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Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 04

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Part 4 – Learning about my Latent Desires

Since it was Saturday Sandy said the she was going to go shopping, after we finished breakfast. I told her to have fun, and that I was going to go over to a friend. I called Glen and told him that I could be over in about an hour. He told me that I was welcome.

When I arrived at Glen’s Apartment I told him about my sex with Sandy and how both she and I seemed to act and feel the same way after anal sex. I also told Glen how I had gobbled up and enjoyed all of my jizz.

This did not surprise Glen. He told me that in order to rationalize the gay sex that I was doing I was viewing myself as a slutty woman. This made sense and I pictured myself as a hot wanton babe. Glen said not to worry.

Even though Glen only liked sex with men he did enjoy it when they acted effeminate. He now said that he was going to show me even better things and how to get the most out of my fantasies.

Glen told me to strip and tied a ribbon around the base of my cock and nuts. It hurt a little at first but felt good after I got used to it. It made me totally aware of my sex. Glen said that it would restrain my urge to cum. Next he said that I needed a female name so he called me Rhonda. This really turned me on! Glen now told me that he was going to teach me to become a first class cocksucking bitch. My head started floating with desire. Glen pulled down his pants and sat back on the sofa. I sat on the floor between Beşiktaş Escort his legs and inhaled his crotch deeply. It really did smell somewhat like a pussy only muskier. I was so turned on and took his soft head in my mouth. He said, “Hold on a minute.” “Tease me some, lick my nuts and lick along the crease of my legs and hips.” “Get me totally hard before you actually take my cock in.” I started nuzzling and licking him all around his crotch area while avoiding his shaft. I did this for about ten minutes and it gave me plenty of time to enjoy the smell of his crotch. I was in heaven when he finally said, “Rhonda, I can’t take any more, suck me off!”

I took his now totally hard cock into my mouth and just played with the head. I traced the rim and pee hole with my tongue tasting the salty precum. It was delicious! Slowly, I started putting more of the length of his shaft into my mouth. Every bob of my head I went down a little further, always messaging the underside of his shaft with my tongue. By the time the head started hitting my tonsils my nose was just being tickled in his pubes. I leaned down a little bit more, pressing my nose into his pelvic bone, inhaling deeply. I could feel the crown enter my throat and I gagged. I came up for air and Glen said,” Don’t worry, deepthroating takes some getting used to.” After a few more tries I succeeded in getting his cockhead past my throat, holding it there without gagging and inhaling his Beşiktaş Escort Bayan sent through his pubic hair. I felt so accomplished and he praised me saying that I was a fast learner and an ambitious slut. This turned me on even more and I continued to work on his rod.

I continued bobbing my head up and down on Glen’s shaft. When I felt the crown enter my throat and my nose mashing into his pubic hair I would pause taking a deep breath of musky scented air and only then come up. Just before his head would leave my mouth I would increase the vacuum and do a double mini bob on just his head. It felt so great feeling the rim pass my lips.

All this time Glen had been grabbing my hair controlling my movements and talking dirty to me. He was calling me; a cocksucking slut, a dirty street whore, a sissy fag and it kept getting worse. This dirty talk totally turned me on. He now switched his grip from my hair to my ears. I could feel him start to expand and he shouted, “Here it comes!” “Take my load you worthless bitch!” I concentrated on just the head as he erupted in my mouth. I savored the metallic tasting cum and kept his dick in my mouth as I swallowed most of it. I then removed his cock with the rest of the semen totally coating it so that he could see it. Once he saw it, I took it back in my mouth and cleaned it off. It came back out shinny and clean. I swished the cum around a few times and swallowed down.

The previous Escort Beşiktaş day Glen and I had treated each other like equals. However his degrading dirty talk and referring to me as Rhonda, really turned me on greatly and I let him know. He said that there were many men that liked being humiliated and treated as lowly sluts. It relieves their conscience as if they are not performing the socially unacceptable acts but some wanton slut who is not them. I could see the logic in this and agreed. Glen said that he would only degrade me during sex and never in public. We shook hands on it, and Glen asked, “Do you want to cum you worthless whore?”

I almost had blue balls by that point from want of release! Glen made me lean back on the couch with my shoulders and head on the seat and my legs up in the air with my ass resting on the headrest. This put my hard dick about 3 inches right over my face. He now untied the ribbon from around my dick. Suddenly he produced a small vibrator and lube. After lubing up both my cock and asshole, Gen proceeded to slowly insert the vibrator into my ass as he stroked my cock. It felt so good. I could see my cockhead and the vibrations on my prostate were so arousing. After just a few seconds I opened my mouth wide and started spurting. Most of the jizz landed in my mouth but a big glob also landed on the side of my nose and a streak of cum also covered part of my cheek. I kept my mouth open for a few seconds so that Glen could see the cum inside. With that I closed my lips and swished the sperm around a bit and swallowed. Damn it was good. I felt thankful that I still had more on my face and proceeded to scoop it up with my finger and suck it off.

Glen now commanded me to shower for he had a gift for me.

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