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Having planned the evening down to the last detail, I had nothing further to do. Everything was arranged, and I began to pace, anticipating your knock at the hotel room door. I had emailed you the room number earlier that day, after I’d arrived and found the place satisfactory. Now the only thing I had to do was wait.

Somewhat unsure of myself, I hesitated in front of the bed. Perhaps I should answer the door in the lingerie – no. You told me to wear jeans and a shirt, and to bring along lingerie to wear later if I felt like it. So, again I began to pace. Having sex with you was an intimidating idea. You always looked so perfect – muscular chest, masculine beard, deep penetrating eyes. I did not look forward to the moment you would first see my body uncovered by the baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts I most often wore around you. What if you couldn’t hide your disappointment? What if –

The knock at the door made me jump. I hurried to the door in nervous anticipation, and peeked through the peephole. There you were, just as always. Dark hair, and a slight growth of beard. I had asked you not to shave for the occasion. Opening the door, you smiled at me, extending a small bouquet of lilies. I couldn’t help smiling back. Taking the bouquet, I opened the door wide to let you in, then shut it behind you and locked it – making sure the ‘do not disturb’ sign was clearly visible from the outside.

Turning around, I headed for an empty vase sitting on the bureau. It was handy of the hotel to provide it. I arranged the flowers, then took the vase to the sink to fill it with water. I was glad to have something to do. I wanted a few moments to collect myself.

After replacing the vase in its spot, I turned to you. You were standing near the bed, smiling. I was so attracted to you! So many images flashed through my mind – picture after picture of us making love made my face flush and the spot between my thighs grow warm. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. How I ever got up the courage to ask you to be my lover, I don’t know. And why you agreed is still a mystery!

Walking over to you, I looked into your eyes. I placed my hands on your shoulders, and gathered my courage. I moved my lips to your ear, and whispered – “I can’t believe how sexy you are.”

I could tell you were grinning, and I lightly kissed your earlobe, then nibbled it gently. Your breathing became a bit deeper, and your hands moved to rest on my hips as my tongue traced your ear, flicking inside a bit then licking your lobe. I threw the last shred of my dignity out the window, and whispered again –

“I want you to strip for me. I want to see your body, and use it for my pleasure. I want to make love to you, and I want you to tell me what you want me to do for you.”

Your grip on my hips tightened, and your breathing became slightly more rapid. I felt heady with success, as I could tell you were becoming aroused by me. Imagine – me being able to arouse you! I stepped away from you, and repeated my request that you strip. Your eyes were a deep color, one I’d never seen before. Slowly, you pulled your t-shirt over your head, and dropped it to the floor. You moved to unbutton your jeans, and as you did my hand reached out to your chest. I buried my fingers in the mass of curly hair there, and I closed my eyes as I felt the smooth muscles beneath my fingers. Your hands moved to rest on mine, and I looked up to see your face flushing. Your next words surprised me.

“I hope I can satisfy you.”

Your eyes were hopeful, and you looked the least bit unsure of yourself. You, satisfy me? I assured you, every moment would be special to me, and I had no expectations for you to live up to. I only wanted to experience your masculinity, and embrace it with my femininity. I did not for a minute doubt that you would be able to satisfy me. I asked you to please continue, and reassured you of my attraction, which had led to this rendezvous.

Your hands moved to unbutton your jeans again, and I watched as your strong fingers slowly unzipped them. You pushed the jeans down your hips, and I smiled as your boxers . . . then your thighs . . . then your knees . . .then your calves were revealed. Every part of you was masculine and appealing to me. Especially the slight bulge I saw in your boxers. As you stepped out of the jeans and removed your socks and shoes, I began to imagine the delight I would experience roaming my hands around that body of yours.

You started to remove your boxers – but on impulse I stopped you. I let you stand there, and asked if you would like me to remove my jeans and shirt. Your answer thrilled me – “Let me.”

The brush of your callused fingers against my skin set my pulse racing. I’m sure you could see my chest beginning to rise and fall quickly, as your fingers fumbled with the buttons of my shirt. One by one, you managed to free the buttons and open my shirt wider. I noticed your fingers stray across my bra – a black lacy thing I had bought just for this occasion. I was hoping you would appreciate the lockwood co izle swell of my breast – and by the way your eyes caressed the view, I was sure you did. As the last button was freed, you slipped the shirt from my shoulders. Neither of us noticed it drop to the floor.

Your hands settled on my shoulders, and you ran your fingers under my bra straps. I could tell you wanted to touch me, and I was thrilled at the idea. First, though, you began to remove my jeans. You knelt down to slide them from my hips, revealing the silk black panty underneath. I was nervous – always slightly overweight, I could never see my curves as an asset. My abdomen was soft and slightly round – not the hard athletic type most models displayed. My thighs were soft too, and not as sleek as I thought they should be. I tended to hide them with skirted swimsuits and long shorts. As I stepped out of the jeans, I tried to see your reaction to my body. I could only hope you would be able to look past my imperfections.

Instead of rising, you remained kneeling in front of me – and kissed my belly softly. Surprised and pleased, I placed my hands on your head…burying my fingers in your hair. You kissed the soft skin there playfully, and I laughed softly as your tongue flicked into my belly button. You grinned up at me, and I smiled, feeling more relaxed. Your hands slid over my thighs, even over the thickest parts that I wanted you to ignore, yet you didn’t stop kissing my belly. I continued to play with your hair as your face moved lower, and you began kissing the creases where my thighs met my pubic area.

Sighing in happiness, I closed my eyes to enjoy the softness of your lips. Your fingers slid beneath the leg of my panty, and nestled in my pubic hair. I gave a soft gasp as your fingers moved to feel the wetness that was forming in my mound. Your kisses on my belly changed from soft and playful to passionate and insistent. I had been ready to take control of this encounter, but as you moved to slide my panties down, I knew I would let you do what you wanted. You slid them down to midway between my knees and my mound…and buried your face in my pubic hair. I had wondered if I should shave for you…but when I first brought it up you had shook your head, smiled, and said you would do that for me if I wished. Thinking of you performing that task for me set my pussy on fire, and I could feel the wetness starting to build.

Still keeping my panties half-on, half-off, your tongue licked at my thighs, and your hand slid between them. I was so hot at this point, I stopped worrying about how I looked to you and pressed your head harder against me. I heard you moan, and I smiled to myself as I anticipated the pleasure you were about to give me.

Your hand slid up my thigh, and your fingers started brushing my slit. The contrast between your calluses and my silky pussy set me on fire. I moaned, throwing my head back in sheer pleasure. Your hands quickly slid my panties down to the floor, and I heard you give a sort of growl as I stepped out of them and your hand quickly moved back up to my waiting wet pussy.

As your tongue continued to lick my creases, your fingers slid ever so slightly into my pussy. I spread my legs shamelessly wide to give you better access. You pushed my pubic hair aside, and began licking my clit. I asked if you wanted to shave me first – and your only response was to nibble my clit and slide your fingers deeper into me. My legs were getting weaker. The licking and nibbling of my clit had made it hard and it emerged from its hood, as if demanding attention. You obediently began to suck it, and I let out a loud cry of pleasure. My hands were still in your hair, and I pulled your head deeper as your sucking made me want to explode. Sliding your fingers as deep as you could, I felt you hit my g-spot. You started pressing it in a rhythmic beat, as your tongue circled my clit. I knew it would not take me long to come if you kept this up. My body started to quiver, and my legs began to shake harder.

Suddenly, you were on your feet. Stripping your boxers off, I watched your cock spring free. I was shocked at its hardness. You weren’t as long as other men, but that didn’t bother me in the least. Your spear looked like it was hard and thick enough to keep me in deep pleasure all night. You unhooked my bra and tore it off me, throwing it on the ground. Picking me up, you dropped me on the bed – and the look in your eyes set the pool of warmth in my tummy blazing. Climbing on the bed, you spread my thighs open wide. I felt so wanton, lying there with my breasts and pussy bare to you. I looked up at you with a glance of sheer desire, and cupped my breasts with my hands.

You guided your cock to my pussy, and started to use the head in the same way you’d used your fingers and tongue. Your face lowered to mine, and we kissed – for the first time. Your tongue was insistent, sliding into my mouth with a sweet possession that made me ache. I surrendered to you, and you must have realized loki izle that I wanted you to be in control. For after your kiss stopped, you followed with another – then another – each more passionate than the last. Our tongues swirled together, tasting each other. You tasted so good! My throat was making small sounds of satisfaction involuntarily. I wanted you, all of you, and I needed you to want me.

Your cock continued to rub the wet slit of my pussy, until I begged you to put the head in. You teased me with the silky smooth tip, brushing my clit in feathery strokes and circles. I slid my hands down your body, to your ass. Wanting all of you, I started to pull you toward me. You resisted, and I pulled harder, eager to feel you inside me.

Your hands grasped my arms, suddenly raising them over my head, and pinning them there. Surprised, I look up at you – and saw the seductive smile on your face. I did not think you would initiate this particular fantasy so quickly. You knew I wanted to be bound and at your mercy – but I assumed you would wait. The look in your eyes let me know I was wrong about that. Telling me to stay put, you rose from the bed. Moving to the jeans you’d left on the floor, you removed something from both pockets. As you turned around, I tried to see what the items were. I found out when you moved closer, and wrapped one of them around my wrist. It was a wide leather strap that secured tightly with a buckle. Weaving the strap through a slot in the headboard, you brought my other arm up and secured the strap around it, pulling it tight. As I smiled and tried to loosen myself, I realized quickly that I couldn’t. I pulled hard, and the only thing that moved was the headboard. I quickly surmised that this encounter was now out of my control; and the thought set my juices flowing.

You must have noticed my arousal; my nipples grew even harder and I felt my pussy growing hotter and wetter. You smiled down at me, and my breathing grew deeper and faster as I wondered what was next. You moved to the small couch in the room, and removed one of the thick cushions. Walking back to the bed, you slid it under my hips . . . so that my ass rested on its edge. My head tilted back, so you moved to slide a few pillows under my neck. Taking one of my ankles, you slid it close to the cushion, towards the edge of the bed, so that I had to bend my knee deeply. Another strap made an appearance, and this one you secured to the bedframe. You performed the same ritual on my other ankle. Now, my knees bent and my ankles spread as wide as the double bed, I was completely open and vulnerable to you. My pussy and clit were wide open to the air of the room, tilted upward due to the cushion. My heavy breasts heaved with the motion of my breathing, and they fell away from each other, my arms not able to keep them together – a trick I normally used to enhance cleavage.

I watched as you stood, taking in the sight of me spread open. I wondered how you felt – and then noticed the slight twitch of your cock. It gave me confidence that you were indeed aroused by my position, and not merely playing along for my pleasure. You walked to the bedside table, where I had stored the items I had bought yesterday at a sex shop. I had told you I planned to buy some toys and where I would put them; you didn’t know what I would pick out. I was anxious to see which ones you would choose to use on me.

Sliding open the drawer, I saw your eyes widen, and a pleased gleam came into them. Again, the slight twitch of your cock sent swirls of pleasure through me, and I felt my cunt juice starting to drip down the crack of my ass. I was unbelievably aroused, and needed to come so badly, that I started to beg you to use a toy on me. You removed a string of anal beads, a large vibrator, and a pair of nipple clips from the drawer. I felt more juice flowing down my ass at the thought of what was about to happen.

Moving to sit beside me, you first picked up the nipple clips. Attached by a very short, cold metal chain, I was wondering how they would feel. Not sure if they would be painful, I started to reach to take them from you – and remembered my tied wrists. How in the world did I forget about that? I sighed, knowing that you would not inflict pain but I might indeed experience some mild discomfort along with the exquisite pleasure I’d had so far. Squeezing a nipple to make sure it was hard enough, you then closed a clip around it. As you gently let the spring tighten, the sensation become stronger and a cry started to escape from my mouth. You asked me if it hurt; all I could do was shake my head and mouth ‘No, no!’

You smiled, then pulled my other nipple close. The chain being so short, you had to squeeze my breasts together to make the clip reach. As the other spring tightened on my nipple, involuntary sounds started escaping my throat.

The continuously tight squeezing of the clips, combined with the pull of the taut chain, and the heaviness of the cold metal on my sensitive tits, all combined to bring me lol chi ride e fuori izle a glorious sensation of pleasure. My hips bucked; I was beyond words and my legs began to quiver. I thought the sensation would make me come. Eventually, though, the sweet agony started to subside into a fervent but tolerable pleasure. You sat quietly, stroking the skin of your cock as you watched and listened to me.

As soon as you noticed the change in me, you moved to the edge of the bed, then knelt between my legs. I tried to lift my head up to watch you, but was weak. I felt your fingers gliding gently over my pussy, sliding ever so lightly down the crack of my ass, gathering juice. Your finger paused at my asshole . . . and I gasped as you began to put pressure against it. Firmly, insistently, your finger pressed the tight hole until you could maneuver the tip inside . . . and the sounds I had been making grew louder. Sliding your finger back out, you ran it along my slit again to gather more juice, then back to the hole to slide your finger in again, up to the second knuckle this time. I couldn’t help it; my hips rose off the cushion, and I cried out, ‘Oh god yes!’

This seemed to please you, as you became more insistent with your finger. Eventually, you had wiggled it as far inside me as possible. Gently probing, you moved your hand back and forth to stimulate me. I moaned, cried, and begged you to not stop, ever. Never ever stop. Eventually, though, I felt your finger sliding out of me. A sound of frustration escaped me as I heard you get up and walk to the bathroom sink. You ran the water for a minute, then opened a drawer and searched through it. I knew what I had put in there, and shivered. You walked back with the tube of lubricating jelly in your hand, and I knew I was in store for a treat.

You resumed your kneeling between my legs, and I watched you spread a generous amount of lubrication on the string of anal beads, rubbing it over every surface. My asshole grew tighter, thinking of the sensations to come. You placed the first bead at my hole, and pressed it in with your thumb, slowly and firmly. Again, my hips lifted involuntarily off the cushion. The second bead followed, pushing the first deeper into me. As each bead eased its way inside me, I started to moan, then yell, then scream in pleasure. I had never before gone beyond moaning in bed – but I had no control over myself at this point. Finally, you stopped inserting beads, and let the rest of the string hang down between my ass cheeks.

I felt your finger again, touching my pussy, reaching for the hole. I heard you moan, and say “Your pussy is tighter than any I’ve ever seen.” The anal beads had made me so hot and tight, I didn’t know if you would be able to penetrate me. I watched you take the vibrator in hand, and slide a battery in it. I saw the smile on your face, as you reached up to my bound hands and placed the remote in one of them. “There’s three settings,” you said, “and no off switch.” My eyes grew large, as I fumbled with the remote, wondering which switches meant what. You glided the vibrator, wide and smooth, to the entrance of my pussy, and started to work it into me. It took you a while, as the vibration made me tighter than I was just a few minutes ago. Eventually, though, you had the entire vibrator in my pussy – and I started fumbling again with the remote, trying to turn it up higher.

“Need help?” You asked, and took the remote from me. I felt the vibrations increase, and started bucking my hips. I knew I would come in no time at all. Again, the vibrations increased to an amazing strength, and I heard you toss the remote on the floor. “I really don’t think you’ll be wanting to change the setting.” I barely heard you say, through the buzz in my ears. I felt your hands grasp my ass cheeks, and as soon as your tongue touched the tip of my clit, once, twice, then a third time you flicked it, I came – hard. Very hard. I screamed out your name in a mindless ecstasy I cannot begin to describe.

The squeezing of my pussy went on, and on . . . as I kept saying your name, over and over. My hips bucked, my back arched, until finally the pulses began to subside. I expected you to remove the vibrator, which was still buzzing against my walls, but you didn’t. Instead, you lowered your lips to my clit, again! So gently you started sucking, sucking . . .my hips were wiggling, my moaning continued. Again, I felt the squeezing of my cunt, already spent but ready for more. Harder you sucked, while gently tugging on the string of anal beads. Sucking, until again I screamed and climaxed. Your lips sucked, and your tugging on the beads continued, and continued – until I had orgasmed over and over and over again . . . .

Finally, my legs shaking violently and my pussy sore from squeezing so tight, you stopped sucking my clit. Gently removing the vibrator from me, and taking the battery out, you tossed it on the floor. I heard you making soft sounds of satisfaction, as you gently lapped at the cream that poured from me . . . and started removing the string of beads. My voice was getting hoarse…but I still moaned as your lapping and the tugging stimulated me. So gently you licked and cleaned my cream, until the last bead was pulled from my hole. I laid in complete exhaustion, unable to respond to the feather light kisses you ran up and down my pussy lips.

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