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Emily’s Fantasy

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I emailed him that I was stunned by his story. I felt like I looked in and saw myself. So many things he wrote reminded me of me. I told him that I loved all his stories, but always found myself depressed when I finished them because I wished that my sex life was like his stories.

He wrote back, “I’m so sorry you get depressed after reading my stories. I think we all wish our intimate lives were better. That’s probably one reason we write and read stories about sex. I wish your sex life was like my stories, too. Heck, I wish my sex life was like my stories. Send me some ideas of what you wish yours would be like, and I’ll write a story just for you. It won’t be the same as the real thing, but it can be your fantasy, and mine, and maybe you can find it satisfying.”

I sent him my fantasies and this is my story.


“Take a nice, long, warm bath, Emily. Pamper yourself … bath oil … bath bubbles … whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Turn off the lights and bask in the glow of your favorite scented candles. As you relax, explore your body. When you feel yourself becoming aroused, let your mind open to what you are about to experience.”

I entered the tub, lay back, closed my eyes, and prepared to lose myself in my fantasy.

I began to fondle my breasts. As my nipples hardened, I moistened a finger with bath oil and traced circles around each. With one finger, I went from nipple to nipple. When they became fully erect, I began gently squeezing and twisting them. My other hand worked its way down my abdomen to the cleft between my legs. With my fingers, I began caressing my mound. Slipping a finger inside my outer lips, I stroked the length of my opening. I slipped in a second finger and felt the inside of my pussy moisten. I gasped and my body tensed when I found my clitoris. I could feel my pussy walls begin to tighten and a tingling sensation spread from my clitoris.

“Please stop, Emily.”

“Oh,” I moaned. “Why?”

“It’s time to get out of the tub and sensually towel your body.”

I stood up, stepped out of the bathtub, and began gently drying myself. As dried my hair with the bath towel, it lightly caressed my nipples. Jolts of sensations made them erect again. I toweled my torso and then my legs. I brought the towel to my mound and held it firmly against my pussy, enjoying its texture and pressure. I threaded the towel through my legs and drew it back and forth. Its softness stimulated the lips of my pussy. I parted my opening with two fingers and delicately patted my clit. Closing my eyes, I allowed the sensations to begin to arouse me further.

“Not yet, Emily,”

“Oh, not again.”

“Yes, Emily. Go naked to your bed, lie down, close your eyes, and prepare to enter your fantasy once more.”

I went to my bed, closed my eyes, and lay quietly and expectantly. I let my mind free itself of … and then … I could sense he was there!

“Yes, I’m here, Emily. Take the vibrator out of your nightstand drawer … turn it on slow power … touch your body.”

I placed the vibrating shaft on the right side of my face, and then moved it to the left. I brought it to my neck, fully enjoying the pulsations. I gradually worked down to my breasts. I pressed the vibrator softly against one nipple, then the other. I could feel my nipples stand out. Even the areoles seemed to become noticeably larger and firmer. Dampness gathered between my legs. I moved the vibrator to my swelling sex lips.

I moaned, “This feels so wonderful.”

“More than wonderful is yet to come for you, Emily … no more feeling depressed. Put the tip of the vibrator on your clitoris … that’s it. Find a speed that feels best to you … close your eyes and focus all your attention on the sensations you are feeling in your pussy.”

As I pressed the vibrator against my clitoris, I could feel my body filling with sexual excitement, warmth spread throughout my pelvis. I stroked the vibrator from my clit, down my inner lips, and then back to my clitoris. I began to moan, my hips moving involuntarily as I pressed the vibrator more firmly against my clit. Suddenly, my body stiffened, then shuddered. A tingling sensation enveloped my clit. Shocks of what felt like an electric current coursed through my pussy, I came with a scream of pleasure. Not removing the vibrator from my clitoris, I continued until I had another orgasm so intense that I dropped the vibrator.

I cried out, “Where did it go? Where did it go?”

I reached out and found the vibrator. Turning it to its fullest setting, I pressed it hard again against my clit. I began to writhe with pleasure once more. I moved it up and down just inside my outer lips. I allowed it to brush against my anus, triggering a squeal of delight. I pressed it harder on my clit. Sliding it inside my inner lips, I moved it back and forth. Finding my opening, I shoved it deep inside me. The sensation startled me so much that my eyes nearly flew open. I pulled it almost completely Sakarya Escort out and pushed it in again. I pushed and pulled on the vibrator, I thrust it deep and held it there. The knobs on its base pulsated against my clit. My hips found a rhythm with the vibrator as I moved it in and out. I felt tension build, I felt pleasure build with it, until I felt my clitoris was going to explode. Suddenly, my back arched, and I came with a shout. I couldn’t stop thrusting the vibrator. I couldn’t stop bucking my hips. I came a third time, then a fourth. Finally, I fell back, exhausted.

“Rest for now, sweet Emily. There’s much more to your fantasy.”


I must have dozed … then I heard a voice … or was I still lost in my fantasy?

“It’s time to continue your fantasy, sweet Emily.”

I wondered what was coming next. What could be any more satisfying than what I had just experienced?

“Gently touch your pussy … like that … caress it with one finger … now the one finger just inside your lips … move it up and down … back and forth … touch the sides … focus on your feelings … now your clitoris, sweet Emily.”

My hips began moving. Low murmurs were escaping my throat.

“Let your body move any way that feels good, sweet Emily. Let whatever sounds you want to make pour out of your mouth.”

My hips began to move more rapidly. The sounds escaping my mouth were becoming more ragged and unintelligible.

“Move the other hand between your legs … open your sex lips wide … caress them … do you feel them continuing to swell, sweet Emily?”

“Yes,” I answered, barely able to say the word.

“Place a finger on your opening … slowly caress up and down … work your finger farther inside … can you feel your inner lips? Good … move all of your fingers inside … caress softly. Can you feel yourself getting wetter?”

Unable to talk, I simply groaned.

“Put two fingers inside your inner lips and caress from the bottom upward … don’t go too high yet.”

I was becoming excited. Low guttural noises were coming from mouth. My body began to tremble.

“Slow down, sweet Emily. Trace one finger slowly toward the top of your inner lips. When you find your clitoris, begin moving your finger across it and around it … yes … up and down … back and forth … little circles.”

I teased my clitoris. Without conscious effort, my back and I almost lifted off the bed.

“Keep playing with your clit, sweet Emily … tweak it … twist it … do whatever you want with your other hand.”

I grabbed a nipple and began to squeeze and pull on it excitedly. I felt my body wracked with spasms. My brain felt like it was being flooded. Suddenly, I came. I screamed with delight. I shuddered, tremors surging through my body. Juices covered my pussy, my thighs, my hands.

“Don’t stop, sweet Emily … bring yourself to another.”

And I did. Encouraged to continue, I experienced an orgasm, and then another, before slumping exhausted into the softness of my bed.


In the afterglow of my orgasms, I was startled by the touch of fingers making circles on my abdomen

“This can’t be real,” I thought.

“Anything’s possible in a fantasy, sweet Emily. Lie back and enjoy.”

I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to take the chance of ruining my fantasy. Soon, I felt fingers playing with my nipples. Fingers made circles, larger, then smaller. I felt my nipples being caressed and flicked. Every so often, I felt a brushing against my pubic hair and fingers toying with my abdomen and my mound, I felt a moistened a finger run over the end of one nipple, then the other. A shiver went through my body.

I was shocked when a warm mouth enveloped one nipple while the other was being massaged between two fingers. At first, the sucking was gentle, then, as my nipple hardened, more forceful. The mouth moved to my other nipple and gave it the same sensuous sucking. I felt an insistent intensifying sensitivity in my pussy. I desired more.

As if my thoughts were being read, I felt fingers caressing up and down my inner thighs. They worked farther upward, occasionally touching the lips of my pussy. Amazingly, I felt a tongue licking, lips kissing, and then a sucking on my abdomen. When I thought I could stand no more, the outer lips of my pussy were taken between the fingers of one hand and pressed firmly together. I could feel more fluids flowing from my pussy. Then, my lips were gently opened. Thumbs stroked my inner lips. I caught my breath.

I placed the soles of my feet on the bed and spread my knees apart. As I waited expectantly, I could sense a bending over, a bending down. There was a moment of hesitation, as though the aroma of my pussy was being relished.

“Your fragrance is breathtaking, sweet Emily,”

My outer lips were opened. The lick of a tongue sent a shudder through my body.

“Keep your eyes closed, sweet Emily … focus all your attention Sakarya Escort Bayan on the sensations.”

My pussy continued to be licked. I could feel my juices flowing freely.

“The taste of you is so pleasant, sweet Emily.”

My clitoris was flicked with a tongue. It ran around my clit, then it was taken between lips. I felt it sucked deeply into a mouth. My body trembled. I arched my back and pressed my hands harder against the bed. Then, the lips were removed from my clit. I groaned in protest.

“Not too quickly, sweet Emily.”

The tongue returned to licking my outer lips. I felt it part my inner lips and insert itself more deeply into my pussy than I thought possible. It moved in and out. It traveled to my anus, swirling around my hole. My body jerked. There was lick. The tip of a tongue pressing against my anus. I willed it to relax, and the tongue slid slightly inside. I squealed with delight.

After lingering at my anus for a few moments, I felt lips and tongue working their way back toward my clitoris. It was taken again between lips. It was sucked and flicked with a tongue. Two fingers of one hand were inserted between my inner lips and inside my pussy. Another finger was moistened with my juices and gently pushed against my anus. I began breathing rapidly. My body thrashed uncontrollably. A finger slid inside my anus. I could feel warm sensations flow through my body as I neared another orgasm. Suddenly I screamed and my clitoris exploded. With lips on my clit and fingers in my openings, I came to another screeching orgasm. Unbelievably, I came a third time.

Finally, barely able to talk, I gasped, “No more … no more … I can’t take any more … let me rest.”

“But we have just began, sweet Emily.”


I was brought back to awareness by the feel of a tongue again on my pussy lips. “I don’t care if this is real or not,” I thought. “I just don’t want it to stop.”

I compelled my eyes to stay shut and basked in the touch of tongue on my pussy. It was not erotic, as though leading me toward an orgasm. It was simply licking me with soft, gentle strokes. I felt … appreciated. Yes, that was it. It made me feel valued as a woman. It was like the most important thing in the world was to pleasure me, to make me feel, at least for these moments, that I was the center of the universe. My heart was filled with happiness and gratitude.

“Ah, sweet Emily, you’re back from your daydreaming. Good, for you have much more pleasure to enjoy in your fantasy.”

I could feel a mouth return to my pussy. A tongue slipped between my lips. I pushed my hips, forcing the tongue into my opening. The tongue twirled, then slid more deeply into my pussy. It was nearly completely withdrawn, and plunged in again. I spread my legs wider, offering full access. My clit was enveloped with lips and, with a strong sucking, drawn firmly into the mouth.

“I can’t believe I’m going to have another orgasm,” I thought. “It’s just not possible I’m still responding. I should be totally out of it by now.”

But a finger, then another, was pushed between my inner lips. I felt my body shake. I pressed my hips against the mouth on my clit and the fingers in my pussy. I came quickly with a shout. My body collapsed. I felt numb. I was opened once again. My pussy was brought to mouth and tongue once more. My clitoris was fingered furiously while the tongue was licking everywhere it could reach within my pussy.

Overcome by another orgasm, stronger than the last, I shouted, “I’m coming again!!”

I could feel fingers exploring the crack between my cheeks. I raised my legs into the air and pulled my cheeks apart. A finger found my anus. It was moistened with the fluids covering my pussy and pressed inside. I gasped and tugged at my nipples. The sucking on my pussy, the thumbing of my clit, and the plunging of a finger in and out of my anus brought me to yet another screaming orgasm. But the sensations didn’t stop. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me and through me. I lost track of my orgasms. Finally, I was finished, my last orgasm barely a shudder, and I slumped on the bed.


I lay there an indeterminate time, my mind in a fog. I wondered, “How can this be?”

“Because it’s your fantasy, sweet Emily.”

I felt fingers stroking my hair, so gentle, so tender. I felt so happy … so … content … so relaxed … so … comfortable … so safe … so … appreciated … and, yes, even loved.

“You have such beautiful blond hair, sweet Emily.”

Fingers moved to my forehead, massaging soothingly. My cheekbones were stroked, then my ears. Fingers traced around my lips. My chin was cupped.

“You have such a beautiful face, sweet Emily, ideally proportioned.”

The backs of fingers caressed my neck and then down each shoulder.

“You have such sexy shoulders, sweet Emily.”

My breasts were fondled, a massaging of the areoles, then light touches on my Escort Sakarya nipples.

“You have such well-formed breasts, sweet Emily. They are flawless. Mouths and lips crave them.”

I felt, not a sexual response, instead, I was filled with joy. Circles were traced on my abdomen, then lightly in my pubic hair. My pussy was covered and fingers lingered there.

“You have such an exciting pussy, sweet Emily. It begs to be stimulated.”

I felt fingers caressing down my legs, massaging my thighs and calves.

“You have such beautiful legs, sweet Emily, strong and shapely.”

The arches of my feet were kneaded. I was pleasantly pleased when each toe was licked, then sucked.

“You have a beautiful body, sweet Emily. It is perfection personified. Your body was especially created to be shown affection, to be made love to. Your body creates a desire to give it pleasure and to find pleasure in it.”

I could scarcely believe what I was hearing. Me? Desirable? The object of affection? Made to receive and to give pleasure?”

“I appreciate you, sweet Emily.” I heard no more, aware only of a licking up, then down, each leg. I must have fainted.


I was brought back to awareness when I heard, “It’s time for the rest of your fantasy, sweet Emily. Take the vibrator, but don’t turn it on yet. Place it between your sex lips.”

I did.

“Slowly move it up and down your pussy … now hold it against your clitoris. Turn on the vibrator, sweet Emily.”

Sensations I not thought possible began to course through my body anew. I felt a finger enter my pussy. It began caressing a place just behind my pubic bone. A second finger joined the first. I could feel a slight, but not uncomfortable, burning as it enlarged. A wonderful feeling, like nothing I had ever experienced before, caused me to drop the vibrator. A feeling of happiness, of remarkable warmth, flowed from my pussy throughout my entire body. Suddenly, everything in me began to twitch convulsively. There was no center of stimulation. All of me, my whole being, my body, my heart, my soul, all were filled with ecstasy. A glow of contentment flooded though me. My body began to shake uncontrollably. I couldn’t help moving my pelvis up and down. Everything seemed to explode deep inside me. I arched and shouted. I was overwhelmed with release. Slippery secretions flowed freely from my pussy. I was carried away in total abandon. I cried out … and burst into tears.

Moments passed, my sobbing subsided, then the tears were tenderly kissed from my cheeks and chin.

Incredibly, I felt movement over me. He was there, with me, not just in my mind! Positioning himself between my legs, his stiff penis touched my pussy. He stroked it up and down my opening, then pressed it against my clit. I jerked at the sensation. Pushing gently, he entered the depths of my pussy and held himself there. He filled me completely. I could feel the contour of his penis as it touched my cervix and stretched the walls of my pussy. I pressed my body against his. The feel of his body next to mine sent such a feeling of pure pleasure through me that I could scarcely bear it.

I heard him say, “You are loved, sweet Emily.”

I lost myself as he pulled almost completely out of me, then slowly entered back within me. He increased the pace of his movement. I could feel the tip of his penis pounding against the back of my pussy. My hips found his rhythm. I began to shudder. With one final thrust, he went deep and held himself there, lifting slightly and pushing the base of his penis against my clitoris. I pushed back to increase the pressure. I could feel his penis pulsate. I seized it with the walls of my pussy and squeezed. I could feel every muscle in my body tensing. My pussy and pelvis began throbbing uncontrollably. I felt incredibly sensitive everywhere. Then, the sensations sharpened and isolated around my clitoris, shocking it with electric-like jolts. Everything felt hot, my pussy continued pulsating. I squeezed his penis more forcefully. There were a few seconds of exquisite wonder, then I came with a shriek, covering myself with a wetness that literally gushed out of my pussy. At that same moment, I felt his come burst out and erupt into my pussy. He continued relentlessly driving in and out of me. I lost all sense of time, of how long we thrust at each other. I had no idea of the number of orgasms I had before I felt him come a second time. I was in a different world, a place of pure pleasure … pure elation … pure sex!


I opened my eyes. I frantically looked around. All I could see was my vibrator beside me. All I could feel was my soaked bed sheet.

I thought, “Was any of this real?”

Then, I remembered the words. “Anything is possible in a fantasy, sweet Emily.”

Somehow, in a way, my fantasy was healing. I realize that I am beautiful, that I deserve to feel good about myself, that I deserve to be sexually satisfied. I understand the kind of woman I am, and the kind of a woman I want to become. I know how I want to be made love to and I know that I want to return lovemaking as intensely as I receive it.

Exhausted, and drifting toward sleep, I barely heard, “I will always be your fantasy, sweet Emily. Remember me often and relive our moments.”

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