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Eyes Like The Ocean

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

**Author’s Note: This is a follow-up story to ‘Almond Eyes’ in the Transsexuals & Crossdressers category. It is not necessary to read Almond Eyes but it wouldn’t hurt.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor and no I do not want an editor. Yes it jumps around too much; yes there’s too many people to keep track of; yes it’s too long; yes it’s too short; yes it’s in the wrong category; yes this is stupid shit and yes, I am a horrible writer, barely legible, hardly literate; I do not know why I even bother.

For those of you that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this little tale.


Cheryl Leblanc grimaced as the Asian man cleaned, disinfected the area. It seemed to her that the man was taking just a little too long, rubbing just a little too firmly as he applied the antiseptic to her left buttock

“Okay, I draw first, okay? I draw first, you look you tell me you like, okay?” Hop Soo said, chuckling.

“Uh huh,” Cheryl said, trying not to let her annoyance show.

Again, it seemed that he was resting his hand on her buttock just a little too long as he first lay out a stencil onto her butt cheek.

“Lots of girls, they get heart tattoo, say Hop Soo best at heart tattoo,” the man assured her.

Then he drew out the outline. It seemed to take him a long time to just draw a simple heart and the name of her boyfriend.

He held a mirror for her and she craned to see it.

“Remember, in mirror? It is backward, it not look right, okay?” Hop Soo said.

“No, I got it; yeah, that’s perfect,” Cheryl assured him.

“Okay, it sting a little, okay? At first, you like ‘Oh! He is killing me! Why is he killing me?’ But it is okay, okay?” the man said and selected the gray ink.

Cheryl wanted to scream at him to just hurry up and get it over with, give her the damned tattoo already.

Then he began the outline and Cheryl wanted to scream at him to stop.

As much time as he had taken applying the antiseptic to her skin, he could have taken a few minutes more and applied a numbing agent to her skin.

She closed her eyes and gripped the edge of the table as Hop Soo slowly, laboriously inserted the dye into her flesh.

“Why you say gray?” the man did ask as he did the outline of the arrow piercing the heart. “Lots of them say black, do in black.”

“Read somewhere that gray’s the hardest to remove,” Cheryl admitted.

“No, no, I do good job, you no want remove,” Hop Soo defended.

“No, no, I want it to be permanent, forever,” Cheryl assured him.

“It forever, it last long time,” the man said, still not mollified.

Cheryl did not respond, just went back to gripping the table’s ledge as he continued to form the outline.

He checked the name again, checked the outline he’d made and nodded in approval.

“Okay, ready do name, we doing ‘Danny,’ that right?” he verified.

“D. A. N. N. Y,” Cheryl agreed.

He showed her the name as he’d written it out and again she nodded.

And again, the painful procedure began again.

“God,” she muttered, feeling a bead of sweat begin to trickle down her forehead.

Then he was filling in the empty space with the blood red ink.

“Okay, no get wet for twenty four, mmm, maybe forty eight hours, right?” Hop Soo finally said, handing Cheryl a small jar of salve. “Put little bit on, mmm, maybe two, three hours from now, put bandage back on, okay?”

“His eyes flickered to Cheryl’s light blonde bush when the young woman rolled over. She gingerly slid off the table and slipped her panties and shorts back up her legs.

“Thank you,” Hop Soo said, his eyes now glued to her magnificent chest. “You ah, you ever want maybe tattoo on breast? I very good at breast.”

“Maybe some other time,” Cheryl said, having no intention of ever having her breasts tattooed.

The stab of pain when she sat down in the driver’s seat of her mother’s car was nothing compared to the stab of pain in her heart.

Cheryl Leblanc loved Daniel Couvillion, was deeply, madly in love with Daniel Couvillion.

But he just did not love her in return.

He said he was over his former girlfriend, Moalualoa Kuterin. He said it had hurt, hurt terribly when Mow-low just abruptly left him, returned to her home in American Samoa. But Daniel said he was over that hurt, said he had forgiven her, let Mow-low go.

“Then what is it, Danny?” Cheryl had asked him, green-blue eyes filling with tears.

The first time she’d called him ‘Danny’ Daniel had laughed out loud.

“Only one ever calls me Danny is my Maw-maw,” he laughed.

“And your girlfriend,” Cheryl had smiled, poking him in his chest with her manicured fingernail.

They were both attending Myndee University, in Myndee, Arkansas, both getting ready to start their second year. Cheryl had passed all of her classes, was maintaining a solid 3.50 GPA, much to the surprise and delight of her father.

Honey, I got to admit, I honestly Eryaman Escort thought you’d be flunking out your first week there,” Brad Leblanc had admitted.

And if it had not been for Danny, Cheryl most likely would have been flunking out.

All through grade school, all through high school, Cheryl Leblanc had been among the elite. Most of her grades were given to her; she rarely earned a grade. She dated only Alpha males, the jocks, the best looking, and the upper echelon in school hierarchy.

Daniel Couvillion did not sit at the table of the gods. He did not even eat from the crumbs that fell from the table of the gods.

Then in the senior year of high school at St. Thomas Aquinas, Moalualoa joined their class. The very attractive American Samoan girl had latched onto Daniel Couvillion.

“God, why you like that shit?” Cheryl had sneered at the beautiful girl.

“Oh, I do not like Troy Manzella,” Moalualoa had assured Cheryl.

Troy Manzella had been Cheryl’s boyfriend at that time.

Then Moalualoa had listed Daniel’s attributes. None of them had anything to do with throwing a football, catching a football, being a bully. None of Daniel’s attributes had anything to do with grabbing his five inch erection or grabbing Cheryl’s 35DD breasts or juicy rear end and demanding blow jobs or pussy.

As their senior year progressed, Cheryl began to see what Moalualoa saw in Daniel and wondered why she was with Troy.

“Because I love you,” Troy had spluttered the one time Cheryl thought to question him why they were together.

Cheryl and Troy had enrolled in Myndee; the university had offered Troy an athletic scholarship. Then, two weeks before he was scheduled to begin training camp, Troy and his older brother were arrested for cooking up meth in the garage of their parents’ home. Troy’s scholarship dried up faster than the judge’s gavel could bang down.

But Cheryl had already enrolled, her father had already paid the first semester’s tuition, paid for her dorm room, paid for her cafeteria pass.

“I’m sure that was nine thousand dollars well spent,’ Brad mumbled to himself.

“That’s enough,” Kathy, Cheryl’s mother hissed at her husband.

At the orientation for the incoming freshmen, Cheryl had spotted the one familiar face in the crowd, Daniel Couvillion. She did not see his girlfriend, Moalualoa, though.

She made a bee line, ignoring the three or four young men that attempted to block her progress.

All through the ordeal of their orientation, Daniel had again proved what Moalualoa had seen in him. He was gentle, he helped the frightened Cheryl follow along.

Then afterward, she’d gotten onto the back of Daniel’s Harley and they’d gone for coffee.

There was no shortage of Alpha males vying for the attractive blonde’s attention. Some she was polite with. Other’s she was not so polite with.

“You just don’t want no date with me ’cause you prejudiced,” Tyrone Walker spat angrily.

“That helps you sleep at night? Then, okay, I’m prejudiced,” Cheryl had smiled.

(Tyrone was genuinely surprised; when he’d used that line in the past, the girl usually wanted to prove that she wasn’t racist. A blow job helped to prove that they weren’t prejudiced.)

On sunshiny days, she could be seen on the back of Daniel’s motorcycle. On rainy days, she was the passenger in his 2014 midnight blue Mustang.

Their first date had been to Wedges for ‘Wedges Famous Sandwiches’ which were sandwiches that were deep fat fried, then to Periwinkle’s Arcade.

And the entire time at Periwinkle’s, even though she was there with Daniel, guys hit on her.

“God, I’m here with my boyfriend,” Cheryl yelled angrily at one overly persistent young man. “Get the hint, all right? I’m here with him and I’m leaving with him.”

She grabbed Daniel’s hand.

“In fact, we’re leaving now,” she snarled.

“Whatever, bitch,” the young man snapped.

“That’s it, you, out!” the manager told the would be Lothario. “And don’t come back, hear? We don’t need guys like you here.”

“Whatever, bitch,” the young man said again and waved to his three friends. “Come on, let’s go. This place is for pussies anyway.”

“What? Nuh uh,” the young man’s buddies said as they had five young girls around them. “We’re staying, dude.”

“Your boyfriend?” Daniel quietly asked as they exchanged their tokens for cash.

“Huh?” Cheryl said, still angry.

“You said you’re here with your boyfriend,” Daniel reminded her.

“Well, uh, yeah,” she said as he unlocked her door for her. “You are my boyfriend, right?”

“Guess I am now,” he smiled and kissed her.

That first kiss had melted Cheryl into a puddle of goo, right there, in the parking lot of Periwinkle’s Arcade. It had been a soft kiss, a gentle kiss, closed mouth to closed mouth.

He had bent; he was six foot two and she was five foot four and pressed his lips to hers.

He had not stuff his beer and nacho cheese tinged tongue into her mouth, had Sincan Escort not grabbed and mauled her heavy breasts, had not jammed his thigh between her thighs, had not pushed her against the car as he ground his crotch against her.

He had kissed her and she had melted.

“How soon is too soon to say ‘I love you,'” she wondered as he walked around to his driver’s door.

And at Steubben’s Dormitory, again, he kissed her as he held her hands in his.

And he melted her to a puddle of goo again when he looked into her eyes and said, “You got eyes like the ocean, you know that? They’re green, then they’re blue, then they’re green again.”

Cheryl could not remember anyone, not even her best friends ever saying anything about her eyes.

She opened her mouth and he had gently sucked her tongue into his mouth.

“Oh Danny!” she gushed when they parted.

He laughed, a genuine laugh, not a scathing, cutting laugh.

“Only one ever calls me Danny is my Maw-maw,” he had laughed.

“And your girlfriend,” she said, poking him in the chest.

For Daniel’s birthday, his Maw-maw and his parents had sent him some money. To celebrate, Daniel took Cheryl to Gemmeli’s, an upscale Italian restaurant. Both Daniel and Cheryl had to agree, while the lasagna was fine, the Wedges meatball sandwich was just as good.

Then, after their dinner, Cheryl took Daniel’s hand into hers and said, “Take me to Home Comfort.”

Daniel looked at her for a long moment, then nodded in agreement.

His nervousness was evident, which made Cheryl giggle a little, a happy giggle.

“Danny, it’s me,” she assured him. “Huh? You know me; what are you so nervous about?”

The clerk gave the young couple a knowing smirk as he slid the electronic key card for room 221 across the counter.

“There’s movies on the television,” he said. “Just hit ‘two’ and the menu will pop up.”

“Get us a movie; I got to tinkle,” Cheryl said and closed the door of the bathroom.

“Amateurs, Anal, Asian, uh, Cheryl, I don’t think these are the kind of movies you’re thinking about,” Daniel said.

“What?” Cheryl yelled through the bathroom door.

Daniel picked ‘Lesbian’ as he had always had a bit of a fascination with that.

“What did you say, O.M.G. What are you watching?” Cheryl squealed as she came out of the bathroom.

“This is the kind of movies that guy was talking about,” Daniel blushed and returned the screen to the menu selection.

“Amateur, Anal, oh my goodness,” Cheryl agreed.

She turned and kissed Daniel, pressing her chest into him.

“That’s all right; we’ll make our own movie, right?” she husked.

Unlike Troy Manzella, or Brian Jochet before him, Daniel didn’t just roughly undress Cheryl. He sat her on the bed and kissed her softly, passionately. Then he unbuttoned her blouse. He didn’t grab her breasts the moment her lacy bra became visible, he unbuttoned her blouse carefully.

Then, still kissing her, still softly, gently caressing her arms, her shoulders, her face, he then worked the clasp of her bra.

“Ooh,” Cheryl shivered as the cool air struck her bare flesh.

And still Daniel did not maul her breasts, gnaw on her silver dollar side areolae, her fat nipples.

He kissed her, gently stroked her, and then unzipped her jeans.

Cheryl kicked her pumps off and assisted Daniel in sliding her distressed jeans down and off.

“Wow, just wow,” Daniel said, admiring her nude body.

Then he lay her on the bed and gently, slowly kissed his way down to her breasts.

“God damn, Mow-low taught him right,” Cheryl thought as he made love to her large breasts.

“Now, I’ve uh, I’ve never done this before, so you got to tell me if I’m doing this wrong,” Daniel said as he reached Cheryl’s moist pussy.

“You and Mow-low didn’t…?” Cheryl asked, hoisting herself up onto her elbows to peer at Daniel.

“She uh, she didn’t like it,” Daniel quickly amended.

(He couldn’t very well tell Cheryl that Moalualoa did not have a pussy. His last girlfriend had possessed a fat five inch cock and heavy balls.)

Cheryl spread her legs and sighed in contentment as Daniel sucked and licked her pussy.

“God damn!” Daniel thought to himself as his neck ached, his tongue ached, and his jaw was sore, but all Cheryl had managed was a weak orgasm. Her pussy was wet, but much of that was his saliva as well as her excitement.

“Come on, make love to me, put it in me,” Cheryl urged.

Daniel kicked off the cowboy boots that Moalualoa had bought for him, slithered out of his khakis, and slid his eight and a half inches into Cheryl’s blonde pussy.

“Ugh!” Cheryl gasped as Daniel’s large cock continued to push into her, push further into her than Brian, or Troy ever had.

“Damn!” she wheezed as Daniel’s crotch mashed against hers.

Again he kissed her, gently, passionately. Cheryl wrapped her arms around him, wrapped her legs around him.

“I’m on the pill, you can come in me if Etlik Escort you want,” she whispered hotly into his ear.

Daniel was glad to hear that; he had not even thought of whether or not Cheryl could get pregnant. Moalualoa, being a transsexual, could not get pregnant, so Daniel had come in her ass, or her mouth with no thought of pregnancy.

Daniel stroked his eight and a half inches in and out of Cheryl’s pussy. He used long, deep strokes, then short skittering strokes, then rocked his hips from side to side and then returned to his long deep strokes.

Finally, he could not hold out any longer and bellowed as he pumped his semen into Cheryl’s tight sheath.

But Cheryl had achieved only a mild orgasm. And that bothered him.

But it didn’t seem to bother Cheryl. She cooed happily, she kissed him passionately, she rubbed his back, his arms, his chest.

For Cheryl, the sex had been great. She had achieved orgasm, she had never achieved orgasm with either Brian or troy. She had just enjoyed the intimacy, the closeness of sex. And with Daniel, her Danny, the passion of their coupling was thoroughly enjoyable.

Audrey Germillion, Cheryl’s best friend had described her orgasms, according to Audrey, she was multi-orgasmic. Cheryl had just stared at the red headed beauty with a blank expression.

So Audrey offered to help her best friend. She licked, and sucked, and stroked Cheryl’s pussy and clitoris.

Just like Daniel, Audrey had to give up when her jaw was too tired to go on, when her neck had developed a crick, when her tongue was raw from Cheryl’s coarse pubic hair. And all she’d managed to produce from Cheryl was a mumbled ‘ooh!’

Now, in the cheap motel room, Cheryl kissed Daniel again.

“I love you,” she whispered.

And Daniel, dear sweet Danny did not say it back to her. He continued to touch her, to kiss her, to hold her.

But he did not say ‘I love you.’

At Thanksgiving, Cheryl let her family know that she had a ride home; Daniel Couvillion was driving them home.

“Daniel, that boy, the one that was the valedictorian at your high school?” her dad asked.

“Yes!” Cheryl giggled happily. “That’s him.”

“You have my permission to marry him,” Brad said.

“What?” Kathy shrilled. “Is she, she’s not, give me that phone.”

Daniel and Cheryl chattered happily playfully arguing over the satellite radio; she liked country and he liked hard rock.

Then they were pulling up to her house.

And Troy Manzella was there, jerking a couple of suitcases out of the trunk of the car.

“Troy, quit,” Daniel ordered. “I got it.”

“Fuck off bitch,” Troy snarled. “She’s my girlfriend, huh? I’ll get it.”

“Whatever, shit for brains, but those are my suitcases,” Daniel snapped.

“What’d you call me?” Troy snarled.

“Called you shit for brains, fucker,” Daniel said, not intimidated by the swaggering, posturing bully.

“Troy, what are you doing here?” Cheryl demanded angrily.

“Got probation,” Troy explained.

“See you,” Daniel said as he put Cheryl’s two suitcases on the driveway.

“Son, thought I told you to take a hike,” Brad Leblanc snarled at Troy.

“Danny! No, wait!” Cheryl pleaded, but Daniel was already driving away.

Then the Leblanc clan was piling into the SUV to drive to Houston, Texas, to Kathy’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving.

Daniel always answered his phone, always seemed happy to hear from her, but he would not tell Cheryl he loved her.

“I miss you, miss those beautiful eyes,” was the closest he would come to any declaration of love.

Aunt Linda teased her nephew Bobby about his lack of a love life and teased her niece Cheryl about mooning over this ‘Danny’ boy. Cheryl had always thought Aunt Linda was a pretentious bitch, who let her modest wealth talk for her. The Thanksgiving holiday did little to allay those feelings.

Daniel was polite, friendly with Cheryl’s parents as he loaded Cheryl’s suitcases into the trunk of the car. He did show Cheryl appropriate signs of affection.

“I do believe she is smitten,” Brad commented as the Mustang disappeared around the corner.

“Blame her? Boy’s eyes are gorgeous!” Kathy said.

“Hmm? Oh, didn’t notice his eyes,” Brad said. “Did notice, however, his hands stayed where there were supposed to stay.”

Just before Christmas break, Daniel received the news that his Maw-maw, his mother’s mother had suffered a debilitating stroke. So he gave his car keys to Cheryl, kissed her, and roared home on his Harley-Davidson.

Cheryl did have a driver’s license, but had rarely driven. The

Eight hours from campus to home wore her out, had her trembling from exhaustion when she pulled up into the driveway of her parents’ home.

And in the morning, she saw a text message from Daniel that his Maw-maw had passed away.

“Oh Danny!” she sobbed, crying for a woman she’d never met.

Two days later, Grady Couvillion, Daniel’s father, sat at the funeral home, glowering. Melinda’s mother, Gladys Sampier, had never liked him, had never approved of her only child’s marriage to Grady Couvillion.

“And the miserable God damned bitch never let a minute pass without telling Melinda that neither,” Grady spat as he looked at the ornate casket his mother in law was reposed in.

“Danny,” Grady heard someone say to the pathetic worm next to him.

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