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Earth to Anna

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Copyright Neonurotic

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

All characters are 18+ years old.


A sweet green and fresh breeze wafted through open windows, reminding Anna it was lawn mowing day for her neighbor. This chore drudgery was foreplay to her and newly cut grass was an aphrodisiac. The scent drew her to the sliding glass door and desire had her wet between the thighs as Jase, her duplex mate pushed the mower.

Standing by the open door, she hid in the vertical blinds since she wore only panties and a short silk robe. She watched him mow perfect straight lines into the large backyard as she idly rolled a nipple between forefinger and thumb. She holed up for the weekend and Monday afternoons in her house. She seldom went outside except when it was sunny. She liked to tan for a bit of color on her pale complexion when everyone in the neighborhood was gone for work.

Anna felt uncomfortable interacting with others in face-to-face social situations, this behavior was reclusive and lonely. She worked at home, proprietor of Earthlinger, her natural fiber t-shirts colored and printed with earth friendly pigments kept her busy and reinforced the solitariness she lived. However, work was only small part of the reason she had social anxiety, the other was fear as a victim of school bullies—pain she never recovered from.

Although she loved her hippy parents, she despised the name they gave her, Passion Anna Lee. This name translated by cruel bullies as, “Passion Anally, give it to her in the ass, she loves it!”

She grew up sexually harassed by the boys and beat up by jealous girls then treated by teachers as the high school slut. Still, to this day, thirty-three years old, she remained a virgin because of what had happened to her. Although not formerly changing her name due to her parents objection, she dropped Passion and used her mother’s maiden name, Carson, except for business.

Anna rarely left her studio and was happy until summer happened. Warmer weather brought her mysterious neighbor outside to take care of the grass which always seemed to grow too fast. At first she wasn’t interested in Jase when he moved in the duplex next door back in October. He was noisy, always banging on something in his garage, so obnoxious she could hear from inside her place. What was worse was the constant stream of people in and out of his house with loud talking and laughing. Quiet obviously he partied a lot and had many lovers. He reminded her of the boys in school who were crude, always grabbing at her and saying inappropriate things.

Summer came and her opinion of him changed. She noticed he also rarely left his home except to go to work, fix his truck or do other domestic duties. Oddly and interestingly enough, she saw him often gazing back at her as he did his outdoor chores.

Anna was curious about him. She wondered what he did with his free time since she never saw or heard overnight guests so there couldn’t be a girlfriend as she had first thought. There wasn’t any reason why he shouldn’t have one either. Jase was tall with an athletic lanky build and golden light brown hair. A clean cut good-looking man who had her horny in seconds when she caught sight of him. Maybe he was gay? Or maybe he was like her, alone, but not exactly like her either, he was too attractive and he was a grown man, couldn’t be a virgin.

As he did, she did the same every Monday without fail, watching him cut the grass. She liked to see him sweat—the day’s humidity didn’t disappoint her this weekend either. His white t-shirt stuck to his body in matter of minutes showing his arms and chest working. His legs were strong with calf muscles bunching tight as he pushed the lawn mower up an incline. With those well formed but not bulky muscles, he could easily hold her up in a sexual position she’d only dreamed of, high, against a wall. One thing about being a virgin, she always thought about sex and lately, she only thought about giving Jase her precious gift, letting him be her first.

Jase pulled off his shirt and stuck the tail of it in the back of his shorts. Nice legs, nice arms and great chest—Anna shivered as she continued to roll her nipple between her fingers. A hot wave licked between her thighs she needed to quench. She slipped the other hand down the front of her panties and felt how slick she had become. With her middle finger she stroked oval shapes around the sensitive nub as it stood stiff and aching. Jase turned off the mower as she masturbated in clear view. Wiping sweat of his forehead with the back of his hand, he came closer to her side of the duplex. She became more excited at the possibility of him catching her. Perhaps, he already had.

# # # #

Although a few yards away, Cebeci Escort Jase could see her and as before, she was watching him. What’s more, her observations weren’t all nosy neighbor-like since he caught flashes of her in exhibitionism, touching herself. He realized she started this the beginning of summer, but he had noticed her when he first moved in the duplex next to her. She was quiet and shy, keeping to herself—so much so he thought her unfriendly. However, he soon found differently talking to others around the neighborhood. She had an at home business then some sort of debilitating anxiety disorder.

Having a troubling health problem such that would distract a lesser man into hightailing it in the opposite direction, but not Jase. He found through glimpses of her life not only was she that alluring blond in the window, she was also intelligent and artistic, having some of the same interests as he did. He liked what he saw. He had to have her. And that was a miracle all on it’s on since he hadn’t wanted a woman in a long while with his work keeping him busy and exhausted.

A few weeks ago had received a flier on the upcoming Spring Fest activities in the area stuffed in his mailbox. He realized one of the sponsors was her business, which he quickly did a search for Earthlinger on the Internet. He found her name was Passion Lee, unique and intriguing, but also discovered she was an ecologist. Okay, not really a sexy attribute to some, but to him it was important. She was in-tune with his own environmentalist ideals and dedication with his family’s home building and landscaping business.

Jase found the garden hose, which was near her deck. He turned the faucet on and sprayed the top of his head to cool off. It felt good in contrast to the humidity and hard work. The water cascaded down his body, soaking his shorts, socks and shoes. He shook his head, and sent water flying far enough he knew he got her. He glanced up to her and smiled. She sucked in a sharp breath of surprise—from the icy water or he caught her, he didn’t know. Most likely the latter since she jerked her hand out of her panties and wrapped her robe around her tight.

Jase decided it was time they met, “Hey, don’t stop on my account,” he said just above a whisper. “It’s okay. I want to watch you.”

“I-I, well, I don’t know what you mean,” Passion replied with cheeks flushing.

So being direct with her was the wrong way to go, he could already see her moving into her house. “All right, all right. Relax. But I want you to know it’s fine.” he turned to shut the water off, “Just so you know, I like you too.”

Not expecting her to be there any longer, he peered over to her, but she had moved closer to him instead of going back into her place. Passion stood close enough now he could reach through the rungs of the rail and grasp her hips. She must’ve guessed what crossed his mind, as she gave a half smile. More than that, she slipped her hand back down the front of her white panties. With an erection forming against his zipper, he watched the movement of her fingers under the thin material where he could only imagine what Passion was doing to herself. Alternating between the look on her face and her busy hand, he gauged the level of her excitement to highly aroused, moments from orgasm.

“Good god Passion, you’re so sexy,” he groaned.

# # # #

“Anna,” she corrected with a little gasp not entirely from the exquisite feeling under her index finger. It surprised he knew her given name, but then again, Jase would know if he read her bio on her website. “I rather be called Anna, passion is a feeling, not a name.” The idea he was interested in her, thrilled her.

Anna couldn’t quite believe what she was doing outside in the open let alone doing it in front of Jase.

“God, it’s a feeling,” she repeated in a whisper feeling ripples of pleasure, “Passion.”

Jase’s own hand slid into his shorts and fondled what she knew had to be an amazingly hard cock. The incredible horniness she had already felt intensified. She let her robe fall open. Anna stared at him as he undid his shorts; let his prick spring out into his palm and began to stroke it. She was right, he did have an incredible looking cock, she silently admired it as she stroked her little erect nub and rubbing it between her thumb and index finger. She felt so hot and slippery, imagining what it would feel like to have him inside of her.

The beginnings of her orgasm quickly rolled forth, but she held it back wanting to see Jase come first. His breathing went ragged, labored as he jerked faster and harder. She almost went insane in lust seeing him spit on his cock so he had a wetter, more satisfying stroke. Teasing her hole, but never letting her finger actually slide inside of her, she moaned. Their eyes were locked, his dark blue with desire. Masturbating in front of him was a lot more exciting then alone in her fantasies, Çıtır Escort it had her soaked. Her fingers worked her clit again, giving it some harder friction. Then her other hand found her breast, caressed it, trailing to her nipple which she pinched. It gave her a delicious sensation and release. She pulled the harden spike of her nipple and came. She cried out rubbing her fingers furiously, seeing his cum spurt from his cock.

“Mmm,” she cooed.

Jase grabbed the edge of the deck to keep himself steady. “Take your panties off,” his breathing returned to normal, but sounding urgent, “I want them.”

Anna didn’t hesitate, she removed them as he requested. Bending to him, she handed her damp cotton bikinis to him. Jase reached for them with one had and with the other hand took the opportunity, daring to touch her. His fingers found her wetness. She shuddered as he stroked her sensitive nub but quickly stepped back.

Jase gave her a lazy grin as he shoved her underwear into his pocket, “Thanks Passion, no sorry, I mean, Anna. That’s your middle name, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she suddenly felt shy, over-exposed. “I never liked my first name, but the kids in school loved to bully me over it.”

“That’s a shame. Your name is beautiful…like you.”

“Thank you,” she felt her face burn, knowing he was teasing her. She pulled her robe closed. “See you.”

“Ya, see you next Monday.”

She gave an embarrassed laugh, “Maybe.”

“It’s Spring Fest, y’know?” he said with meaning.

Anna nodded, understanding what the day meant to her and her business endeavors, but she didn’t quite understand the significance to him. He was just a guy, one who partied a lot—why would such a day interest him?

“Thanks, you know for—” he made a gesture trying to summarize their mutual masturbation. “Ya, for that. Which I think I need to cooling off and an icy beer,” he laughed, retreating to his side of the duplex.

“No, thank you.” Anna called after him as he disappeared.

Although feeling awkward, but sated, she was glad they finally met, mores so finding he liked women after all.

# # # #

Jase ducked back around the corner and smiled as she went into her house with vertical blinds clattering after her. He waited until the blinds on her door stopped moving before he put the lawn mower away. He knew she had been standing there the whole time—she had been doing it for weeks. Today was the first he had noticed that she was touching with herself. He couldn’t resist he had to do something about it. Jase had expected Anna to hideaway in her house. She hadn’t and it encouraged him to join her in the outdoor solo-play.

Now that it was obvious the neighborly attraction was mutual, he had wanted to get to know her better. He wanted more face-to-face contacts, maybe skin on skin if he were lucky. Like her, Jase had been a voyeur in his neighbor’s life. Occasionally, he caught her out on her deck sunning, which she did in the nude thinking she was safe from prying eyes. She was beautiful and the mere sight of her made his breath quicken, heart beat a little faster. Now if only he could bring her out of her closed life, opening her to the real world, she would want something more than shy glimpses of him.

However, he encouraged from their encounter, not for the exhibitionism, but she revealed something he could work with. She said she didn’t like her given name, Passion, more, though brief, she reacted with a hunted-painful look in her eyes talking about high school bullies. Jase understood it wasn’t a little harmless teasing. In fact now knowing her full name, he could imagine. Boys could be insensitive little assholes in a group of other boys—it was pack mentality. They were more cruel when they were attracted to a girl instead of plying her with affection. The bullying was a big deal to Anna, life changing. Fully understanding this made him sad.

He wanted to help Anna out, although, his help was for his own selfish reasons. Simply put, he wanted her and he had wanted her from the first day he moved in next door. Although she didn’t know it, for months, Jase had been trying to draw Anna out. He became frustrated with all the little schemes he dreamed up to get her to venture out and gave her plenty of opportunities to meet up with him. Jase had gone so far as to place his mail in her box, hoping that she’d return it in person. Nevertheless, she never did, much to his disappointment.

After he put the mower away, he went into his greenhouse and turned the mister on, which felt like a veil of warm light rain when it fell. The greenhouse was small, with windows on three sides, utilizing the side of the duplex as the fourth wall. The roof also mostly glass, held lights for evening hours using solar power. Here he kept bright, multi-colored flowers and herbs native to area, but not always in season. He planned to give them to Anna one day for Demetevler Escort Earthlinger since he read she was interested anything local, though voiced some regret in lack of seasonal supplies.

That’s if he could draw her out of her house to his side of the duplex. Smirking to himself he thought, maybe after this naughty little show-and-tell they shared she’ll be more willing to open up. He stuck his hand into his pocket. Jase felt her sexy excitement on her cotton panties. His cock grew hard at the thought of what next Monday might bring.

# # # #

Much later, she was still thinking of him. The way his hand felt on her. She liked it. That night Anna and dreams about Jase, but now they were more real because of their little moment. She woke the next morning with her hands all cramped up and smelling like her love juices. It was going to be hard to concentrate all week working, cooped up in her studio and wanting Monday to come around quick.

Although, she did have things to do for the upcoming festival, celebrating spring in a green planet saving way. She needed to finish up the last details on the five hundred hemp t-shirts she dyed to a reddish brown with the red dirt that was so easily accessed in her state. After a few washes the t-shirts would be super soft and a shade of coral sand. With her original artwork using her technique in a indigo and green plant based pigments would honor Spring Fest as it should be.

The week did pass slowly—in fact, it crawled. It seemed she willed the grass grow. Anna caught herself looking out her window each time she saw activity outside or heard a car drive by. She did see Jase during the week. He’d look up in her window and smiled at her, which had her retreating in embarrassment. Then she would be angry with herself for behaving so timidly.

Anna really did want more out of life. She was tired of being indoors, wanting to go to place, meet knew people and be self-confident when she did. The therapist she’d been since fall, or more accurate, since Jase moved in said it would take time and positive influences to break out of her shell—her prison.

During the week, she did manage to get her anxieties in check long enough to drop off the t-shirts. The organizers for the festival were friendly and genuinely excited with her work. Though, the had been sensitive to her issues and didn’t tax her into agitation with their curiosity of her techniques. When she delivered the t-shirts, they gave her tickets to enjoy Spring Fest with them, the usual planting trees and such. Also the night time meatless dinner in the park with a play accompanied by a band who used everyday recyclable items for musical instruments. She would have loved going, it sounded like her kind of fun.

On Sunday night, she tried working up the nerve to go over to Jase’s place, but she chickened out. Instead, she went to a twenty-four hour grocery store and cursed herself under breath as she went up and down the aisles. She had wanted to see Jase so badly, fantasied all week, woke up finding she had masturbated in her sleep dreaming about him. He really had become some kind of erotic habit, an obsession really she knew would only be satisfied if she allowed him to take her virginity.

Then Monday arrived. Anna heard the lawn mower’s rumble and she was ready for him, pussy wet with anticipation. Right out of the shower, she slipped into a short pink kimono, but skipped putting her panties on. The silk clung to her damp skin as she went downstairs to her kitchen. She opened her sliding door and peered from behind the blinds.

“You’re not going to going to be shy,” determined, she stepped out onto the deck. “You’re going to go out there and let him have you.”

Jase pushed the mower up and down the lawn. He smiled broadly when he saw her. Anna waved back, letting her robe fall open. She gave him a longing look that stopped him in his tracks, messing up his perfect grass lines. Though the longer they stared each other, the heat of discomfort took a hold of her.

“Uh, can’t do this,” she called, feeling her social disorder kick in, tightening in her chest as she went back into the safety of her home. “Sorry!”

The lawn mower stopped. “Hey,” Jase sounded puzzled.

“I’m sorry,” she repeated, shame replacing her shyness.

Anna heard him grunt with scuffle sounds and a thump of him on her deck. “Anna? Is there something the matter?”

Anna’s heart hammered away, but not out of fear—she was excited. Maybe it would be all right if she let him in her house?

“No I’m okay,” She said opening the blinds up all the way, forgetting to hold her robe closed and revealed her nakedness to him. This time she heard him draw in his breath sharply. “Do you want to come in? Thirsty—or are you wanting something else?” she teased, no longer apprehensive, but feeling wickedly hot for him.

“Actually,” he began, “I do want something else, but over there,” he indicated his side of the duplex with a nod of his head.

“Mm, I don’t know.” She wanted him to come inside.

“Come on. No pressure. You’ll like it, trust me.”

Trust him? She hardly knew him and for sure didn’t trust any man. He must’ve seen the disbelief in her eyes as he retreated to the rail. He gave her a harmless smile.

“What do want to show me?”

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