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I saw her sitting at the table across the room and she stood out like a rose among dandelions. I think it was her eyes that drew my gaze and while I gazed upon her she looked up and caught me. A smile told me she was as friendly as she was pretty.

I had only a couple of hours till my next meeting and I wanted to make the best of my free time. It had been a long week and I was especially looking forward to the weekend. I figured a cup of Java and a walk in the park would fill the time nicely before the meeting. I was about to leave but before I got up the lady with the eyes stood and walked toward me. I thought it would be nice to watch her walk by so I remained seated. What a surprise it was when as she walked past my table she dropped a piece of paper next to my cup and continued on. I was even more surprised when I read the words ‘Are you ready for an adventure? I am.’

Now this is not something that happens every day so I was a little perplexed by what she meant. As I looked back at her walking away she turned and gave my that smile again and that made up my mind. I dropped a couple of bucks on the table and followed her out the door and down the street. I couldn’t help but to notice how wonderfully sexy her ass looked as she strolled down the sidewalk, her pleated skirt swaying with the movement of her hips. This whole thing was having an intoxicating effect on me and I could feel myself grow hard with desire for this woman I had not even meet. I could also not believe I was actually following her, not knowing who she was, where she was going and once we got there what we were going to do. I knew what I wanted to do but that may not be what she had in mind. There was only one way to find out though!

We came to an apartment building and I followed her inside to the second floor. She stopped in front of what I presumed to be her apartment door as she looked for her keys. I came up behind her and put my arms around her stomach pulling her back into me and began to kiss the back of her neck. She just seemed to melt into me and sighed as I licked her neck and ears while bringing my hands up to her breasts and squeezing them through the thin material of her blouse. She began to rub her ass against my now very hard cock while reaching back and fondling my ass. I slipped my hands inside her blouse and unhooked her Kütahya Escort bra to feel her naked breasts and hardening nipples.

There was a click behind us and we turned to see a woman from the apartment down the hall come out. She looked at us and realized what we were doing and quickly went back inside with a shocked look on her face. The woman in my arms quickly put her keys into the lock and opened the door. We practically fell into the apartment but immediately proceeded to attack one another. She turned around and knelt down in front of me, pulling my zipper down and reaching inside to pull out my cock which had softened a bit by now. She immediately took my entire member into her mouth bathing it in her warm saliva which had a hardening effect to say the least. I also noticed a hard and cold object rubbing the underside of my cock which took me a few moments to realize was a stud pierced through her tongue. I had never felt anything like this before but quickly decided that it was a very sensuous feeling. I looked down at this beautiful stranger, her lips wrapped around my cock, her breasts full and ripe with nipples standing at attention and areola swollen with desire. I could not believe this was happening but at the same time enjoying it more than word could possibly describe.

Her tongue was bringing me to a climax fast. The way she twirled her tongue around the head of my cock and then back down to the base, all while fondling my balls with her feminine fingers. She was even able to completely swallow me, taking me into her throat which sent shivers down my spine unlike anything I have ever felt. This was to much for me to take and I exploded into her mouth, pumping time and time again as she swallowed as much as she could without choking. I pulled out of her mouth to rub my cock over her lips coating them with the remainder of my cum. She looked up at me as I did this with lust in her eyes and she was so beautiful I had to kiss her, tasting my own cum on her lips. I then pushed my tongue deep into her mouth, making us one with desire.

I pulled her up and removed the remainder of her clothing taking in this exotic and sensuous woman from head to toe. She moved with a passion as I peeled her panties off and slid my hand up her legs to her slit. She was completely shaven with the exception Kütahya Escort Bayan of a little triangle of hair just above her clit and she was also completely soaked in her own juices. Her lips were swollen and protruding with her clit hard and peeking out of its little hood. I ran my hand over her, feeling every inch of her and even piercing her with my fingers. She took a quick breath as I did this and stiffened which told me how ready she was. She spoke her first words “Please, I need you. I want you inside of me, please”

This was great! I stood back up and turned her around with my cock pressed against her ass. She pressed back into me and swayed her ass, rubbing my cock and making it swell once again. I love a beautiful ass and hers was exquisite. As she rubbed me I had visions of piercing her ass with my hard cock and this made me even harder. I knew this was not the time for that but the thought still electrified me. I wrapped my arms around her and fondled her breast, pinching her nipples maybe a little to hard because she gasped as I did this. I began to lick the back of her neck and this also seemed to get a reaction from her. She seemed so ready but I wanted this to last. I lowered my hand down to her pussy, fondling her and running a finger around her clit. I pierced her with one, then two fingers, drawing her juices out and all over my hand. I licked them off of my fingers like a candy and she tasted very good.

I then bent her over the table face down and spread her legs as wide as she could, giving me complete access to her dripping pussy. I rubbed my cock all over her pussy, paying special attention to her clit. I could feel how hard and extended her clit was and this excited me even more. I bent down and ran my tongue over her clit and pussy, lapping up as much of her juice as I could get. I even ran the tip of my tongue over her tight little back hole, gentle piercing her with the tip. She tensed when I did this and I wasn’t sure if she liked it or tensed because she thought it was naughty. Then I replaced my tongue with my cock, running it up and down the length of her slit and soaking it in her juice. She began to whimper and I could just barely hear her beg for my cock. She was bucking back and forth and saying “fuck me, fuck my hole with your cock, please fuck me”

I Escort Kütahya couldn’t hold back any more, it was time! I thrust my cock deep into her drawing a scream from her. I just stayed like that, buried to my balls inside her enjoying the warm wet feeling of her pussy completely enveloping me. I could feel her juices running down my balls to my leg, completely soaking us both. Slowly I drew out till just the tip of my cock remained, held it for a moment and then drove back into her hard, forcing her into the table. Again she screamed and I spasmed. She put her hand down between her legs and began to rub her clit, bringing herself even higher. Every once in a while she would fondle my balls while I was buried inside of her. This was feeling way to good! I looked down to see that beautiful ass again and couldn’t help myself. I began to run my thumb around her tight little hole, pressing more and more until she gave in and I sank into her. As my cock thrust into her slit my thumb thrust into her ass. Again I heard a groan and she stiffened but I was to far gone to wonder whether this was what she wanted or not.

I began to lose control and started pumping in and out of her like a madman, unable to stop or control myself. She had taken me over the edge of sanity and I had nothing to say about it. I slammed into her time and time again bringing myself to the ultimate. All I could feel was my cock and the blood rushing through my head and then lights were exploding in my head. I exploded deep inside this woman like I have never climaxed before squirting powerful jets of cum deep into her womb. She scream at the same time that I came and all of a sudden she was shaking, almost a convulsion it seemed. Then she tensed and collapsed onto the table. I collapsed onto her.

This woman who I had not even spoken to had taken me places I could only dream about. I slipped into a dream like state wondering who she was, what was her name. There were a million questions. Slowly I started to come out of my stupor and so did she. We fell to the floor in each others arms and kissed. Even her kiss was passionate! I was about to ask her name and she put a finger to my lips and shook her head. We got up and she handed me my clothes and then went into the bathroom. I dressed and walked to the door and was just about to knock but stopped. Something inside me said not to, that I should just leave this as it was. Maybe I will meet her again, maybe not.

I left her apartment wondering what had just happened. I knew what happened but then again I didn’t know. I thought this is a crazy world, but a great one!

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