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Even God Approves

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Boat Sex

5am on the day I became a man… As the sound of birds waking, neighborhood dogs barking at the paper boy and the sound of a heart beating next to mine. Oh yeah, Oh My, Oh thank you God. For the first time in my life I wake realizing I am not a lonely sailor, not a single being, not even a member of the lonely hearts club. I am in bed with love and purpose, I’m loving and loved, I am a man total in nature and imperfect by design and yet it all feels so perfect to be alive. Still, I find myself scared to open my eyes for fear that maybe I am still in a deep sleep and my dreams of being coupled could be still only a fantasy. But now I notice scents, warmth and my body is leaning against another body.

5:05am on the day I realized I am a man… It cant be a dream, I have to get up for work and the light of day shines thru my eye lids even as they are still closed tightly in hope. Oh, Oh God, there is an arm now across my chest, should I cry? Laugh? Oh, God, and just as I feel like I am falling, a hand moves across my chest resting on my nipple and fingers touch and rub it so lightly. Jesus, Lord, you would never let me fall this far without meaning would you? This is no dream my senses are all working perfect and I can smell the familiar scent of the most wonderful person to walk in my world. Tears form around my eyes and my heart quickens with each passing moment. I understand heaven, I am not dead and yet here I am, living and breathing in heaven. Hush, quiet to scared to move as the fingers could stop and I would surely die. Hush, don’t move.

5:10am in the moment I became your man… Slowly as my nipple gets hard in your fingers, like you are reading my mind your hand moves down my stomach resting for just a moment on my naval and you trace your finger around it doing circles and pushing your finger in it like it was a magic button that needed to be pressed. It’s now or never, I turn my head and I see the angelic glow of a love that is earned and mutually respected. You are my wife and I for the first time in my life understand what marriage means, coupling of two hearts in to one central force guiding us both to a single place. You see that I have been crying and you smile and lean over to lick the tears from my cheek. It’s nothing new but today it just seems so different. I love you and reach over to touch your face and rub my fingers along your chin and drift my finger tips down your neck. This is obviously why God created man and gave to him a being to worship, emotions to make him weak and strong and desire to make him whole with the ability to give love in a physical touchable way.

5:15am on the way to knowing totality with my mate… The sheets that cover us rise and fall with each breath that we take and even our breathing is in unison. There are two noticeable rises in the sheets, one where your breasts and hardened nipples push toward the ceiling and the other where my hardness for you, crests along for what seems to you to be an endless summit of attraction. Your hand moves from my naval down to where your desire lives and you with the grace of an angel move your fingers around me and with stillness you feel the pulse of my heart thru the veins in what has become your penis. We both intake air as we have now crossed the path of morning simple caress into an epic scene of love and worship.

Time is no longer relevant on the day we became lovers in faith and design. My hands no longer can be still and the uncontrollable nature of my desire for you brings my hands to your chest and as I marvel and the perfect sculpture of every inch of every inch of every inch of you makes me cry out for you, never have I held perfection in my hands till my heart found yours. The desire to jump your bones is almost undeniable but on this day “That I became a man” let the right one in izle time is of no concern and my job will have to find away to survive its insignificance in an imperfect world where a perfect love between us grows. So slowly you hold and begin to move your hand around my manhood and you also recognize that this will be a long and uninterruptible journey in to heavenly bliss between two souls that have thru the good fortune and graces of God have found each other and nothing is simple now for us, you trace each and every ripple in my skin and your fingers dance on me as you love me so much that you wish to memorize every single crease and rise on my shaft. My fingers roll your nipples thru each and every finger, touching the tip and tracing the little circles that make you so wet for me around your perfect breasts. I move over you and so gently take one nipple into my mouth and lick its perfectness with love and the devotion only you could have ever earned from me. Dragging my tongue across each breast and spending moments of wanting craze on each nipple till they are so hard and puffy and pink with pride. Your hand squeezing me as if you were trying to make something release from with in, and soon that will be inevitable as I feel the pressure in my balls building with every second.

Is it hot in our room? Am I on fire? Or is this just the rewards that two people so in love must adjust too. As I lick my way down past your stomach and reposition myself so my face is over your cleft and my penis is over your mouth. You pull me inside so briefly and then roll your tongue back and forth across the head tasting the ooze that is always leaking from me, whenever we are engaged in love making or not. Even the simple sign of your name on my messenger when I am at work starts the oozing and I am always having to go into another room to allow myself to calm. Wearing underwear is no longer and advantage for me as it only means more to wash every night from my lust for you. Again you take me in your mouth rolling your tongue around me while taking your hand pulling and stroking me in a never ending motion of design. We know each others buttons and how and when to push or pull them, it is perfect and I love you in a way no person could ever understand but us. The sight of your lips pouting and glistening with moisture for what you know will be a long and constant affection between my mouth and your opening is more than you can stand and your hips rise off of the bed to meet my tongue.

On a day when two bodies merge together into one perfectly designed model of love and completion. Your mouth now engulfs my length and girth and my face is no longer a single entity as my top is now your bottom and we move in concert with the same goal and the chorus we sing is the one that brought broader life to our planet and children to our father. We are here for you God and he is approving in the way we show our admiration for each other, our love is holy and nothing we do is either a sin or unnatural. My tongue cant drink from you enough and if I was left to have but one drink to curb my thirst for the rest of my life, it would be the juices that pour from within you every time I am near…

As our arms and hands busily surround each others total body the moment of solo is upon us, each in our own way shake and groan for love making is what we do best and we both love to see and hear and yes feel our lovers orgasm as it is the true sign of love for our touch. But something is different this time, the cuming doesn’t stop, it goes on and on and increases in pressure and sensitivity. You continue to cum, stroke after stroke and I cum n your mouth over and over as you cannot even contain my juices as they fall from leyla ile mecnun izle your lips and cover your chin. With the movement of Bach or Beethoven you roll over on your stomach and I climb upon your ass and back for the final movement.

We rest like spoons in a drawer till your breathing slows and then with one swift move your ass rises above the bed and I slide inside you, OH GOD the feeling of you as your insides warm me and my harness seems to become un bearable. The swelling inside you as the one feeling that I cannot control, and your tightness seems to be just enough to allow me entry.

We lay quiet just feeling the warmth and satisfaction of coupling, it is more than either of us had ever hoped for in our lives. As I lie on your back with my hands holding your breasts and my lips kissing so very tenderly along your shoulders and back, you begin to move involuntarily. You push into me trying with all of your might to feel my total penetration of your love. I feel the muscles inside you squeezing me and then releasing as each time we move in and out. It is a feeling I never experienced before and your control of your muscles within is amazing. We move like this for only a few minutes as once again I begin to feel the need to roam your body with my mouth and tongue. Much to your surprise I slide out of you and slowly begin to kiss and lick every inch of your back, moving so slowly with only the desire to bring you total pleasure as we have no place to be and no time limit on this wonderful day that we became one…

The heat that rises from between your legs is present everywhere and I feel it radiate to my chest as I move farther and farther down your back. Kissing and biting just enough to give you the tingles that I know you love to feel so much. Sucking on the small of your back and sliding my hands down your legs, rubbing and massaging every muscle in your legs and thighs, kissing my way down to your rear as I kiss and suck each cheek while only briefly allowing my tongue to drift across your flower. You call out to me to please let you turn over so you may also join in, but its your time to feel the measure of love I have for you and I seek nothing in return at this moment, I am total with you as my lover. Kissing my way down the back of your legs, across your calves down to your ankles, kissing and sucking your feet and toes into my mouth. It is amazing how every inch of your body turns me on. I rub the bottoms of your feet as I kiss your toes allowing them to enter my mouth one at a time and enjoying and savoring this truly fantastic time we are spending together.

Then my journey begins to move upward kissing all along every muscle, every vein, it is all I can do to keep from cuming again as I just love to please you and to make you feel the love you have always been denied all of your life. You try to remember a time when you felt this much comfort and love and once again you come up blank as it is as new for you as it is for me. I push your legs apart so that I can have total access to the insides of your thighs, trailing my tongue and little trails of saliva along your thighs making you moist everywhere. I pause for a moment to look at your womanly beauty, I have never seen anything so perfect and the sight of your moist and puffy lips that are the entrance to where my heart and lust have found a home for life. Moving up as my nose just touches you and you jerk but only once as you take one deep breath and know that you have surrendered to your own lust and nothing is sacred or secret between us. My tongue brushes across your lips and then slowly moves deeper with in you, you even feel my eye lashes twinkle along your skin, it is all that you expected loving me to be. As my tongue dances little women izle across your pussy, you have no choice and even before I begin my romancing of your womb you cum and a flood of the most wonderful nectar floods into my face and I smile as once again I know I have brought you totalness. Your legs pulling back trying to grip my shoulders pulling me in to you even closer. This is why we love, this is why love was the most perfect design of our Lord. After I have licked and cleaned you with my mouth and the rushes subside, again I begin to make my move within you.

Tracing each side of you with my tongue moving it up and down along the perfect folds with only the very tip of my tongue touching them. I know the one place that sends you over the edge and avoid this place for now as I want you to feel and enjoy every moment of my journey inside you. Instinctively your hand moves down and you begin to rub your clitoris as my tongue laps at your opening. I see that you are no longer in control of your passion so I do as I must and take your clitoris into my mouth and suck in and out as if it were a popsicle and I continue to do this till I realize you are so close to another mind shattering orgasm and at this moment my fingers gentle push against the flower of your rear, only enough to allow you to feel the pressure of every opening of your bottom being attended too. With my other hand I insert 2 fingers and massage your g spot as I suck your sweet little clit in and out of my mouth only ever 10 or 15 times I push my tongue inside you with my fingers and you begin to rise and fall like the crashing of a violent storm on the beach, each wave crashing against your body and your legs wrap around my back as the glorious moment of your biggest orgasm of your entire life begins … You become dizzy as you realize that I have 3 fingers inside you, your own hand rubs your hood pushing it against my mouth and face, my fingers tenderly push against your rear and I suck you deeper and deeper into my mouth.

This is no ordinary orgasm, you scream and buck against me with wild abandon and your body convulses in every possible direction it can given that you are surrounded with fingers tongue and mouth. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I hear as you flood my face with juices and more juices. You barely breathe as you call out my name over and over and for what seems an eternity you push and grind your love into me. All of this time I am barley able to control my happiness as I could cry or laugh or maybe die in contentment. I have done the thing that my whole purpose in life has brought me here for. I have brought my better half to a place she needs to know over and over for the rest of her life. Even as your orgasm subsides your breathing does not calm and you pull me into you for one last dash at the feeling of my mouth on you. My face covered in your love and as I smile at you, tears form around your eyes and you turn to look back at me with the look I will never forget. It seems like you want to thank me but we know words like that do not exist between us now as the reward I have gotten is the knowledge that you are total and complete from my love for you…

Finally, you roll on to your back and force me to exchange places with you as you also have the same desire to roam and experience all that is your man. On the day you also became a total woman. You lay your body, your so lovely body across mine trying to cover as much of me as possible wanting us to become one body, no way to tell where I end and you begin. We kiss, our tongues entwined in a ritual of exchanging breath and gently taking my tongue into your mouth and sucking on it like you have my manhood, allowing it to slide in and out of your mouth. Many times we are so intense that our faces just mash together but this day everything is gentle, everything is sweet and pure. This is not a day of sex and wanton excitement this is a day we have chosen as the day we become mated with no chance of either of us ever allowing another to enter our minds or souls… I love you honey, I love you Princess…

If this is any good, please let me know, chapter 2 awaits on you…
Mr Damnitt

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