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All my previous stories have been influenced, at least a tiny bit, by reality. An incident or event, a real person, a real place. This story is 100% fictional.


I set my backpack on the floor in its usual spot and walked through the deserted living room into the kitchen. Rachel was sitting at the table working on her math. I was glad to see she was serious about getting her diploma at the end of summer school. She was nineteen and did not want to go through another year of high school, even if only for one class.

I was a graduate assistant at the local college—in mathematics—so it was natural that I volunteered to tutor her this summer.

“Hi, Rach.”

“You’re late,” she commented without looking.

“Am not. I’m right on time.”

“You’re always early. You’ve led me to believe early is the new on time. So when you’re only just on time, you’re late.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed the side of her neck through her long dark auburn hair.

“That is pure Rachel logic. So is number four, since it’s wrong. Number seven needs work, too.”

“How ’bout I correct them later?”

She reached behind the back of the chair and gave a gentle grab to my crotch. My anatomy responded immediately, but I retreated.

“Now. Fun comes after work.”

She answered with a high growl, but moved her hand back to the table and gave the problems her attention.

She was wearing one of her favorite seductive outfits. Her lower portions were dressed in a lavender-and-purple tight leotard that left nothing to the imagination. I knew that when she would stand up and face me her camel toe would be obvious.

Her torso was dressed in similar skin-tight elastic. Her nipples were not quite visible to the eye unless she got excited…which, I was pretty sure, she was.

A purist would say Rachel was a little overweight. There was a slight bonus of female padding on her behind and thighs and around her waist. Her breasts were firm and full. Her sexiness was mostly in her face. It was oval, with dark auburn brows over big reddish-brown eyes and a cute little turned-up nose with a liberal spray of freckles. Full kissable lips were usually revealing perfect white teeth.

That’s one thing all the women in the household shared-gorgeous smiles. Otherwise, variety was the name of the game.

It took her twenty minutes to figure out her mistakes. She stood up with playful defiance and thrust the paper at me.

Yep, camel toe.

She looked blatantly at my crotch and grinned at my visible reaction.

I checked over the paper. All good. I’ll admit that I should have given her a tough problem right away, but I knew it wouldn’t work. Not now. I gave her a thumbs-up and handed the paper back. She practically danced her happiness, shoved the paper into her notebook and then grabbed me by the hand and hurried me up the stairs to her bedroom. We did not shut the door. There was always a chance a third or fourth would join the fun.

When we got there I was treated to a full-out kiss, with passion and an embrace that lasted at least a full minute. In the next minute she was naked and waiting impatiently for me to be likewise.

Her nipples were hard and the lips of her hairless vagina glistened with the moisture of her want-to.

Another minute and I matched her state of undress. We got on her bed and exchanged brief oral foreplay, then she got on her back and spread her legs. I did not hesitate to slide my erection into her and she came that quickly, voicing a long high “Aaaahhh!” and enjoying the whole-body spasm of orgasm. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her as deeply as possible. I thrust in and out, hard and quick. That’s how she liked it for the first time—hard and fast. She erupted quickly into a second orgasm. I managed to hold back. There was more action yet to be and I wanted to save myself, so to speak, for later.

She relaxed her legs but hugged me hard around the neck and kissed me again with passion. I kissed her back and then withdrew. By the time I was off the bed and getting dressed she was already asleep. That was normal for her. She was like a lot of men: orgasm was her body’s way of telling her she was finished and now it’s time for sleep.

I closed the door most of the way and went back downstairs to get a drink of water. The other members of this household would be arriving from their various jobs, one at a time, over the next couple of hours.

I do not live in this house, but I’m always welcome to make myself at home…with the facilities or the inhabitants.

Ninety minutes later I was sitting on the couch, naked. Kelsey, Rachel’s older sister, was equally naked and sitting in my lap. We were enjoying calm and affectionate fucking. Kel was my favorite, though I would never tell her or her sister that such was the case.

Kel has long dark blonde hair, sparkly green eyes, and a straighter nose than Rachel’s, but still very feminine. Her lips were a little thinner but bayan esmer escort bursa still wonderfully inviting. She is taller than Rachel by three inches, but weighs less by a few pounds, with a slim waist and small firm breasts. My lips and tongue gave attention to hers, and then to her nipples and breasts and the wide cleavage between. We’d been joined for about fifteen minutes when Carol walked in the door.

If you were to look up “MILF” in a dictionary, you might find her picture. She’s an older version of Kel, and not one bit less beautiful. We’ve been frequent lovers since I turned eighteen seven years ago. Her husband, Roger, not only did not mind, but encouraged it. The three of us enjoyed many nights together, both men doing the best we could to give our lady the best in orgasmic joy and tender affection.

When she came in the door and saw us, she chuckled.

“Right on schedule, I see. Is Roger home yet?”

“Hi, Mom!”

“Hi, Carol. Yep. The first thing he asked was if you were home yet. Since you weren’t, and this gorgeous daughter was occupied, he went upstairs to see Rachel.”

“Has Rachel had her nap?”

“Yep. I put her to sleep about the usual time.”

Kel wasn’t paying too much attention. She was busy tonguing my nipples and kissing my neck.

Carol looked inconvenienced. “She’ll keep him up there for another half hour at least. But I’m too horny to wait that long.”

Roger admitted that fucking Rachel had an added attraction not present with Carol or Kel. Rach resembled a young version of his mother, he claimed, and he so enjoyed having the present and the past at the same time.

“Sorry to interrupt, but would you two please come into the bedroom?”

Kel looked up. “Yours or mine?”

“Mine, of course. Your bed isn’t big enough.”

“Bet it is.”

“No arguments, Miss Please Fuck Me On The Couch Right Now. Bedroom, please, in a very few minutes.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Yes, Auntie.”

Carol disappeared into her bedroom.

Kel and I spent another minute just enjoying me being nestled snugly and warmly in her love tunnel. Then with a sigh she eased herself off and me out. She bent and cleaned her juices off my erection with her lips and tongue, licking the shaft and head with thorough enjoyment, then taking the whole thing in her mouth and drawing her lips slowly along the shaft until I was released.

She pulled me up and shared the taste of her with me, kissing me on the mouth with slow sensuous enthusiasm.

“Dammit,” she whispered, “I wish they’d arrived at the same time. I felt so good.”

“Me too, but we’ll get back to it. In the meantime, your mother wants one of us between her legs. Or maybe both of us.”

“You. She wants this beautiful happy-making hard-on in her beautiful happy-making pussy. The only question is one of position.”

She took my hand in hers and led me to her parents’ bedroom. When we got there Carol was just removing her bra, the last piece of clothing. Unlike her daughters, her pussy was not bare. But she kept her pubic hair trimmed and short.

She tossed the bra on the pile of her other clothes and stepped forward to hug us both. She kissed Kel full on the lips and Kel answered, with tongue and a middle finger delicately rubbing her mother’s clit.

Carol shuddered briefly, then turned and gave me the same kind of kiss. I reached behind her and fondled her still quite attractive behind.

“Mmm. I taste my daughter on both of you.” Then she turned back to Kel. “I’m sorry, Sweetheart, but I really need a dick up my pussy and since your father’s is no doubt buried in your sister’s, I need David’s.”

“That’s okay, Mom. We’ll pick up where we left off afterward. Were you figuring top or bottom?”

“Both sound wonderful, but I’ll take top this time. I want to be able to just concentrate on me, selfish as that may sound. Besides, with me on top and David on his back, you can get your pussy pleased almost as well as if his dick was in it.”

So I lay on my back. My erection had subsided marginally. Carol quickly used hands and mouth to re-erect my hard-on. Then she promptly settled herself on it, making it a hard-in. She voiced a long sigh of satisfaction.

Kel gave her mother a long tongueful kiss while diddling her clit and the base of my cock. Then she kissed me the same way before taking her place on top of me, sitting with her delectable shaved and very lickable pussy an inch above my mouth.

I put my hands upon her hips and licked her slit from bottom to top. Then from top to bottom. She was already wet, so I licked and tasted and swallowed. Kel’s elixir tastes better—to me, at least—than that of her sister or mother. Maybe it’s because she eats more fruit and less dairy. Maybe it’s my imagination. But if Rachel is the appetizer and Carol is the entrée, Kel is the dessert.

She squirmed and moaned and put her hands in my hair and urged my face deeper into her womanhood. bursa ucuz eskort I pushed my tongue into her as deep as I could. Then I withdrew and flicked the tip of her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I pulled her down a few inches and got her clit between my lips and sucked it softly while continuing to lash it gently.

Carol had begun to move urgently on my crotch, side-to-side, up-and-down, faster and faster. I felt her lean forward, but Kel’s position kept her from leaning as far forward as she probably wished. While drinking up Kel’s natural lubrication I reached up to find her breasts and tweak her nipples. I found Carol’s hands already there, her fingers caressing her daughter’s breasts.

There was something unexpectedly erotic about touching Carol’s fingers, intertwining with them while we both pleasured Kelsey’s breasts and nipples. Carol must have felt the same because she grasped my fingers, pressed Kel’s breasts hard against her chest with both our hands, and voiced a shuddering orgasm that triggered my own eruption. I arched my hips, pushing my cock as far into her as it could go. I clamped my lips on Kel’s clit and gushed cum upward into my aunt’s quivering insides.

The intensity of our orgasms pushed Kel over the edge and she came too, drenching my face with her sweet juices.

“Well, that was impressive.” We all recognized Roger’s voice from the doorway.

“That’s true, Dad, but ours was at least two-thirds as good.” That was Rachel. Just as Carol and Kel looked much alike, Roger and Rachel are a perfect picture of father and daughter, even to the few extra pounds.

We were on a king-sized bed so there was plenty of room for those two naked people to join us though only one did. Both ladies rolled off me, Carol to my right and Kel to my left. Roger offered his daughter his semi-erect penis and she gobbled it up, restoring it to full potency in no time.

Roger was impressive in one regard. He could ejaculate and not lose more than half his erection, and regain it almost immediately. I’ve seen him successfully pleasure all three of the women in his family in less than an hour, with him enjoying an orgasm each time, as did each partner. In a minute he was fucking his daughter’s mouth with happy moans and erotic compliments.

Rachel swooped onto her mother’s dripping vagina and began to slurp up the cream of our combined cummings. Carol insisted on returning the favor, so they formed a sixty-nine, with Rachel on top. Carol cleaned up her husband’s leavings in her daughter’s vagina. They both also focused their efforts on bringing the other to another body-shaking orgasm. Rachel tongued her mother’s clit and lips and quickly coaxed a second orgasm as Carol tangled her fingers into Rachel’s long dark hair and humped her face with uncontrolled passion. When that was over, Carol did the same for Rach; her daughter rewarded her efforts with a shuddering coming that flooded her mother’s face with fresh female cum.

It usually takes me a little longer to recover, but the pervasive aroma of sex, the sights and sounds of sex and passion among the people I love all inspired my cock to quickly return to work and play mode.

Kel was on her hands and knees on the bed, sucking her father’s dick as he stood on the floor. I crawled the few feet to her rear and teased her opening with the end of my penis. She released her father long enough to look at me, nod her head vigorously, and then return to the erection that no doubt tasted of her sister’s cum mixed with her father’s.

Kel was still leaking her excitement and I slid in deeply with no resistance. She closed her legs a little to tighten her vaginal grip on my rod and I stroked her slowly, matching her oral stroking of her father’s rod. As she became more aroused she speeded up; I did also. I bent over her back and reached around her hip to caress her clit. I did my best to imitate the pressure and motion I’d seen her use many times on herself. She came almost at once, then again as her father exploded in her mouth and I shot my loving load into her heavenly happiness hole.

Rachel slid off her mother, wiping off her lips and chin with her fingers and then licking them clean.

Carol raised herself on her elbows and watched the three of us as we all came together. She began diddling herself, maintaining arousal for the final act in this passion play.

Kel raised up on her knees, smiled sweetly at her father as a daughter should who has just received a gift. The two of them shared a lover’s kiss as fervent as any I’ve ever seen. Roger’s erection had only half declined and Kel caressed it softly. It grew again. Then he walked around the foot of the bed, passing Rachel who was coming the other way, and they shared the same kind of kiss, punctuated with quick fondles of the other’s genitalia.

He climbed on the bed and snuggled up to Carol. They did not speak except in whispers and chuckles. Their foreplay was brief and tender. His erection quickly bursa anal yapan escort re-established its standing. Carol lay back and he entered her. There is a difference—sometimes a subtle one—between happy joyful affectionate fucking and making love.

Roger and Carol made love. I suspect they always made love, but of course I haven’t been present for the majority of their couplings.

They were close to one side of the bed. I sat cross-legged at the edge of the other side, Kel on one side and Rach on the other. We watched their parents making love. At random intervals I shared kisses with one or the other, and they bent across in front of me and kissed as well. It was erotic, yet not sexual. None of us wanted to distract from the semi-public privacy of their parents’ romantic loving.

Carol came at least three times with quiet intensity. Roger came with her the third time. The air of the room smelled of sex, but the atmosphere felt of love. Romantic love, sexual love, friendship love, family love, all together.

Roger withdrew and the two sat up, assuming the same positions we had, facing us. They held hands.

Roger kissed her hand, then asked, “Have you told them yet? About either thing?”

“No. I was too busy being loved and fucked and loved.” She turned to us. “Roger’s got one of those three-day business meetings. In fact, he has to leave for the airport in…” she looked at the clock on the headboard. “…Yikes! In two hours. So we’ll have to get an early dinner ready while he showers.”

Both girls looked disappointed, but not devastated. This was nothing new.

Carol turned to him. “Taking Nancy?”

“I suppose. Or Marilyn. They were going to decide between themselves. Plus, Tom might need one more than the other while I’m gone.”

“Well, that’s good. Both those ladies will take good care of you, in the meetings and in the hotel beds. Give ’em my love.”

He looked at me, grinning. “That’ll make it a little busier for you. Think you can handle it?”

“It won’t be easy, but I’ll do my best.”

Rachel put her hand on my dick and said, “We will expect nothing less.”

Kel put her hand also on my dick and grinned. It began to grow under the attention. “We will accept nothing less.”

“Poor David,” Carol added, “he might get fucked to death.”

“Ah,” I replied, “but what a way to go.”

“What’s the second thing?”

Roger and Carol hesitated, exchanging looks and each deferring to the other. Finally, Carol sighed.

“I’m pregnant.”

“Mom! I thought you were still on the pill.”

Carol looked embarrassed. “I got careless. I ran out and went a few days before renewing the prescription.

“If you remember, about six weeks ago I was non-stop horny for three days.”

“I sure do remember. You were hogging all the dick. Rach and I had to go on short rations. You had Dad or David all the damn time.”

Rachel added, “Plenty of times it was Dad and David. You were insatiable.”

“Yes, I was. I couldn’t understand it then, but now of course, it’s pretty clear. I was ovulating.”

She addressed me. “Which means, David, that there’s almost a 50% chance you’re the father.”

“Well, I sure hope he or she doesn’t look like me.”

“Especially she.” That was Rach, teasing.

“For a boy, that wouldn’t be too bad.” Kel, not teasing.

Roger offered me a fist bump and I obliged. Then he kissed Carol and hurried into the shower.

We three younger folks started to disperse, but Carol stopped us.

“There is one other thing. David, we’ve all talked about this before, but you’ve never really committed one way or the other. Wouldn’t you like to move in with us? We’d ask you to chip in, of course, but not nearly what you’re paying for rent and food by yourself.”

Rachel added, “You’d never have to sleep alone.”

“Or sleep much at all. I can’t go to school every morning groggy from a sex hangover.

“Besides, I’ve been in each bedroom. And while I haven’t been doing much site-seeing while there, I have noticed that closets are full, dressers are full and many. No room for my stuff.”

“Lover, that’s an excuse. We could rearrange stuff for you and you know it. What’s your real reason?”

“Okay, you got me. As much as I love you three, and I love the sex, this has always felt temporary to me. This setup can’t last forever.”

“Why not?”

I looked at Rachel, then took her hand, which was still in my lap, and kissed the back. “Because it can’t. There’s no romance. Love, but not that slightly different and slightly selfish feeling of being in love. Of having that one person that you know feels the same about you as you do about her. Or him. Carol knows what I mean. So do you two if you think about it. You’ve watched them make love, and how different it is from the happy fucking that we do.

“I’ll admit it. I’d like to have that feeling. I’m sure that both you beautiful sexy young ladies would want it too. If not now, later.

“I’m thrilled at the offer. If I had any more sense, I’d jump at the chance. But I feel like I have to maintain a little independence.”

Rachel: “David, we need to talk.”

Kelsey: “No, David, we need to talk.”

“You will both wait your turn. David, we need to talk.” She threw an exaggerated glare at her daughters. “Privately!”

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