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Farm Boi Life Ch. 01

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This is a sequel to “Judge Ordered Slavery”. It may do well as a stand alone story, however references to the past will be used at times. This takes place immediately after Ryan’s return to his home.

It was Monday. The challenge lay before me. My Master was serious about the effort I would have to put in. He locked me in the office before leaving for work. He could monitor what I was doing from his job at Social Services.

I had to recruit 100, gay or bi sexual, young men aged 18 to 25 from anywhere in the nation. The plane, bus or train tickets would be paid for. I just had to talk them into coming here.

I had an advantage. I didn’t really have to tell the truth. I had to tell them what they wanted to hear so that I could get them onto the transport picked. My job was simply to get them to arrive. After that, it was my Master’s problem.

Still it would be a daunting task. I had to get the first two to arrive in the next thirty days. Then 98 more, preferably two per day.

I combed through the BDSM personals sites. That first Monday, I wrote to 45 submissive or slave males. I got a couple responses right away. The rest I found in my mailbox the following day. I have to say, I was rather deflated to only find a grand total of 4 responses from the 45 I wrote to.

“Boi, you had better find a better approach, you need to get an 80% first response rate. Of those, one might actually arrive here. I suggest you build a form letter, and rearrange it for each candidate so it matches their interest.” Master guided. “You also need to focus on ones that have a fatal flaw. Some kind of legal trouble they fear or could be imprisoned with.”

“Yes Master.” I had told him that I only had one from Monday I was still talking to. I had a question, but was afraid to ask. I wouldn’t have a chance.

“Undress me and bring me my sweats and a t-shirt.” He ordered as he sat at his desk in the home office. I had the sweatpants and shirt folded nearby. I knew his routine. He turned on his computer and waited for it to load up as I untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. The screen came up and he began clicking away as I untied his well shined shoes. I removed them and then removed his belt. He stood, allowing me to remove his pants and bikini style briefs.

The smell of his work sweaty groin as I removed his briefs made my stomach growl. Master had not touched me since Sunday night. I was craving his load, or at least a bladder full of his water. I focused on his sex as I folded his dirty laundry, and put his sweats on.

You see a small skinny slave like me loves to look at a real man’s penis. I’m a true twink. I have a big round bubble butt, a wiry, naturally hairless body, and a thin 6″ long, worthless “clit”, or penis. It is worthless, as I have no real idea how to use it on a woman…if one actually wanted me. My only sexual organs are my asshole or “cunt”, which always has a plug or a cock in it, and my mouth.

I’m Ryan. I just turned 18 a couple months ago. I’m 5 foot 7, and weigh 130 pounds. I’m the property of my Master, Daniel. I don’t know his last name. He’s 42, but looks a bit older, six foot, two and has a bit of a beer gut. I hated him when I got here, now I love him, and my life in his collar. I am a true house slave. I cook, clean, and keep my body ready and available at all times to be used by my Master.

I pulled his sweats up and bent to pick up his shirt. He grabbed it out of my hands and put it on himself, never breaking his gaze on his e-mail page.

“Dinner boi!” He said as he sat back down. I focused on his limp cock, the shape showing through the sweatpants. My cunt ached for him.

“Yes Master, it is almost finished. I will bring it Master.” I ran into the kitchen and finished up his meal. I plated smaller portions for myself and Gary. Gary was allowed an extra piece of meat. I looked out the kitchen window. Gary was pulling a wagon full of cinder blocks around the yard. He had carved an unsightly figure eight in the lawn, as he’d been doing it all day.

“Psst! Gary! Gary! Dinner!” I whispered out the open window. He dropped the yoke he had over his shoulders, and wearily walked toward the house. I served Master his dinner and waited next to his desk on my knees.

“You two can eat. Gary needs to shower and get to bed early after he eats. You will get back on the computer.” Master said.

“Yes Master.” I walked back into the kitchen and sat on the floor next to Gary and ate. We talked a bit. I told him that he had to go to bed after a shower. He looked at me with a bit of disdain. He knew that he, being an alpha pony, was still lower in status the a house/sex slave. I would be the alpha of the house when more twinks arrived to help me in the house and on the grounds.

As Gary would be helping train the new ponies, I would be training the new twinks for house duties, and what Master likes. First, I would have to find those twinks. I finished eating first. I got up and snuck across the house to check on Master. Başakşehir Escort He had barely touched his plate. He was busy typing. I crept back into the kitchen and made noises as I would had I been doing dishes.

I instead waved Gary’s legs apart and laid on the floor, putting my head between his legs. I gently and quietly sucked on his fat meat, needing his cum badly. He set his plate on the back of my head and ate as I did. It didn’t take long before he had to set the plate down and focus on what was happening to him. He grabbed my head and thrust himself into my throat.

He fucked my face as quietly as he could, his breath quickening, and his muscles tensing. His odor was renewed with the wonderful stress I was giving him. The smell from him was powerful and intoxicating. I could taste his pre-cum as it dripped from him. I pushed my head into his lap as far as I could and let him take my neck. It was worth the effort, as I felt him twitch and pulse. I pulled away from him so I could taste his load.

It had been two nights for him as well, so his load was large and full. I savored it for a few seconds before I swallowed my dessert. He smiled at me as his clit shrunk. I picked up his plate and quickly did the dishes. Gary patted my ass as he left for his shower. We had gotten away with a crime.

Slaves are never allowed to have sex with each other unless Master orders it. Gary had been undersexed since his first week of slavery. I had the exact opposite.

I finished the dishes and joined Master in the home office. I flipped on the computer and immediately typed up a form letter. I then continued hunting for candidates for my Master. I lied, stretched the truth, flat out made shit up and then actually mentioned that we (would) be living on a 240 acre farm.

It occurred to me only just then, that I was inviting guys to experience what I had. To go through the harsh beginning, the uncomfortable transitions, and then finally the reward of knowing ones place. I had to focus on the last part. I continued to lie, bait and switch.

I was getting responses…quickly. It was becoming difficult to keep up. I had to put some of them off till the next day. It felt good to be getting results. I was talking to one who would make a good pony, via camera and mic, discussing all of the details. He said he had to go to bed as he had work in the morning. I focused on the next boi I had my sights on. He was more of a twink.

As I spoke to this one I found out he lived nearby. Talking further I deduced he lived in the town I had come from. He said he’d like to come visit tonight!

“Wrap that up, I’m getting a piece of you before I go to sleep.” Master said. I took off the headphones, and muted the mic.

“Master, one of them wants to come over now!” I turned to him and focused on his cotton covered gift.

“You serious?” Master got up and walked over to the computer, careful to stay out of the camera’s sight. He looked the boi over. “Bring up his profile.” He read it carefully.

“Hmm, that’s no good….cross-dresser.” He was about to nix the boi.

“Master, does that matter? I didn’t know I was a gay slave, and cock worshiper, until I met you. Surely, this is no boundary you cannot break?” I said wanting my list to be one less.

“Good point. Tell him to come over, I’ll call work and leave a message. You call John. Tell him we have a catch.” Master picked his cell phone up. I grabbed the land line on his desk, Master wrote down the phone number, and the current pass-code to use the phone. I dialed the pass code, and heard a dial tone. I then dialed the number.

“You have John.” He simply said.

“Sir John, My Master, Dan wishes me to tell you, he has a catch.” Master was waving his hand. I looked up.

“We need a judge” He said.

“Master says he also needs a judge.”

“Okay chef, tell your Master I will be available in uniform, and will call a friendly judge to be on standby.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” I hung up the phone and went back to my computer. I turned the mic to active, and informed Christopher he should drive right over. The boi seemed eager to meet my Master, just based on Masters description, and the lies I told him.

“What’s his fatal flaw boi?” Master asked.

“He has two. He’s an ex-junkie, and his parents have disowned him. No one will miss him Master.” I reported. I felt a bit of nausea as I reported this. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I served my Masters will. Besides, this guy was on a website claiming outright he wanted to be a slave.

The part that bothered me, was the minute the guy stepped foot on this property, he’d never be free again. His choice of whether or not he wanted to serve THIS Master would be gone….and I’d have my hands in it. In most cases, those on the net got to wade through Masters and decide which they’d serve. Even after meeting one, they could set a time of service upon which they could change their mind.

Not for Christopher, or the 99 Başakşehir Escort to follow.

At the Senator’s house, slaves were allowed to answer the door. That night was the first time I was able to answer Master’s door. Something as small as that, made me feel empowered.

Christopher was taken aback by my nudity.

“In Master’s house, only he wears clothing. I need to ask you to strip please.” I ordered. More empowerment. I was feeling my inner alpha coming to grow.

“Oh…okay, no problem.” Chris was nervous. Visibly rattled by this first request. It was going to be a long night. I could hear Master’s footsteps coming down the hallway. I went to my knees and gave the “present” position. I nudged Chris and pointed to myself. He mimicked the position. He must have known it before, cause he did it near perfect.

“Hello pig boy.” Master greeted him as he passed me a key nonchalantly. I stood and locked the door. Chris turned toward the door when he heard the lock click. He never saw the punch coming.

I helped Master carry him to the basement and got the dildos ready for the “breaking” ceremony. I helped lock his legs into the spreader bar as Master pulled him up with the chain over a pulley.

“Go upstairs, and unlock the door. When John gets here, let him in and bring him a beer. If John wishes to have you while I’m working, he may. When you hear me yelling down here, finish him off and tell him it’s time.” Master instructed.

“Yes Master.” I ran up the stairs from the basement to the first floor. I was trying to hide my eagerness in my voice, but my running was sure to let Master know, I was horny as hell, and would even fuck a fat cop at this point.

I unlocked the door and softly walked back across the house. I sat at the top of the basement stairs listening. Christopher must have still been unconscious, or was faking it, because I didn’t yet hear the speech that I had heard.

I’d hear the gate chime when John pulled up. He wasn’t here yet. I finally heard Master start the breaking ceremony.

“Oh you are awake! Fantastic!” Master said. ***ding!*** “Shit” I thought. Nice timing Master John. I stealthily made my way to the gate control next to the door. I checked the camera. Knowing his face, I pushed the green button, opened the front door wide and knelt, head down.

“Where is your Master?” John asked after finally getting down the long driveway in his police cruiser.

“In the basement with the new one Sir John.” I paused. “This slave has brought you a beer and it’s body for your consumption and use.” I said. I looked up slightly toward his crotch. Yes! It twitched!

“Excellent! I haven’t had a piece of you since the poker game.” He closed the door behind him and unbuckled his heavy equipment belt. He removed it and set it near the door. He then unbuttoned his pants. He pulled them off completely and sat on the couch. He looked around, and found what he was looking for on an end table. He cracked open the beer and drank deeply from the bottle.

“Come on over here boi. I want you to use that mouth for a bit before I take that tight cunt of yours.” He smiled and watched me crawl to the place where he was seated.

“Go ahead slave, I know you want it.” Master John was better at reading my needs then my own Master.

“Thank you John, Sir.” I began to lick the head of the limp 4 inches. It grew slightly, so I took the head in my mouth, and suckled. It grew more. I cradled the fat man’s heavy balls as I began to work the real man’s cock.

Yes indeed, Master John was a real man. The cock grew to seven inches, and was as wide as a “Black Bull” energy drink can. He began to fuck my throat slowly. He was a merciful Master, as he let me breathe once a minute or so. I prayed that he wouldn’t cum in my mouth as I desperately needed to be fucked. The only way I was allowed to cum myself was while I was being fucked, and for the last 48 hours it was all I could think about.

Master John however had other plans. After my oral fuck proved to be solidly proficient, he busted off in my neck. The thick load filled my mouth I almost wanted to cry. My plug had been in me almost non stop for 2 whole days.

He must have noticed my disappointment.

“Don’t worry chef. I took a pill before I came over. Your Master is just getting started. This could take all night. I’ll fuck you bitch, no need for tears. Now fetch me another beer.” He said. I must be easy to read, he knew what I needed. I sprinted to the kitchen. I returned with his beer and knelt, lifting the beer above my head. He took it and smiled.

“So chef, are you looking forward to moving? Only a few weeks now.” He took a long draw off of the beer.

“Yes Sir.” I fought a smile. I found it amusing how Masters would still attempt small talk with a slave. We only had two answers. “Yes Sir” or “No Sir”. Even Masters didn’t like uncomfortable silences.

A few minutes later, I heard the empty bottle placed on the end table.

“On Escort Başakşehir all fours on the couch.” He was all business now. No small talk. I’m fairly certain that as soon as my face was pointed away from him, I was all smiles.

He gently pulled my plug out. I felt shivers and a bit of pain. He must of brought lube with him, because I felt the coldness being put inside of me with his finger. I felt a hand on my hip, and his cock head lining up. He gave his initial thrust getting the head inside. I couldn’t help but gasp.

“Oh come now, relax. Let me ease your suffering. I’ll fill your cunt up with what you need.” The fat man said as he pushed deeper.

“Yes, please Sir John!” I winced. I was feeling pain from his width. It was a wonderful pain. Being stretched like that again reminded me of my first time. The thought alone had my clit oozing.

“That’s only half of it little bitch. I’m going to breed you with all of this!” He said.

I braced, and put my face into the couch cushion. He retreated from my cunt part way, and then began to thrust the rest of his manhood as far as he could go. It was all I could do, not to yell out. I was fairly certain the last time he had me I had been well lubed and stretched by the gang bang. I was not ready for this thrust.

“OHHHH GAWD!” I clutched the cushion and held on for dear life. He bottomed out in me, his heavy balls slapped against me.

“No…not…god, just your neighbor…” He grunted as he started his pace.

My eyes rolled up in my head as I dropped a steady line of cum from my clit onto the couch. I wasn’t erupting, I was just leaking. A lot. I was now in a constant state of orgasm. I was losing my mind.

Then he stopped being gentle, and started fucking me. All I could do was hold on for dear life. Now I was cumming in buckets. My cunt was also creating it’s own cum. I was dripping from my sex down my inner thighs.

He seemed to be going forever. Normally I’d never complain, I am a cock loving slave, but he was draining me of fluids in four different places. Not only was I cumming from my clit, and cunt. I was also crying from pleasure, and I discovered later, I had been drooling.

Sir John rooted me for a solid 30 minutes before he took mercy on me. He grabbed both of my round hips and pulled me into him as hard as he could. I’d have cum again if I had anything left in my cunt and clit. He slammed into me three times so hard, I’m sure I left bruises on his hips. He grabbed and held me, and gave a low growl as he filled my cunt with his seed. He pulsed in me for another minute, then slid out of me.

I felt empty, all of a sudden. And knew I desperately need my plug. I wanted to keep his jism inside of me. I was too weak to even ask that it be replaced.

He bred me well. I was ready to just collapse and go to sleep, but there was one problem. Neither of us had noticed my Master standing next to the couch.

“Well, glad that you were able to come over and have a good time John, but it looks like your services won’t be needed tonight.” Master said. My head lifted, and I crawled to the floor. I knelt in front of my Master, weak in every way.

“You’ve ruined the cushions, get that plug in you, before you ruin the carpet too bitch!” He ordered. I shook my head to get my bearings and looked around for my plug. I found it next to an empty beer bottle on the end table and quickly put it back where it belonged. Master John’s cum would stay inside me.

“What happened with the new one Dan?” John got dressed in front of my Master.

“This one was trained before. He flipped to loyalty without breaking.” Master told him.

“How do you know the cunt’s not playing you?” John asked a good question.

“It passed the ultimate test.” Master laughed as he said it.

“No way! No fucking way! Ugh…I’m going home to my cunts. Fucking sick.” John started for the door then stopped. He pointed at me. “Love this one though. Thanks for the hospitality!” John waved then walked through the door.

I raised my hand. I had to know what the ultimate test was.

“What is it cunt?” Master sounded a bit angry…maybe jealous.

“What is the ultimate test Master?”

“To be a true toilet.” He informed me. I’d have been grossed out, but I was too tired. “He had been hoping to serve a house like ours his whole life. I guess none up till now met his expectations.” He paused again to grab my hand.

As he helped me upstairs he said.

“You need to find 99 more like him.”

I fell asleep on his floor in record time.

When I woke I was being pulled into his bed. He was whispering to me, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. When I was flat face down on the bed, I felt his weight on top of me. I woke quickly as I realized what was going on.

I now know that Master is a jealous man, even though he must share with his comrades in the Company. He took out his jealousy on me that next morning. He sucked on my neck as he pushed in with no warning or preamble. After fucking my loose hole for a few minutes he flipped me, face up, and kissed me while he tucked my ankles behind my ears over and over with the forced feeding of his massive, diving cock, into my upturned, ever hungry boi pussy. It hurt. His length re-straightened my cunt passage.

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