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As I walked into the restaurant bar I saw her, she was sitting at the bar with her back to me, looking down into her drink. As I came up behind her she looked up at the mirror across the bar and saw my reflection. A smile came across her lips as she turned to greet me. She said that she was glad to see me. We had seen each other at the market and spoke there as people do in such places but didn’t introduce ourselves. We formally introduce ourselves and made small talk, her name was Carmen. As the evening progressed we talked about work; she worked in a deli in fact at the same market that I first saw her in. We continued to talk about the weather, work and other things.

You know how they say Italians talk with their hands. Well, when Carmen talked, she talked with her eyes, she would flash them up or around as she spoke. They were big and brown. Her eyelashes were long and flashed up and down as she spoke. She would accent something by moving her eyes up and blinking, you know a kind of fluttering, looking away but not really looking away. Carmen’s eyes would flash seductively as she talked. The talk slowly worked its way to more personal subjects and maybe a little kinky. She talked about making love in a pile of crab salad, or a big bowl of chocolate pudding or Jell-O. She said those things because she worked with those items every day. I gather that she was not married, though she did tell me had a daughter. Carmen talked about having to go home alone to her vibrator. I kidded her that it was a Black & Decker Industrial Strength size, house of the dragon izle one that she had probably almost worn out. She laughed.

We talked and laughed together. Then she asked me about my sex life. That was something I didn’t like to talk about. My wife has had a lot of emotional problems and right she was in a sexual downturn. Over the past couple of years sex is something that does not fit into her present state of mind. I told Carmen the truth, I don’t know why but I did. It had been a year and 6 days since I last made love to my wife. That was painful to say, for this woman was a woman I had just met and was basically a stranger.

As the night went on she drank a little more and I nursed the beers I had. I am not a drinking man, so I milked the ones I had. It was almost closing time so we got ready to leave. When it came time to leave I walked Carmen to her car. The night air was cool but not so cold it that it made you uncomfortable. As it turns out I was parked next to her. She moved to unlock her door and turned around. Carmen was right next to me; somehow she flowed like a cloud into my arms.

She held me tight and I held her, then she kissed me. I kissed her back and held on to her even more tightly. We released; she stepped backed away and said that the night air and the drinks we had must have been affecting her because she was getting hot. I was shocked when Carmen suddenly lifted her T-shirt. She pulled it away from her body and flapped it as if how i caught my killer izle to let air go in and underneath. Carmen lifted it high enough that her left breast came into my view. It was brief look, but I saw a small, hard nipple surrounded by a much darker aureole of brown colored skin on a small mound of round shapely breast. It was a short peek but it left lasting impression on my mind. She put her shirt down and came over to me and kissed me again full on the lips. There was no tongue play, just a hard and yearning kiss.

Her lips were soft, sweet and yielding. Her kiss felt good, but her body seen to be a little shaky and maybe she was somewhat nervous. I guess this was not something she did every day. I know I didn’t do it when I went out. Carmen broke away and said she had to go to the restroom. She went back into the restaurant to use the facilities. I was left leaning against her car, a little shocked at what Carmen and I had just done. But I had a really good feeling. I had never been approached like this before. I had always felt that I was not a desirable person. I am a heavy set person and always thought of myself as not being very good looking. I never saw myself as the kind of guy that a girl would come on to. But here she was coming on to me. As I leaned there against her car I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head. My mind was spinning enough as it was.

When Carmen returned, she came over to me stepped into my arms and kissed me again. how we roll izle We kissed and held on to one another, in my mind I thought she must be one lonely lady to be taking up with a guy like me. She didn’t say anything, we just held on to each other. Then she said, “give me your hand.” I gave her my hand and she placed it under her T-shirt and on her breast. Damn was I surprised! The first thing I could feel was her nipple. It was small, but very hard and pointy. Her nipple just seems to slip between my fingers and fill a void in my hand. Her breasts was soft, her skin smooth. I thought, for a 38-year-old lady her breasts were very firm. But then how was I supposed to know how a breast is supposed to feel? It’s not that I have felt a lot of breasts in my time. But I tell you, IT FELT GOOD!

It was a great feeling. It made me feel more like a man than I had felt like in a very long time. When she broke away I couldn’t say anything; I didn’t know what to say. It was as if my head had all these thoughts, but my mouth wouldn’t work.

Carmen knew I was married and could not commit myself to another. She knew this yet she still did the things that she did. She didn’t ask anything of me other than to see her again. She wanted to go for a walk on the beach and talk, and spend a little time with me. At first I said no. Then she looked at me with her eyes pleading me for me to say yes. I gave in and agreed. We were to meet at the park by the beach in a couple of days. Then she got into her car and she was gone.

I left and drove home. I was in a daze. My mind reeling with thoughts of what had just happen. What am I doing? I’m playing with fire. The touch and tenderness of that moment with her made all that could happen seem unimportant. All that mattered was Carmen.

What would develop? What would happen? Only time and the future would tell. I went home to sleep a pleasant and totally relaxed sleep.

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