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Erfurt 1982

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It was her first international meeting and Magda could be pleased with her performance. She had swum a personal best in the heat and finished a respectable fifth in the final.

Her coach, the tall and imposing Petr Hoiniks, had taken her to one side after the final and congratulated her on her performance. He had also pointed out the things that could be improved upon and told her how her training regime would be intensified in preparation for next year’s European Championships.

Magda was contented as she made her way back to the locker room. Her training was on schedule, she had made her international debut at the age of eighteen and she could look forward to representing East Germany in the pool for many years to come.

As Magda reached the locker room she passed three of her East German colleagues as they were leaving, “Hurry Magda, the bus won’t wait.” They said, stepping aside to let the newest member of the team into the sparse locker room.

There was only one changing room at the Erfurt swimming arena. It was a long, grey concrete room with a wooden bench down the centre and lockers mounted on the walls.

To separate the East German swimmers from those visiting from the United States a series of curtains had been draped across the middle of the locker room; dividing it in two. The curtains were on a cord about eight feet off the ground; leaving a two foot gap between the top of the curtains and the ceiling.

Magda took her sports bag from her locker and reached inside for her towel. As she put the towel to her head to dry her dark curly hair she heard voices from the other side of the curtain. She stood still and listened.

They were speaking English, Magda understood that much, but the voices were too full of excitement for her to understand what was being said.

Magda looked over to the curtain that separated her from the American swimmers. A ball of nervous energy settled in her stomach. Apart from her two races earlier in the day Magda had never come into contact with any westerners before.

Draping her towel over her shoulders Magda looked around to check she was alone in her half of the locker room then slowly made her way towards the curtain.

As she approached the curtain the excited chattering on the other side continued. Magda positioned herself so that she was standing where the curtain met the bench that ran down the centre of the locker room. Her bare thigh was touching the fabric of the curtain.

Magda carefully stepped up on to the bench, it creaked slightly under her weight, but the Americans were too engrossed in their conversation to notice. Holding on to the rail at the top of the bench she turned and looked anxiously at the door behind her. She knew that if she was caught listening to swimmers from the west her own swimming career would be over before it had barely started.

Still in her East German swimming costume Magda took a firm grip on the rail, being careful to avoid the metal clothes pegs, and raised herself on tip-toes.

Over the curtain, in the half of the locker room reserved for the visitors from America, Magda saw two of the women she had raced against in the final. There was the muscular black swimmer Sophie Vine who had won bronze; and the tall willowy redhead Ruth Fleming. Both women had changed into their U.S tracksuits.

The door to the U.S. side of the locker room opened; the two U.S. swimmers and Magda looked over. In stepped Cindy Armour, she was still in her red white and blue one piece swimming costume. Her gold medal was hanging around her neck.

Her teammates cheered and rushed forward to hug Cindy as she entered the locker room. The raised voices made Magda a little nervous. She stepped off the bench, walked to the door and looked outside. The corridor was deserted.

When she resumed her position on the bench the three U.S swimmers were in the middle of their side of the locker room.

Cindy had taken off her medal; Sophie was holding it while she and Ruth listened to Cindy.

Cindy was talking too fast for Magda to understand; but Ruth and Sophie were hanging on her every word as they passed the gold medal between them.

As she continued talking Cindy eased the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders and pushed it down to her hips. She left her costume below her flat muscled stomach as she towelled her blond hair dry.

There was not an ounce of fat on Cindy Armour, the muscles of her torso and limbs stood out as she twisted to towel herself dry; her breasts were two firm bumps of flesh topped with small pink nipples.

Magda continued to watch over the top of the curtain as the three U.S. swimmers chatted. Casually, Cindy Armour hooked her thumbs into her costume, pushed it down to the floor and stepped out. She was now completely naked. However, the two other swimmers did not seem in the least bothered by Cindy’s nudity, they continued to talk and pass her medal between them.

Magda had heard stories of the decadence of westerners. She assumed this casual escort bayan kağıthane attitude to nudity was part of that decedent nature.

Although she had been around locker rooms since her talent for swimming was noticed Magda still had a less liberal attitude to nudity. In East German locker rooms the athletes would change quickly. They would turn and face the wall until their privates were covered. It was unheard of for an East German swimmer to stand naked in the middle of a locker room whilst conversing with clothed colleagues.

Magda could not ignore Cindy Armour’s nude body in the same way that the two Americans did. She was so taken with Cindy’s body and her supreme self-confidence. Cindy was taller than the other two Americans. She had the perfect figure for a swimmer, tall, broad shouldered and long limbed.

Magda was aware that many of the western swimmers shaved their armpits. But as Cindy was standing there towelling off her body Magda was shocked to see that the American champion also shaved her privates. Not just a trim to keep everything inside her swimming costume but a total denuding of her pubic region.

As Cindy was so lean her privates were on full view to Magda. Her pudenda was a distinct lump of pale flesh below her tight abdomen and between her thighs, there was a pronounced split down the middle that formed the thin outer lips.

The American swimmers continued their conversation. Sophie said something that prompted Cindy to shrug her shoulders and throw her towel to the bench. The powerful looking black woman handed Cindy her gold medal. Cindy took the medal and draped the red ribbon around her neck.

She adjusted the ribbon so that the medal settled between her pert breasts. Magda held her breath and watched carefully. Sophie cupped Cindy’s breasts in her hands and pushed them together so that the medal was held in place between the pale flesh.

The three Americans laughed; the black girl bent forward and placed a kiss on the middle of the gold medal, causing even more laughter.

Using the ribbon, Cindy adjusted the medal so that it covered her left breast and said something through her toothy grin. Again Sophie bent forward and planted a kiss on the medal.

It was now the turn of the redhead. She was hesitant, but after a few words of encouragement from her teammates, she bent towards the medal that was covering Cindy’s small breast.

Magda’s toes were starting to feel the strain as she held her position. She gripped the top rail of the bench tightly as she watched the willowy redhead blush slightly then close her eyes as she bent to kiss the gold medal.

Just as Ruth Fleming’s pale lips were about to touch the medal Cindy pulled it away by lifting the ribbon. Her teammate’s lips continued to inch forward until they came into contact with Cindy’s small perky nipple.

It was a couple of seconds before Ruth realised a trick had been played on her. Cindy stood still and allowed her nipple to be kissed; Sophie watched with her hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles.

Shocked at the trick that had just unfolded before her eyes Magda let out an involuntary gasp. She raised her hand to her mouth; the hand holding on to the bench. The Americans heard the outburst and all looked around as one.

Magda just managed to notice all three American swimmers staring at her as she lost her balance, slipped off the bench, fell forward into the curtain and landed with a thump on the tiles of the locker room floor. She came to rest on her back on the American side of the locker room. The curtain that she had dragged down with her was draped across her legs.

From her prone position Magda saw the naked figure of Cindy Armour stepping towards her, the American’s long legs covered the short distance in three strides. The chunkier figure of her black teammate was a stride behind.

Magda was unhurt but slightly dazed from the fall and the sudden surprise of being caught watching. She started to raise herself on her arms but the Americans got to her before she could get up.

Sophie grabbed Magda’s shoulders and, kneeling behind the East German, pinned her to the floor.

Cindy stood over the two women. Magda looked at the naked woman towering over her. From her position on the floor she could look right up at Cindy’s smoothly shaven pussy. The thin lips were pursed together with only a thin divide visible in between.

All the Americans were talking at the same time. Magda tried to catch what was being said but the speed of their speech made it impossible for her to understand. However, there was one word that kept being repeated, a word that Magda recognised all too readily, “Spy.”

Cindy raised her voice and the other two Americans stopped talking. After a moment the pressure was released from Magda’s shoulders. She raised herself slowly to her feet; letting the curtain fall from her waist.

Ruth Fleming, who had not moved since Magda had fallen into their locker room, made her way to the escort bayan beyoğlu door, opened it an inch, looked outside, and then on closing the door gave Cindy and Sophie solemn nod.

Magda started to apologise. First in German then in broken English; but Cindy shot out a finger and held it firmly against the young East German swimmer’s lips. Magda fell silent. She stood in the middle of the locker room, head bowed, hands by her sides.

Ruth Fleming stood guard at the door. Cindy, the tall, lean, blond gold medal winner,

and Sophie, the stocky, black bronze medal winner circled Magda, looking her up and down.

After a minute of this Sophie stepped in front of Magda, bringing her face so close that their noses were almost touching, and barked out an order. When Magda did not respond Sophie repeated the order.

Still unable to understand Magda shrugged her shoulders. Sophie gave up trying to talk to Magda, she stepped behind the young East German grabbed her wrists and roughly lifted her arms and forced Magda’s hands onto her head.

Magda was very nervous now. She was standing in the middle of the locker room, wearing only her swimming costume, with her hands on her head and at the mercy of three American swimmers.

Cindy and Sophie were standing in front of Magda with their faces screwed up in disgust. They were looking at Magda’s exposed hairy armpits.

They stepped forward for a closer look. Cindy reached out a hand and ran her fingers through the thick, dark hair that nestled in the German swimmer’s armpit. She took her time, letting the hairs curl around her fingers, seeming to enjoy the silky feeling. Every now and then Cindy would make a comment to Sophie who would react by nodding quietly and looking intently at Magda.

This scrutiny by the Americans made Magda feel uncomfortable. Although her armpits were not what she would consider a private area she still felt exposed and embarrassed.

As Cindy played with Magda’s thick armpit hair she turned and spoke to Ruth. Ruth looked shocked for a moment then replied to Cindy in a pleading tone. Cindy ignored Ruth’s reply and stepped away from Magda. Ruth left her post by the door and slowly made her way to join the others.

Sophie moved close to Cindy and put her arm around her teammate, casually letting her hand fall onto Cindy’s bare hip and resting it in the groove where Cindy’s thigh met her abdomen.

Ruth stood in front of Magda. There was a resigned look in the redhead’s eyes. After another word of encouragement, this time from Sophie, Ruth dipped her head and licked the hairy flesh of Magda’s armpit.

Magda was shocked at having another woman tongue her armpit, but she was also surprised at how sensitive she was there. Magda braced her legs and dug her teeth into her bottom lip to stop herself from shying away from the contact. Ruth’s tongue lapped up and down, brushing through the hairs and caressing the sensitive skin beneath.

Cindy stared intently at the tall American licking the hairy armpit of the eighteen year old East German. Magda noticed the far-away look in Cindy’s eyes. She watched as the gold medal winner casually dipped her hand to her crotch and ran a slender finger along the groove of her shaven pussy lips. Cindy only did it once but it sent a single shudder through her tight body.

On a barked order from Sophie, Ruth moved to Magda’s left armpit. Despite the resigned look on her face she was as thorough as she had been with the right one. She stroked her tongue firmly around the contours of the exposed hairy flesh, pushing through the dark hairs and rubbing her nose against the damp skin there.

As Ruth pulled her head away from Magda, Cindy stepped forward and grabbed her American teammate by the long red hair that fell down her back. Pulling down so that Ruth’s face was upturned, Cindy looked into her eyes for a moment, then thrust her tongue into the mouth that had just been teasing Magda’s armpits.

Cindy forced her tongue roughly around the inside of Ruth’s open mouth as though trying to taste every trace of Magda’s armpit. As she took her tongue out Cindy licked the outside of Ruth’s mouth leaving a trail of saliva on Ruth’s lips and chin.

There was no doubt that Cindy was in charge. Her unabashed nakedness, the running of her finger through her pussy and the aggressive tonguing of her team mate’s mouth had changed the mood in the locker room. Magda was wary of Cindy; but there was little doubt that Sophie and Ruth were also wary of the tall blond.

Magda followed Cindy with her eyes until the American moved behind her. Cindy took hold of Magda’s wrists, removed them from her head and placed them against the bare flesh of the East German’s thighs.

Cindy bent and put her mouth over Magda’s ear. Cindy whispered slowly and deliberately so that, for the first time, Magda could understand what was being said to her, “We have to deal with spies. Nothing personal.”

Cindy left her mouth next to Magda’s ear so that her warm breath heated the skin there. There was a shift in Cindy’s weight and Magda’s wrists were forced into one of the American girl’s hands and pinned against the small of her back. At the same time Magda felt the materiel at the back of her swimming costume being grabbed. In a short, quick movement the materiel was pulled upwards and inwards forcing it into the crack of her bottom.

The sudden movement of the tight, rough materiel against Magda’s anus took her breath away. She let out a short screech that brought laughter to Cindy and Sophie. Cindy pulled at the materiel in a series of short jerks, forcing it into Magda’s bum crack then easing it slightly.

The front of Magda’s East German national swimming costume was also pulled tight by the movement. It rubbed against the outer lips of her pussy, forcing them to divide and the materiel to press against her clitoris.

Ruth was back at her post by the door but she was watching Cindy and Magda with an apprehensive look on her face.

Sophie was pointing at Magda’s tightly sheathed pussy and talking so fast that Magda was unable to understand. Ruth altered her gaze to follow Sophie’s pointing finger. Cindy let go of Magda’s wrists and stepped around her to join Sophie. The black swimmer continued to point and Cindy started to laugh.

Magda stood still, conscious of the materiel digging into her bum crack and with a good idea of what the Americans were laughing at.

Cindy slowly brought her gaze up to Magda’s eyes. “Off!”

Magda knew what Cindy meant but froze.

Allowing no room for confusion Cindy stepped forward, hooked her finger into the shoulder strap of Magda’s costume, pulled the strap off her shoulder and dragged it down to expose the East German swimmer’s left breast.

“Take. This. Off!”

Magda nodded her understanding, released the other strap and in one movement peeled off her costume. The part of the costume that had been forced up her bottom crack stuck there for a moment making the costume turn inside out as she pushed it to her ankles.

The laughter started even before Magda had straightened up. Ruth left her post by the door and joined her team mates standing in front of Magda and staring at the dark mat of pubic hair that grew out from between Magda’s thighs and almost to her belly button.

It was the same dark brown that she had on her head and in her armpits. It was thick and curly and obscured everything beneath it.

The three Americans stood in front of Magda talking quietly amongst themselves. Magda just stood there allowing her pubic area to be scrutinised. Cindy stepped forward and crouched down so that her eyes were level with Magda’s pubis. She reached forward and stroked the back of her hand against the springy hairs.

Sophie stepped forward and stood behind Cindy. She bent over so that her chin rested on the top of Cindy’s head; Sophie then reached over her colleagues shoulder and tapped the inside of Magda’s thigh. In response Magda moved her feet eight inches apart. Stray wisps of dark hair hung down between her thighs.

The black girl whispered into Cindy’s ear. They both smiled, looked at Magda, and then turned to Ruth.

As she stood up Cindy barked another instruction at the tall redhead. Ruth looked as if she was about to say something back but then just shrugged her shoulders, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her white tracksuit trousers and pushed them down to her knees.

Magda could not tell if Ruth had been wearing knickers. If she had she’d pushed them down with her tracksuit trousers because the tall thin girl was standing with her pussy exposed. Magda couldn’t help but look at Ruth’s pussy. It wasn’t shaved like Cindy’s. It had been trimmed, almost to an oblong shape, the sides were straight and the red hair climbed to about an inch below her belly button.

The sight of their team mate’s pussy must have been what Cindy and Sophie had been hoping for. The greeted the exposure with laughter and a high five.

Ruth stood still and allowed the three women to look at her nude privates.

Sophie, the only one of the four women who did not have her genitals exposed, started taking control. She grabbed Ruth by her arm and marched her next to Magda. As Ruth was led past, Magda found herself looking at the redhead’s bottom. It was small and pert, the tight cheeks wobbled as Ruth was forced to take small steps with her trousers around her knees. Ruth was made to stand in between Magda and Cindy. Sophie took a step back and looked at the three women before her.

The stocky black swimmer then reached in to a locker and took out a bag. After rummaging in the bag she pulled out a camera. Ruth started to protest but a few words from Cindy seemed to calm the redhead down.

Cindy then turned to Magda and said, “No face.”

When Magda nodded Cindy resumed her position in the line up.

Sophie knelt down in front of the three swimmers and looked through the viewfinder. She moved forward and back, stood up then crouched down again, before removing the camera from in front of her face and speaking to Ruth. Ruth tutted, rolled up her tracksuit top to expose her flat belly, then pushed her bottoms all the way down to her ankles.

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