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Big Tits

Darren had just been assigned to Malcolm Grow. Two years ago, he and I had had a hot and heavy sexual relationship at our first duty station. As a matter of fact, he’d been the first Air Force guy I’d dated following my graduation from college. We’d met at Maxwell AFB where we had undergone Commissioned Officer Training, and what we thought would be a quick four-week, fuck-buddy relationship quickly grew into something more. We got along well, laughed and joked a lot, and fucked two or three times a day; I was happy to find out that our initial assignment was to the same base in Texas.

Within weeks, we began to date seriously. Darren was a very nice guy with a big fat cock he knew how to use. He wasn’t the curious or jealous type, and I had no problem sneaking away to occasionally dance at one of San Antonio gentleman’s clubs without arousing his suspicion.

As the summer passed, however, I found myself growing a bit bored with Darren. He was just too nice for my tastes. He let me run all over him and never seemed to understand that I needed a man with at least a marginal nasty, rough streak in him. When Darren began to tell my friends he was going to propose to me, I broke things off. I told him that he was being too serious and that I wasn’t ready to settle down yet.

Darren took the breakup much harder than I expected. He yelled and screamed and called me all kinds of nasty names. When he’d see me in the Officer’s club or one of the dance clubs around town with other men, he’d glare at me with unabated hatred and jealousy in his eyes.

After I married Troy about eight months later, Darren finally spoke to me–it wasn’t nice. “Not ready to settle down, huh?” He spat out the words with pure venom. “Not ready to marry a doctor maybe, but I see you snagged the first fucking pilot who came along. You’re just another star-fucker like all the other whore nurses you hang around with.”

There was no way I could explain to Darren why Troy was my perfect man so I just ignored his harsh words. Three months later, Darren married Suzanne Patrick, a bitchy, tall brunette flight-nurse who lorded her rank over me and my gal-pals religiously. As a captain, Suzanne was superior to all the newly-commissioned Second Lieutenant nurses assigned to the hospital. While she wasn’t my direct supervisor, she delighted in ordering me around whenever I had the misfortune of being assigned to the same shift as she her. She was fond of correcting me and calling attention to every tiny mistake I made; something the other senior nurses never did publicly. She treated my two best friends Amy and Beth the same way. We told each other it was because she was just jealous of us, but to be honest, she was a very attractive woman herself-she just happened to be a mean, spiteful bitch.

Anyway, Darren and I were now working at the same hospital. Our paths had crossed a few times and, when they did, he nodded curtly and said a brief hello. I knew that sooner or later we’d have to work on the same shift and I wondered how it would work out. Suzanne and I had already worked a few shifts together and, as expected, she was her normally rude self, ordering me around and snipping at me for all sorts of imagined offenses. I was much more experienced, however, a brand new First Lieutenant, so Suzanne didn’t get under my skin as much as she had before. That said, I still couldn’t stand her.

One night as I reported in for a mid, I noticed that Daren was the on-call doctor. We had a minor problem with one of the little girls on the ward and my friend Amy had the operations desk page Darren. He was professional, though brusque, in his dealings with me that night and, after he departed, Amy could not resist teasing me about him.

“He still has the hots for you! Did you see the way he kept stealing peeks at you?” She giggled. “I bet he’d give anything to fuck you again. You ought to let him. You know, just to see if you could do it.”

I had no doubts that I could seduce Darren if I really wanted to, but I just laughed at Amy’s suggestion and put it out of my head for a few days. That Friday, however we had a farewell party for on of the docs in the makeshift bar we’d set up right across the street from the main hospital entrance. The medical personnel didn’t always like going to the main O’Club after work, and since we all worked constantly rotating shifts, the main club wasn’t always open at the times our shifts ended. We’d commandeered the former pharmacy building and, with a lot of work and some donated materials, turned it into a respectable place where the hospital’s officers could get a beer and unwind at just about any time, day or night.

As we said goodbye to Dr. March following his last swing shift at the hospital, I noticed Darren frequently looking my way. I was sitting with Beth and another nurse, Jenny, and laughing and flirting with many of the male docs who had come to see off Dr. March. Darren’s glances seemed warm and longing instead of spiteful and mean (the looks I Kütahya Escort had become used to seeing from him), so I raised my glass of beer in a toast and smiled warmly at him. As he returned my toast and smile, I found myself growing flushed at the thought of fucking him once again. That night I went home and rode my husband’s cock with abandon as I thought about spreading my legs for Daren’s big fat dick. As usual, my husband spurted his thick hot load in me rather quickly, but after he fell asleep, I rubbed my inflamed clit through two moaning orgasms as I though about Darren fucking me hard from behind while pulling hard on my long blonde hair.

A week went by and, as I dressed for my upcoming mid-shift, I recalled that Darren would be on duty that night. I’d been down for three days with a nasty cold and, since I hadn’t been fucked at all during that time, I found myself growing aroused as I thought about Darren and fantasies I’d been having about him. Accordingly, I selected my shortest, tightest white uniform to wear that night. I pulled on a pair of laced-top, white thigh highs and slipped into a blue and white stripped cotton thong. The crepe-soled shoes we had to wear weren’t the sexiest things in the world, but with my too-tight, too-short skirt on, I knew I looked hot. I didn’t worry about anyone saying anything about my out-of-regulations appearance; no one who cared would be around on a Saturday night mid.

I was delighted, and not surprised to notice that Darren was paying me lots of attention. He spoke nicely to both me and Beth, and smiled at me constantly. I few times, as I briefed a chart to him, our arms or hips touched and he made no effort to move away. At about 1 AM I made up my mind that this was the night I was going to seduce him.

“I’m gonna fuck him tonight, Beth.” I told my busty friend. “You know, for old time’s sake. I’m gonna fuck his motherfucking brains out and show him what he’s been missing.”

“You should!” Beth squealed. “You should see if he still knows how to use that cock, or if Suzanne has made him a fucking eunuch.”

Beth and I both laughed raucously at her statement and she agreed to cover for me for an hour or so while I seduced my former lover.

The next time Darren appeared at the desk, I asked him if I might speak to him privately for a few minutes. He, of course, agreed and followed me into an empty patient’s room. A few moments after asking him if we were “alright” working together and if he still hated me for breaking up with him, I was in Darren’s arms as he kissed me passionately. Our tongues dueled back and forth as Darren’s hands worked down my back and clenched my tight little ass hard.

“Mmmmm,’ I moaned into his mouth, pressing my firm tits tight against him. “I missed this!”

Darren groaned deep in his throat as he pawed all over my solid, thong-split ass-cheeks and I felt his thick hard cock pressing against my upper stomach as I writhed erotically in his arms.

Gloating to myself, I chuckled at how easy it had been to once again have Darren eating out of my hand. Pressed tight against him, I used one hand to hastily work my skirt up over my slender, gyrating hips and then used it to guide his hand to the front of my sopping wet, blue and white thong.

“Finger it!” I panted to him through my kiss-swollen lips. “Put your finger in my pussy and fuck it.”

Darren needed no coaxing. Within seconds, his eager fingers found their way under my thong and he slipped two thick digits into my dripping wet cunt-hole.

“Fuck, you’re wet!” He grunted in seeming surprise. “You still get fucking soaking wet just thinking about fucking don’t you? You’re perpetually wet!”

Obviously, Darren had no problem remembering how easy I was and I pressed my face into his neck, kissing and nibbling softly, wetly, as he resolutely shoved his fingers up my creaming pussy-chute. “Yesssss!” I whined softly. “Finger-fuck that cunt! Make it cum for you. Finger it hard and make it cum!”

As Darren hunched down from his full 6’2 height to get his fingers inside my tight little pussy, I rapidly untied the draw string to his scrubs. Within seconds, they were in a puddle around his ankles on the floor, and my soft, little hand had reached into his shorts to grab hold of his rock-hard cock.

“Ohhhh!” He grimaced as my fingers circled his big throbbing prick. “Oh fuck, that feels so good.”

For a few minutes we stayed like that: Darren’s fingers busy fucking my creamy little twat, and my hand slowly jerking on his big thick hard-on.

Without warning him, I eased my hot, wet pussy off of Darren’s’ probing fingers and quickly dropped to my knees. Looking up at him with a huge grin on my flushed face, I began to lash his leaking boner with my frisky little tongue, licking and lapping softly.

“Oh, God!” He moaned weakly, slouching over as his knees trembled in delight. “Oh, God! Kathy!”

Slowly, with cock-lover’s reverence, I ran my tongue all over his Kütahya Escort Bayan long, thick cock-shaft. Covering it with my hot spit, I licked the hot, twitching cock-flesh until it shown in the dim light. Up and down I licked, using long smooth tongue-swipes to cover every inch of Darren’s thick fuck-meat.

“Don’t stop!” Darren demanded when I paused for a few seconds. “Please don’t stop!”

I had no intention of stopping! Taking Daren’s cock-head into my mouth I sucked hard on his sensitive prick-tip, my cheeks collapsing inwards from the suction. Nursing on the huge head of Darren’s leaking dick, I used my left hand to firmly shuck up and down the seven swollen inches of cock not in my drooling mouth. Darren moaned non-stop as I expertly jerked his cock off in my mouth.

“Kathy!” He hissed. “Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! Suck it! Suck that cock!”

Releasing his cock from my hand, I pushed my face forward and let Darren’s cock slide deep into my mouth and down my throat. Five, then six inches of thick cock bulled past my tonsils down my throat as Darren whimpered and moaned in ecstasy. When I had all eight inches of his cock stuffed down my throat, I raised my eyes up to him in triumph.

Darren used his hands to rub the sides of my bulging cheeks and smiled down at me. Slowly at first, he started to fuck his fat throbbing cock in and out of my throat, causing my eyes to tear up ever so slightly from the effort.

“That’s a girl!” He praised me. “All the fucking way down. You’re still the only girl I’ve ever had do this to me! It feels so fucking good! Swallow it all, Kathy. Swallow it!”

Pleased that I was a better cock-sucker than his bitch wife, I bobbed my head steadily back and forth, letting Darren fuck his cock deep down my cock-stuffed gullet as he groaned in delight. Kneeling on the floor in the empty room, my tight, white skirt raised up over my thighs and barely covered, little ass, I felt my inflamed pussy grow hotter and hotter. Part of me wanted Darren to squirt his thick, sticky cum down my throat, but another part of me, my pussy, wanted Darren to fuck me even more. My pussy won.

Wrenching my mouth off Darren’s twitching hard-on, I quickly stood up. Turning around, I walked a few feet over to the wall of the room and looked pertly back at Darren over my shoulder. Hands against the wall, I spread my legs widely and urged the aroused doctor. “C’mon Baby. Fuck me against the wall. Fuck me from behind like I’m a little bitch in heat! Fuck me like you used to. Fuck my cunt, Darren!”

Heavy, bouncing cock leading the way, Darren walked slowly towards me. Swiveling my trim hips in little circles, I waved my firm little ass at him invitingly, “Hurry Baby.” I moaned in anxious need. “I need to be fucked hard!”

As I watched Darren, I saw a dark cloud pass over his face, his jaw set as if he’d finally made a difficult decision. Reaching down, he pulled up his shorts and scrub pants and shook his head briskly. “I can’t do it Kathy. I just can’t. You understand. I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”

Tears of rage and frustration welled in my eyes. “No! I don’t fucking understand! It’s okay if I suck your cock, but not okay for you to fuck me? What kinda shit is that?” I wailed in disbelief.

“I’m sorry.” He repeated. “I swore I wouldn’t let you do this to me, and I’m not going to. We better get out of here before someone comes looking for us.”

With that, he tucked his still-hard cock back into in his pants, and left the room.

I was stunned, shocked, and embarrassed. With tears still in my eyes, I hastily rearranged my uniform and slinked out of the empty room.

“That was quick!” Beth exclaimed when I arrived back at the nurse’s station. “Guess he’s more like Troy now that he’s married, huh? One and done, two and spew!”

Normally Beth’s comments would have had me laughing out loud, but I was too embarrassed and hurt to laugh with her. Looking closely at me, she saw I was upset.

“What’s wrong, Honey?” she queried. “What happened in there?”

“He turned me down, Beth,” I replied with a hint of shame in my voice. “I fucking offered it to him and he turned it down. I haven’t been turned down ever. I’m humiliated. He turned it down!”

“Shush.” Beth replied soothingly, “That bitch Suzanne probably rags on you and us all the fucking time. I imagine he’d feel too guilty going home to her if he’d done anything with you. Don’t let it worry you. When we get off shift, let’s go over to the lounge and pick up a few big-cocked docs; you’ll forget all about this in a few hours.

Beth was wrong. No way was I ever going to forget this; I had been turned down by a man with a hard cock while I was leaning against the wall, my skirt pulled up over my hips, inviting him to fuck me. I was still in a state of shock. I also was still incredible horny. As I sat there doing paperwork with Beth, my pussy throbbed and pulsed with need. After being so close to being stuffed with cock, my Escort Kütahya pussy needed a release. I tried to ignore my throbbing, aching clit, but it was a losing battle. After 30 minutes, I told Beth I needed a few minutes of Kathy time in the grief-counseling room.

Beth grinned knowingly and handed me the key to the room that was situated between our ward and the orthopedics ward. The grief-counselor’s office was often used for some of the doctors’ and nurses’ more “intimate” moments, but now, at about 2 AM on a mid-shift, it was unoccupied. Unlocking the door to the well-appointed counselor’s office I quickly shut the door behind me and plopped myself down on the over-stuffed chair next to one of the large wooden desks.

Within seconds, my damp thong lay beside me on the couch and my feet were firmly planted on the edge of the plush cushion as I sat facing forward. I had unzipped my uniform jumper blouse and unclasped the front of my lacy white bra which now hung useless. With one hand I tugged, twisted, and pinched one sensitive nipple, and with the other, I rubbed and stroked my throbbing little clit.

Closing my eyes, I thought back to the last time I had been fucked. Roger, one of Troy’s co-workers had sneaked over to my house on his lunch hour. I met him at the door in a red and black bustier, red thigh highs, and black four-inch spike heels. Within seconds, without even bothering to close the front door, Roger had me on my knees in the foyer, my mouth and throat thoroughly stuffed with his swollen erection. Ten minutes later, we were in my bedroom where Roger had proceeded to lay my face down on the bed and force his throbbing prick all the way up my tiny asshole. After much hair pulling, ass-slapping, and dirty talk, Roger finally blew a huge wad of cum up my tight, churning ass as I wailed in bliss.

Roger had then quickly showered and begun to put on his uniform as I had lain in bed, his cum slowly oozing out of my well-fucked butt. “You didn’t even fuck my pussy,” I had pouted up to him. “Why are you in such a hurry?”

He’d replied that my husband had called a meeting of all the flight commanders at 1330 that afternoon and he dare not be late again as Troy had threatened him with disciplinary action if he was late or missed another mandatory meeting.

“I can take care of that,” I’d replied, playfully picking up the phone and talking into it without dialing. “Honey?” I had whispered seductively into the phone, “Roger is gonna have to miss your silly little meeting; he has to stay here and fuck my bad little pussy with his big fat dick That’s not gonna be a problem, is it?”

Replacing the phone in its crook, I had then pried open my tight little cunt with both hands and grinned up at Roger with a wicked look I knew he found irresistible, “No problem. He said just make sure you pull out and don’t cum in my precious little cunt. We don’t want any little Rogers nine months from now.”

Laughing softly, Roger had responded “What the hell, maybe I won’t be all that late,” and started removing his undershirt and shorts. Thirty minutes later, Roger, after ignoring my half-hearted whines to, “Pull out; don’t cum in it! Pull it out!” pumped another load of hot, gooey cum up my spasming pussy as I clung to up desperately, deep in the throes of my third orgasm of the afternoon.

As I recalled the details of my and Roger’s clandestine afternoon fuck-fest, I rubbed my hot, aching clit harder and harder sending sparks of pleasure throughout my entire body. Craning my neck down to just the right angle, I used my free hand to push one tit up to my mouth and quickly licked and then lightly bit down on my erect, spiking nipple. Soon, I felt my pussy twitching as the tell-tale bubble began to build deep in the pit of my stomach.

Releasing my aching tit-tip from my mouth, I spread my legs wider on the chair and rammed two fingers rapidly in and out of my sticky pussy while stroking my hard little clit with the other hand. It was then, with me mere seconds from an explosive orgasm, that the door to the counseling room eased open. Silhouetted in the doorway by the hallway light was Darren. Without shame I allowed my hands to continue pleasuring my ready-to-cum cunt.

“What the fuck, Kathy!” He exclaimed. “Beth told me you were in here. I came to apologize for leading you on.”

Ignoring his words, I looked up at Darren with pleading, delirious eyes. “Please! Please! I need you so bad, Darren. Please fuck me! I need it so bad!”

Darren swallowed with difficulty and stared as my fingers slowly stroked and fucked my clit and pussy. He took two steps into the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Please, Darren,” I continued in a high pitched whining tone. “Please fuck me. I’ll do anything you ask me, if you fuck me now.”

I was desperate to come, and I was even more desperate to have Darren help me do so. Afraid of total rejection once more, I gave Darren a compromise solution. “You don’t even have to put it in me! Just rub it on my clit. You know, slap my clit with it. You know how hard that can make me cum. Please, Darren, please!” I keened loudly.

Darren was wavering. I could see the conflict etched in his face, so I used one last trick that I was sure would tip the balance in my favor.

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