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Fate at First Sight

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Hello All,

This is the first chapter in an erotic novella I began. This is my first one, but something I have been wanting to do for some time.

I welcome your positive feedback and advise.

Thank you for your consideration.




The young, professional Alyssandra can have any man she wants. Working as a graphic artist gets her plenty of attention from coworkers and clients. But after glimpsing a man she never meet before, her mind, heart and feelings are suddenly consumed with him. Having felt with the same feelings before in the past only adds to her dilemma. Although she seeks a way to divert her feelings, her unexplainable desire remains. Worse, the same circumstances that prevent her from displaying any interest also keep bringing them together.


Alyssandra stared at him as she always did when he was there. He siting alone or talking it up with one of the other account managers; she usually walking through the waiting area, or at her desk, catching a rare glimpse of him as he passed by in the hall. And as usual, part of her wanted to go over to him, ask him how’s he doing, how was his day, favorite color and all the other petty questions one asks to get to know someone else. The small talk before the bigger questions like…

Like what? She wondered. What do I want?

“You think this will work?”

She turned towards the man sitting on the other side of the round table there in the waiting area, breaking her silent, yearnful vigil. She drew in a breath and smiled.

“Yes, I do Mr. Briggs,” she said. Back to business. “The internet is a very competitive place, and our job here is to make sure you and your company stand out.”

The older, well dressed man let out a slight laugh. “Didn’t have all that stuff when I was young. Glad to see someone can explain it all to me!”

Alyssandra smiled. She then noticed his, one stretched upon a wrinkled face beneath a receding hairline. She looked back down at her computer tablet.

“We here are happy to answer any question you may have Mr. Briggs—”

“Perhaps you can answer some of them, as well as giving me your ideas. Perhaps over lunch?”

She looked at him, keeping up her smile. Earlier, she noticed him eyeing her ringless hand and asking judicious questions about being attached. “That’s very generous of you Mr. Briggs—”

“Henry. Please. Call me Henry.”

“Of course, Henry. But I must politely decline for now. In the future perhaps, when my coworkers and I have more to present you we can do so over lunch.” Not a total lie, she knew, but would at least blow him off for today.

Henry smiled back. “I look forward to it.”

Alyssandra stood, speaking as she extended her hand. “I will keep in touch and let you know our progress. But we should have a site Manisa Escort all set up for you by next week.”

The two shook hands. While doing so Henry took in her looks from head to toe: her long, straight highlighted hair, youthful oval face with green eyes, modest B-size breast, the cleavage of which attenuated by the red shirt she wore under the jacket of her pantsuit, catching his eye more than once during their conversations.

She collected her thin computer table and strode away.

Passing through the waiting area, she felt Henry’s eyes on her butt, as well as some other of the men milling around also eyeing her figure. But she did not return their visual salutations. She was used to it. The slight bulge on her stomach and few extra pounds upon her slender body did not dissuade men from admiring her beauty.

In a nonchalant way, she jerked her head to the side, raising her hand, pulling back her hair behind her ear, glancing at the one man, his back now towards her.

He did not turn. The cell phone in his hand currently occupying his attention.

She wanted to stop, part of her wanting to casually ask if he was being helped, to hear his voice, get a good look into his eyes, let him get a good look at her. But she kept moving.

Better just keep my mouth shut, she mused. Besides, she had to get back to her office. And it was a good excuse as any to justify her cowardice.

After a a short elevator ride to the fourth floor, Alyssandra made he way down the hall towards her office. The mid-sized internet hosting company occupied this and the floor below. Here the techs and graphic designers preferred offices with wide, clear windows, not ones tucked behind walls and solid wood doors, the accommodations and furniture reflecting their youthful outlook on life. Heading towards one such modern office, she stepped into the doorway.

“Did you get those graphic ideas I shot you for the Briggs account, Billy?” she asked the young, pot marked faced man seated alone behind his desk and surrounded by three large, flat screen monitors.

The man looked up. “Sure did. Was gonna get to them once I finished up that one on-line gaming account.”

“Great. Thanks,” she said then turned.

“Nice outfit by the way Alyss,” Billy said.

She turned back and smiled.

“Oh! Hey!” Billy shouted out. “Ran into Russell last night. Said he might stop by today.”

Oh shit, Alyss thought, but did not say. Instead, she smiled. “Great. Well if I miss him tell him I said hi.”

With that she headed to her office. No sooner had she walked in when Regina came in behind her.

“Hey, Alyss. Great news!” she said. Alyss turned her head, but kept moving towards her desk.

“And that is?” she asked, setting her tablet next to the keyboard.

“I think I bagged that Imperial Manisa Escort Bayan account!”

Alyss began removing her jacket noticing the pride and excitement springing from Regina’s face.

Wasn’t that his account, she wondered. That’s why he’s here again today, waiting downstairs.

“Great to hear that Regina,” Alyss said, attempting to show some enthusiasm. She then sat down and brought up some e-mail.

Regina took a step towards her. “I must have really impressed that James guy!”

“James?” Was that his name, Alyss wondered.

“Kayden James, Imperial Books.”

“Ah, yes. I remember now.” Alyss did not look at Regina as she spoke. Instead, she began scrolling through e-mails.

Kayden… Kayden… She let his name to ring through her head, paying no attention to the messages upon her screen. The name sound so… God… sexy…

She tried to control her thoughts, trying to concentrate on answering these messages, but her body betrayed her. A sweet, warm, tingling feeling arose just below her belly button. She scooted her chair closer to the desk, crossed her now hidden legs and gently rubbed her thighs together.

“Of course, he hasn’t made the final commitment,” Regina continued, placing her hands on her hips, giving them a slight wiggle. “but I worked it a little, you know. So I think he’s gonna bite.”

Alyss looked up and saw a subtle, seductive smile on her face. She then glanced at Regina’s toned legs, both reaching out from under a short blue skirt and still holding the tan she got last week.

Why can’t I get legs like that. If I did wear a mini skirt too, then maybe that Kayden guy would at least check me out, Alyss wondered then turned back to her computer.

Regina continued. “But I’ll chalk it up to my bubbling personality and brains.”

“That’s the spirit! No sense working it and find out he’s attached.”

Regina became confused. “I… I don’t know if he’s married or not. I mean, I could find out—”

“No!” Alyss shot back, staring wide eyed at Regina. The thoughts in her mind had unconsciously made their way to her mouth. “Ah, what I mean is…”

What the hell do I mean, she thought, sitting there with her mouth open, thinking of something to say.

Regina stood there awaiting an answer. She decided to speak first. “Don’t tell me you don’t show a little flesh and flirt a bit to close the deal, whether or not he —or she— is taken.”

“Well…” Alyss stopped and looked down at the floor. That’s exactly what she did, subtly of course, to that Briggs guy. So guilty as charged. But having lunch with him might have led him to believe she would sleep with him.

The sound of voices from down the hall drew the attention of the ladies. Regina stepped out and looked. Turning back in she smiled.

“Russell’s Escort Manisa here,” she said.

Alyss just smiled. She wanted a distraction, just not in the form of Russell.

Regina backed out of the office.

“We’ll catch up later,” she said. “Besides, I know this is his next stop.”

Alyss saw the mischievous smile on her face, followed by a wink. As soon as Regina left, she stood and grabbed her jacket.

I can answer some of those e-mails on my tablet across the street at the coffee shop, she said to herself, preparing for a hasty departure. Then start working on the Briggs account. Russ should be gone by—

She looked up. Russell stood in the doorway. Standing a whole head taller than her, his clean shaven, square jawed face stared at her with a smile full of white teeth.

“Great timing on my part. Almost missed you,” he said, his voice clear and controlled. The two piece suit and snow white, wrinkles dress shirt fit him perfectly.

“Oh hell… O. Hey, Russ!” Her feigned smile appeared to fool him.

Russell stepped into her office, blocking her in. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

“Ah…” she looked back at her desktop. “I was about to clean up some of these messages and e-mails. Then start working on a new account I just got. So,” she put on a frown, “yeah, kind a busy right now.”

Russell smiled, unaware of her deception. He glanced down at the tight, red short shelve, collared shirt hugging her upper body. The buttons opened up in a way to show off enough of her flawless chest to catch the attention of any man. That, plus the straps and cups of the orange bra she had on peek out from behind her shirt, tantalizing him even more. Wondering if she liked to accessorize and wear corresponding, fashionable undies, he imagined matching orange thongs wrapped perfectly around her hips. He felt a sudden pulse rush up within him.

“I understand. I know you are a hard working woman,” he said, wanting to leave before his mild arousal became more noticeable.

Alyss sat back down. “Thanks, Russ. We all are here.”

“I’ll catch you later then,” he said, backing out of the small office. He saw her glance up at him and smile.

“Yeah. We’ll do that,” she said.

Her fake smile disappeared the moment he went out of view.

She turned towards the monitor, once again moving her chair closer, then rested her elbows upon the desktop.

The unanswered e-mails upon the screen stared back at her. Then there was the Briggs account to start working on. But these seemed trivial. Her head, and feelings, were elsewhere.

Kayden… Kayden…

That pleasant sensation came up again. And again, she crossed her legs, massaging her thighs together. Without thought, she reached under the desk with her hand, resting it first on her leg, then moved it slowly towards her inner legs.

She stopped, bringing her hand back onto the desktop.

God! Not here. I need to stop thinking about him. I just need… need to get home tonight… grab a towel and my toy and get this out of my system.

I don’t want to go through this again…

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