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Emily and Karen Enjoy Each Other

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[This is part of a series chronicling Karen’s emergence as a domme. There is some dealing with bodily functions so if that offends you, read no further. All characters are more than 18.]

Karen’s increasingly intense involvement with her boyfriend Rod did not diminish her affections for her longtime roommate Emily. Emily too had a boyfriend, Bill, and enjoyed her life to the utmost. Karen, however, had occasional twinges of worry because Emily had been so good to her.

Arriving in town fresh from escaping from her mother’s domination, which had been awful, Karen worked hard at her career and attained a highly responsible position in the company where she was employed. She had met Emily and the two hit it off immediately.

Emily’s background was different: highly privileged. She was an heiress who had obtained degrees from the most highly regarded institutions and parlayed all of it into her own firm, which she managed adeptly and profitably. When her parents both died in an air accident, it turned out that they had left everything—and that was quite a lot—to Emily although she had two older sisters.

Linda, the eldest, was married with children and Leslie, the middle sister, was attractive but unfocused. Soon, both ended up living in the spacious apartment where Emily held court. She had invited Karen to be her roommate and their relationship had flourished, especially since most nights they shared a commodious bed and enjoyed each other’s intimate company.

Emily laid out her requirements for her sisters to live with her free of charge. First, they would be subordinate to both Emily and Karen. Karen, in particular, was designated by Emily as their mistress who would train them to serve Emily and Karen. This played to Karen’s increasing attraction to being a dominant woman. It had been a complicated ascent for her, because in addition to her background, which paled in magnificence to Emily’s, Karen was a small girl, now a 25-year-old woman, with a petite frame and features.

She really did adore Emily, however, and Emily her, probably regarding little Karen as her creation, at least in part. Karen took to dominating Emily’s sisters, both older than she was, with alacrity. She soon made them serve both women, and had them cleaning and cooking, although she herself was a fine cook. Emily got a kick out of seeing her once snobby sisters brought to heel, as Karen did not hesitate to humiliate them in front of her.

Leslie and Linda were often dressed in childish, schoolgirl outfits with short plaid skirts that barely covered their little-girl panties. If they misbehaved, which was often since Karen’s rules were harsh and all-encompassing, Karen might ceremoniously order one or both to remove their bras. They were often spanked and caned in front of Emily and whoever else might be present. Both Bill and Rod grew accustomed to seeing Leslie and Linda punished and horribly embarrassed.

Both Karen and Emily found it pleasant to have Leslie and Linda serve as toilet servants. Karen had acquired a special toilet that permitted someone to place their head under the seat. Both Emily and she would have Leslie or Linda assume that compromising position and then would sit on the seat and suddenly release their sphincters and emit a strong pee stream on one or the other’s surprised face. Karen especially liked also to have the toilet girl receive the excretions from her anal opening and even would make Leslie or Linda use her teeth to extract her tampon during her menses.

After Karen’s mother Marian came to join the ménage, since as was the case with Linda, her husband had either deserted or divorced her, the atmosphere became more severe, because Karen was determined to put her mother through her paces to make up for the mistreatment she had visited on Karen during her girlhood.

Now Karen made the three submissives carry conduct books in which she would enter “naughty marks” when appropriate and then she would arrange lengthy punishment sessions. Finally, after sending Marian to stay with two lesbians for a weekend, where Marian underwent even more severe training, as the lesbian domme, Deb, was even harsher than Karen, Emily and she decided that it was time to move the three out.

Emily found an apartment as well as decent jobs for Leslie and Linda and Marian also was set up in her own place. All three were occasionally summoned to serve Emily and Karen, especially if they did not carry out their side of the bargain. Leslie in particular was a problem since she lost her job and even managed to have Karen’s boyfriend Rod console her by going down on her. This caused quite a commotion when Karen walked in while Rod was licking Leslie’s cunt.

She punished both but it also paved the way for more intimate loving and discussion between Karen and Rod. Karen fatih escort learned that Rod’s mother Barbara had been just as dominant and uncaring as Karen’s had been. Karen found herself thrilling to hearing about Rod’s unhappy time at home while he was pumping Karen in the huge bed with his more than amply-sized cock.

It now was starting to look like both Karen and Emily might soon receive marriage proposals. Emily of course was quite a catch even for Bill, who was blond, handsome, and fairly well-off himself. Karen now had attracted in Rod a most eligible suitor with a strong professional career.

Emily surprised Karen by telling her that it was high time they enjoyed a girl’s night in. They ordered up a delightful dinner from their favorite restaurant, chilled some wine, and made sure they would not be interrupted by unexpected visitors. Leslie, Linda, and Marian were put under strict orders to stay at their own residences. Bill and Rod were told that the girls had planned a get-together for themselves.

Both decided to dress up for the occasion. Emily had a closetful of marvelous fashion to enjoy, and she frequently had taken Karen to some of her favorite boutiques to be outfitted in the style to which Emily had long been accustomed. The women also made sure to purchase their favorite lacy and daring lingerie at La Perla and some other exclusive spots in town. Shoes, too, were plentiful in their respective closets.

Dressed in high style, with off-the-shoulder dresses and appropriately matching accessories, each powdered and perfumed lightly—after all, they were still at the peak of their femininity—and donned lovely bras and panties along with matching garter belts. Their mutual delight in dominance was subtly conveyed by their wearing seamed hose stretching down to their stilettos. Each had had her hair done for the occasion.

Dinner and drinking—mostly wine—proceeded as the restaurant’s maitre’d herself—it was their preferred eating place, managed by another female dominant who catered to young, assured women like them—served them royally. They had an easy rapport with Maryann and she enjoyed the chance to spend a few hours with two of her best customers.

Finally, dinner was done and fortunately, neither Karen nor Emily had drunk herself into oblivion nor eaten more than a small bit of each wonderful course, abjuring almost all of the desserts proffered. Then, once Maryann quickly assembled the serving pieces, china, and silverware and packed up, they bid her a pleasant good night and retired to the massive bed.

Karen decided to tease Emily by slowly disrobing her friend and kissing each body part, actually loving it. Emily responded by carefully undoing Karen’s petite bra and making love to her well-proportioned if diminutive tits. Soon Emily was in lacy bra and panties while Karen wore only her lilac hicut undies.

Emily picked up the light Karen and lay her on the bed so she could tantalizing slip Karen’s little panties down and off. Then as she moved between Karen’s legs, she laved her attention on Karen’s trimmed vulva, tight lips, but hot and welcoming vagina. Emily made love to her skillfully and lovingly, and very shortly Karen bucked, writhed, and exploded in a series of massive orgasms.

It was now Karen’s turn to please her best friend and she massaged Emily’s delightful 34Bs with her tongue and watched as the nipples rose and hardened into points. Karen was excited at her ability to stir the fire in Emily as the smaller woman’s hands gently caressed her friend’s delicious frame and found their way down into the lovely blonde forest that covered her delicate mons.

Their mutual familiarity in bed enabled Karen to know in just which spots between Emily’s gorgeous legs her digital stimulation would most wildly arouse. Her small fingers grazed only to the slightest extent over the very tip of Emily’s now engorged clit. This was enough, however, for the blonde goddess to respond mightily as her hips bucked in rhythm to Karen’s skillful ministrations.

The sweetness in the air was created by the simultaneous flowing of both women’s intimate juices, pure and delicious, and unaffected by any other possible emanations from their genital or anal regions. Each had scrupulously washed and cleaned themselves before dressing for dinner, so no bodily excretions had intermixed with the sweet juices of arousal than not plentifully flowed from their vaginal orifices.

Karen whispered a word into her friend’s ear and the two adjusted their positions so now they were entangled in a complete 69 position, with each one’s mouth fastened onto the other’s vulva. Each drank in the secretions of the other and these intoxicated both far more completely than even the fine wine they had imbibed earlier.

They came together and istanbul escort then reversed so they were in each other’s arms and kissing. Emily felt totally spent and wildly happy. Then she looked at Karen and expressed a desire, not at first though, that she had kept inside her for ages.

“Karen, you sweet thing, your girlfriend has been very naughty,” Emily said very teasingly but also sincerely.

“Oh,” smiled Karen, expecting something fun. “And what may I ask has been the subject of your misbehavior?”

“I do deserve to be disciplined, darling,” Emily said, turning more serious than Karen expected.

Karen looked into Emily’s piercing blue eyes. “Is this for real? If it isn’t it sure sounds like it.”

“Yes, darling, it is,” Emily declared. “Karen, this is my most fertile week and last night, I let Bill have me without protection.”

“That was not very smart, for someone as brilliant as you are, and you know I mean that,” Karen said calmly. “Did you think about Plan B?”

Emily grinned, “Yes, I did and that’s exactly what I did do. Great minds.”

“It doesn’t take a great mind to do that, although I’m surely glad you did,” Karen exclaimed.

“I was very naughty, though, and I feel like I should be punished for being such a twit,” Emily responded.

“You know that you’re getting me very hot with this line of talk,” Karen suggested, feeling her friend out.

“Yes, and so am I,” Emily said. “I realize that I have so enjoyed the delightful way you have used to get my sisters to submit to us.”

“You have the natural dominant style and I suppose it suddenly came to me that while there are obvious reasons why I’m the one in charge here, I need you to take me in hand, love,” Emily confessed.

“I do hope you realize what you are saying,” Karen replied very happily. “Because when we proceed down this road, you know that you will want to go through with it.”

“I do, darling,” Emily asked plaintively. “So let’s get started.”

She stood up and bowed to Karen. “Miss Karen, I’ve been an awfully naughty girl,” Emily began.

“Perhaps you had better let me in on just how you’ve misbehaved so badly,” Karen answered in her crispest tone.

“Miss Karen,” Emily continued, “I let my boyfriend do what we always said shouldn’t happen. Especially since you know I cannot use the pill.”

Karen assumed a shocked look on her face. “You don’t mean,” she started. “You don’t mean that you let him, without taking precautions…”

“Yes, darling,” Emily answered, “I let him fuck me royally, bareback, and it felt so fucking good.”

“I’m sure it did, sweetie,” Karen said grimly, “but you know how irresponsible you were. I imagine you did something this morning, with the Plan B pill?”

“Oh yes,” Emily smiled, “I did do that. Was I naughty enough to need to be treated like a naughty girl?”

“I think you were, Emily dear,” Karen answered, with a grin, “and we should get at that right now while the iron is hot, so to speak.”

She patted her lap as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Emily smiled as she lowered herself across her good friend’s lap. Just a minute or two ago, they were enjoying each other’s flowing juices and now Emily was submitting to receipt of what she knew would be satisfying pain.

“Emily, for being a bad bad girl, you are going to be spanked on your naughty bottom,” Karen announced.

She began to spank Emily’s alabaster bottom, alternating between the cheeks. She couldn’t resist letting her hand wander between Emily’s toned thighs and feeling the wetness as Emily continued to generate plentiful flowing from her quim.

Then Karen maintained the rhythm of her spanking as she watched her friend’s bum grow red. She pressed her forefinger into Emily’s dazzling little anal rosette and began moving it in and out as it generated the expected bucking as Emily grew close to a fiery orgasm.

“No, you are not allowed that yet,” Karen intoned. She stopped plugging Emily’s anus and told her to stand.

“Now you know that naughty girls normally must stand in the corner before they get the brunt of their punishment,” Karen told her, “but we will proceed without that.”

Emily mumbled her thanks and Karen then positioned her across the bed with her feet on the ground and spread her lovely legs to expose all of her charms between them as they pooched between.

“You will count,” Karen said sternly, “and don’t dare miscount or you know what happens.”

Emily did know the rules of discipline. Girls who lost count at this school knew that the mistress would begin the caning again at the first stroke.

Karen reached for her favorite thin cane and lay it across Emily’s now fairly red bottom. She drew it back and with just the easiest flick snapped it across the enchanting taksim escort bottom she faced.

There was no more sound than the quiet “thwipp” of the cane but Emily, unused to it, let out a howl before she remembered to say, “One, thank you., Miss Karen.”

Karen kept laying on the cane strokes with the little flicks of her wrist and Emily felt the sting as it grew in her now-striped bottom. She kept the count, though, and began wondering what she had let herself in for when Karen delivered the twelfth stinging stroke, the last of two that crisscrossed the others and hurt that much more.

Karen told her that she had taken her punishment well and that she would now be permitted to stand. Then Karen took Emily in her arms, hugged her tightly, and kissed her, Emily feeling the love that was passed between them as she moved her lips and tongue to meet her lover’s.

It was time for some relief, for the women had consumed significant amounts of wine with their dinner. Karen led Emily to the private bathroom that adjoined their master bedroom.

They were already naked, of course, so both just stepped into the extra-wide tub they had had specially installed. They sat down on their haunches, facing one another, their legs entwined. It was amazing to look at the pair here in the altogether. Emily was the picture of the golden girl, with her ample bosom, perfect frame, and blonde hair. Karen was petite, dark-haired with nice, proportioned breasts, if far smaller than her lover’s.

Now what stood out was their matted pubes, blonde and brunette, not more than inches away from the other. And Emily took the lead as she leaned back and let fly a soaring stream of pee emerging from her peephole and then landing on Karen’s smooth stomach. Karen managed to release her pee with as much power and it shot from her urethral opening and pinged onto Emily’s abdomen only a little above her pubic triangle.

The two looked gratified that they had been able to perform so simultaneously. Then Karen reached for the faucet handles and the flow of warm water began to flow from the faucet off to the side but between them.

When they had filled the tub and sank back into the pleasant warmth, Karen grasped the soap and gently began to apply it to Emily, beginning with between her legs and then all over her front. Emily took hold of another bar and smoothly soaped her smaller friend’s intimate area and then moved up her body similarly.

“We do need to make sure the men understand all of our needs,” Emily then managed to gasp to Karen.

“I do love the man, and now I even trust him,” Karen said, as she then related to her lover what Rod had told her about his own bringing up with Barbara.

“You two were made for each other,” Emily said with a broad smile. “I’ve never forgiven your mother for how she mistreated you even though you’ve now had a chance to get some back from her. I don’t think I ever appreciated what having sort of a normal childhood meant.”

Emily’s doting parents had been killed in an air accident when she was 21, and she had already show herself to be a highly able business analyst capable of running her own successful company. It also didn’t hurt that her wealthy parents had left everything to her.

This of course meant that her two older, less responsible and somewhat unknowing sisters ended up needing to come to her for support. Linda had been quite arrogant when married but when her husband abandoned her, she was so desperate that she submitted to Emily’s terms, which at first shocked the eldest sister. Emily informed her that she would be trained to be a good submissive by Karen, who was in complete charge of her.

Linda started to argue with her youngest sister but thought better and gradually accustomed herself to the total humiliation of submitting to a small woman more than ten years her junior who knew how to embarrass her and impose shameful requirements on her every action.

Middle sister Leslie was an easier trainee, but she had defied Karen in the most objectionable way, by somehow managing to attract Karen’s boyfriend Rod into going down on her and licking her attractive quim.

Karen had put this behind her after punishing both Leslie and Rod. It propelled Emily into moving both sisters to their own apartment, whether or not they could support themselves by working. Linda now had re-entered the work force with some success. Emily felt Leslie would eventually settle down.

Emily also knew that submitting to Karen now had restored the latter’s confidence in a way that could not be imitated. The two rinsed each other off, spent a few moments stimulating their already well-lubricated vulvas with fingers adept at finding the most responsive spots, and then emerged from the tub, sparkling.

They put on nightgowns and crawled into their wonderful bed together, ready for more engagement of the best kind, until morning would dawn and they would need to determine just how to balance their current lives and the ones they were destined to lead when they tied the marriage knot.

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