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Elizabeth Ch. 03: Breaking

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Charlotte leaned forward and took a whiff of Elizabeth’s smell. She licked her lips. “You smell really good.”?Elizabeth squirmed.

Charlotte reached up and put her hand on Elizabeth’s breast, stroking the soft skin. “Elizabeth, I want make you feel so good that you love yourself as much as I do.”?

Charlotte put her right finger up to Elizabeth’s lips. Despite herself, Elizabeth opened her mouth and sucked. Charlotte drew the first finger of her left hand slowly down the center of Elizabeth’s breasts, caressing her abdomen and the love handle on Elizabeth’s right hip. “You are a goddess to be worshiped.”?

Charlotte moved her hand slowly from Elizabeth’s mouth and gripped her buttocks. Charlotte ran her face close to Elizabeth’s, grazing her lips, and drawing her delicate nose down Elizabeth’s collar bones. She circled each of Elizabeth’s breasts. She descended along Elizabeth’s right thigh, stroking, slowly spreading Elizabeth’s legs wider, wider. Elizabeth felt her pussy getting warmer and wetter.?Charlotte took Elizabeth by the knees and turned her, pushing back with her arm and laying Elizabeth down on the couch. Charlotte brought Elizabeth’s knees up onto her own shoulders, and put her mouth on Elizabeth’s cunt.?Elizabeth pushed up towards Charlotte, as the smaller woman pulled back the sheath of Elizabeth’s clit, flicking it deftly with her small tongue. She reached up and used the back of her fingertips to stroke ever so lightly across Elizabeth’s firm, heaving breasts. istanbul escort She then drew her right hand along Elizabeth’s left thigh, and stroked her labia, feeling the slickness.?

Elizabeth wanted to reach down and jam Charlotte’s fingers into herself. She was certain all this teasing was going to make her pop! Instead, she reached down and ran her hands through Charlotte’s hair, squeezing her neck, gently. “You really know what you’re doing.”?

Charlotte grinned and licked her lips like a lioness. “I haven’t even gotten started yet.” Charlotte inserted her first finger slowly into Elizabeth’s cunt. She crooked her finger, and felt the front wall of Elizabeth’s vagina. She found the squishy lump she was looking for, and she began to put pressure on it.?Elizabeth’s body quakred. John had fingered her countless times, but she had always felt like he was poking her. What was Charlotte doing? What part of her body had she discovered??

Charlotte released her left hand from Elizabeth’s clit, and sat back on her heels. She tightened her grip on Elizabeth’s G spot, and began to rock it. She moved her elbow and her shoulder, and started to use her whole upper body to create rhythmic, repeated stimulation on Elizabeth.?Elizabeth thought that she was going to lose her mind. She needed to be kissed. She wanted to get fucked. She drew her breath in ragged gasps, and put her fingers through her own hair, gripping her scalp, tilting her hips up so she could get more out of what Charlotte ataköy escort was doing to her.?

Charlotte chuckled to herself. She was getting really turned on. She loved to see somebody who was so uptight relax and heat up with ecstasy. She kept up the motion and she spread her legs across Elizabeth’s thigh, rubbing her clit. She was so wet that if she’d started to make a slurping sound, she wouldn’t have been surprised.?Charlotte could feel Elizabeth’s orgasm coming. Her G spot was now swollen and almost tense. Finally, something broke loose, and Elizabeth’s orgasm sent shockwaves through her body, like a deep, resonant sound, feeling pleasure in her throat, in her hands, and her calves. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.

Soft, warm, fluid gushed from her; Charlotte’s face was doused in the silky wetness.?Elizabeth swallowed and blinked. She reached down to Charlotte. “I need to kiss you. I just need to kiss you right now.”?Charlotte complied, slowly stroking her breasts and body along Elizabeth’s full figure. They kissed, their tongues dancing back-and-forth. Elizabeth tasted her own juices, and found them sweet.

When they broke the kiss, Elizabeth asked, “what did you do to me?”?

“You’ve never squirted before?” Charlotte asked gleefully.?

“No! I didn’t even know what that was.”

“I’ll have to teach you some time. You can do it to me.”

?”It was so amazing, but I need to get fucked, bad. What am I supposed to avcılar escort do?”

“I should be able to help you out with that.”?Charlotte stood up, and went to a filing cabinet beside her desk. She pulled a bag out of the bottom drawer. She unzipped it as Elizabeth watched. She pulled out a long, thick rubber penis with a harness attached. Charlotte put her feet through the straps, pulled it up above her ass, and tightened the belt around her waist.?

“Is that a strap on?”?

Charlotte nodded. “I want you to stand up and lean over that couch.”?Elizabeth obeyed, feeling lightheaded as she stood. She tilted at the waist over the couch, and felt Charlotte behind her. Charlotte wrapped her arms around her, squeezing your breasts. She pulled one of her hands back, and fit in the cock into Elizabeth’s cunt.

“Don’t you need to get off? Should I be eating your pussy right now?”?

Charlotte pinched Elizabeth’s nipple, sending a jolt of mild pain and greater pleasure. “This strap on has tickler on my clit built into it. When I fuck you, it’s going to be giving me pleasure too. But don’t worry, you can eat me out after this.”?As Charlotte’s thrusts began, Elizabeth arched her back, loving the feeling of being filled, used, ravaged. She felt alive. She felt free. Charlotte took a handful of Elizabeth’s long red hair, pulling it tight and yanking Elizabeth’s head toward her. Elizabeth twisted her hips back-and-forth, trying to get more that cock as Charlotte pushed it into her.?

She remembered how she had started this day, looking for strategies to never stray outside her marriage again. And now, she was sticking her ass out, get fucked by her preacher’s wife. She knew she had made the right choice. This pleasure was worth everything.?

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