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Eva and Daddy Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is my first submission to Literotica and I hope you enjoy it. Please note that this story is purely fictional, and all characters are 18+. Thanks!


Even though it was already evening the heat continued to be oppressive, and sweat was slowly running down Eva’s neck as she helped her mom finish up some weeding in the garden. It was definitely summertime in Miami – the final summer before she would move to the west coast to pursue a business degree at UCLA. “Yes!” she exclaimed, as she pulled the last wayward dandelion out of the flowerbed. “Mom, I’m all done here – do you mind if I take a quick dip in the pool before dinner?”

“Sure, sweetheart, go right ahead,” her mom, Janine, replied, “I’ve just got a few more to go and then I’ll head in too. Thanks for your help!”

“No worries mom, it’s too hot out here for you to be doing this by yourself anyway, and it’s nice to spend some quality time with you before I leave!” Eva leaned down and gave her mom a quick kiss on the cheek, the latent heat from that brief contact making her lips uncomfortably warm for a few seconds. It was just so hot!

Eva removed her clothes as she walked around the house, revealing her new bikini underneath. It was white and gold, consisting mainly of tiny triangles and strings. It highlighted her summer tan to perfection, but the main reason Eva bought it was because she knew it would turn the slightest bit translucent when wet, giving anyone interested in looking a hint at what her nipples and pussy looked like. Even though Eva was a virgin, she loved to be a tease.

Eva took after her mom’s side of the family, which basically consisted of generation after generation of barely-5-feet-tall women. In a word, she was petite, and had managed to hit a whopping 5’0″ by the time she turned 18 earlier this year. Her diminutive height was accompanied by barely-B cup breasts, topped with large pink and puffy nipples that were upturned just enough to be perky. Although she used to think her breasts would grow to fit her areolas, it turned out to be wishful thinking. Luckily though, she did have a pretty curvy ass, managing to escape the “curse of flat butts” that plagued the women in her family. As for her face, she had big green eyes, high cheekbones, and bright red hair that fell in long, wavy locks around her elfin face.

Shimmying out of bursa bayan eskort her shorts, Eva dove into the pool. She immediately felt better as the cool water washed over her, dissipating all the heat stored inside her tiny frame. “Ahhh!” she thought, “That really hit the spot!” Eva gently burbled to the surface, her lithe body undulating sinuously under the water. Flipping over onto her back, she closed her eyes and floated for a little while, enjoying the hot sun on her face, and the cool water lapping at her trim young body.


Warren watched his daughter in the pool from his bedroom window upstairs. He had been going through the bills at his desk, when he saw her taking off her clothes and diving into the pool. “That must be a new swimsuit,” he thought to himself distractedly, hoping it hadn’t cost too much. He would never understand how something so insubstantial could possibly be so expensive. As he watched Eva flip over onto her back, he suddenly realized he could see the outline of her nipples through the fabric. A pale pink shadow, he noticed them get stiff and pucker when a breeze blew through the backyard. Warren was shocked to find his cock starting to stir as he stared at his daughter’s breasts. Shaking his head at himself, he turned back to the pile of awaiting paperwork, wondering how he had missed the fact that Eva had grown into a beautiful young woman. As an image of her firm young breasts flashed again in his mind, Warren found himself closing his eyes and reaching down to lightly rub his swollen cock.

“Shit! What am I doing?” he thought, as his cock surged upwards, throbbing, towards his hand, “She’s my daughter! My baby girl!”

Warren almost jumped out of his skin when a smooth hand was placed next to his and a voice whispered in his ear, “I see someone’s frisky this evening!” Feeling guilty, he almost gave a sigh of relief as he realized it was Janine who had snuck up behind him and was now gripping his prick firmly through his shorts. Tipping her chin up, he kissed her roughly, moaning as he pushed his tongue inside her mouth and reached out to play with her small breasts. Eva was quickly forgotten as Warren fell into lust with his wife. They were both groaning and breathing harshly, when Warren broke the kiss and started taking his clothes off, with Janine quickly following bursa evi olan escort suit.

At 6’3″, Warren was tall by anyone’s standards. He was also well-built for 41, and maintained his buff figure with intense workouts at the gym 3-4 times a week. He was proud of his body, and his athleticism really showed in every aspect of his life, including the bedroom. In contrast, Janine was a diminutive 4’11”, small and trim in bust, waist, and hips. Although she had grown slightly rounder at the age of 40 than when they had first met, she was still stunning and fit, and more than a match for him sexually. Warren always loved feeling like a Viking invader, towering over Janine as she sucked on his cock, or as he worked his cock into her trim pussy.

Currently, Warren’s 8-inch cock that was 2-inches in diameter, was pointing straight at Janine. His cockhead looking like an angry purple plum that pulsed with his heartbeat, as a small trickle of pre-cum oozed out of his slit. “Oooh!” Janine cooed, “is this for me?” She reached out and firmly gripped his prick, her small hand unable to completely reach around his massive girth. She had always loved feeling like a worshiper at a wanton cock feast whenever she saw Warren’s prick. Soon, sucking, stroking, and licking, the two were lost in their own world, and Warren completely forgot that he was ever masturbating to thoughts of his baby girl.


Eva was drowsing off, slowly sinking further and further into the pool, until the water was suddenly at her nose and she spluttered awake, coughing. “Oops! Time to head inside!” Eva climbed out of the pool, her tanned young body glistening as the water dripped down onto the floor. Grabbing a towel from the rack beside the pool, Eva picked up her clothes and started to dry off as she walked inside. The cold air-conditioning gave her goose bumps, and made her nipples pebble as soon as she entered the house. Glancing down, Eva noted with satisfaction that she could see the outlines of her nipples through her bikini, especially now that they were almost poking through. “Perfect!” she crowed, “the guys are so going to love this!” as she wrapped the towel around herself and went up to her room to shower.

As she neared the top of the stairs, Eva heard strange grunting and moaning sounds coming from the back of the house. bursa rus escort Eyes wide, she crept towards her parents’ room and was shocked to see her mom on her knees in front of her dad, the hugest cock she had ever seen inside her mouth. Even though Eva had seen pictures and short videos on the Internet, she felt her dad probably beat them all – how could her mom fit all of that monster inside her? Peering around the doorway, Eva saw her mom licking, sucking, and stroking her dad’s manhood and balls, while her dad held her mom’s head gently and groaned.

Eva felt intense heat and dampness spreading between her legs, as she spied on her parents, watching as her daddy placed her mom on the bed on all fours and started to slowly work his shaft in and out of her mom’s steaming pussy. Eva was on fire watching her parents fuck, her monstrous dad completely overwhelming her tiny mom, like a stallion covering a tiny mare, both of them now wild, panting and grunting with each stroke.

Eva’s knees started to feel weak as her pussy was drenched with her lust, and she leant against the wall. Pinching her nipples with one hand, she reached into her bikini bottoms with her other hand, delving deep into her soft and creamy wet folds, so slippery and hot as she humped into her fingers. Furtively and feverishly masturbating, Eva watched as her daddy growled animalistically and came inside her mom, cum oozing out from around his cock and dripping down her mom’s slit and thighs. Covering her mouth with her free hand, Eva frantically rubbed her clit back and forth, her ass squirming and her hips gyrating as she exploded in the biggest orgasm of her life. Sagged against the wall, Eva was trying to catch her breath when she realized that her parents were starting to move around, so she quickly scurried across the hall.

Once in the safety of her room, Eva was dazed. What had just happened? Watching her parents fuck had been the most gloriously sexual scene she had ever witnessed, and she was turned on like never before. And all of a sudden, with her dripping pussy still quivering from her orgasm, Eva realized that she wanted that big hard cock for herself. She wanted to be in her mom’s place, legs spread wide and ass in the air. She wanted her dad to take her virginity and stuff her so full, full, full with his raging cock that she wouldn’t even be able to breathe. She wanted her hot little cunny to get pounded by her dad’s thick cock, and then at the end of it all, she wanted her dad to cum deep inside her incestuous little-girl pussy, and bathe the walls of her quim with the seed that made her. “Oh shit!” she moaned, as her young, tender cunt flooded at the thought, “What am I going to do now?”

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