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Evening Song

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The valley of The giants is the most wonderful patch of rain Forest on the face of the earth. As a child I had greatly explored this place and discovered a place I called Secret Falls. The forest opened up to the skies as the tree abutted a gorge. From the heights of the gorge a waterfall sprayed the trees with a cooling misty rain. There was a constant rainbow that gave this place a sense of magic of the unreal, you expected to find fairies and nymphs in the trees and water.

The pool its self was always refreshing crystal clear fresh water untouched by the decay of modern society no pollution no garbage no sign of modern society. To my knowledge no human had ever been here beside myself. There was not an inkling that any other had ever passed this way. Secret falls was truly my place and mine alone.

On a pristine spring day I had decided to have a weekend of indulgence at the falls. It was my habit to treat myself on occasions. Packing a sleeping bag and a picnic basket full of my favourite treats I found my self as always at my inner sanctum.

There was no need for clothes at my hide out and I was only too willing to be at one with nature stripping to be naked as the day I was born I swam in reflection pond. The waters chilled me as my nipples hardened and my cock shrunk I felt wondrously refreshed.

Sprawling out on some rock letting the sun warm by body I reached for a treat from the basket a bottle of chocolate sauce which up ended I drizzled into my mouth. I was startled to hear a voice say can I have some of that so startled was I that I spilled the sauce over my chin and chest.

“Who the hell are you?” I demanded to know.

“I’m am Suzi and what are you doing at my secret place” was her response.

My god who was this woman and what did she mean her secret spot. I took the time to look at her a little closer . I guessed she was 5’3″ maybe 265 lbs, stunning green eyes that look like they belonged to the forest its self . her hair flowed to her shoulders chocolate brown. She was clothed only in a sarong that did nothing to hide her ample breast and curvaceous body. Kütahya Escort She look like she belonged to this place.

I suddenly became acutely aware of the fact I was naked and that my clothes were closer to her than to me and I covered myself as much I could with my hands.

Suzi giggled a little in an almost childish sort of way, don’t do that on my account I came here intent on the same sort of thing. It was then that I noticed a sleeping roll and her picnic basket as well. With that she unhitched the sarong letting it fall to the sarong fall to the ground and she dived into reflection pond.

Strange she was not that classic beauty of the nymph I had envisaged but as we swam and chatted we discovered how we both came to this place often but had never met. She had a beauty that shone from with in and I realised that more and more we were Kindred spirits.

The sum passed over the gorge and evening started to fall. We swapped baskets to see who had the best tastes in foods her baskets contained fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolate, champagne whipped cream and an assortment of aromatic oils. We were still naked when I suddenly felt a squirt of chocolate sauce splash on my face. So it was a food fight she was after grabbing the can of whipped cream I chased her and covered her breasts and face with the contents of the can.

We must have looked a sight she with the white of the cream, and I with dark of the chocolate both covered on face and chest. Circling a tree I finally caught her grabbing her face to face and laughing like two naughty little children the cream and chocolate on our chest merged together.

The evening light danced on her face, creating one of those magic moments. I lower my face to her cheek and tasted the mixture of cream and her sweat which had a strangely intoxicating taste. She in turn licked chocolate from my lips before pushing her tongue deep into my face.

We both knew we had discovered a new pleasure to be had at our secret place. I lowered my self to my knees and licked and sucked the creamy chocolate mixture from her Kütahya Escort Bayan breasts paying particular attention to her nipples. Her nipples grew to an unbelievable size and it was not the mild temperature on the evening that caused this reaction. The wicked pleasure of eating food off her and she of me was a huge turn on. She reached don into her basket and took a strawberry rubbing in her very wet pussy her creams on it were clearly visible. Then Suzi rubbed it over my lips and as I bite it my mouth exploded at the taste.

We spread our sleeping blankets over the ground and Suzi place 4 cherries in side her pussy and told me to take her cherry. Spreading her legs barely enough for me to place my lips upon her soaking pussy I explored her pussy. Slowly licking her from the base of her pussy to the top of her clit. I could taste the supple flavours of the cherries I searched inside her with my tongue to get the tasty treats she hid with in. As each one was removed from her the fire with in her grew as the last cherry was in my mouth I leaned over her and kissed the fruit from my mouth to hers. The heady taste of her musky juices and the tart taste of the cherry engulfed both our bodies and minds.

The churning in my loins was intense and I pull her lags apart so as to enter her but she pushed me down on the bed rolls placing a finger to her nose to keep me quiet she slid her hand over my eyelids till they were shut. A strange feeling engulfed my rigid cock as Suzi dripped chocolate sauce over it, then a slightly cooler sensation as she buried it in whipped cream. I open my eyes and saw a giant chocolate sundae where my cock should have been.

Slowly she lapped up the ice cream at time I would feel the slightest of licks as this woman was not going to rush a good meal. As more and more disappeared the sensation of her tongue on my manhood increased. Bit by bit my penis came into view, then she did what no other woman had ever been able to do, she engulfed my whole cock in her mouth. I was barely able to contain myself as she worked it in and out of her mouth. I could Escort Kütahya feel a very familiar feel churning deep inside me when I could contain my self no longer. I exploded in a mind blowing orgasm and where before cream had covered her face and boobs its was now coated in my cum.

Now it was my turn to lay her out. Slowly I licked my cum from her face kissing her with the kind of passion I did not know I was capable of. From her breasts I ate every drop of my cum before I found myself once again with my head buried in the warmth of her womanhood. I had no trouble finding her clit it stood out like a beacon. Wrapping my lips around it I heard her moan and knew that she would not be long in discovering that ecstasy that only an orgasm can bring. From her basket I drew a banana peeled it and slid it whole inside her pussy. Sucking on her clit I slid it back and forth like a dildo. Then lowered my moth to her pussy and let her feed me the banana from with in her. My munching rubbing her clit a creamy banana was a wonderful taste. Her orgasm took me by surprise as half a banana was suddenly forced into my mouth at the same time her legs engulfed my head locking it in place.

I continued to tease her clit as I finished my fruity snack it seemed like minutes that she held me locked to her but I was not struggling to get away. As I rolled from my captive position I released that my cock was once again rigid a fact that was not lost on Suzi. She rolled on to her hands and knees and pushed her soaking pussy up in the air in an open invitation to put something other than fruit inside her. Kneeling behind her I rubbed my cock up and down the entrance to what would be my new secret place.

With each pass up and down her pussy Suzi moaned slowly I fed my cock into her inch by inch it was enveloped in fire. Her pussy grated me by closing around and engulfing me. Each thrush was met my her rocking back taking me deep to the hilt each time. It took but a few short minutes for the forest to hear the moaning of two lover on heat. The crescendo built and volume of each other approval drowned out the usual evening song of the forest. The howls as each of us climaxed rocked the animals of the area as all seemed to squark or howl in unison as we fell exhausted but well fed we slept in each other arms in our secret place.

So should the lover create yet another exciting chapter?

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