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Family Issues

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Steve sat in his favourite chair, beer in hand, staring at the TV screen, but if you’d asked him what he was watching, he’d have been lost for an answer. His mind drifted — again — onto the one thing that had occupied what seemed ;like every waking hour since last weekend.

Sunday morning — his favourite time of the week; no alarm clock, his daughter Danni, as usual, staying over with one of her friends after spending Saturday night clubbing and/or partying, the house quiet, Steve was enjoying the peace and quiet and taking to opportunity to relieve the pressure in his balls, that had been building up over the last few days. Lying naked on his bed, his hand wandered down to his cock, that was already starting to swell at the thoughts swirling through his head.

He’d known Lauren, his niece, since she was a baby, although it was only in the last four years after Lauren and her mother moved back to Coventry, that he’d watched her growing from a gangly awkward young teenager into a gorgeous 18 year old, who had a string of young men lusting after her. The funny thing was that although she always had the boys around her, none of them ever seemed to stick around for any length of time, no permanent boyfriend on the scene. She seemed to prefer to spend time with Steve’s daughter Danni; the 2 girls would spend hours in Danni’s room or over at Laurens house, giggling, laughing and talking about heaven knows what — probably boys, clothes, pop music and make-up, Steve thought.

The 2 girls couldn’t have looked more different — Lauren 5-8, brunette hair dyed blond and cut in a bob, a pair of apple-sized boobs, a gorgeous peach-shaped bum, thighs that were a little chunky and finished with legs and feet that looked great when she wore heels. On the other side of the coin, Danni was 5-4, long blond hair halfway down her back, a pair of tits that were the envy of the girls in her class at bahis şirketleri school (36DD according to her bra), a slim body with legs to match. Steve had no idea why he was attracted to Lauren so much, but there was just something about her that made his cock hard when he pictured her in her bra and panties or naked. He’d lost count of the number of times he’d wanked himself off thinking about her; each time he saw her he had to fight to keep his mental images of her out of his mind, and to keep his cock under control.

Once or twice he’d caught glimpses of Laurens tits when he managed a peek down a shirt, undone just one or two buttons too much, and on one unforgettable weekend summer afternoon, as she ran upstairs to join Danni, her skirt had flown up, revealing the thin material of the red lacy thong that she was wearing under her skirt. By the time Monday morning came round, Steve’s cock was actually raw from wanking — he’d cum so many times reliving that moment.

Even now, months later, the image of Lauren wearing that red thong seemed to be permanently engraved in his memory, and this Sunday morning was going to be another occasion when he emptied the cum from his balls, thinking about Lauren and what she would look like without the thong; he groaned as he felt his cock starting to tingle as his cum began its journey from his balls. Eyes closed and totally absorbed he was totally oblivious to the fact that his bedroom door had swung open, or that he was being closely observed by 2 teenage faces, both blushing but rapt in attention at the sight of Steve wanking, pulling his foreskin back on each stroke, revealing the purple crown of his cock. He could feel his climax getting close and he began to jerk his hips — just as though he was actually fucking the subject of his imagination, unaware that the object of his desire was standing a few feet away from him.

Steve felt his bahis firmaları cum beginning its journey to the shaft of his cock, and wanked harder, moaning with each stroke and whispering Laurens name, as he imagined his cum shooting from his cock deep into her tight young pussy. “Oh fuck Lauren, YES!!!!” he shouted as he ejaculated a fountain of hot cum over his hand and belly. As his body began to relax, he opened his eyes and saw both Danni what made things worse was that he KNEW that Lauren must have heard him mentioning her name in the moments before he shot his load — right in front of her. As he pulled into the driveway of Gail’s house, he shook his head and mentally prepared himself for a tongue-lashing (at least) — as for the worst, well he didn’t even want to think abut that.

Gail opened the door, pulled Steve inside and hugged him “its been ages since you’ve been over — too busy chasing all the girls I expect” she laughed. Groaning inwardly ‘if only you knew’ he managed a smile “I have my moments” was the best that he come up with. “Sit yourself down — you want a drink?” As he nodded yes Gail was already opening the fridge door “beer ok? I’ve got a few bottles of some decent stuff” She brought the bottle and a glass over, handed it to him and picking up her glass of wine, sat down beside him on the sofa, “Cheers Steve — now, for you to drag yourself here without so much as a ‘by your leave’ something must be up — I know you all too well. So come on — explain yourself”

Steve sat for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts ” Sis I don’t really know where to begin” Gail laughed ” Well I always find that the beginning is usually a pretty good place — now come on”.

He began to explain to his sister that he thought he was alone in the house, had a lie-in and had woken up needing to get some release. Gail burst out laughing “For fucks sake Steve, you woke up with a hard-on kaçak bahis siteleri and wanted to have a wank — nothing wrong with that — I bet 99% of blokes in your situation would be doing the same thing”.

“Gail you don’t understand — I’m really sorry about this, but I was thinking about Lauren when I was doing it, and then when I spunked I opened my eyes they started reminiscing about growing up in their own teenage years. “I remember when you made me show you my dick” Steve grumbled “I felt like a real dork”

“Haha — well I was only 15 and it was the first time I’d seen a real one. And you seemed to like it when I wanked you off”

“I can still remember it now — you know I thought you were beautiful, specially when you got all dressed up and put the make-up on”

“Is that why you spunked so quickly — and you had so much cum — it went everywhere”

“I just couldn’t stop it — your hand felt so good on my cock — much better then my own. I used to wank imagining how much further we could have gone with each other”

“You’re a dirty bugger — why did you stop?”

Steve hung his head ” well you and Lauren moved back her and I met her properly for the first time — I know she was only what 14, then, but fuckin hell she’s gorgeous — I had to hide the bulge in my jeans from you both!”

“So what’s stopped you — she’s old enough and intelligent enough to say yes or no; I bet you haven’t even asked her have you?”

” I just didn’t think it was right — you being my sister and she’s my niece, and I didn’t want to upset either of you”

“Steve Richards you are one of the daftest blokes I’ve ever known. You’ve had the snip haven’t you, so no chance any baby versions of you appearing, right? You’re horny to get into her knickers and she’s desperate for your cock — fuck me I cant see a problem — just get on with it and fuck her till she cant stand up!”

“Anyway if you can’t bring yourself to get it on with her, we could try recreating our own special moment from all those years ago — interested?????” Gail smiled at Steve and reached for his hand…………………………….

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