.

After getting myself a drink I went and stood where I thought that I could get a reasonable view and it wasn’t long before a guy was trying to hit on me. Brushing him off, I was soon approached by a middle-aged man who asked me if I was there to enter the competition, but I brushed him off as well, for some unknown reason I didn’t fancy it at that time.

When the competition finally started I looked around and saw an audience of dozens of guys with the odd girl there as well. What’s more, the cheers were already loud enough to trigger my Lush.

This wet T-shirt competition was definitely more professional. For starters there was a proper shower cubicle connected to a tap, and as each girl came on she spent probably 15 seconds in the shower then was ‘interviewed’ by the MC who wanted to know what her name was, where she was from and what she did for a living. That made me think about what lies I would give when I got asked those questions.

The format of the dancing and stripping, pretend or real, was much the same as the competition that I had already entered but afterwards all the girls were called upon to dance and tease together. That was when the ones that hadn’t already got naked did so and there was a lot of pretend humping and pelvis thrusting. Judging by the noise that the audience was making they were really enjoying the action.

I was enjoying it as well because my Lush was going crazy inside me. It gave me 2 orgasms before the MC called a halt and announce the winner, a buxom blonde who liked fondling her big tits.

“Hmm,” I thought, “can’t compete with those but I can use my pussy a lot more than any of those girls did.”

The Lush kicked in again as the winner was cheered, and after another orgasm I decided that it was time to head back to the hotel where I was, and wasn’t disappointed to find no one on the balconies either side of mine so I removed the Lush, cleaned it then put it on charge then did my bathroom thing. As I was doing that I considered putting my Lush back inside me and setting the wake-up feature. I hadn’t got around to trying that at home so I wanted to try it on holiday, but then I remembered that Owen had said that he’d wake me by eating my pussy. On the off chance that he would do that I just lay on my bed with my legs wide open, my right had toying with my clit and looking out through my open balcony door at the cloudless sky with lots of visible stars.


The next day was the Historic Tour but I woke up early to the feeling of my pussy being licked and my clit being chewed. My first reaction was ‘What the fuck?’ but a split second later I relaxed and enjoyed the experience, Lucas was brilliant with his tongue and he had me cumming in no time at all, but that only satisfied me so he again lifted my legs and rammed his cock straight into me. Then he fucked me hard until he’d cum and I had my second fix of the day.

When we heard noise from his room he left to climb over the divider railing saying that if he didn’t see me before he’d be back the next morning.

I was starting to think that I’d like that arrangement to go on forever.

I went and did my bathroom thing and as I came out of the bathroom I saw Theo’s head as he bent over the dividing railing and looked into my room. He was perving on me, and I liked it.

I decided to wear this very lightweight, silky fabric, very short, loose fit dress for the tour. It is a wrap dress, sleeveless with very narrow straps that button at the front. Bethany had told me that the button holes were deliberately too long so to expect them to come undone easily, and not to tie the wrap belt very firmly so that there was a good chance that it would work loose. The bad news was that it wasn’t at all see-through but I was hoping that it would serve its purpose when it got windy.

I also decided to wear my egg vibrator to keep my arousal level up all day, and I checked that Theo was still watching me as I squat a little to insert the egg.

But I wasn’t going to wear the dress to breakfast, way too much fabric, so I put on another of the sideless T-shirts then shut my balcony door, just seeing Theo’s head disappear, and I left my room.

Thirty minutes later I was back and getting ready to go on the Historic Tour and putting on just the summer dress described above. I was and wasn’t looking forward to it. Firstly, I’d be missing my day at the beach and secondly, I never was a great fan of history; but if the monument area was as much fun as Bethany had said it was I was going to give quite a few people quite a shock.

As bursa eskort I waited outside the hotel for the coach I realised that I was the only person from my hotel going on the tour. When the coach did arrive that was confirmed, so was the fact that I was the youngest person on the coach, but I was lucky enough to get a whole row of seats at the back to myself so the egg and my fingers could easily give me a few fixes as the coach trundled along.

Bethany had told me that it was usually quite windy at the monument but she didn’t tell me that most of the other places were quite windy as well, or maybe it was just an extra windy day.

I’m sure that quite a few history buffs got a bit of a surprise a few times when my skirt got lifted up to my waist by the wind. Me, I just ignored it and looked and listened to the Rep giving her spiel about the current ‘attraction’.

To be fair, some of it was mildly interesting, and educational, but it wasn’t until we got to the monument that lots of people got an education that they weren’t expecting.

Even as we got to where the coach parked I could tell that it was very windy outside the coach. There was 5 coaches already parked there and over a hundred people walking around and up and down the track to the monument. I smiled to myself as I thought that the women that had chosen to wear shorts or trousers must be happy with their choice. Those who were wearing skirts would be regretting their choice.

But not me. Even as I was going down the steps to get out of the coach I could see my skirt billowing out. The wind was really tickling my pussy.

“You’re going to have a bit of a problem young lady.” One middle-aged woman said to me.

“Yes, it looks like it, I’ll just have to remember to keep my hands by my sides.” I replied, feeling pleased that I’d left my bag on the coach.

Soon, we were climbing up the bit of a hill to the monument and I could feel my dress billowing out most of the time. It felt nice even without anyone seeing what was under the dress and I’m sure that the people behind me kept getting a view of my bare butt and maybe even my pussy.

At the top of the hill a gale was blowing, but the air was warm and it felt very nice as it teased my pussy and nipples. I kept my arms by my sides as I looked around at the views which were amazing. I could see ships out at sea a town along the coast and hills behind me. That monument did make a good view point.

There must have been dozens of people up there and when I managed to get close to the plaque on the monument I read the English section. Part of it was covered in something and was hard to read so I bent forward a little and as I did so my arms automatically relaxed and just at that moment a really strong gust of wind hit everyone.

One woman screamed and I just about heard a few people cursing, but they were the lucky ones, or not. That gust of wind decided that it was going to attack my dress and all within a split second, the buttons holding the dress up both popped open, the bow at my waist unfastened and the wind blew my dress right up and off me before I could react and try to stop it from blowing high up and away.

I was genuinely shocked, okay, if / when I relaxed my arms I was expecting, and hoping for, the short skirt to blow about and up around my waist revealing my lack of underwear, but the last thing that I was expecting was for the wind to strip me and send my dress flying up in the air and out to sea.

Apart from my shoes I was totally naked in the middle of dozens of people up on a hill next to a huge stone monument. I screamed and my arms went into the classic ENF positions although I didn’t make much effort to cover the important bits.

As the gust of wind abated people started to notice me. Some, mainly the women, looked a bit shocked whilst most of the men started smiling. I genuinely had a shocked expression on my face, but as I got over that shock in seconds the expression on my face started to be a forced one and I felt my nipples and pussy start to tingle, a lot.

Okay, I had hoped that my skirt would get blown up exposing my butt and pussy to a lot of people but I intended to just laugh that off and blame the wind but what had happened was a lot more than I had hoped for and I had no plan for being totally naked there, and I didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, or not, one of the male Reps there came up to me and said,

“It’s okay luv, it’s not the end of the world, come with me and I’ll see if I can find something for you to wear.”

He put out his hand for me to take, which I did, and we started walking back towards the coaches.

I started to relax and enjoy the situation, my other arm dropping to my side. As we started to go down the hill all the people climbing up the hill were getting a great view of my naked front and after a few seconds the Rep said,

“You’re not the first girl to lose her clothes up there although you’re the first that I’ve seen totally naked, it’s usually just the skirts that end up around the wearer’s waist. There was one Rep last year who wore tiny skirts that blew all over the place and she never wore knickers either. The male Reps suddenly got interested in this excursion, I can’t imaging why.”

“Yeah right,” I replied, “you guys just like seeing naked girls don’t you?”

“Okay, you got me, but I’m happy that it was you that lost your clothes and not some fat and ugly girl.”

“You don’t like fat or ugly girls then?”

“Hell no, not my type, but you have the perfect body and by the way that you quickly adjusted to the situation I’m guessing that aren’t exactly the shy type. I’m Mick by the way.”

“Emma, and I actually am the shy type.”

“I find that hard to believe, no tan lines and you look quite relaxed about your situation. If the wind hadn’t of been so strong I’d say that you are actually enjoying the experience Emma.”

“What do you mean Mick?”

“Your nipples Emma, they look like they could cut glass.”

“Are you trying to embarrass me Mick?”

“Is that even possible Emma?” Mick replied.

I said nothing. The slope was getting shallower and my eyes moved to those of the people coming up the hill and I saw quite a mix of expressions which increased my arousal. Mick was still holding my hand whilst my other hand just swung back and forth like it does when I walk normally.

At the coach park Mick let go of my hand and said,

“Hmm, now where might I find something for you to wear?”

By that time I’d decided that Mick was an alright guy, reasonably cute and he obviously liked what he saw, so on an impulse I said,

“How about behind that derelict building over there?”

Mick had a puzzled look in his face that rapidly changed to a smile, then he took my hand and led me over to that building. Once round the back he pulled me to him and gave me a long, French kiss whilst his hands explored my butt then tits as my hands started unfastening his trousers.

I’m not very experienced in unfastening trousers, especially whilst they are being worn, but I managed it and soon his bare, hard cock was pressing on my stomach. Mick was about to fuck me but I still had the egg inside me and he must have wondered what was going on when I squat a bit and squeezed the egg out and put it on a rock so that it didn’t get dirty.

Then I pushed Mick back against the wall and his hands went to my butt and lifted me up high enough for his cock to be below my pussy. I put my arms round his neck then wiggled my butt until the tip of his cock was at my entrance then I pushed myself down until I was fully impaled on his cock.

Oh that was nice. Another first, being fucked by a man I’d only met minutes ago and in a position I’d never tried before. Maybe that should be 2 firsts.

Somehow, we managed to synchronise our movements as his cock came up I was thrusting down and after a couple of minutes we were both cumming.

“Oh my gawd,” I said when we’d both stopped moving and I’d got my wits about me, “that was awesome. It was also something I never would have imagined happening.”

Mick lifted me up then lowered me until my feet found the ground then he pulled up his shorts as I squat and inserted the egg again. As we started walking back to the coaches Mick asked,

“Was that thing vibrating all the time?”

“No, the battery ran flat just before we got here.”

“So that wardrobe malfunction was pre-planned Emma?”

“No, well not exactly, I didn’t plan on losing the dress. I’d been told that it would be windy here so I has hoping that the skirt part would blow up and shock a few people but not what happened.”

“Bit of an exhibitionist then Emma?”

I didn’t respond to that and Mick continued,

“You’ll enjoy the Beach Party then, you are going on it aren’t you Emma?”

“I am.” I replied.

Neither of us said anything else until we got to the coaches the Mick said,

“Now, where were we?”

“You were going to find me something to wear?”

“Oh yes, but it would be a shame to cover that body, it’s amazing.”

“Thanks, but some of the miserable sods here may not agree with you.”

“Well then they are total plonkers.”

Mick went off to look for something for me to wear leaving me stood at the side of a coach, totally naked, and watching people heading up the hill and coming back down to their coaches. After around 5 minutes Mick still hadn’t returned and the number of people coming down the hill was increasing so I went to my coach and gave the driver a bit of a shock when he saw the naked me climbing up the steps. I smiled at him and went to my seat where I was pleased to see that my bag was still there.

As the other people on my coach slowly came back and got on, the Rep came down the aisle and when she got to me she said,

“There you are Emma, I saw your unfortunate wardrobe malfunction but when Mick went over to you I lost sight of you. Did Mick help you out and find something for you to wear?”

“Yes and no, he helped me alright but he went off to find something for me to wear and never came back.”

“Sorry about that, err ……….. I can’t think of anything on the coach that you could borrow but you’ll be pleased to hear that this was the last stop of the tour, we’ll be back at your hotel in about 30 minutes. Will you be alright until then?”

“I’m sure that I’ll survive.” I replied.

I got that knowing look from a couple of people as they got on the coach and when the Rep was happy that we were all onboard, the coach started it’s journey back to the resort.

That journey turned out to be a bit boring, okay I was naked on a coach load of people and I toyed with my clit all the time but no one really saw me until we got back to my hotel and by that time there weren’t many people left on the coach to see me get off and walk up the steps and into the lobby, still totally naked and not even looking to see if anyone was looking at me.

I walked up to my room, squeezed the egg out and put it on charge, cursing myself for not having done that after the last time that I used it. No one was on the balconies either side of my room, so no fun there, so I got my towel, sunblock and sunglasses, and went to the pool.

I found a free sun lounger, spread my towel then turned and dove into the pool. The feelings on my tits and pussy was nice and on the rest of me the water was refreshing.

Without really looking at anyone I swam a couple of lengths then got out and went to get my towel to dry myself. Once dry I spread my towel again, opened my bottle of sunblock then started to spread a layer of it over me, only to be disturbed by a male voice saying,

“Would you like some help with that Emma?”

I didn’t recognise the voice but I turned to see both Ben and Theo standing close to me. I was silent for a couple of seconds then before I could reply Theo continued,

“Theo, Ben, your new neighbours, remember?”

“Oh yes, I’m surprised that you remembered me.” I replied.

“Are you joking, how could we forget that pu …. err body. Well would you like us to rub that sunblock on you?”

My brain suddenly imagined those 2 guys rubbing their hands all over pussy and tits and I felt a little wet rush and lots of tingling, all in the right places.

“Okay then guys, thank you. Back first?”

“Sure.” Ben replied.

They started, one on each side of me, and when they got down to my butt they had no hesitation about rubbing my butt so I spread my legs further apart and moaned a little. The sides of hands touched my pussy occasionally causing me to moan each time.

My back covered, the 2 guys stood up and Theo said,

“There you go Emma, all done.”

“Err, thanks guys, do you want to do my front as well?” I said as I turned over and spread my legs.

Neither said anything but Ben picked up my sunblock bottle and soon they were rubbing the cream all over my arms and legs, each of them going right up to the top of my legs and lightly touching my pussy again eliciting more moans and causing my arousal level to rise even further.

As they finished my arms and legs there was a moment of hesitation where I thought that I might just have to say something but I felt a blob of sunblock land on each tit and I smiled thinking,

“Here we go guys, do your best.”

They did, and it was more like what I imagined a massage would be like. I made a mental note to see about getting a proper massage sometime as 4 hands rubbed the sunblock all over my chest and paying particular attention to my small tits.

After more moans the 2 guys moved down and I’m sure that they were teasing me by rubbing all around my pussy but avoiding touching it. I opened my eyes and looked up at Ben and Theo and was about to say,

“Just fucking rub it on my pussy guys will you?”

When I saw Ben nod his head, Theo smiled and I felt hands on my inner thighs that slid up and rubbed either side of my pussy.

I moaned again as one hand found my clit and the other my hole. That hand started finger fucking me whilst the other set of fingers played with my clit.

I was in heaven and minutes later I said,

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

I did, my body going rigid and rising up for a couple of seconds then collapsing down as I remembered that I had to breathe.

I noted that the hands left me whilst I was up there, but as I came down from my high the hands returned and started working on me again.

Minutes later I was up there again and when the waves started to recede I opened my eyes and saw more than 2 sets of eyes looking down on me.

A girl who had come over to see what was causing my moaning said,

“Someone’s a lucky girl.” Before turning and walking away, then Ben asked,

“Do you want more Emma?”

“Not right now, but can I take a rain check please?”

“Sure,” Ben replied, “we can do that all day if you want, can’t we Theo?”

“We certainly can, anytime that you want Emma.”

“I might just take you up on that Theo.” I replied as I closed my eyes and felt the warm sun on my pussy.

The guys took the hint and walked away with me thinking about how lucky I was now that I was finally able to comfortably talk to guys, and get them to do what I wanted them to do. I had a little laugh to myself as I thought that some people would call me a manipulative bitch, a slut, or worse, but I didn’t care, I was enjoying myself and there was no one around to criticise or judge me.

I put my sunglasses on and did some people watching for a while and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my body, particularly my pussy. I looked down at my pussy and inner thighs and was pleased that they were getting darker like the rest of my body was.

Later I went for a swim to cool down before going to my room. I got a surprised look from a girl in the lobby, and a smile from the guy that she was with. I smiled back and continued to the stairs.

By the time I’d done my bathroom thing the sun was starting to go down so I sat on a chair on my balcony deciding what I was going to do that night. In a way I was disappointed that none of the guys in the rooms either side of me appeared to be there. I guessed that the trio were out trying to find another girl to gang-bang. The duo, well I had no idea at all as to what they were up to. For a split second my brain got an image of all 5 of them gang-banging me and I had a little chuckle to myself.

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