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Erotic Modelling

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From the last story.

Mary asked if Allan would model for an adult group with things being much more sexual. He discussed it with me and went for it.

When Allan turned up he was introduced to Rebecca as the other model for this period. She told Allan that this was very much an adult group and that they would be modelling in sexual poses which would include oral sex.

Allan and Rebecca chatted and it turned out she had done this before where Allan was a novice. She told him that he would need to be hard for the setting and that usually she would be holding or licking him and would provide the necessary stimulus. She, on the other hand, would not need, but would enjoy it if Allan would help to keep her stimulated as the nipples stood up and her skin tone was improved.

Mary called them in and they took off their robes before entering the room. The artists applauded them for being their models and Mary posed them with Allan on his back and Rebecca over him just touching his hard cock with her tongue and sitting almost on Allan’s face where he could flick his tongue out and keep her motivated.

The group was twelve artists five male and the rest female, they weren’t there to play games as the college girls had been this was serious artistic work. They set-to immediately and with little talking they sketched and painted. The models would only have 30 minute stints as keeping their positions can be very hard (pun intended).

True to her word Rebecca kept stimulating his cock with her tongue and he kept darting a flick at killing county izle her clitoris so the juices were evident at both ends of the 69. After thirty minutes they took a break and for the last five of that Allan wanked to maintain his erection.

Once the session was over and they were in the annexe Allan and Rebecca helped each other to orgasm. As they got there Mary poked her head round and caught Allan’s money shot. With a smile on her face she said that she hoped she could incorporate that in a pose but they would need a fast camera to see it happen.

The next week same pose and same result but week three Mary asked for them to be in the cowboy position with Rebecca sitting on his pole. She kept pulsing her vagina and his cock stayed rigid. Once the session ended they just had full on sex on the podium to another round of applause from the artists. I benefitted from this as Allan was really randy after performing for an audience.

Week four no change in the pose as they had to finish what they had started but the ladies kept making comments about Allan keeping hard for so long. The men were eerily quiet about it all. Quite a bit of conversation was going on between the models and the artists. There were a couple within the group. Paul and Frieda, and the wife was interested in how Allan was allowed to do this. Wasn’t his wife jealous?

Allan had to explain about how this all came about and if you are new to us read ‘What had I done’ and so on. Well the wife of the couple started kıyma izle asking if her husband would enjoy this kind of thing. He was reluctant to answer but eventually said he would. The couple and Allan talked about it afterwards and Frieda asked how she could start Paul off. That’s another story in itself.

Back to the modelling, and Allan and Rebecca were getting close to orgasm because of the work Rebecca was putting in. The artists were starting to finish and Mary said it was OK for them to leave but the artists had other ideas and wanted them to perform again. Penelope, one of the artists asked if she could get involved and the rest cheered her so she stripped off and they had a delightful three way with Allan resting down at first and the two girls playing with each other.

Then Allan started to take the lead and fucked Penelope who came hard and then Rebecca. Then the two girls ate each other out while Allan recovered. The session had run over by an hour and there were fears the caretaker would be in to close up. They wound it up very quickly after they had had a shower together.

Week five and there was a buzz in the room after last week’s activities. Penelope had a slight blush to her skin when she remembered her actions in front of the rest and the other artists were chatting about getting involved themselves. The new pose was suggested by Mary to involve Penelope where she would be eating Rebecca who would be sucking Allan while Allan ate Penelope.

Penny was a little reluctant but koala man izle the others talked her into it and then Frieda suggested Paul be in the mix. He was shocked and asked if she meant it. Frieda said she wanted to see if she could handle the possibility of Paul being sexual with others and this was a ‘safe’ way as it didn’t have to involve him sexually just as much as modelling was concerned.

A new arrangement was sorted out and they began to model. Both men had to be hard throughout and Mary asked if Frieda was OK. She said it was quite exciting to see it in action and she would be happy for it to continue. Paul was of course thinking with his other brain by now so just enjoyed Rebecca gently stimulating his cock.

By the end of the session with all the artists commenting on the models and their dedication to the pose, things were heating up. Two other ladies and one of the men began to undress to join in what was to become a small orgy. The worries about the caretaker grew but there was plenty of sex to be had by all with the rest just watching. Sadly Mary never got involved although she said it was the best set of posing she had ever seen.

The sixth week brought a real mix of thoughts and emotions for the entire group. The pose was the same of course but the artists seemed less interested in their work and were talking about how the others who had joined in last week felt about it.

Eventually all work was done on the painting and things moved on. All but two people, both married, joined in and an orgy took place. Allan is very sketchy on details as he was involved and paying attention to his participation but I leave the sordid details to your imagination. There was much made of multiples and great fun and enjoyment.

Mary has yet to hold another of these sessions but I thought I might model with him if it happens again.

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