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Educating the Daughter Pt. 03

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Mom is riding Dave’s cock while I ride his face, she’s massaging my tits, squeezing and pinching my nipples, leaning forward biting and sucking them. She knows it really makes me wet and Dave really loves sucking every drop of juice from my wet pussy. Mom’s hand rubs my clit as her mouth plays with my nipples, Dave’s tongue is buried inside my pussy working it’s magic, driving me to yet another intense orgasm.

Mom keeps riding Dave’s cock, bouncing and grinding on it, her juices flowing over it, she doesn’t stop after I come, she keeps going until he comes inside her. Climbing off, Mom and I position ourselves around it, we lick and suck his cock and balls until he is hard again.

Tasting their cum on his cock always gets me more excited and horny.

Mom lays on her back, I get on my hand and knees, my head between her thighs as I clean Dave’s cum from her pussy. Dave moves behind me, his hands grabs my ass as his cock slides into my wet pussy, he fucks me doggy, pounding me hard, each thrust of his cock shoving my face and mouth hard against Mom’s pussy.

He keeps fucking me until he comes inside me, triggering another orgasm for me, Mom twists around sliding underneath me into the 69 position cleaning Dave’s and my cum from my pussy.

My sex life has never been better, I love our threesomes.

Mom also enjoys our threesomes but she also wants me to keep seeing Brad, she encourages me to go out with him, to have sex with him. I do it but I never really enjoy it, Brad tries hard but my heart isn’t in it, I just go through the motions to keep them happy, all I want to do is get home to Mom and Dave.

This continues for a couple of months, but I start finding more and more excuses not to go out or when I do go out I find a reason to come home early, Gradually our dating becomes more and more infrequent until it virtually stops altogether.

While my time with Brad decreases my time with Mom and Dave increases, as does the amount of sex and the number of orgasms I have.

I don’t miss Brad at all.

On Friday afternoon I get home from work a couple of hours early after doing the late shift on Thursday night, as I walk inside I hear noises coming from Mom’s and Dave room, it excites me to think they are fucking and I can join in.

The bedroom door is partially open, I start to undress as I watch the action, I can only see the bottom half of Dave’s body, he is on the edge of the bed, his feet resting on the ground as he lies on his back, Mom is on top of him leaning forward as she bounces on his cock.

I decide to wait before making an entrance, I want Dave’s cum in Mom’s pussy, I really enjoy eating Mom with a pussy full of cum.

I’m naked, one hand playing with my nipples while I finger myself with the other, I’m going to have a soaking wet pussy for Dave when I go in. A movement catches my eye, I stop playing with myself as Dave appears, he moves up behind Mom, his hard cock in his hand, he presses it against her anus, I hear Mom let out a soft squeal as he pushes it inside her.

‘What the fuck,’ I think, ‘If Dave’s fucking Mom’s ass then who the fuck has their cock in Mom’s pussy.’

I’m too shocked to move, I just watch and listen to Mom as she gets fucked, her moans growing louder until I hear that familiar sound she makes as she has an orgasm.

At that moment I pick up my clothes and go to my bedroom.

I lie on my bed listening to the moans through the wall, I’m feeling jealous, even cheated, it never occurred to me that they may spice up their sex life with more than just me. I knew it was wrong to feel this way, they are adults and can fuck whoever they want, it isn’t my place to tell them how to behave.

But knowing that still didn’t make me any less upset.

After about an hour the noises stop, shortly afterwards I hear the front door close. I decide to get up and make my presence known, just to see what reaction I get.

I step out of my bedroom as Mom is walking to hers, “Hi Sweetie, didn’t know you were home,” she says, “Just going for a quick shower and I’ll do dinner shortly.” Mom is standing there naked, she had just been fucked for god knows how many hours by two men and all she got to say to me is “I’ll do dinner shortly.”

What the fuck, “ok” I say turning around, returning to my bedroom.

I decide not to say anything, I’m not sure what to say or even if I should say anything. It’s Mom and Dave doing the fucking so I’ll leave bursa escort it up to Mom to tell me what’s going on.

It’s a dinner like every other dinner, they ask me about my day, chat about what they did today, what they have planned for tomorrow, but no mention is made of their afternoon bedroom activities.

Over the weekend everything returns to normal, it is like Friday afternoon never happened, something I only dreamt. Both Saturday and Sunday has us enjoying some three-way fun, Tuesday and Wednesday again saw me sharing their bed before it was time for sleep.

On the following Friday night I have a date with Brad, it’s been a couple of months, maybe longer since we last went out. I’m not interested, I would rather have Dave’s give me an orgasm than go through Brad’s usual half ass attempts, but Mom insists.

I get home from work at 5.30pm Brad is already here, “Your early,” I say, “I thought we were meeting at the restaurant at 7pm.”

“I invited him over early,” Mom says, ‘I wanted to catch up with him before you two went out.”

“Yeah, whatever,” I say, “I’m going for a shower then we can go and get this over with.”

I know I’m being rude but I don’t care, I’ve had a shit day at work, I still don’t know who owns the second cock and I’m going on a date because my mother told me to.

‘FUCK’ I scream in my head as I walk away.

Mom speaks to Brad as I leave, I hear it but I’m not listening to it, as Mom likes to say to me ‘it goes in one ear and out the other.’

This was one of those occasions, as Mom says “Don’t worry Duckie do as your Momma taught you and all will be fine, here practice some more,” the words don’t register, I’m too annoyed to concentrate and I just want to get the night over with as quick as possible.

I finish my shower and get dressed, nothing flash just a blouse and skirt with a pair of high heels, ‘It’s only Brad who cares how I look,’ I think as I stand in front of the mirror.

Mom and Brad are still sitting on the lounge when I walk in, I silently stare at them thinking ‘Well at least if we are early it’ll give me a chance for a couple of drinks at the bar to numb the pain.”

“Alright let’s go,” I say.

We get to the restaurant and I get my couple of drinks before we go to our table, the drinks have relaxed me and put me in a slightly better mood. The meal is nice and after a couple more drinks I’m definitely in a far better frame of mind, so good that I even actually apologise to Brad for my earlier rude behaviour.

After dinner we decide to go dancing at a local nightclub for a while before Brad takes me back to his place, I hadn’t planned on going to Brad’s when the night started but after dinner and the club Brad seems somehow different to me, I wasn’t sure what it was but there was definitely something different about him that had me intrigued.

We get back to Brad’s place, he pours me a drink and turns on some music before he settles on the lounge beside me. We start making out, ‘here we go again’, I think, ‘I’ll be sucking him off in a sec and then go home, unsatisfied as usual.’

But tonight is different, as we kiss Brad slowly removes my blouse his hands cupping my tits, he nibbles my ear as he massages them, gently but firmly squeezing them, teasing my nipples. He trails kisses down my neck over my tits, his tongue runs around my areolas, flicking my hardening nipples.

With his mouth playing with my tits his hand squeezes my thigh, it slides up under my skirt stopping as a finger reaches the edge of my panties, slowly he runs it up and down along the edge of the fabric. I moan softly, my panties getting wetter by the second.

I jump, Brad’s finger is under the edge of my panties, it runs along my lips as he spreads my juices, all this time he continues to suck and nibble my nipples, his head moving back and forward between my tits.

This is all new, Brad has never been this attentive of me before, I reach down grabbing his cock, stroking it through his pants. I start to unzip his pant but his hand grabs mine, he looks at me saying, “Not yet Sweetie.”

With that he stands up, lifting me off the lounge he carry’s me into his bedroom, laying me on the bed before he removes my skirt and panties. Naked except for my heels he grabs my ankles, crawling on the bed his hands move up my legs, spreading them as he lowers his head to my pussy.

‘Oh fuck,’ I moan, Brad is doing things to me bursa escort bayan with his tongue that are incredible, “Oh fuck I’m going to come.”

My body trembles with an orgasm, this is the first real orgasm that Brad has given me and he’s isn’t finished yet, his head is still buried between my legs, I grab his hair pulling his head against my pussy, I squeeze my thighs together, I’m not letting him go, I never want him to stop eating me.

After my second orgasm Brad climbs off the bed, I watch him as he slowly undresses, I’ve seen him naked before but tonight was definitely different, more exciting.

He stands beside the bed, turning me around and pulling me towards him, as he releases his grip I roll over on my stomach, my mouth opens as I edge forward swallowing his cock. As soon as his cock enters my mouth his hands grab my head, he holds it as he starts to fuck my mouth, long forceful thrusts deep down my throat.

Brad holds his cock deep in my throat before he pulls it back, saliva gushing from my mouth each time, then he pushes it back in until I start gagging on it, he repeats this process over and over again.

He pulls his cock from my mouth one final time climbing on the bed beside me, he tells me to climb on his cock. For the first time ever I feel I belong to him, without a thought I obey climbing over his body. I hover above him, I reach down grabbing hold of his cock, as I hold it firmly upright I lower my body until I feel his cock press against me. I rub it over lips and clit, coating the head in my juices before I lower myself fully, his hard cock sliding easily into my wet pussy.

It feels incredible as I bounce on Brad’s cock, I squeeze my pussy muscles around it as my pussy spasms with an orgasm, my cum pouring out over his thick shaft, lathering it in my thick white cream.

Brad reaches out, a hand grabs either side of my body lifting me off his cock. He tells me to get on my hands and knees, moving behind me he rubs his cock against my pussy before pushing it inside me, as his cock slides into me he pushes his thumb into my ass.

With his thumb deep in my ass wriggling around he pounds my pussy with his cock until I feel it throbbing inside, pumping me full of cum.

We lie side by side kissing and cuddling, ‘Where has this Brad been all my life,’ I wonder staring into his eyes.

“Want to stay the night?” Brad asks.

“Yes,” I say kissing him.

Without another word he rolls me on to my back slowly kissing his way down my body, reaching my pussy he licks our cum out of it and off it. It is somehow extra exciting having a man eat cum from my pussy, Dave’s does it sometimes and now having Brad lick and suck his own cum from my pussy makes me come again.

Rolling me over on stomach he straddles my ass, firstly rubbing his cock along my pussy before pressing it against my anus. Slowly he pushes into me, I moan as his cock slides in deeper, when he is fully inside me he stops, letting me get used to it. After a couple of minutes he starts riding my ass, his cock moving up and down inside me, slowly at first but then faster and faster, harder and harder, my body shaking with orgasms as he fucks me.

“Come in my ass Brad, please come in my ass,” I beg him over and over again, moaning with pleasure as he fucks me. Eventually he comes, with a grunt I can feel his cum pumping into my ass, then squeezing out around his cock over my body.

This time as we lie in either others arms exhausted we drop off into a deep satisfied sleep.

Next morning I’m awoken by his cock sliding into my pussy, he is spooning me, his hand squeezing my tit, playing with my nipple as he fucks me to another orgasm, as my pussy convulses around his cock he comes.

‘There’s nothing better than starting a day with a creampie,’ I think as I lay in bed while Brad showers.

Afterward he takes me home, Mom and Dave are out.

I have a shower before going to my room, as I listen to music I close my eyes reliving my extraordinary night with Brad.

Mom gets home after lunch, she comes to my room asking how my date went, I tell her all about it, telling how incredible the sex was, she smiles, she appears really happy.

I start to see Brad at least once every couple of weeks, then weekly and each time I’m surprised by how good the sex is.

I have to admit I started dating Brad again for the sex but in the last few weeks I have enjoyed being with escort bursa him even when we aren’t fucking.

I still have regular sex with Mom and Dave when I’m not fucking Brad, all said and done my sex life is unbelievable.

There is still a mystery question, ‘How did Brad become so good at sex in a matter of a few months?’

I get the answer to this question one Wednesday afternoon.

I only have to work half a day today, I know both Mom and Dave will be home, I have it all planned out in my mind, an afternoon of fucking is coming up.

I rush home from work finding Mom’s and Dave’s bedroom door closed, the sound of sex coming from inside. ‘Sounds like they started without me,’ I think, as I strip off in the hallway, opening the door I step naked into the bedroom.

“Hi Sweetie”, Dave says as I step in, Mom is on her hands and knees, he is at the end of the bed fucking her pussy but what catches my attention is that Mom is sucking a cock of a man lying underneath her who is eating her pussy as it gets fucked.

“Hi Sweetie, going to join us?” Mom asks lifting her head and rolling to the side.

“WHAT THE FUCK,” I shout, “What the FUCK is he doing here?”

It was Brad, he’s fucking Mom.

Everybody falls silent, they stare at me.

“Baby, you and Duckie go grab yourself a drink and something to eat while I talk with Sweetie,” Mom says

“WHAT THE FUCK MOM,” I was still shouting, seething with rage. “WHY IS MY BOYFRIEND FUCKING YOU?”

Calmly Mom says “So he’s your boyfriend now is he Sweetie, just because he knows how to fuck you he becomes your boyfriend again.”

I wasn’t listening, “It’s not right that my boyfriend is fucking my mother!”

“And is it right that my daughter fucks my husband?” Mom replies.

I stand staring at Mom, I’m not listening to her, anger is obvious on my face and in my tone, “Well do you want to explain what’s going on!” I snap.

“Alright Sweetie, sit down,” Mom says patting the bed beside her.

“It all started after you stopped seeing Duckie,” she says.

“Duckie!” I stare at her with a puzzled look on my face.

“That’s Momma special name for him Sweetie,” she says, “Well as I was saying, after you stopped seeing him Duckie came to me one day, he wanted to know why you stopped dating him, if he did something wrong.”

“I didn’t see the point in being delicate so I told him the truth, I told him he was hopeless at fucking and could never satisfy you, he was devastated.”

Mom looked at me for a moment then continued, “I felt sorry for him, I’ve always liked Duckie, so a couple of weeks later I offered to teach him how to fuck.”

“What, you what, what did Dave say?” I ask.

“Well we discussed it before I made the offer to Duckie, we agreed that we enjoy fucking you but we also know it can’t go on forever and we both liked Duckie as a person and thought you would make a great couple. We felt if we could teach Duckie to satisfy you sexually that you two would end up together.”

I just sat there staring at Mom, not really sure what to say, “But I don’t ever want to stop having sex with you and Dave,” I say, “I really love what we do.”

“So do we Sweetie, but you need more,” Mom says, “So I started training Duckie, one on one at first, teaching him how to appreciate a womans body, how to give her maximum pleasure. He was a fast learner, we did it twice or three times a week when you were at work, eventually Baby joined in teaching him more, making him not a good lover but a great lover.”

“Wouldn’t you agree?” Mom asks.

It was hard to argue with, Brad has pleasured me in ways I have never experienced, giving orgasms more intense then I have ever experience. Not that I have been with many men but he was by far the best, even better than Dave. “Yes he is a fantastic lover,” I agreed.

“And I agree as well, that’s why I still see Duckie, I’m not trying to teach him anymore I just want him to pleasure me.” Mom says, a wishful smile appearing on her face, “And when Baby joins Momma is in heaven.”

“Come Sweetie, let Baby and Duckie give you pleasures like never before,” with that Mom opens the door calling the men back to the room.

For the rest of the afternoon I have Baby and Duckie all to myself, Mom left us alone saying I deserve their special attention. Over several hours they both come in each of my holes, I have lost count of the number of orgasms I have had and for the first time in my life I have squirted, not once but several times. By the time we finish the bed is soaking wet and we are all totally exhausted.

A new chapter in my sex life is about to begin, but we’ll need a bigger bed, foursomes will became my new norm.

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