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Educating Mona Ch. 01

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My wife Lana and I have a second honeymoon every year at a nearby hill station. We usually come for such holidays with at least another like minded couple, if not two. The erotic fun and games four or six such people can have can only be experienced and not described in words. Often, we forget to go sightseeing and similar time wasting exercises. Our nights and days are filled with lust and sex with willing partners; our nights are never spent with our own spouses.

But this time, we were just the two of us, Lana and I. And this is how we came across a young couple, married for just six months, on a holiday. The young lady looked grumpy, unhappy and dissatisfied. She was a slim girl with pert upstanding breasts, pouting lips that were waiting to be kissed, and shapely derriere that invited fondling hands. The young man was looking distinctly fed up with life, barely speaking to his wife or even standing close to her. In public, especially on holiday, Lana and I go out of our way to make other people think that we are a very happy couple, very much in love with each other. In fact, whenever we were in sight of this young couple, we would hold hands, smile at each other, and I would kiss Lana lightly on her lips, sometimes patting her lovely buns with my hand, and once I even put my arm round her waist with a palm cupping her breast for better effect on whoever happened to be near.

That afternoon, the young lady just couldn’t take this public display of affection any longer. She took Lana aside and asked her how we were so happy despite obviously having been married much longer then them. Lana is a very sympathetic listener, and in no time the young lady came pouring out with her woes. Their sex life was in shambles, she said. She said he does not know anything about making love, how to arouse a woman and how to satisfy her. She herself was also equally naïve and innocent about the ways of love. She confessed that they made love but infrequently, that too in the classical missionary position, when she kept her body stiff and her eyes closed and suffered him to enter her, fuck her, shoot his load and withdraw, all in double quick time, leaving her frustrated. Was this all about sex, she wondered. There was no foreplay, no after post-coital caresses. Indeed, she never had an orgasm with him, and she was going crazy.

Lana said there was a solution to everything if only one earned it. Would she agree that her husband be tutored by Lana, and she by me? Lana made it clear that it would mean that she would have to share her husband with another woman, and that she herself would be taught the practical aspects of lovemaking by me by actual action, where she would be fondled, caressed, licked, sucked, entered into and fucked by me. The young lady, whose name was Mona looked a bit shocked and disturbed on hearing these explicit words from my wife. After some thought, said that she would put up the proposition to her husband Pat. To make the deal more attractive to him, Lana assured her that she would be available for Pat to enjoy her whenever he wanted to fuck her, because it was plain that Pat was fascinated by her.

Mona and Pat, and Lana and I had our dinner decorously at separate tables in the dining room of the resort we were staying in. I could see that Pat was eying Lana’s charms furtively. After dinner, the young couple said that they would like to visit us in our room. We agreed, and here we were, in our spacious room with a king sized bed, where last night, Lana had enjoyed our ‘honeymoon’ as only a newly married couple could have enjoyed, eating each other and fucking our brains out. Even during those frenetic moments of lovemaking, my mischievous wife had asked me whether I wouldn’t prefer to have Mona’s slim body under me rather than her own more filled out one. As a dutiful husband, I had of course denied the suggestion, but when I was on top of Lana, inside her sexy little cunny, fucking her with a gay abandon that only a husband that a husband can have when he is fucking his own wife, I imagined that it was Mona under me!

Pat sat next to Lana, who lost no time to move close to him and push her gorgeous body against him. He hemmed and hawed for a little while and said:

“Mona has spoken to me about what you told her this evening. Does she have to go all the way with Ajay to learn?”

Lana — “Pat darling, you have to learn the facts of life from me. You just cannot learn to drive a car without actually driving one, can you? I cannot teach you how to fuck a woman without you actually doing it to me, can I? And, how can Mona learn how to please you in bed unless she learns how to from a good instructor like Ajay. After the first time, Mona and you, and Ajay and I can get together and compare notes.”

Mona — “Pat, let’s not be uptight. You learn from Pat and I’ll learn from Ajay. What’s the harm in it? At least, that way you can enjoy me much better the next time you are in bed with me.”

Lana was a woman of few words. She just put her arms around Pat and kissed him full snowpiercer izle on the mouth, grinding her body to his. The she took him by the hand and practically dragged him out of the room to leave me alone with Mona.

I put my arm round Mona — how slim and supple she was. I cupped my hand around one jutting breast. She was smaller than Lana, I could feel. Then I kissed her, cupping my hand around her breast and squeezing it, making no secret of my attentions that I wanted to have sex with her.

She said: “I with you, and Lana with my hubby. Am I dreaming? I never thought pat would agree so easily. He is so shy and stubborn, you know. Lana is very persuasive, I must say. Anyway, he is going to enjoy her tonight, only she will have to teach how to. ”

I made her sit down, mixed her a comforting drink to put her at ease, put an arm round her and kissed her inviting lips and mouth, taking her lips, one by one in mine, and kissing and caressing them. I invited her to put her tongue in my mouth and sucked on it to excite her. She tasted sweet and young. For the last few days, I had kissed no one but Lana, and the difference was palpable. I then helped her to undress to her bra and panties, holding them to my nose and savoring their aroma. Mona blushed at my antics. I thought I was again on a honeymoon with this lovely, slim woman, who I was going to enjoy tonight.

There she stood looking vulnerable and lost, so I slowly eased her onto the bed, removed her bra to expose her pert, tight, upstanding boobs for my inspection and fondling. I kissed her, licking the aureoles and nipples, and I could sense she liked my treatment. I then slowly removed her panties. She tried resisting a little at first, and then gave in to the inevitable. What a beautiful Mount of Venus she had, with little brown curls barely concealing the delights within. Her eyes were closed, and she was heaving while breathing. Good signs of what was to come. I slowly parted the curls with my tongue, teased the outer lips.

She pulled me up and whispered in my ear: “This is the first time that a man’s tongue is in my cunt, though I tried many times to make him suck me. I’m scared, because I may come your mouth. That’s would be terrible, wouldn’t it?”

Lana continues the tale:

I was in Pat’s room wearing nothing under my dress, not even bra & panties. I found the poor fellow all pale and trembling. He was so nervous. To comfort him, I just put my arms around him, letting him feel my body. Soon I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against me, and I knew that the seduction and education of my young lover would proceed smoothly without glitches. I need not have worried, for he put his arms around and kissed me passionately on my lips, putting his tongue into my mouth, probing my lips open with his darting tongue. I disengaged and slid out of my dress, to stand before him in all my naked glory. He just gulped at the site and put me down on the bed as if the impale me with his rigid cock. I asked him to hold his horses for a while, and told him he would have to suitably prepare me before he mounted and entered me.

“Be guided by me in these matters; there is no hurry, the whole night is before us”, I told him.

I told him that I was prepared to stay the night with him provided of course he didn’t mind Mona spending the night with my husband. He nodded in agreement, and I knew that my message had been understood and accepted. He asked me what he should do to please me.

I said: “Darling, first, you will have to kiss, tongue, lick and suck me where you want to enter. Put your face there, kiss me, on my outer lips first, tongue me there, there’s a good boy.”

“Now, put your tongue right inside and swirl it round the walls of my vagina, and lash my clitoris with your hot tongue. It will get bigger, and then you’ll know that I’m ready to be penetrated by you.”

My pupil did as he was bid with great fervor and love, and I was soon ready to be entered and fucked by my young cavalier.

Back to Ajay:

My little bride of the evening did not know how sweet her cum would be. I told her she could cum as much as she wanted, and that I would drink up all her love juices. She ground her hips into my face. I was tonguing her like mad, lashing her little clit with my tongue, her pert little bottom in my hands, and then the torrent of so many loveless years burst. Here juices flowed into my open mouth — how different she tasted from Lana, Asha and all those lovelies whose juices I had tasted. I sucked her clitoris and swirled my tongue her cunny hole. She then lay spent, down and out for the count. But I wasn’t going to let her rest.

I was now fully aroused. I climbed over her and put my cock in the valley between her uptight little breasts and fucked her there, holding her breasts tight against my cock. Then I traveled upward, putting my cock to her lips. At first, she wouldn’t open her mouth. I told her that she would have to take my cock into her pretty so help me todd izle little mouth just as I had taken her cunt into mine. I moved my lance inside her mouth, in out, in out, as though I were fucking her in her vagina. But I didn’t want to shock her by coming in her mouth; so I moved away and plunged my spear right into her cunt. My, was she tight. I held her slim body tight in my arms and almost lifted her off the bed in my embrace, and in this position fucked her tight little cunt with a vigor that I has not used on my wife Lana or my girlfriend Asha for a long time.

Mona was the freshest thing I had in a long time, and that was the best part of the adventure, teaching a raw girl the art of lovemaking and sex. I then kissed and licked her yet unused anal entrance, but decided to leave her that cherry intact, fresh and unused for the first entry by her own husband, and I told her so. I said I’d fuck her there after she had been deflowered by her husband. If he didn’t fuck her there the next time they were in bed, then he was a bloody fool. But I’m sure that my darling Lana had tutored him well with a guided tour of her sexy little asshole!

Lana continues her story:

My young lover’s cock was thin but long, quite long. Suited me fine. I would have no difficulty in accommodating him in ass at a later time. My boy friend Joy’s (Asha’s husband) cock is thick and stubby, and it was with some difficulty that he could enter my anus, and it was thanks to the able tongue of his dear wife Asha and her hard work with it on my asshole that a near painless entry was achieved the first time Joy entered and fucked me there. My dear husband’s cock is perfectly proportioned, and he sure knows how to make a great rear entry: you don’t feel anything at all until he is wholly inside you, when you feel the comforting heat of his cock inside you.

Now here was my new lover with his cock inside me, fucking away, holding me tight as if he never wanted to let me go. I must say one thing about young people: they have great staying powers, and here I was, being fucked as I hadn’t been fucked for a long time. At the same time, he was kissing me and whispering pretty little love messages into my ear.

But all good things have to come to an end. He spent himself inside me with long pent up passion, coming and coming in great bursts that seemed to go through me. At last, he lay gasping and breathing heavily on me.

He said: “I have never come inside Mona like that”

Lana — “Darling, don’t worry, you will. Do the things I taught you, fondle her body, caress her, kiss her everywhere. Lick, kiss and suck her cunny hole as you did mine”.

Pat — “Was I good? Did you like it when I was sucking your cunt?”

Lana –“Darling boy, you were great. I so enjoyed it when you were sucking me, and it was heavenly when you fucked me. You’ve learned your lessons well. Your wife should get the same treatment you gave me, and she’ll never lie like a log any more when you fuck her the next time.”

Lana — “She does not respond to you embrace because you don’t prepare her. Women like to be kissed, licked, tongued and sucked in those places where you like to enter your cock to fuck them. Mona would not lie like a log below you after you have pleasured her the way I have taught you, darling.”

I said that she would receive your cock in her cunt with joy after she had been educated, entered and fucked by my dear husband.

“She will be well trained to be fucked by you. I will personally supervise the next love session with your wife.”

He asked me how he should prepare her.

I told him: “First I’ll press my body against her and kiss her on the mouth, long and deep, so that she tastes you. I’ll then lick and tongue her grotto, put my tongue right inside, suck her well and make her come even before you enter her. Then I’ll take you in my mouth, to show that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, because I love you both so much. Your love making will then be a pleasurable thing for both of you. Enter her gently and fuck her as you did me, but don’t be so vigorous, she’s young and may not be that used to a fast and furious fuck. Fuck her slowly at first, above all whisper those naughty little things you whispered into my ear, and then increase the pace of your strokes. You will feel her vaginal muscles tightening and convulsing as I did with you. Whisper to her, let’s cum together, my darling wife, and she will, and then you spend yourself inside her as you spent inside me.”

‘Then you get off her, lick her dry of your cum, kiss her on the mouth to make her taste you, and she will be your love slave for ever”, I concluded.

‘Will you spend the rest of your time here with me?’ he asked naively.

I said, ‘I’ll do it one night , but for a little while, to do the things that would teach you and pleasure you, and then I would have to go and pleasure my husband, or else he will go off to find someone else! But, when back home, when my hubby sokağın çocukları izle is out of town, I’ll spend nights with you, all three of us naked in your bed. You can fuck us both. Wouldn’t that be nice? You have also to send your wife to our place for my husband’s and my pleasure when you are out of town, or you are most welcome to spend weekends with us, but I’m afraid my dear hubby, being the naughty man he is, may like to spend the whole night with your darling wife to fuck and enjoy her body, leaving you and me alone to our devices. Would that suit you?”

He said of course it would. He would do anything to spend a night with me.

Since he was so cooperative, I thought I’d give him another gift, something he had never had before. I said, want another ride? He said yes.

‘Okay, then prepare me in my asshole as you did me in my cunt.’

He looked doubtful, but I insisted. I crouched on my knees with my ass presented to his view and said, “Lick me there, make me wet, I’ll let you enter me there in my anus, you naughty boy. But don’t tell your wife that you fucked me there, because I want to surprise her myself when we three are together.”

He separated my cheeks and went to work on my little back hole and its surroundings with a zeal that I never expected, down into my cunny hole, then up into my anal orifice, licking and tonguing me expertly, till I was more than ready receive his cock in my asshole.

I said: “Put in the cock head in slowly. Don’t worry that you’ll hurt me, because my dear husband a few selected boyfriends have used me there before. Then push it in slowly, and after I tell you to, get your whole cock inside of me. Move inside me gently, not as fast as you did me in my vagina. I should be tight enough there to make you cum inside me, but, if you can’t come after some time, then take it out gently, and you can cum in my mouth or in my cunt, wherever you like”.

My pupil was good student. He entered me slowly, caressing and fondling my buns. He fucked me inside my ass for a little while, but slowly and gently. He withdrew from my asshole without coming and presented his cock to me to be sucked. I cleaned him up, and went to work on his cock, teasing the little knob underneath with my tongue, and then licking him all the way from the base of his shaft, down the side, taking one crown jewel in my mouth at a time, and then finally traveling back and upward to rest inside his anal cranny, and then back to the head of his cock, rotating my mouth with his cock inside, which made him cum in my mouth. He apologized for the mishap.

I said: “No, darling, it doesn’t matter, I’ve done this for my husband many a time, and I’m now doing it for you, my little lover — I love you so much.”

I told him:” If you enjoy some woman, let her husband enjoy your wife in the same way you enjoyed his wife. Never ask your spouse what she did with another man, whether she took him in her mouth or asshole, or whatever. Do your own thing with your partner for the time being and have fun.”

With these words, I came back to my husband, who by now had educated and conquered his little filly Mona, who didn’t really go back to her ever loving husband but wanted to spend the night with us for more fucking action by my hubby. In fact, she invited him to enter her cunt hole, which she exposed for his view, right in front of me. Her slim little body looked so inviting. I kissed her on her mouth and gave her sweet little cunt a fleeing kiss. But we were firm, no singles leaving a spouse in the lurch for us. So we left her there in her husband’s waiting though somewhat tired out body after I had finished with him. I’m not tired. I’m ready to be mounted and fucked by my dear hubby. I’ve come here for a honeymoon to be fucked hard and well, and that is what I’m going to enjoy. Post script by Pat:

What a fantastic girl Lana is, how loving, how kind. My love life with Mona has improved dramatically, and now I really do fucking my wife, as much as she enjoys my lovemaking. I’ve been wanting to take her in her anus, but I needed Lana’s help. One weekend we were with Lana and her husband in their home. After dinner, I frankly told Ajay that I wanted to make love to my wife in a special way, and that I needed Lana’s help. He smiled understandingly, and said go ahead. I told him that once I had finished with Mona, she was his to have and enjoy for the rest of the night. He thanked me and went off into his bedroom, leaving Mona, Lana & myself in our room. Mona looked a bit surprised when Lana gave her a big hug and rubbed her body against the younger woman’s, and kissed her full on the mouth. You see, Mona has never been with another woman before.

Lana then turned Mona over on her stomach, exposing her ass to our admiring view. Mona’s rump was much smaller than Lana’s. Lana now started kneading my wife’s twin globes expertly with he fingers, rubbing the valley between with the edge of her palms. She then bent down and applied her wet lips and tongue to Mona’s tight little anal orifice, licking and tonguing the area around it. Mona moaned with pleasure and anticipation. She finally put her tongue inside the orifice and wet it with her spittle. Mona was squirming and moaning. Lana than wet my cock with her lips and tongue, and then slowly, taking me by the hand, guided me into Mona’s anus.

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