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Falling in Love with Cassie Pt. 02

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Cassie went into her room after Danielle left for the night and I didn’t see her for a little while, so I decided to knock and ask what she was up to.

“Come in,” she said.

I walked in and saw she was still wearing her t-shirt and undies, her shirt was tight and the shape of her boobs looked lovely as always. She was sitting on the bed and her shirt had rode up enough to see she was wearing pink undies with white love hearts on them.

“Hey, what you up to?” I asked.

I could see she was watching some show on her little TV.

“Not much, just chillin. You can come in and hang out with me if you want.”

“Ok cool.”

We started chatting about nothing in particular, I basically just loved hanging out with Cassie any time at all. I think I was actually starting to fall in love with her, but maybe that was all just in my head. All I knew was that if I could pick any girl to be with at that point, it would definitely be her. The thrill of doing anything with my sister got my heart racing just thinking about it, and she really was a beautiful girl.

After a little while I said something silly and she playfully picked up a cushion and hit me in the head with it.

“You’re a silly monkey,” she said giggling.

“I am not a monkey!” I protested, kidding around with her.

“Well you look like one!”

“Hey! that wasn’t very nice,” and with that I picked up a pillow and slung it at her playfully. This developed into us hitting each other back and forward, me with the pillow and her with the cushion, laughing and giggling and having fun. After a while she hit me really hard with the cushion.

“Hey! that was a hard one, I’m gonna get you for that!” and with that I dropped the pillow and started tickling her. She giggled uncontrollably and sounded so sexy that I felt my dick move. I was having so much fun and I wished we could do this kind of stuff all the time. Cassie managed to pull herself away from the tickling, grabbed my arms and pushed me back onto the bed, coming up over the top of me in the process.

“Now who’s in control hey?!” she said with a very cheeky grin on her face.

Our eyes locked together and for that moment she looked so beautiful gazing down above me like that. Then to my complete surprise she leant down and kissed me on the lips.

I definitely was not expecting that and did not know what to make of it. I loved that she did it of course, but I was so stunned I didn’t know what to do next. Looking down at me and still smiling Cassie said, “did you like that?”

I managed to get my words together and nervously replied, “umm, yes, yes I did”

She giggled, “would you like another one?”

“Of course!” I said with a big grin on my face.

There was a moments silence while she stared into my eyes with that sexy innocent look on her face. Then she asked, “how about a proper one?”

“Umm I’m not sure what you mean?”

I was pretty sure I knew what she meant so I’m not sure why I asked her that, but I was nervous and that’s what I managed to come out with.

“Ok then I’ll show you,” she said in a soft voice.

This time she lowered herself in slowly and put her lips gently against mine. She began kissing me softly and in a very sensual way, the most beautiful thing I had ever felt in my life. I’d kissed girls before of course, but it was never like this. Cassie knew what she was doing and made it feel absolutely amazing.

After a few moments she leaned back up from me, her pretty eyes still looking into mine and then she giggled before flopping back over on the bed. As I gained composure I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed what she just did.

“Wow Cassie, that was amazing! thank you.”

I couldn’t really put into words just how wonderful it felt, but at least I said something.

“That’s ok, I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetie.”

“I mean, I guess I never thought I was going to get a kiss like that from my sister!”

She giggled and just replied, “I guess I’m full of surprises.”

Indeed she was. I reflected on how lucky I was to have a sister who was so fucking amazing. I loved her so much right now. So what was next? I thought to myself. Was I going to get more kisses like this? Was I going to get to see more of her body tonight? Or was that all there was to it?

“I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat,” she said. I agreed and got up off the bed to walk out. “Check out what we’ve got and I’ll be out in a minute ok?”

“Ok,” I answered.

So I walked out to the kitchen and opened the fridge. All I could think about was that kiss. I was still tingling from it. I had a warm little glow all over and I was very happy. I tried to concentrate and find something güvenilir bahis to eat, eventually discovering some leftover lasagne in the freezer. I also noticed there were two four-packs of vodka sodas in the fridge, the type that Cassie liked to drink.

A few moments later she came out into the kitchen. I immediately noticed she had taken her bra off, her nipples poked so prominently through her shirt.

“Did you find anything good?” she asked.

“Yeah there’s some lasagne in the freezer I was about to heat up, sound good?”

“Yep, sounds great.”

So I took out the lasagne and went to put it in the microwave. As I did Cassie came up behind me and gave me a playful little pinch on both sides of my hips.

“What was that for?” I said, smiling.

She just shrugged, “I dunno.” She was obviously still in a playful mood.

While I was attending to dinner Cassie grabbed two of the vodka sodas out of the fridge and put them on the counter.

“Want one of these?” she asked.

“Yeah sounds good, thank you”

A few moments passed as we sipped on our drinks and I watched my sexy sister walk around the kitchen. I was really hoping she had taken her undies off with her bra, but as her shirt was long enough to cover her I couldn’t tell. Then it dawned on me to just ask her like Danielle had that night. Hopefully the result would be the same and I’d get to see her bare ass again. I’d gone a bit nervous now, but plucked up the courage to ask her all the same.

“So are you wearing any pants under that t-shirt Cassie?”

She laughed, “hmmm, why do you ask?”

She had such a sexy smile when she asked these provocative questions.

“I dunno, just curious,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. What a stupid response I thought to myself, but it was all I could come up with.

“Hmmm curious hey?”

She was toying with me, but I didn’t want to come straight out and say ‘it’s because I wanna see your pussy.’ I was too polite to say anything like that.

Before I could say anything else though she giggled and said, “sorry, I’m just playing with you.” She didn’t actually answer the question either way. We continued to chat about nothing after that while dinner heated up in the microwave. As she was speaking she leaned back on the counter and her nipples pressed even more tightly through her shirt, they were so defined that I couldn’t help staring at them and the shape of her lovely breasts.

She caught me looking and didn’t say anything at first. Then she unleashed another surprise on me that I did not see coming.

“So, seeing as you were staring at my boobs, do you wanna touch them?” she asked casually. I nearly fell over. My heart started beating with excitement and I could not believe she just asked this question in a matter of fact way. All I could come out with was, “ummm…”

She giggled, “it’s ok, I really don’t mind if you want to.”

How could I resist such an invitation.

“Ok, yes I would like to. If you’re sure you don’t mind”

“Not at all,” she said with a cheeky grin, “come here.”

Cassie beckoned me closer to her and grabbed my hand. She pulled it up slowly towards her chest and then firmly planted it on her breast, using her hand over the top to make sure I grabbed it properly. She used her hand to guide mine, squeezing her lovely soft breast through her shirt. It felt amazing. Then she dropped her hand and I instinctively dropped mine.

She giggled, “you don’t have to stop silly, you may as well get a good feel while I’m offering.”

Accepting the offer I put my hand back on her breast and continued squeezing it, running my thumb and fingers over her perky nipple. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t object if I also grabbed the other one, so I did and squeezed both of them firmly as I ran my fingers over her nipples.

She was obviously enjoying this and let out a nice long, “mmmmm,” which made me feel less nervous. After a minute or so I stopped and we both giggled.

“Well that was nice,” I said, “thank you for letting me do that.”

“No problem, it felt nice for me too.”

I paused and then said, “you are crazy aren’t you?”

As soon as I said this I immediately regretted it. I didn’t want her to feel like she shouldn’t be doing stuff like this, it was just what came out. Her expression changed a little bit and I definitely felt like I had said the wrong thing. She paused and just looked at me and said, “you have no idea how crazy.”

Her tone had changed, it was more serious than the playful way she’d been talking, and it sounded incredibly sexy. I had no idea what she meant, but it had to be good. I didn’t say anything and there were a few moments silence. Then she güvenilir bahis siteleri decided to speak.

“So, do you wanna see them?” she asked.

She was obviously referring to her tits after what just happened. She bit her lip and looked at me with innocent eyes, her tone still deep and sexy. I knew she was serious by the way she asked — there was no teasing going on now. I was very excited and thought all my dreams were coming true. I seriously could not believe she was acting like this, but I was loving every minute of it. I composed myself and replied, “yes I would love to”

She smiled back at me, but there was no giggling now, I suspected she was also getting a bit horny. Cassie was obviously a huge show off, and the thought of exposing her tits to her brother was likely to be a turn on for her.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

Of course I was, I had never been more sure of anything in my life.

“Yes definitely.”

“Ok then,” and with that she pulled her shirt up over her breasts, letting it rest on top of them. It was the loveliest sight I had ever seen, they looked so soft and the shape of them was perfect. She was still wearing her cute little pink undies but I didn’t care about that for now, I was too excited about seeing her tits. Her nipples were definitely perky, sticking out proudly like they wanted to be bitten. She looked me in the eyes but didn’t say anything. I had to touch them again, and this time I had no hesitation just asking.

“Can I touch them?”

“Of course, I would love you to.”

My heart was beating pretty fast now, I never thought I would actually be in this situation but I had dreamt of it many times. I grabbed hold of both her breasts, exploring how wonderful they felt. My cock was getting pretty hard and playing with Cassie’s tits was making me very horny. I squeezed them and pinched her nipples softly as she let out a lovely little sexy sigh. I wanted to confirm that I wasn’t making her uncomfortable so I asked her.

“Sorry am I squeezing them too hard?”

“No sweetie, that feels great, I’m loving this.”

I liked how she called me sweetie and it was great to know how much she was enjoying having her tits played with. As I continued touching them I couldn’t help but think, is this something I’m going to get to do regularly now? Or will she come to her senses and realise she should never have been so crazy. Either way I was making the most of it and wasn’t going to stop.

“Mmmm that feels so nice,” she purred.

God she sounded sexy now, I had never heard Cassie sound like this before.

“Hang on a moment,” she said.

I let go for a moment as she pulled her top off over her head, throwing her shirt onto the floor. She did this sexy little shake of her hair thing, the way they do on shampoo commercials, letting her long golden strands come to rest over her shoulders. Then she pushed her chest forward again with no inhibitions whatsoever.

“There you go, you can continue now,” she said with a cheeky smile.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me do this,” I said, as I grabbed her breasts in my hands again.

“Well I’m not just letting you sweetie, it feels fucking great for me too, you’re very gentle.”

How lovely it was that she was being so open and confident with me. She made me feel like there was nothing awkward about the situation at all, like it was normal for a girl to take her top off and let her brother put his hands all over her tits. Fuck it felt so amazing and I was very excited with the whole development.

After a while I stopped touching her and she let out a nice long, “mmmmm, that felt so nice.”

Then she put her arms around me, pushing her bare breasts against my chest and gave me another beautiful soft kiss which only lasted a moment this time. She pulled back and looked at me with a huge smile on her face and then giggled. She looked very satisfied and completely gorgeous.

“So I guess dinner has gone cold by now!” she said with a laugh.

I looked around to see the lasagne I had heated up sitting on the bench, completely abandoned by our little play time together. I laughed and said, “yeah, guess so”

“Better heat it up again then sweetie.”

Cassie leaned down and grabbed her shirt off the floor and I presumed the fun time was all over. To my delight however, she placed the shirt on a chair and then finished off her vodka soda. Then she walked over to the fridge, how I loved watching her cute little bum walk around in just her undies. She pulled out two more vodkas and put them on the counter.

“Better drink up,” she said, “Im onto my second one!”

After that we sat down at the table and ate dinner together, casually iddaa siteleri chatting and drinking the vodkas while Cassie still had her top off. I thought how amusing it would be if Danielle came home right now, and there was every chance that she could have. I imagined it in my head, “Hey Danielle, sorry I tried but I just could not keep my clothes on! I let Grant play with my tits for a while that’s all, would you like a vodka?”

We finished dinner, Cassie grabbed another two drinks for us and then suggested watching a movie. I agreed and we went into the living room, she turned on the TV and we both sat down on the lounge together while she scrolled through the menu looking for something good to watch. No surprise it was a romantic comedy she chose, I don’t even remember which one as my mind was completely elsewhere. We started chatting through it from the start and as we giggled about stuff she put her hand on my leg and was acting kind of playful again. I couldn’t believe she was still topless, it was getting later now and not only could Danielle come home any time, we probably wouldn’t hear her pull up with the movie playing.

Not long into the movie a sex scene came on and a guy was kissing a girl on her nipples. I had been thinking about how I was going to take things further with my sister and decided this was a good opportunity. She was being incredibly provocative, so she could hardly blame me if I said something suggestive. Sitting next to me with her tits out all this time, it was fairly unlikely she’d be offended.

“I would love to do that to you,” I said, a little nervous.

She looked at me with her mouth and eyes wide open, but I could tell she was being playful. “Oh really?!” she said, “that’s a bit cheeky!”

I laughed, “oh, so you’re not being cheeky sitting there next to me in nothing but a pair of undies hey?”

“No not at all!” she said giggling.

She pushed me on the arm and I pushed her back. Then she excitedly threw herself over my legs, sitting on my lap, looking at me and biting her lip with that sexy look of hers. She took a deep breath and pushed her chest up against my face, letting her soft nipple run across the skin of my cheek. It definitely seemed like she’d been waiting for me to say something like that.

With this obvious invitation I took her breast in my hand and ran my tongue along her nipple from the bottom up, like I was tasting the most sensual ice cream I had ever had. I continued running my tongue over her nipple and then engulfing my lips completely over it, pausing briefly to look in her eyes before going wild on her other breast. She let out a delightful little squeal and a sexy giggle which encouraged me even more. I was feeling more confident now and knowing she was enjoying it I started licking and sucking frantically from nipple to nipple, using my hands to squeeze her tits at the same time. Her sounds were driving me wild and my penis was getting very stiff.

“Ohhhh, mmmmm,” she purred, giggling in delight.

I was spurred on with all kinds of crazy ideas running through my head. Are we going to fuck now? Was this going to be a regular thing, like any time we were alone I’ll get to rip her clothes off and suck on her tits and fuck her brains out? God I was hoping so, but for now at least, I felt like I had to make the next move while she was horny and before she came to her senses.

I took my mouth off Cassie’s tits for a moment and looked her in the eyes again. She looked so happy and excited and was loving every bit of this. I decided to make my move and ran my hands down the sides of her body, scratching lightly as she gave a little shudder. I got to her undies and grabbed hold of either side of them, and she gave me that cheeky wide eyed look again. Then her smile dropped and she looked deep into my eyes more seriously as if to say, “well, are you game enough to go that far?”

I definitely was and I pulled at them slightly, just teasing. Then I slid my hands towards the front and pulled at her undies just a little bit again, exposing the top of her pubic hair, then I let go to cover her up. She opened her mouth in a cheeky little smile and gave me an expression as if to say “that’s a bit naughty!”

She was so beautifully playful and I loved that about her.

I grabbed her undies at the sides again, ready to rip them down quickly this time, when we both heard the sound of keys at the front door. Cassie immediately jumped up and bolted for her bedroom. It was Danielle coming home and a few moments later she was in the living room.

We chatted a little bit while I nervously tried to pretend it had been a normal night where Cassie and I had just had a couple of vodkas and watched a movie. Luckily Danielle didn’t seem to suspect anything and then went off to her room to get changed. I quickly grabbed Cassie’s shirt from the kitchen and removed the vodka bottles and didn’t see Cassie again for the rest of the night.

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