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Everyone’s Girlfriend Ch. 02

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After cleaning up in the shower – which involved a lot of giggling, rubbing and more soap suds than he had ever thought possible – Tom and Kaley towelled off, threw their swimming gear back on and headed out to the beach. “Darryl will get suspicious if I stay here all day.”

Tom stayed quiet. It was more difficult to stave off his guilt in the light of day. Out of the steamy bathroom, out of the fantasy world that he had been living in for the past half an hour, his conscience was twisting his stomach into knots.

Kaley didn’t seem to mind, though. She was looking hale and hearty, having completely gotten over her hangover, and her cheeks were flushed from exertion as she downed an energy drink and raced for the beach. Tom followed at a distance, carrying his board and trying to figure out how he was going to look Darryl in the eye.

As it turned out, Darryl naturally suspected nothing. He greeted them with gusto, slapping Kaley’s ass and kissing her on the cheek as Tom tried not to think about what he had been doing just twenty minutes earlier. Rather than try and catch any waves, he lay back on the sand and flipped on his sunglasses, simply enjoying the hot sun beating down on his skin.


Kaley laughed and spluttered as she wiped out again, spitting a mouthful of seawater back into the ocean and coughing slightly as she flopped down on her ass in the shallows. After a few moments, Darryl came sliding in on the next biggish wave, flipping his board up under his arm and sloshing over towards her. God, his damp skin sparkling in the sunlight was turning her on so much. She wanted to jump him right then and there, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. Besides, she had a new toy to play with now. “You alright, babe?” he asked, his face showing no small concern. “You still look a bit out of it.”

“I guess I am,” Kaley said vaguely, squinting as she peered back towards the beach where she could just barely see Tom passed out under their umbrella. “Might go find some shade.”

“Right. Don’t overdo it, okay?” he prompted, reaching down to lift her up effortlessly with one big, muscular arm.

“Yeah, sure,” she said, silently already apologising to her boyfriend as she gave him a quick kiss and trudged across the sand to where Tom was lying.

She looked the young man up and down while she still could. He wasn’t as beefy as Darryl, but he was naturally broad-shouldered and kept himself in good shape. Unlike Quentin – who she had to admit was kind of sexy, in a cuddly sort of way – Tom looked like a prime example of a man. He just needed to fix that grouchy personality and tendency to complain about dumb shit. Right now, silent and unresponsive, he was cuter than ever. She could just pull his boardies down and ride him then and there, she thought as she noticed the not-inconsiderable package that showed through the loose, damp fabric.

Instead, she dumped her board on the ground next to him, sending a puff of sand scudding into him. “Oi! What the fuck!” he grumbled, lifting a hand to shade his eyes and peering up at her irritably. “Oh, it’s you.”

Kaley enjoyed noting the change in his voice, suddenly switching from pure irritation to mixture of apprehension and lust. She yanked one cup of her bikini top to the side, giving him a quick flash of her nipple. “Boo!”

“Jesus. Kaley, Darryl’s gonna-“

“Oh, just shut up,” she said, grinning. “I need to get fucked again. Wait five minutes and then follow me. You remember that playground by the carpark?”


“See you there.” With a not-so-subtle wink, she turned and walked away from the beach, climbing over the dunes until she was out of sight of the water and trying not to let on how much of the moisture in her bikini bottoms was not seawater.

In truth, she found Tom dangerously addicting. She didn’t even know if it was Tom himself – and the big fat cock that came with him – or the act of cheating that enthralled her so. And it was cheating, she reminded herself. She’d always been a good girl in that regard. In two years with Darryl she’d never so much as kissed another guy, and now here she was; she had allowed – no, invited – Tom to fuck her in the shower, made out with him and now she had organised another rendezvous without a shred of regret or guilt.

A joyful shudder ran through Kaley’s body as she came to that conclusion. No regrets, only happiness and fulfilment. Her relationship with Darryl was not a bad one, and until today it had felt perfectly sufficient. But now she had had a taste of what else was out there, and the pleasure it brought her to sample the goods. Now her mind raced devilishly, flicking through possibilities. She would keep fucking Tom. That was for sure. But who next? Quentin, the big sexy machine? Paul, who may or may not be into chicks as well as dudes? That guy over there, watching her as she crossed the carpark?

Feeling bold, Kaley poked her tongue out at the dude who was ogling her ass. Giving it an extra wiggle, she hooked her thumbs into the strings of her bikini bottom and shimmied it down a little as she walked, giving him a solid ulus escort eyeful of her asscrack before hoisting them back up and running onwards with a giggle.

The playground across the road from the carpark was abandoned, thankfully. Being March, most of the families with kids had abandoned their holiday hangout and returned to the cities. This beach was still reasonably popular with surfers, but a little remote for a family weekend trip at this time of year.

Making herself comfortable on the swing set, Kaley swung gently, kicking her legs back and forth as she did. Her pussy was already tingling just thinking about what she was doing. The thrill was getting her all fired up. “I’m cheating,” she giggled quietly, brushing her toes through the sand underneath the swing set. “I cheated on my boyfriend this morning and now I’m gonna do it again.”

Saying it out loud made it real, and made it better. She had expected to feel guilty when she saw Darryl, but all she had been able to think was “You poor idiot.” The coursing adrenaline of what she had done was overcoming any sympathy she had for her useless boyfriend. Yes, he fucked her every night, filled her cunt with his decently big, thick cock and pounded her until she screamed with pleasure.

But it wasn’t enough. She saw that now. Trembling, she felt her pussy clench as she revelled in her newfound freedom. Darryl’s dick wasn’t enough. She needed more dick, better dick. First – for now at least – she needed Tom’s dick. God, what was taking him so long? It had been five minutes already, surely. Not even bothering to check if the coast was clear, Kaley plunged one hand into her bikini bottoms, feeling the slightest tinge of moisture that could definitely not be attributed to seawater.

“Mmmm…” she sighed, shifting forwards on the rubber swing so that she had more room to play. Spreading her legs dangerously wide, she rubbed a finger gently up and down her pussy lips, causing her whole body to shiver warmly. She tossed her head back and closed her eyes, embracing the feelings. The combination of the hot sun on her skin and the slowly burning fire in her core tickled her fancy in all the right ways, drawing beads of sweat from her skin and loosening every muscle in her body. Carefully avoiding her clit for the moment, Kaley sank one slow, gentle finger into her pussy, gasping softly at the feeling.

Before she could really get into it, however, a shadow fell over her, causing her to squeak and jump. “Jesus. Tom?”

It wasn’t Tom. Kaley felt her heart drop like a stone into the pit of her stomach as she recognised the young man who had been eyeing her up in the carpark before. “Not today!” he said with a chuckle. “You really are a slut, no?” His voice was rough and accented – Latin American perhaps? He had Mediterranean-tanned skin, though, bronzed and slicked with a sheen of sweat.

Kaley rapidly snapped her legs back together, petrified as the stranger leaned in closer. “Mmm,” he said thoughtfully, a roguish grin on his handsome face. “You know, my friends, they said to me, ‘Go to Australia! It’s full of sexy women who will sleep with anyone!’ I didn’t believe them at first, but it’s true, isn’t it? You flash your ass at a stranger and hope he’ll come and fuck you.”

Shivering, Kaley shook her head rapidly. “N-no!” she said, trying to stand up. The man blocked her, though, a dangerous look behind his playful eyes. “I didn’t-“

“You did.”

“But that’s not why I-“

“Mentiras. You’re lying to me.” He drew even closer, his stormy blue-grey eyes just centimetres from Kaley’s. “Why would you show me that, and then come here to touch yourself?”

“I was waiting for… m-my boyfriend.” Kaley tried to look around the man, hoping Tom would arrive son. It had easily been more than five minutes. Had he chickened out?

“But he’s not here,” the stranger whispered. Then he grabbed her by the chin and kissed her hard.

Kaley gasped as he let her go, stepping back to look down at her with a grin on his face. She wanted to slap him, to scream, to cry, to do all three at once – but something stopped her. Something that was welling up from deep inside her, threatening to swallow her whole. Her mouth went dry as she saw a noticeable bulge in the attractive stranger’s board shorts. “Um.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Sí?”

She swallowed, feeling her hands tremble as she pointed to his crotch. “Sh-show me that.”

Smirking, he reached for his waistband and pulled them down a little, allowing his cock to flop out. Maybe seven inches. Not absurdly huge, but big enough that she would feel it. Kaley felt her pussy tense up, longing to feel this stranger’s cock inside it as she stared with unfocused eyes. Where normally she would have felt guilt, shame or fear, there was only arousal.

“I’m Luis,” he said.

“I’m Kaley, and I think you’re right. I am a slut,” she replied breathlessly, and then she was on him. Practically flying up from the swing set, she crashed her lips against his, pushing her tongue into his mouth and French kissing him desperately. Fuck yenimahalle escort Darryl. Fuck Tom too! She’d decided she was going to cheat, so why stop at one cock? Why limit herself to people she knew? Another layer of Kaley’s inhibitions fell away as she practically glued herself to Luis’ body, pressing her breasts hard against his chest and grinding her crotch against his exposed cock, feeling it twitch and grow to full hardness as she did so.

“C’mere,” Luis said, grabbing her by the ass and lifting her into his arms – just like Tom had done in the shower that morning. As he carried her underneath the main part of the playground – a boxy wooden structure with climbing walls and a slide attached to it – Kaley realised that this would be her third fuck in less than twelve hours. First Darryl had pulled her, drunk and giggling, into bed after the bonfire last night, stripping her totally naked before pounding her doggy style for half an hour, causing her to shriek and squeal in loving ecstasy – possibly the last time she would ever feel that way about her boyfriend. Then she had pulled Tom in and fucked him, quick and dirty, in the shower. She still couldn’t say why she’d done it, but in hindsight the thrill was unmistakeable. He had played along marvellously, even going so far as to cum inside her bare pussy, but now it appeared he’d gotten cold feet, so she was preparing to take a total stranger’s cock in her dripping wet pussy. Even as the thought turned Kaley on even more, Luis was pushing her down, none too gently, onto the rubber surface that served as a safety mat under the playground. Covering her entire body with his own, he invaded her mouth again, bearing down on her with passionate kisses that slid across her jawline and up to her ear, his tongue flicking out to probe that orifice as well.

“You say you’re waiting for your boyfriend, but you want me this much?” he whispered, pushing one hand into her bikini bottoms and rubbing her pussy.

She felt her slickness coating his fingers and moaned involuntarily. “N-not my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s still at the beach. I was waiting for another guy to come and fuck me.”

Chuckling incredulously, Luis began kissing down her neck. Between kisses, he continued, “Another guy?” Kiss. “Not me?” Kiss. “I’m hurt.”

“You’re fucking me now, aren’t you?” Kaley teased, wrapping her arms around Luis as he continued to kiss and lick his way down her chest, over her collarbone and into her cleavage.

“This is true. You have nice Australian titties,” he complimented her.

“Easy there,” she said drily. “I want you to fuck me, not talk to me.” The fire burning in her crotch was threatening to overwhelm her now. As Luis continued to finger her, she twisted to reach behind her back and pull the tie on the top half of her bikini. Letting it fall away from her ample chest, she pulled her new lover into it, feeling the rough stubble on his face scratching at her nipples. God, he was delicious. Hotter than Tom, probably Darryl too. She had always enjoyed looking at boys like this, but she never did touch. Now he was all over her, one hand teasing her pussy and the other groping at her left breast. Already dripping wet, she only that delightful, sinful desire to have his cock inside her. “Hey, you clean?” she asked, reaching down to play with his cock.

“I am, but would it really matter to you if I wasn’t?” Luis asked.

With a shock, Kaley realised that it wouldn’t. She wanted Luis more than she had ever wanted anybody in her life; her pussy was aching with desire and she didn’t care what the consequences were as long as it was filled soon.

But Luis appeared to be in no hurry, continuing to grind against her body with every part of his own. There was a passionate kind of roughness to the movement of his hands as they roamed all over her, kneading her breasts, plucking at her nipples, and sliding under her bikini bottoms to squeeze her ass and dance over her pussy, always avoiding the sensitive zones that would push her towards the release she craved.

Kaley moaned irritably as his touch left trails of fire all over her body, scorching her with his immoral desire. Taking charge, she rolled Luis onto his back and straddled him, her ass grinding gently on his cock as she moved lightly back and forth, feeling his hardness prodding at her through the flimsy scrap of black fabric that was all she now wore. Her breasts swaying gently as she gyrated, she had never felt so sexy, so desirable in all her life. This was what she needed, she realised. She needed to see proof of how her body drove men wild — men that weren’t her boyfriend. “You wanna fuck me?” she asked, raking her fingers across Luis’ chest.

“The question, chica, is if you want to fuck me,” Luis smirked. Suddenly he sat up, embracing Kaley as she fell into his lap.

She squeaked at the unexpected shift, feeling his arms wrap tightly around her as he kissed her again, hot and hard. Overpowered above and below, she felt her legs grow weak. Looping her arms around Luis’ shoulders, she melted into his kiss, letting her body collapse against him entirely.

Luis reached down, yanking her black bikini bottoms to the side and exposing her hungry, drooling pussy. Sticky and hot, she had never been more ready. “Just hurry up and fuck me,” she panted, bracing her hands on his strong shoulders and lifting her body to position herself above his erect cock.

Grinning, Luis grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down, impaling her on his cock with agonising slowness. “Ohhhh yeah,” he groaned, that smug grin barely slipping as his eyes went slightly unfocused.

Kaley felt him invade her soaking pussy with an inexpressible joy, sinking inch by inch of his iron-hard, scorching cock into her depths. She moaned long and low, feeling Luis’ cock settle comfortably into her body. Bottoming out on his length, she moved her hips gently in his lap, gyrating slowly in the way that Darryl always liked. Determined to give him as much pleasure as he gave her, she raked her fingers down from his shoulders and across his chest, dancing like spiders over his tight pectorals.

Luis wasn’t having any of it. Grabbing her roughly by the hips, he bounced her on his cock, using his hips at the same time to firmly drive himself up into her. The unexpected forcefulness took Kaley by surprise, causing her to squeal loudly and lose her grip, almost falling backwards. She would have wound up on her back again if not for Luis’ hands on her hips; as it was, she found herself hanging off him, staring at the ceiling and moaning his name as he pounded her.

It was rough, animalistic and naughty. Darryl liked to fuck her hard, but there was always a sweetness, a kind of loving tenderness to it as he pounded her pussy, an acknowledgement that he was doing it because he loved her. With Luis, however, there was no tenderness at all. If she hadn’t been so wet and totally turned on, it would have been painful. As it was, she was barely able to control herself. Giving no thought to their surroundings or the possibility of being discovered, she let her voice ring out clearly. “Ahh! Luis! Holy shit, fuck me harder!”

She’d never been the most imaginative dirty talker. As she revelled in the feeling of being impaled on Luis’ hard cock, a small part of her mind started to wonder if that was something she ought to practise. Since she was committed to being a cheating slut now, it was probably a good skill to pick up. It would be wasted on Luis, though. Despite his cute accent and European good looks, he was a bullheaded, straightforward person in every way.

Still, he was slowly but surely pushing her towards her orgasm. Feeling bad about letting herself be fucked like a limp ragdoll, Kaley hoisted herself back upwards as she continued to ride him and planted her feet on either side of his hips. Placing her hands on his chest again, she pushed him down so he lay on his back, assuming the cowgirl position – one of her favourites. Darryl always liked to be the active lover, and she had no problem letting him rail her from behind, so this was something she rarely got to do.

“Hey!” Luis snapped. “Who’s in charge here?”

“Who the fuck do you think?” she snapped back. “Don’t think your charms are working on me! I just want this dick.” She emphasised her point by lifting her ass and slapping it back down again, harder than before. Settling into a rhythm, she began to ride him at a steady pace, twisting her hips until his dick was jabbing into her most sensitive spots. Closing her eyes with grim satisfaction, she let the bliss wash over her as their sweaty bodies slapped together beneath the playground. The only sound their harsh breathing and the rhythmic smack, smack, smack as their hips drove into each other again and again, Kaley lost herself to the act of fucking.

She usually liked to call it ‘making love’, but there was no love here. Pretending otherwise would be stupid. Luis was just a convenient dick that had presented itself at the right time, when she was horny, lonely and longing to try cheating on her boyfriend again. Now here she was, her breathing growing ragged as she increased her pace, slick juices splattering around her crotch and Luis’ as her drooling pussy swallowed his stiff cock. “I need to cum,” she hissed, as much to herself as to her partner.

“I know, sexy,” Luis murmured, the smug grin on his face tarnishing the otherwise sweet words. Grabbing her bouncing tits in both hands, he squeezed tightly, an almost painful grip that sent ropes of fire twirling through Kaley’s body.

She cried out involuntarily. “Fuck! Ugh.” Her eyes rolled back and her hips began to twitch as she felt her orgasm approaching. Luis was bucking his hips now, mirroring her movements to push himself ever deeper into her pussy. His cock was bulging, swelling within her. She felt the bulbous ridge of his cockhead scrape against the walls of her pussy, raking her up and down with every thrust as she dug her nails into his chest and rode him for all he was worth. The feeling was carrying her away, the overload of sensations in and around her pussy overloading her brain. The joy, the stimulation, the feeling of being gouged out so deeply and roughly, the pure carnal triumph of fucking herself to orgasm on the cock of a sexy, self-aggrandizing European while her boyfriend carelessly surfed on the beach just a few hundred metres away.

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