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Erotic Modeling Pt. 01

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I want to thank Chris for editing the story for me.

Preface: I have had comments about some of my stories and the women in them. I have been told; women wouldn’t walk around nude, ride nude in cars, strip nude in front of friends, or even pile their clothes in a doorway and while nude hide. It has been my experience that the women I have known, enjoy showing off, as long as they feel safe. Most of my stories are based on that premise, a premise created through many years of experience. Maybe I’ve been lucky…

This Knowledge was not, however gained through wild times with many women. I have been happily married to my first love who was fifteen when I met her. I am two years older, and we were good friends as we went through high school, before it blossomed into something more. We celebrated our fifty-first year of marriage in September 2021.

The experience was gathered in association with our many friends; we went to nudist camps, my wife reluctantly modeled for figure studies, but eventually enjoyed the exposure. We went with our friends to lakes where nudity was allowed and nude beaches on the seashore. We had a pool, went to friends’ houses who had hot tubs. We participated in social nudity with other friends who had pools.

Our longevity together stems from compromise, and from keeping our marriage fun. I love my wife more presently than I did when I married her. We have worked together for a common goal, had two children who are well grounded, with good jobs, four grandchildren and three grand dogs.

The lady I married, is not mine; my wife is her own person who is married to me and I to her. We seek our fun within our marriage and with friends with the same mindset.

I hope that helps everyone to understand where I’m coming from, now onto the story.

It has been twelve years since sixty-five-year-old Mike Costello retired after thirty years’ service, with a pension from the trade union. He worked on and off for architects, owners, and contractors, both as an independent estimator or clerk of the works. Joanne, his well-preserved sixty-three-year-old wife was a stay-at-home mom until the kids went to school, and then she worked as a teacher’s aide when school was in session. Recently she has worked with her husband. She helps with estimates and goes to see clients with him.

One of the architects called recently. “Hi Mike, I need an estimate for an art school in Springfield. Do you have time to do the take-off and budget for the project?”

“Sure, Dennis I can take care of it. Email the drawings to me.”

“That’s great. You’ll have to go to look at the project as it’s very complicated you’ll see the challenges when I email the drawings to you.”

The architect sent Mike the drawings, with the contact information for the school president. Mike called the number to set up an appointment for a week later, after he looked over the prints.

Joanne was excited to take a trip to Springfield because they could stop at Costco and the Holyoke Mall on the way back.

The meeting was for nine, so they left at six thirty in the morning, leaving enough time to stop at Little George’s for breakfast. They arrived at the Art School a little early and went to the office. Tammy the young woman at the reception desk pointed out the student’s paintings and drawings in the concourse while she called Mark the school president.

While Mike and Joanne waited, they looked at the paintings and drawings on the walls, along the corridor outside the main office. They ranged from landscapes to nudes, but all were well done.

The couple was so intrigued with the artwork they didn’t hear someone come up behind them.

“Mike Costello?” the voice boomed.

Mike was startled, and his wife screeched.

“Yes, that’s me and this is my wife, Joanne,” the startled estimator replied.

Mike and Joanne turned to see a tall man about forty with longish, light brown hair, in jeans, and a tee shirt. He had flip flops on his feet. “Follow me and I’ll show you the area of the proposed project,” the younger man said without any introduction.

“And you are?” Mike asked as he followed the man.

“Oh sorry, I got carried away. I thought you knew who I was,” he said full of himself. “I’m Mark, Tammy called to tell me you were here to look at the project I need built.”The project consisted of a new classroom building and a complex remodel of parts of the old structure, which included the existing gallery, studio, and makeup/ salon area. “As you can see Mike, the models have to walk through the gallery from the salon, to get into the studio area. A door will be cut into the salon area, so the model will be able to go directly into the studio. They will not have to enter the gallery to go into the studio, as is the case presently. The addition is self-explanatory I believe”

Throughout the meeting Mark kept looking at Mike’s wife. It seemed as though every time, Mike looked up, he noticed Mark’s starring with fascination at his wife, Joanne.

Finally, casino siteleri just before the conclusion of the walk-through Mark asked. “Mike, I’ve been looking for a particular woman to model for me. It’s a commissioned painting that will go to France. Would you be offended if I asked your wife to pose for me?”

“I wouldn’t mind, but it’s up to Joanne if she wants to do it.” Mike answered with pride.

“Joanne, would you want to model for me. The session would pay ten thousand dollars total, and you would have to pose a few times a week for two to four hours over a month.”

“I’d get ten thousand dollars to pose for a commissioned painting. Wow! That’s a lot of money.” Joanne answered excitedly. “That was half a year’s salary when I worked as an aide.” She thought.

“I would also pay travel time for you to get here.” Mark added to sweeten an already generous model fee.

“If she wants to do this. I want to be in the room when Joanne poses,” Mike said, because he knew there was more to the story, than Mark explained so far.

“No hurry to decide. Talk it over and get back to me within two weeks,” Mark said.

Mike finished measuring what was needed and Joanne took photos. As they left for Costco, Joanne said. “I want to model for Mark.”

“Joanne we’d better be careful we don’t really know this guy,” Mike said with concern for his wife’s safety and reputation.

They went to Costco and then to the Holyoke Mall, before returning home. All this time the only garment Joanne had on was her dress and of course her shoes.

Mike provided the estimate to the Architect the next week.

It was a week and a half later that Joanne came to her husband all excited. “I checked out Mark and he is the world-renowned artist, Mark Cannon. I talked with him and was hesitant about his proposal, so he upped the commission to twenty thousand dollars plus five hundred dollars for every trip we make. I figured two times a week for a month is another four thousand dollars. I couldn’t pass it up. He sent over the contract a few days ago. I read it over very carefully, then, I signed it, and sent it back. I wanted to surprise you.”

. “Do you have a copy of the contract.” Mike asked in astonishment as Joanne had never done anything like this before without consulting him.

“No, I signed it and sent it to him, and he will give us a copy on the day we go there, which will be next Monday.” Joanne said in a pleased voice.

“I bet he will.” Mike mused “Okay! I think you may have made a mistake though, but we will find out when we go there.” Mike stated with concern.

“Why is that? I made sure it said that you will be in the studio with me while I pose.” Joanne stated, offended that Mike didn’t trust her to make sure everything was in order before she signed the contract.

Well on Monday morning Mike and Joanne left at six thirty again stopping at Little George’s for breakfast.

“Mark was right. He told me to wear a dress with no undergarments as it’s comfortable, cool, and I feel relaxed.” Joanne said.

“Joanne the reason he wanted you to wear no undergarments is because you will be modeling nude for the painting, and he doesn’t want marks on your body.” Mike stated surmising his wife would be nude before the day was over. “That’s why he was willing pay you so much money.”

“I don’t think so, it would be in the contract if I had to model nude, and I didn’t see anything in there that stated that.” Joanne said with certainty and in defense of her decision to sign the contract without Mike’s impute.

They arrived at the school and Mark greeted them. “Hi guys, Joanne, I have some students who will paint you also, about twenty, mostly young men but there are a few women. I have a makeup artist and stylist at your disposal.”

Two young men came over and introduced themselves as the stylist, Chip, and the makeup artist, Chad. They lead her to the salon area and Mike followed.

“Mike I am paying big money, so I don’t want any trouble from you. Here is the contract your wife signed. Read it, and if what we do is in violation tell me. Otherwise, I want you to guarantee that your wife will perform per the contract. I will give both of you an hour to go over the contract, and then I want it followed.” Mark said in no uncertain terms as he turned and walked out of the salon leaving the door open.

The older couple were stunned by Mark’s disturbing attitude.

Mike started to read the contract. The first red flag he found in the contract was, ‘if the model quits, she will be charged ten times her model fee’. Down further he found, ‘she will pose for erotic figure studies.’ The third issue was. There will be students in the class and visitors while the model poses, along with marketing photos for Mark Cannon’s art pieces. “One good item was the painting would be displayed in a private art collection in France.”

“So, Joanne, you realize you will be modeling nude.” Mike explained,

“What, I didn’t see that in the güvenilir casino contract.” Joanne cried, almost in hysterics.

“What does this line say?” Mike asked as he pointed.

“It says the model will be required to pose for erotic figure studies.”

“Do you know what that means?” Mike asked.

“Sexy poses.” Joanne answered with a smile.

“You’ve almost got it right; it’s nude sexy poses. You’ll most likely have your legs spread wide.”

“That’s not sexy it’s lewd. Mark won’t want me to pose like that.”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, and Mark came in. “We’re ready for makeup Joanne are there any questions?”

“Yes, what is the pose that I will be required to take for the painting?” Joanne asked.

“It’s a very comfortable pose you will lay back arms at your sides, on the arms of a chair, here is a sketch of it.” Mark said as he handed a piece of paper to the couple.

“I’m nude with my legs spread.” Joanne cried in shock.

“Yep, that’s exactly right. The makeup artist and the stylist will be in momentarily so please remove all your garments so they can get started.” Mark said with a gotcha smile. He departed but left the door open. The couple did not have the presence of mind to close the door to the salon for privacy while she disrobed.

“What am I going to do Mike?” Joanne asked in a panic.

“Take your clothes off and make the money you wanted my dear.” Mike said with a smile.

With no other choice Joanne reluctantly removed her clothes and sat to wait for the makeup artist. She covered as much of her personal areas with her hands and arms to keep her modesty as long as possible, putting one hand over her pussy and her arm across her breasts. Again, it went unnoticed, but with the door open anyone in the gallery could see the nude older woman at the makeup table as she waited for the stylist.

Chip came through the open door. He was the first to work on Joanne. “Please lie on the table face up Joanne.”

“Do you have some type of covering I can use?” Joanne asked timidly.

“No, nude models don’t normally request them, so we don’t have anything. Spread your legs so I can shape your pubic hair and shave the hair around your vagina.” He said nonchalantly. “Mark wants your vaginal lips totally devoid of hair, so when you spread your legs for the painters your slit will be prominently displayed.” Chip explained as he started on Joanne’s mound. His fingers touched the woman intimately, pulling her labia to each side while he groomed her bush.

Mike was in hog heaven while he watched the young guy molest his wife in the name of art.

Joanne on other hand was wishing she hadn’t tried to surprise her husband. She was trying to lie still while the young hair stylist diddled her pussy. She was mortified laying on the table with her legs spread for a young man she knew only as Chip. To her further mortification, his ministration to her intimate areas had made her wet.

The door to the salon was still open, and people were in the doorway to watch the stylist work on the older woman’s vaginal area. It seemed everyone was perfectly happy with the door open so they could enjoy the spectacle.

It was obvious to her husband that Joanne had become aroused; her nipples were erect, and he could see moisture seeping from her pussy. The air around her became heavy with the scent of her arousal.

“Oh, my lord I’m going to cum!” Joanne thought as Chip slipped his fingers into her pussy to pull one of her lips taut while with the other hand, he applied a shave gel to her lady lip.

“Are you retired Joanne?” Chip asked as he picked up the shaver and started to denude her lady lip.

“Yes, I was a teacher’s aide, in the school system.” She said in a husky whisper as she teetered on the verge of an orgasm.

Unconsciously she spread her legs further apart, so the young stylist had better access to her nether region – her movement was not missed by her husband.

With a surprised smile Mike thought. “Seeing someone besides me touching my wife’s pussy is really hot.”

Joanne was trying to think straight the unwanted pleasurable excitement caused her turmoil, as she felt the fingers of the younger man moving in her slit. “I hope Mike isn’t mad at me because I let another man touch me intimately.” She had a tear in her eye as she didn’t want to ruin the life she had with her husband. Joanne timidly glanced at him. Joanne relieved, was pleased to see him smile, and give her the thumbs up. She was close to orgasm when the camera flash went off.

“Mark, what are you doing taking photos of me?” Joanne cried as she closed her legs and trapped Chips hand in her pussy.

“Read your contract, it states photos will be taken to publicize my art pieces.”

“Joanne, he has the right to take photos it’s stated in the contract.” Mike explained to his wife.

Reluctantly Joanne spread her legs. Mark took more photos as the hair stylist slyly rested the back of his hand against canlı casino his charges’ clit as he shaved her labia. He moved his hand slowly, pressing against her wet pussy, bringing her to the edge, but he stopped when he saw how close: her slit was very wet, her nipples were hard, her labia were engorged and crimson in color.

“I wish I’d had a teacher as pretty as you when I was in school.” Chip said to distract the fully exposed model, as another flash went off, this time the camera had Joanne’s pussy full framed in the center of the photo, with a look of pleasure on her face.

“Why thank you Chip. I bet you say that to all the ladies while you perform your duties as a stylist for Mark.” Joanne acknowledged in a husky voice. The young stylist saw it as a personal challenge to keep a woman on the verge of orgasm, backing off just in time, so she didn’t go over the edge. Joanne lay with her legs spread wide for his advances; he stopped, but she didn’t want to close her legs she was has become comfortable in the spread position and enjoying his massage’ of her pussy. Chip’s distraction kept her in her exposed position and allowed Mark to take more erotic photos.

They started an animated conversation, and all the while Joanne lay totally exposed with the stylist’s fingers exiting in her pussy, unaware of the group of people who looked at her total exposure from the hall.

“Are you ready to continue Joanne?” Chip asked before he touched her again. Chip had been instructed by Mark to get the model to tell him when she was ready to be molested again. Mark wanted the models to buy into their exposure and the touch of other men on their privates.

“Yes, Chip you can finish up with the shave at this time.” Joanne answered, spreading her legs wider to give him access to her overheated pussy.

Chip once again pulled on one of her labia stretching it so he could shave the hair around her slit. She felt the cool air between her wet lips. “Your vaginal area will make a perfect accent to the portrait. It will give sensuality to your intimate reveal. Everyone will love the art piece.” Chip remarked as his fingers played over Joanne’s intimate area. He again consciously rubbed the back of his hand on her clit to further excite her. “I’m done with your vaginal area, now you will need to get on your knees and spread your legs so I can finish up.” Chip said.

“Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh.” Joanne groaned with disappointment. She turned over on her hands and knees, spreading her legs wide to present her backside to Chip so he could remove any unwanted hair from around her brown star. The mature woman was more exposed than ever to the growing crowd in the doorway.

“Are we ready yet for Chad to do his magic.” Mark asked as he pushed through the crowd. When he came through the door, he saw his newest model on her knees with her intimate area on full view. “Joanne you’ll make a fantastic model.”

“When you asked me to model, I didn’t know I would be totally exposed. I will be incredibly embarrassed to get into the pose in the sketch you showed me.” Joanne’s face was red with shame, even though she was totally exposed to all those present already.

“You’ll do fine; you look beautiful my dear. All my students will applaud you for having the courage to intimately expose yourself, so they can paint your likeness on canvas. You realize the reason all the great artists used the human form to paint, and sketch, is because it is the most difficult form to draw. Hence the old masters called them figure studies.”

Chip lauded Joanne for her intestinal fortitude. “I agree with Mark, you are one of the finest models he has had in a long time. Mike you should be proud of your wife for agreeing to model so openly. I want to thank you for letting her model for us.”

“I was uncertain if I would like Joanne to model when she told me she signed the contract. When I read the contract and realized my wife would be totally exposed in a semi-public setting. I was even more doubtful. I now know that I want to share her beauty with the world.” Mike admitted.

The conversation proceeded as Chip continued to shave around Joanne’s ass crack and everyone watched as they conversed. Included in the group was Chad as he waited to do Joanne’s body makeup.

Meanwhile Joanne was on the table legs spread wide with Chip almost finished with his tonsorial duties, though he kept the back of his hand against the poor woman’s clit. Every move he made caused her excitement to elevate. Her hips moved involuntarily presently, and Chip smiled at Mark because their model was hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof.

“I am done.” Chip announced to the dismay of Joanne.

Unconsciously the mature model reached between her legs as she knelt, desperate to rub her pussy. even in front of all present.

“You can’t do that Joanne it will ruin the makeup I am about to apply to your body.” Chad said as he started the application of the body makeup to the mature woman’s back as she was still on her knees. She remained totally exposed, and she didn’t seem to be able to make herself close her legs. He continued to apply makeup to her bottom. “I’m going to bleach your rectum as it is too dark” Chad said as he applied a substance that tingled to her brown star.

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