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Em’s Panties Pt2

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After what happened Saturday morning with Em on our couch, I was worried about how things would be between us going forward. After I came I went to shower and Em cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. When I got done she was in her room. I knocked to check on her from the bathroom door.

“Em, you ok?” I asked. “Are WE ok?”

“Yes” she responded “I just need some time to process everything is that ok?”

“Of course it is. I’m going to watch TV come down when you’re ready.”

About an hour later our Mom returned with groceries so I helped carry everything in. Mom was always in a good mood, and we loved her to death, but always clueless about us. She didn’t even notice her daughter was absent. After some small talk and shuffling around the kitchen mom told me she was going to the base to meet “The Wives” as they were called, to welcome some new families to the on base housing. She made a tray of food and off she went.

Em and I grabbed some dinner from the fridge and she went to her room and I to mine. My mind kept thinking about earlier when I jerked off in front of my sister, and shot the biggest load of my life. She hadn’t said much since. I went to bed thinking about my sister, her panties, and what else may come of this.

Not much happened that week. We went to school, came home, did homework, ate and went to bed. It was a normal week. We talked to each other less than usual but it just seemed like neither of us had much to say. More involved in our own thoughts than in each others lives.

The weekend was coming and Dad wasn’t home yet so mom asked if I could mow the yard Friday after school. It’s not much of a yard so I did it quickly after I got off the bus. I asked mom if I could go to the movies with some friends from school and she agreed. When I asked her for some money she pulled a fifty out of her purse and said, “Only if you take your sister.”

“I don’t think she will want to go with us Mom” I lied “It’s a guys thing”. We were going to see an R rated movie and I didn’t need her ratting us out. Our friend Tony works at the cinema and he can sell us the 18 and over tickets so we can get in.

“Keith, take your sister, she doesn’t have many friends it will be good for her to get out and be social.”

So upstairs I went. I called out to her and invited her to the movie and of course she said yes. I knew my friends would shit on me for it later when she wasn’t around but what could I do mom wanted me to take her.

Mom dropped us off outside the theatre and we met up with my friends. My said to text her when the credits were rolling and she would come right back to get us. To my surprise the guys weren’t too mad Em came with me. We went to see a raunchy comedy movie that had lots of nudity, foul language and even a raunchy fake sex scene. We all laughed a lot and ate junk food and overall it was a good time.

I text Mom and sure enough just as we walked out she was pulling up. God bless that woman she had the best timing. She was a typical Air Force wife. Mom chatted the whole ride home about Dad and his assignment. He had called while we are out and was going to be gone another 2 weeks at least, BUT, his C/O promised him some family time after he got back which should be almost when school lets out for the summer. Hopefully that meant we could go away somewhere cool for a few weeks. Nothing is worse than Oklahoma in the summertime.

When we returned home Mom announced she was off to bed. Em went toward the kitchen and I headed for the stairs and my room.

“You heading to bed?” Em asked. “Or do you want to watch some gorukle escort TV with me?”

I had just watched a hot movie with lots of tits and wanted to rub one out so I declined her offer. “Thanks. I’m beat and I want to run in the morning so I’m heading up now.” Em just smiled and said goodnight and off I went. Up in my room I fired up the laptop and striped off everything. I went to my bookmarks and pulled up a link to a video I’d had seen many times and always got me going. I sat there stroking as a middle aged blonde with huge DDD’s jerked off two dudes. For some reason though I wasn’t sealing the deal so to speak. I needed release, that was for sure, but this time old faithful didn’t cut it. I searched a few more vids on the site’s homepage and followed a few links. Eventually a short clip of 2 girls sucking a guy off got me to pop. I cleaned up and went to the bathroom to wash my hands and brush my teeth. I noticed no light from Em’s room. Either she was asleep or still downstairs. My session had taken over an hour and I figured maybe she fell asleep.

I threw on a pair of sweats and headed out my door. At the top of the stairs I could tell the TV was still on. It was quiet but the flicker was unmistakable.I wasn’t sneaking down the stairs but I also didn’t make much noise in case she was asleep I’d just kill the tv and head back up. As I turned the corner I saw the top of Em’s head moving. At first I thought she must have her earbuds in and her head was moving to the rhythm of the music but I almost immediately discounted that notion.

“Fuuuuhhhhhkkk….mmmph,” I knew these noises, I made them on my way to climax often. I moved around behind the sofa quietly. I wanted to see. I needed to see. As I closed in I could see the back of her head, 6-7 feet away, and the tops of her shoulders, covered in a black tee shirt. Her right arm moving rapidly in succession. I moved further off to the side for a better angle. On the TV was some old episode of MASH. She wasn’t watching it, her eyes shut tightly. I moved further toward the kitchen. There I got a good side view. Dressed in a black tee shirt and clearly no bra as her nipples pointed out, she had her hand under the waistband of a pair of black sweatpants. She was going at it. Rubbing herself off for all she was worth. Every few seconds a light whimper or and ahh would escape her mouth. There in the TV glow Em looked so hot. My little sister, sexy as fuck. My dick responded and started to rise up. I took a step closer.

“Stay there” Em ordered. She hadn’t opened her eyes so I knew she heard me somehow.

“Em, what are you doing?” Such a stupid question but it was all I could think to say.

“Shhhh. Close. So close.” Was all she offered. Her left hand moved up to grab at her right boob. She pinched the nipple through her shirt and her body shuddered slightly. Her other hand was going hard at it now. Moving quickly up and down, and in a small circle.

Suddenly she stopped. Her eyes opened and she got a scowl on her face. “FUCK. I can’t do it” she said. “I’m turned on from the movie and I need to release and I keep getting close and then…nothing. What is wrong with me? This is why boys hate me, Keith, I’m not sexual enough, have no tits, and can’t cum even when I NEED too.”

“Em you are sexy as anything. I got so turned on just now watching you. And I had a hard time cumming tonight too. It took me an hour, so I understand.”

“No, you don’t understand. You got to cum right? Well I don’t ever cum.”

“Never? You never had an orgasm?” I was shocked.

“NO” She eskort bursa was clearly frustrated. “I go and go and it builds up. I feel like a wave flowing through me, like a damn is about to burst, and then it tails off. I keep at it but I only end up sore and disappointed.”

“Oh geeze Em, that sucks. I’m sorry. Have you ever tried with a boy?” The thought of her with some clumsy kid made me annoyed for a second.

“No. No boy would touch me like that. They want tits and ass and I’m lacking in both departments. I would have let Jimmy do whatever that day in the woods, just to feel like a girl finally.” Her hand came out of her pants and went to wipe a tear away that had started rolling down her cheek.

“Oh Em honey no no,” I started “You are an amazing young woman. You have an incredible athletic body.” I moved toward the couch and sat next to her. I took Ems hand in mine and squeezed it. “Even as your brother I see what an amazing body you have now, and when you catch up to the other girls, Em, you’re gunna be MORE desirable then they are!” I was selling it. I wanted her to stop being upset.

Then something happened and I can’t tell you if I did this on purpose or not, but I leaned over and kissed her hand. It was meant to be a loving, reassuring, calming gesture, but that had had only moments ago been buried in her pussy. Without even thinking, as I kissed it, I inhaled deeply, loud enough to be heard.

“Oh my GOD perv… You can’t help it can you?” Her tone was a mixture of teasing and annoyance.

“Sorry not sorry” I offered, “What can I say except I love the way you smell.” Slowly I pulled her hand up to my mouth and looked her in the eye as I put 2 of her fingers into my mouth. Em immediately closed her eyes and grunted some approval. I licked, then sucked her juices from her fingers. My shorts popped a tent. I went till there was nothing left on her hand. She opened her eyes. I wasn’t sure how she would take this. I know I crossed a line but I wanted to go further.

“Em?” I started, “Can I try and help you with your problem? Maybe see if you need a guy’s touch to get things completed so to speak?” I could tell she was thinking about crossing a line too, and what it could mean to us. We both knew if our father ever found out, we would be dead.

“Maybe just a little?” This was more a question than consent. “But if you do I don’t want to be naked. OK? That’s going to far.”

I jumped up to enthusiastically. “What ever you want Em. You got to see me cum so it’s only fair.” Lets not forget that to this point I hadn’t fingered a chick much less seen a vagina. My only experience was what I saw online and some crude jokes my dad and his mates made when they were drunk one weekend.

I slid closer to Em on the couch. I moved my right hand to her exposed tummy. We both jumped a little when I touched her. My head was swimming. Slowly I made little circles down past her belly button. At her waistband I stopped, and didn’t know if I should go over or under her pants. Em supplied the answer quickly by using her left hand to lift the waistband a little. I continued south. Still making the small circles I encountered the elastic of her panties. Again a crossroads, Over or under? I started to slide a finger under and felt some hairs before she stopped me.

“No, please, just leave them?” She was pleading. Trying to keep some dignity I suppose. My hand continues across the soft cotton fabric toward a heat source. It was crazy how much heat she was putting out. I slid 2 fingers down the slope, I felt the bump of her karacabey escort clit, and beyond the warm wet target which I was seeking. Slowly but firmly I started moving up then down, side to side, then back up again, repeat the pattern but slightly different each time.

“Mmph..god..yes,” She was encouraging me. I felt confident. The next upstroke I slowed by her clit, and made a firm circle around the small nub, and then again, and again. Her hips raised and she made a sound like a fighter jet engine taking off. Almost a roar. I felt her cum and shake as her panties became extremely wet. “Keith Keith..no more please stop” she begged. “That was fucking amazing.” She started to cry and I immediately got worried.

“What’s wrong? I’m sorry Em, are you ok?” There was obvious concern in my voice. I did not understand what was going on.

Em rolled slightly on her side, and looking me in the eyes leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on my lips. “That was the most amazing release of emotion ever. I didn’t know it felt like that. I didn’t know it should feel so good. Thank you.”

Now that we were facing each other my boner was more obvious to her. Em giggled and asked, “Is that thing always hard?”

I nodded. “It’s SO hard right now.”

“Do you want to take it out and play with it again? I don’t mind.”

Within seconds my pants were to my ankles and my rod was in my hand. Em slid back away from me to the arm of the couch and watched with much more interest this time than last. This time I kept my fist just around the head and made short quick strokes. I was so turned on but had also just come an hr ago and had more stamina this time.

“Em, could I see your panties?” I asked through shortened breath. “I’m a visual guy and if you could just let me see them, I’ll cum so hard baby.” I could see her thinking and then she nodded. My heart raced. She stood up, and turned away from me. She slid the black sweats down to reveal a white, panty covered, perfect ass. She stepped out of her pants. But then she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the panties and started sliding them down too. There before me was her bare ass. She slid the panties down to her ankles, then slowly bent over away from toto step out of them, and pick them up. I couldn’t see much where her pussy was, except an outline through her thigh gap. She slid the sweats back up and turned around. Her panties in hand she stepped forward. She was closer that I expected as I continued my short strokes.

“Here,” she cooed, “A reward for a job well done.” With both hands she displayed the panties crotch side toward me and moved then to within an inch of my nose. “Take a good smell brother.”

Between the smell and the way she said BROTHER I stiffened up and started cumming immediately. My balls tightened and I shot four good spurts all over her pant legs. I was grunting and sweating, and she stared at me in wonder. “Does the smell of me really get you going?”

I laughed and looked down at her legs. “The evidence suggests it does.” We both chuckled a bit and I stumbled trying to get my sweats back on. Em moved over and shut the TV off. I couldn’t see in the dark but I could feel her presence. Suddenly there was the softest pair of lips on mine. “Thanks big brother. I needed that. And I never knew I needed that till you gave it to me. Here’s a present to remember this night by. I felt her tiny hand in my pocket. When she pulled it out, she moved it over and gave my shrinking wet cock a tint squeeze.

We headed back to our rooms and she took the bathroom first. I sat on my bed. The most amazing experience of my young life just happened, and it was with my sister. I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out her white panties that she’d given me. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly with a smile. I loved Em’s panties.

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