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Eating Out

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She way lying on the bed, slightly trembling, wearing nothing underneath the light blanket. I could feel her excitement, along with her fear, surging through her petit ginger silhouette. I sat by the bed, watching her, as her eyes wandered the room and eventually locked onto mine.

“I’m scared, a bit” she mumbled.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise.” I reassured her, not daring to move an inch. She nodded her head slowly, then withdrew her blanket. Though she was small in size, she had a little heavy build, mainly due to her large bust — her pink, round nipples stood erect from the surface of the areola, being somewhat orange on the backdrop of her ample white breasts. The many sunspots that sparkled her skin moved with every deep heave of breath, some turning into a tremor. She held the rim of the blanket steadfast by her bikini line, fighting her nervousness, shaking from the effort.

I smiled. I could see her struggle, between fear and desire, being that we were alone in the room and after a long day of cuddling, teasing and kissing. I knew that she wanted something more, but was afraid of what was coming, of the unknown.

I began stroking her leg, the on exposed closest to me — and could see the tingling sensation shooting through her body, causing more shakes. My smile deepened.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to” I tried to sooth her down. She bit her lip, looked up at the ceiling, then back at me. “No, I want to”

And with that, she released her grip on the blanket, allowing it to roll down and uncover her womanhood: she hasn’t trimmed, and was all natural fiery-red, even down there. I kept stroking her leg, now moving a bit higher with every stroke. Her shakes intensified.

We locked eyes. “Would you like me to stop?” I asked.

“No…” she muttered, barely audible.

I reached over and started caressing her belly, and at the same time began kissing her ankle and thigh. I don’t think that was what she had expected, for she yelped and jumped as my lips touched her skin, knocking me over with her knee. I fell to the floor, grunting.

“Oh, no! Oh, I’m so sorry!” she jumped to her feet, naked, then leaned down towards Ankara Escort me. “Are you alright?”

I reached up and grabbed her hand, and pulled her to me. She lost her balance, slipped and crashed on me from yay height. Luckily, she had those massive tits that cushioned the fall. I began kissing her when she began laughing, and we began a little laughing-wrestle, until she came to a rest on my chest, heaving from laughter and lack of breath.

“Better?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded, breathless, and I could feel her relaxing against me, then something else, more cat like.

I looked down on her (she was perched at me chest) as she looked up at me, and we began kissing again, no joking this time. I tasted her lips, jaw, earlobe, skull base, neck — and then those awesome breasts. Apparently, she was very sensitive, and began giggling again when my tongue brushed her nipple. This turned me on: can I get her more excited than gigglish? I kept licking and munching, making my way from one tit to the other, then back again. Her hands ran through my hair as mine explored her shoulders, back — and ass. What a surprise it was to squeeze her round lush bottom and hear a long hiss of pleasure(?!) I guess she was sensitive in more than one place, and I love me a good piece of ass.

I kept on messaging her ass, while sucking and licking her nipples — all the while feeling her heartbeat racing, her breaths become shallower and faster, as she learned about the pleasures of the body. I decided to indulge her, and began to travel with my mouth south — kissing and licking, nibbling and biting (just a bit) under her boobs, the ribs, down her abdomen to her bellybutton, which made her squirm with delight.

“How…how do you do… THAT?” she whimpered, “your tongue is everywhere!”

I smiled. “happy to be of service.” Then I turned a bit more serious. “Do you trust me?”

She bit her lips, then nodded decidedly. I smiled again and then helped her back to the bed, legs over at the floor and me seated at her pelvis level. I lowered my head back to her bellybutton, now bright pink and pulsating. I Balgat Escort licked it a little more, then turned my attention to the wild bush I was aiming to conquer. Using my hands, I parted the cover of her pleasure mound, to find the dome of happiness staring at me, all puffy and vibrating and shiny. If by now I was semi-aroused, this had made me full on rock hard. I wanted to give her a ride she’ll never forget.

She just began to mutter something as a drew in her scent, puckered out my tongue — and took the first lick. She jolted. I recanted, and she jumped again. Then I buried my face in her pussy, and began deep licking and sucking her clitoris.

“WHAT…is…THAT?” she hummed in between jolts. I didn’t even bother to answer.

Licking feverishly, I began squashing her awesome behind, pulling her closer for a deeper feel. She grabbed on to my head for dear life, muttering and stuttering as she began to ride a huge wave of pleasure, such she had never known existed. I could feel the spasms in her thighs, locking my head from both sides as I tongue-fucked her, keeping her squirming and mumbling.

Then I felt it, the crescendo of her, building from the core — there was also a vocal go-along: “No, no, no — please don’t stop! Please, please, PLEEEEEEEEAASE don’t…. Ahhh!… Wow! Don’t..! please, keep… Oh, baby… I can feel it! Oh, this is so…. good… goooooooooooooddddd….”

She clang on to me as the wave took her to infinity and beyond, and then crashed back to reality with a warm and rewarding flop all the way down to the floor — the cold tiles contradicting the warmth coming from her body.

She was sweating, heaving, panting — drops of water pooling at her bellybutton as others shined on her hard, erect deep orange nipples. I got even more horny than before.

I gave her a few moments to recollect herself, as I repositioned myself so she could rest her head on my thigh. She was glowing.

“This is… amazing! Is it always like this?” she asked as the panting eased a bit.

“Well, we can check and see” I replied

Her eyes shot up to me with shock. “I don’t Çankaya Escort think I can do this again for a week!”

“This is because you are on the hard cold floor. It is better when you’re on the bed.” I responded.

She smiled, and her smile deepen as my hands began caressing her tits again, and them being wet made it into a whole new sensation. “I think I can work with that”

She clambered to her feet, with me still sitting on the floor, I suddenly became very aware of the height benefits. “Sit on the bed, honey. I’ll show you”

She was still a little winded when she sat on the bed, but I gave her no time to recollect and grabbed both her legs and pulled her towards me: her wet, red, pulsating pussy was right in front of my face. So I wasted no time and began licking and sucking it vehemently. This time, knowing the endgame, she didn’t resist or pushed me away, but pulled me in, guided me towards where she liked being licked better, and in a few short strokes she was on her stairway to heaven. Her clit, now fully erect and engorged, felt like candy in my mouth, and I tried different strokes and licks, and upon hearing her response kept going or changed the tune; I was playing her like a flute.

When it came to the showstopper, I added extra ass attention, and the vibrations that her pelvis made further enhanced her stimulation, so when she finally came I heard a muffled yelp — only to look up and see her screaming her delight into the pillow, not to alert the whole neighborhood to our lovemaking. Then she had a near-convulsion, crashing backwards on the bed from the intensity of her climax.

I got up and leaned over her, to check if she’s OK. Then I saw her smile and relaxed, sitting back on the bed, allowing her to come back to her senses. When she did, a minute or so later, her smile broadened even more.

“That was… I felt… did I hurt you?” she asked eventually. It was my turn to nod. “It’s OK, I’m fine. I had fun! And you?” she said nothing, just stared at me, eyes glistening. We sat like that for a minute or two, as I could feel the rush my excitement fading. She noticed.

“Are you dissatisfied?” she asked with a fearful tone.

“No dear, I’m perfectly fine. Had so much fun eating you out, making you cum — twice! — and seeing you climax. I’m pleased”

She blushed, smiled, and came over to snuggle on my lap. Made her gasp when I whispered in her ear: “I wonder how many times I can make you cum consecutively? I guess we’ll have to try and see…”

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