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Fellow Passenger

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“American Airlines flight 1351 to Dallas is now boarding from gate A37.”

The voice came over the loud speaker.

Kelly, along with one hundred and fifty three other people gathered their carry on luggage, laptops, purses and back packs and stood in line as the gate attendants scanned each persons ticket stub. A trip she had made many times in the past, she was accustomed to the cramped confines of the Boeing 737.

Her window seat in row 25 was near the very rear of the airplane, which hadn’t helped her mood at all. Her customer, a larger bank in Dallas, had called an emergency meeting which required her to leave for the city as soon as possible, thus leaving her no options for an aisle seat. She was just glad she didn’t get stuck in a middle seat.

The plane departed at 7:04 in the morning and would arrive Dallas shortly before 10am local time. With a taxi ride down town, she would just make the noon meeting. Assuming there were no delays. She settled in and waited. She watched as the passengers came down the aisles, each looking at the numbers on the cabin walls, searching for their seat.

She bided her time making up little stories about them in her mind. The mom and her two younger kids. Clearly going to visit a relative, she would tell herself. The young couple, all smiles, as they found their seats just in front of her. Great! Now I’ll wind up listening to their little dalliances with each other.

Then came a taller man, nice build, not muscled up, but in shape. Looked to be middle to late forties. Wearing a sport coat, but no tie, jeans and cowboy boots. No cowboy hat though. She thought that odd and her mind trailed off, not realizing he took the aisle seat in her row. He only had a briefcase which he set underneath the seat in front of him.

He smiled at her saying good morning, but nothing else. Once the plane closed the passenger door and pushed away from the gate, she started to relax a little. She had prepped for the meeting the night before, but still had her material in her carry on bag for quick reference. After the plane had taken off, she pulled her material and reviewed it once more. Satisfied, she returned it to her bag.

The flight attendants eventually came around offering coffee, tea or juice. The man next to her ordered tea. Another oddity she thought from a cowboy. Her curiosity piqued, she said,

“Don’t see many cowboys drinking tea.”

“Well, I’m not a cowboy, but I’m visiting Dallas to meet a customer who is, so I figured, the boots and jeans may help me fit in.”

He laughed as he said it.

“What kind of work do you do?”

“Sales manager for a small family run bottling company. We’re looking to expand our customer base and I’m meeting with the owner of a winery in Fredericksburg.” he lied.

Well it wasn’t a total lie. He did have to meet with a wine maker in Fredericksburg.

“That sounds interesting.” she genuinely said.

“So tell me. Whats a beautiful blonde heading to Dallas for?”

His obvious flirtations weren’t surprising. Kelly had men pawning after her since she was a young teenager and she knew how to deflect their advances, but this stranger had something unique about him. A mystery that needed to be solved. She decided to play it coy.

“I have a rather boring meeting with a customer who needs their hands held. It’s like baby sitting a teenager who clearly doesn’t need babysitting.”

She made an effort to sound annoyed but was failing.

“Perhaps they just wanted you there on false pretenses. Can’t blame them actually.”

He said as he smiled letting the sentence hang in the air. Kelly, didn’t take the bait, instead, returned the conversation to him.

“This your first time to Dallas?”


It was another lie. He had been there many times, renting a large sized apartment, near the city center on the corner of Pearl and and San Jacinto streets. A little french cafe on the street below. The building also served as a private headquarters. He had taken many women there for rendezvous of a nocturnal kind. He had taken many clients there for various activities ranging from the mundane to the audacious.

“I’ll get a rental car and make the drive to Fredericksburg, spend the night there and head home a couple of days later. I want to visit downtown and hit some of the local hot spots before I go back to Maryland.”

His smile was genuine, his voice commanding and deep. Like someone who was in charge without being obnoxious about it. Clearly someone who was accustomed to getting what he wants she thought.

“How about you? You in Dallas long?” he ask.

“Only a couple of days. Meetings all day, the mandatory after meeting parties and then home.”

“Sounds fun.” he said with a bit of sarcasm.

“Oh sure. Fun as getting teeth pulled.” she replied.

“Too bad I can’t meet some handsome stranger while at these after parties.”

On my God! Kelly thought to herself. Where did that come from? A rush of Manisa Escort excitement coursed through her body as she tried to hide her embarrassment with a sheepish smile.

“Who know’s who one might meet at a moments notice.” he said giving her a reprieve.

“Ladies and gentlemen. The captain has started our decent into the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Please place your tray tables in the seat backs in front of you and kindly put your seats in their full upright position. Thank your for flying American Airlines.” came the announcement over the loud speaker.

The plane landed without incident and taxied to the gate.

“Thanks for making the flight go so fast.” he said to her.

“Good luck on your meeting. I hope the winery becomes your new customer.” she replied.

He took out a business card and pen, writing his number on the back and handed it to her.

“Here’s my cell. Call me if you get bored with your after party activities. Perhaps you can show me around the city.”

She took his card without reading it and put it in her purse. They exited the plane and went their separate ways, but Kelly made a mental note to call him if things got too boring later. For now, she had to focus on the banking customer and hold their hands as they work out some processes for security on the new card system they were implementing.

She grabbed a taxi and headed straight for the bank. Having been there multiple times before, she knew everyone in the meeting. It was exactly as expected. Mundane, boring even. She could’ve participated remotely, but her boss insisted that she be there in person as a show of support.

Her phone vibrated and she carefully opened her purse to retrieve it then noticed the card the man on the plane had given her. Then it occurred to her that she never even got his name, nor had she given hers.

She took the simple looking card with no markings on the back and turned it over. There were no markings on the front. Confused, she put the card back in her purse and looked at her phone. A number she didn’t recognize, so she let it go to voicemail, then turned her phone off.

The meeting ended without any real issues needing to be addressed, so Kelly took a taxi to her hotel. Normally she would’ve walked the many blocks, but it was raining outside. The driver took her to the Dallas Marriott City Center hotel where she was a frequent guest.

She walked into the lobby, it’s upscale decor was pleasing to the eye with vaulted ceilings and glass roof. It allowed the days natural light brighten the entrance. Kelly saw a familiar face behind the counter who greeted her by her first name and gave her a complimentary room upgrade without having to be asked.

She liked it’s central location in the prestigious art district. Close to many shops and restaurants, bars and grills. She was handed her room key card and took the elevator the the concierge level which gave her exclusive access to the new lounge area. She threw her purse on the table, the blank business card falling out. The sun shone through the window directly onto the blank card.

She didn’t notice as she unpacked her suitcase. Her bra and panties in one drawer, her shirt hung up with care as was the wrinkle free fabric of her suit she planned to wear to the next days meeting. She took pajama’s with her but didn’t unpack those. Her cosmetics, tooth brush and toothpaste and other toiletries were placed in the bathroom before she sat down to rest for awhile.

Her mind raced with the days events. The man on the plane, his giving her a blank card, the meeting itself, a total waste of time in her opinion, and the phone call from some unknown number. She relaxed, trying not to think about anything, she closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

She awoke to the sound of her hotel room phone ringing. The clock on the desk said 1:00am. There was no way it was right she thought. She got up and answered the phone, but there was no one on the other line. She looked at the phone wondering who would be calling her at this hour, assuming they dialed the wrong room number.

She looked out over the city from her room. The multi level parking lot, the night club next to it. A french cafe and apartment building. If she looked the other direction she would see more buildings and businesses. Her floor to ceiling window was rare and yet she relished it. The view was undeniable as the city lights glowed up and down the street.

Traffic was minimal at this time of night, so any little movement caught her eye. The couple holding hands as they walked down the street. The group of men laughing in a drunken stupor as they left the nightclub across the street. A light turned on in a window above the french cafe. There was movement which attracted Kelly’s attention away from the street below.

A man of unknown age could be seen. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, but appeared to have a nice physique she thought. She could see him working out with dumbbells and free Manisa Escort Bayan weights. She wished she had binoculars just then. She could imagine herself with him, working out with him and working on him. She suddenly felt flush.

She heard her hotel room phone ring once again. It was louder this time, like a freight train’s whistle as it got closer and closer. The ringing not stopping. Kelly opened her eyes, realizing she had been dreaming. Her hotel phone really was ringing. She rushed to answer it.


“Hey Kelly, were down at Senor Beans Mexican Grill. Come join us for a margarita.” the male voice said.

It was Bill from the bank. A nice enough guy, good looking, late thirties and Kelly could tell, was a real player. She knew she’d have to be careful with him. She could get distracted by his good looks.

“Sounds like you already started without me.” she said.

“Just got the first round. I’ll order you one. Get on over here.”

Kelly heard loud shouts in the background and knew full well what kind of night she was in for. The clock on the night stand read six fifteen. She had only fallen asleep for a short time. The bar and grill was literally across the street from her hotel, so she knew she had time to change and freshen up before going over.

She grabbed her phone and saw her purse on the table where she left it. The blank business card laying next to it, although it wasn’t blank. The sun’s light was reflected, if ever so slightly, and it caught Kelly’s attention. She picked up the card and held it just at the right angle and saw numbers. Hand written numbers. So that was his trick, invisible ink. Well, almost invisible she told herself. She jotted down the number and put the card back in her purse.

The next several hours were spent eating and drinking, then, drinking some more. She was grateful that her hotel was across the street. Bill waited around for everyone one to leave until it was just the two of them. His six foot three frame, dark wavy hair and clean shaven face were dreams of many women. He knew it and so did Kelly.

“I’m sure glad you decided to join us instead of cooping yourself up in that hotel room.”

“Well Bill. I was told to be accessible should anything go wrong with the launch.”

She tried to keep it professional, but knew he wasn’t interested in talking shop anymore.

Damn! Why does he have to be good looking? she thought silently. But then, why did she care. She was single and was feeling a bit feisty. A romp in the hay wouldn’t be all bad. It was another thought she kept to herself.

As the evening wore on, Bill continued to flirt with Kelly. She was tempted to make an evening of it, but her better judgement kicked in. They said their goodbyes, knowing there was another meeting in the morning and another night of partying.

Kelly wasn’t quite ready to go back to her room, so she stopped in the bar at the Marriott and struck up a conversation with another guest, which turned into a group of men and women and an evening of laughter and casual flirting before returning to her room alone.

She opened her room and tossed her things on the dresser. Went into the bathroom and washed her face, undressed and put on the soft cotton robe provided to all concierge guests. After all the booze and flirting, Kelly was in an especially horny mood.

She looked out over the city and noticed a light on in an apartment across the way. She had a good view right into the living room. She stopped and thought this looked familiar and then she remembered her dream from that afternoon.

Her hands reached inside her robe, feeling her erect nipple. She tugged on them, first one, then the other. Damn, she needed a man’s touch. She knew then she shouldn’t have let Bill leave, but that was over an hour ago. The people she met in the bar were fun. The couple from Houston we especially interesting, but she was not in the mood to share or be shared this night.

She saw a car drive down the street, pulling into the parking garage. She didn’t know why, but she continued to watch. She wanted to see who might be in the car. She got her wish as the driver, or at least she assumed, the driver walked out and towards the apartment building. Her eyes followed the man as he entered the building. She could see him walking down a hall towards the apartment with the light on.

He pushed a button and a scantily clad woman came to the door. She paused, probably asking who was at the door, Kelly assumed. She could see her smile and opened the door. The man entered and she jumped into his arms. The couple wasted no time as they kissed and groped each other. Both oblivious to the open curtain as they disrobed, kissed more, licked, sucked and fucked each other.

If Kelly wasn’t horny enough, this put her over the edge. She pulled on her nipples, and moved her hands to open her robe. Standing in her window for anyone to see if they looked her way.

She longed Escort Manisa to be in the apartment, to be the woman being pleasured and pleasing her man. Kelly’s fingers played with her clit as she leaned against the window. She was oblivious of the man watching her from across the street.

Kelly kept her focus on the couple in the apartment. The woman lying on her back, her knees propped up, her legs spread wide apart. The man’s face buried in her pussy. Clearly the woman was enjoying his efforts as her head tipped back, her mouth open, her breathing in short gasps as she came. She sat up, clutched his head, holding him there as she bounced on the couch in the living room.

As the woman came, so did Kelly. Her legs shaking, trying to hold herself up as her fingers flew across her clit. Kelly closed her eyes and let out a moan. Surprised at how fast she had cum, Kelly closed her own curtain, thus ending the show for the man on the street. His smile would remain for several hours.

It was one in the morning and Kelly couldn’t sleep. She thought about the number on the nearly blank business card. Still a little drunk, she picked up her cell phone and dialed the number. It rang once and a male voice answered.


“Hi. Um, we met on a plane this morning.”

“Yes, the very attractive blonde business woman. How did your meetings go?”

She was surprised how alert he was. She immediately felt awkward and wished she hadn’t called. Sensing her trepidation, he quickly added,

“You called at a great time. I just finished up with my customer.”

“Oh, I thought I might have called too late. I shouldn’t have called at this hour.”

“I’m glad you did. I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Really? Why’s that?”

Kelly was feeling more comfortable knowing she didn’t wake him. A familiar feeling returned as she lay in her bed. Her naked body still aching for attention. She wanted a man. Needed his touch, his smell, his aggressiveness.

“Well, the meeting ended well. I drove back to Dallas and checked into a hotel here. While I was walking to my hotel, I saw someone who reminded me of you. I wondered if you would ever call.”

“Well, here I am. All alone and not very sleepy.”

“And where’s here?” he asked.

“The Marriott. Can you come over?”

“No need. I’m already here. Room 412.”

“But I’m already naked in bed. I’d hate to have to put clothes on. Besides, I have a nice view of a couple across the street going at it.”

“Then I’ll come to you.”

She told him her room number and eagerly awaited his knock on the door. The tap,tap,tap on her door soon came. She put on her robe and opened the door to his smiling face. In his hands he had a bottle of scented oil and a small hand towel over his shoulder.

“Is that for me?” Kelly purred.

“I thought you might enjoy a little rub down.”

“Why yes. I think I would.”

She walked over to the chair that she had facing the floor to ceiling window. The view still the same. The couple across the street still going at it, which was making Kelly even hornier. She lifted her robe, showing off her muscled legs and bare feet. She looked at him and simply pointed at the bottle while raising her leg.

“I’ve been on my feet all day. Perhaps you can start there.”

He walked over to the where she was seated, looked out the window and saw the view of the couple having sex across the street.

“Nice view.”

“Yes, I’ve been enjoying it for a while now.”

He knelt down, taking one leg and massaging it. First working on the soles of her feet. Pressing his thumbs expertly on the bottoms, caressing the nerve endings that made Kelly relax even more. He worked his way up her calf, lifting her leg and placing it on her shoulder.

Kelly leaned her head back as his hands worked their way up her thigh. First massaging one, then the other. Her senses reeling with pleasure and her pussy becoming wet. She opened her robe, exposing her body to anyone who might be looking into her hotel room window.

Her hands played with her breasts and she tugged on her nipples again. His hands were now spreading her legs wide as his tongue expertly danced on her clit. Had she given it thought, she wouldn’t have been surprised by this, but she was not in a thinking mood. Kelly, moaned as he slid his fingers inside her, pushing up and pressing against her insides.

No one had ever reached her this way and Kelly was on the verge of exploding. She reached down, holding his head tight against her pussy as he continued to lick, suck and rub. She had heard about the G spot, but had never experienced it until now. She lifted her ass and bucked wildly as she had her first orgasm.

Within moments, she had her second and third orgasms. Her breathing came in short rapid breaths. Her heart was pounding and she was sweating. His fingers once again pressed up, behind her pelvic bone and caressed her insides.

“Oh. Yes!, That’s it. That’s the spot!”

She hadn’t cum this hard ever. Whatever magic this man hand, it was powerful. As she came the fourth time, her muscles contracted, as she squirted her liquids all over his face. He didn’t bat an eye, instead, removed his hand from her pussy and slid a finger into her ass.

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