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Early 80s Excitement

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Chapter 1 – Brent Remembers

She was his first crush. Brent had been attracted to her since they were kids. Unfortunately, they only saw each other once a year at “Grandma and grandpa’s” house. But that all changed during the extended weekend her family visited his family’s house during spring break.

Sherry came into his life when he was 13 years old, she was only 12 years old at the time. But as she would later tell him- she also was “almost 13”. She was too. There was only a little under two months difference in their ages. Spring break was just starting and Brent was standing in his driveway waiting for her and her family to arrive. It was now 1981, nearly 5 years since he had first met Sherry. He was 18 now and was a senior in high school, and he knew she was as well. As he now stood in the driveway, he reminisced about their “relationship” the past five years. He remembered how he felt the first summer they met years ago just seventh-grade. It was a wonderful time. During sixth grade prior to that summer he had just started to find an interest in girls. The fact that this coincided with when he met Sherry could be considered a good thing, or perhaps a bad thing

As he continued to think back five years, he remembered everything leading up to the first time he met her at his grandparents’ house. He had just climbed out of the station wagon following an 8 Hour drive from Chicago to Columbus. He gave his grandmother a hug and she started to talk about what was for dinner. Of course, food always dominated her conversations. That wasn’t so bad as far as he was concerned. Of course he loved his grandmother to death; but the meals he ate while visiting was one of many things that he appreciated about visiting.

It looked like his family was the first to arrive this time. His dad had two younger brothers. The first behind him, Dale, was happily married to his aunt Patty and had a one-year-old daughter. His other uncle, Wayne, had been happily married a few years ago. Now however, he was divorced and always dating different women. So it was no surprise when his grandmother said that Wayne was bringing Vicki & Sherry at around five o’clock.

“He’s dating two women now?” Brent said with a smile, even though there was perhaps a chance his joke was not a joke at all. But Grandma quickly laughed and he realized his uncle had not gone that far.

“The woman he’s dating has a daughter,” she corrected him, “her name is Sherry.” Brent did not think much of it. In fact his first question was related to her mother.

“What’s his girlfriend’s name?” Brent asked.

“Vicki”, his grandmother replied.

As he was thinking back those three years, he could not remember what happened leading up to five o’clock. However, he remembered when he saw Sherry for the first time. He could remember what she looked like as she got out of the car his uncle drove up the driveway. She was cute. Just very recently he had started to make those judgments in his mind about girls. Many new phrases had come into his head in recent months. “She is cute”, “I like her smile”, even “Wow! Those jeans are tight”. As Sherry got out of the car, “she is cute” was just about the right sentiment. I mean, this was his “cousin”, right?

While the rest of the details related to that visit five years ago were somewhat foggy at this point. He remembers vividly that by the end of that visit the statement “she is cute” would no longer suffice. He knew there was something special about Sherry. Even that soon, he started to make those distinctions in his own mind.

“Should I be thinking this way about her?” He thought to himself. It just wasn’t fair. Feelings like this about girls were completely new no matter whom they related to. Now he was experiencing them about his new “cousin”. He quickly eased his nervousness by correcting himself in his mind. She was not his cousin. They were not related at all. If, and that’s a big “if”, her mom and Wayne ever get married, then she would become his STEP cousin. To him, this justified the crush that he already had on this girl. He did not want to admit it was a crush. But at the very least she had a hold of at least a piece of his heart.

Over the last five years, it was obvious how much different their relationship was in relation to the rest of the cousins. Brent knew he shouldn’t be feeling this way about her — she was his cousin. But yet he spent most of his time justifying in his mind the fact that she was not his cousin. Wayne & Vicki never did get married yet. She would only be his cousin if his uncle actually married Vicki. That was highly unlikely. And even then, she would still only be his STEP cousin. Yes, he had this completely justified in his mind for the last three years.

He remembered this every time they visited his grandmother’s and the two of them were together. His mind was constantly worrying. She was only the daughter of his uncle’s girlfriend. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help the fact that his heart beat fast bursa otele gelen eskort and there was always that sense of excitement when they were together. It was always innocent he kept telling himself. There was flirting. Of course, it could barely be called flirting early on. But as they grew older, it definitely was flirting.

The two of them constantly tried to find time to be alone. Conversations with her were wonderful. Now he had even more to worry about. Not only was he finding himself physically attracted to her, but the relationship that had developed now made him feel closer than a cousin even emotionally. He took comfort in the fact that it was painfully obvious she was feeling the same way. Both in the fact that he was flattered she had a crush on him, and even more so because he was glad someone else was also struggling with this moral dilemma. Despite all the attraction and chemistry that a boy and girl can have between the ages of 13 and 18, nothing ever happened. He had always been able to lie to himself that he had no feelings “like that” for Sherry.

It now was spring break of his Senior year. As he stood in the driveway waiting for them to arrive he was more anxious than ever this time around. They had never visited his house. For some reason, his Uncle Wayne and dad had planned this trip where Wayne, Vicki & Sherry would come and stay for three days.

It was now Friday morning and he was shooting hoops in the driveway. Every year, the anticipation leading up to seeing her was getting more and more difficult. The usually get to see each other once a year; but it had almost been two years since the last time they saw each other this time around. He barely could remember everything about what she looked like. He knew she looked great, but the details in his mind were fuzzy. He couldn’t wait to be reminded in just a little bit.

Although they only got to see each other once a year, or even more in this case, their brief times together were amazing. To make things even more exciting, they never talked or corresponded any other time throughout the year. Why? He didn’t know. Perhaps it was because they were supposedly “cousins”. Any other girl and he would be writing her every day. But it seemed they both knew they had to limit their contact to “maintain appearances” and hide the feelings they both knew were deep down inside.

The car pulled up. Wayne opened the driver side door and was quickly out. As his hand went up, a big “Well, Howdy!” came out of his mouth. Brent didn’t answer. He saw her figure in the back seat on the left. It could have been a purple gorilla that got out of the driver seat and Brent would not have been aware. His eyes were focused on the back door. At that point, it opened. Sherry stepped out. There no longer was any way he was going to be able to lie to himself from this point on.

Chapter 2 – Sherry Arrives

As she stepped out of the car, he was mesmerized. She had definitely changed in the last two years. Many things were still the same. Her blonde hair was still beautiful. It also was still “feathered” like all girls and women were doing in 1981. As he continued to look at her he realized he was doing so from her blonde hair downward. Consequently, her blue eyes struck him next. Again, this time they struck him straight to his heart. And unfortunately in his panicked mind – they struck him even lower as well. They were a very pretty blue. Muted enough that they did not steal the focus from her other lovely features, yet still fetching and able to pull unsuspecting teenage boys under her control if she wished.

Nothing special could be mentioned about her nose because his eyes so quickly moved to her mouth. Her lips were still as lovely as he always remembered them. His memories were both from the visits in previous years as well as all his fantasies every other day. However, something was different. Their eyes at that point truly met. She then smiled a very large, bright smile. But then she quickly hesitated and stopped. Any other time, he would think perhaps it was because they had to “hide” their feelings. But this time, her smile told the story. By opening her mouth, she exposed the fact that she had obviously visited an orthodontist since he last saw her. Braces! The way she closed her mouth made it obvious she was uncomfortable. But in his mind, this only made her that much more attractive. For whatever reason, he had always been attracted to the girls with braces. This was such a gift!

After closing her mouth, a smile still remained. Perhaps it did not show her braces, but it showed him she was also very excited they were together again. She walked straight to him and opened her arms for a hug. In reality it was probably only two seconds between the time she first opened her arms and when they first touched. But in his mind, there was an eternity of confused and nervous thoughts. Should I hug her? If I do, will everyone know what bursa eve gelen escort bayan I’m thinking? How long should I hug her?

Even though the thoughts continued, his enamored stare continued as well. He had at this point worked his view down from her lovely mouth just below her neck. It was an unusually cool day. She was wearing a pink cotton oxford shirt. It was 1981, and everyone had one or two cotton oxfords in their closet. They were pastel colors with button-down collars. His was light blue. Most of the girls all owned a similar shirt. Some were yellow, some were lavender, and light blue is always popular with the girls as well. But pink was Brent’s favorite – and no one wore a pink cotton oxford shirt like she did at that moment.

If one were to look back, they could almost ask how on earth she got away with unbuttoning three buttons without any comments from her mom or his uncle. That third open button made all the difference in the world. Her skin was perfect. Not extremely tan, but definitely not white either. There was a slight glow in the skin that comprised the area. The last time he saw her there wasn’t much to see if she had three buttons undone. Now however, this area had officially graduated to become “cleavage”. Firstly, it could be referred to that way simply because of how far her skin traveled before the first closed button. But more importantly, this definitely was her cleavage because it was beautifully centered between two perfectly round breasts. Puberty had still continued since the last time he saw her. They definitely seemed larger than the last time. Sherry’s breasts were being held up by a white lace bra that in all actuality may have been too tight. It caused her breasts to push together. This enhanced the view he was granted. It was the view he was fully enjoying just before they hugged.

Chapter 3 – An Evening Walk

The weekend started out immediately like all the previous weekends at their grandmothers. There was an obvious tension between the two of them. There also was an obvious attraction. Just like all the previous summer visits, they continually found themselves trying to be alone. Brent’s little sister obviously felt like tagging along the majority of the time. Sherry & Brent never said it out loud, but it was clear that they both were working together towards a common goal. How could they be alone?

Friday evening after dinner there was still a little bit of daylight. Brent offered to take her for a walk and show her the high school. This was the high school yet spent the last 3 1/2 years. The school had been built about when he was a kid just one block away from his home. Instead of being on a bus for 45 minutes like middle school, he could walk to school in less than 5 minutes. If he were to cut through his neighbors’ backyard, he would be there in 3 minutes. As Brent began to walk tonight however, he made certain that the pace would allow the walk to take much, much longer.

They walked side-by-side, past three houses to the first street where they needed to turn. As they stopped at the street to look both ways, his hand brushed against hers. Based on his “prior experiences” with women, any other time the signals would’ve been blatant and he would have taken her hand in his. Instead, both of them pulled their hands away. But the retreat was oh so slow. As if you could read both of their minds and the confusion going on. They both wanted to hold hands, they both wanted more than that. But again, they couldn’t do that… could they?

They continued to leisurely walk as they approached the high school parking lot. He directed them towards the back door entrance. After a short walk across the empty back parking lot, they came to a wide sidewalk. To their left they passed two big garage doors.

“What’s in there?” Sherry asked him.

“That’s where they have auto mechanics class,” he answered. He had never been in there, but he was grateful he was able to answer her.

They continued to walk down the large sidewalk as they approached the back entrance to the school. Their walk was now almost in what seemed to be an alcove. The tall, dark brick walls were on both sides of them and the waning light outside now was vanishing as they walked further toward the doors.

She picked up her pace to a jog as she ran ahead. She quickly pushed her face up against the glass of the door on the right. This gave him a perfect view of her from behind. Even though there was limited light, her ass looked fabulous in those jeans. He couldn’t help having these thoughts. He went to the right of her and looked in the window. Like her, he placed his face as close to the glass as possible.

“What is that? The cafeteria?” She quizzed him.

“Yes,” he replied after a slight hesitation because he was not sure exactly what she was pointing to.

She turned her head the other way. “And what’s that to the right?”

He turned but could bayan eskort bursa see nothing because he was so far to the right. “What are you talking about?”

“Right there!” She moved to the right and pushed up next to him.

She now stood where he had been and looked again. “You can’t see it from here, move this way.”

She grabbed him by the waist on both sides and pulled him away from the glass. He instinctively turned. As he did so they bumped into each other and stopped for a second. There was very little light, and they now stood face to face hesitating. It quickly became awkward.

“Here, come this way.” she explained as she grabbed him at the waist again pushing him backwards.

At first he did not want to go and instead she bumped into him instead of moving him backwards. Her breasts pushed against his chest. He could smell her. She smelled like baby powder. He guessed it was her body spray – another popular fad of the early 80s. There was one more slight hesitation from both of them, and then she turned.

“Over here,” she told him.

She grabbed his hand as she went to the far left corner and pushed his body up against the glass door. She pulled up behind him on her tippy toes. She was pointing over his shoulder and he could feel her breath on his neck.

She quizzed him, “Behind those doors to the right. What’s in there?”

He did not answer right away because he was thinking other thoughts. Those doors were the last thing on his mind. Her smell and her breath coupled with the fact that she had pushed his crotch up against the door caused his penis to slightly harden. It felt good as the shaft of his penis pushed hard against the glass. He even moved his hips upward slightly to enhance the sensation.

“What is it?” She asked him again.

“Oh, that’s the gym” he finally replied after regaining his senses.

“Okay, that makes sense” she said.

Sherry backed away but Brent remained with his erect cock pushed against the glass. Partially because it felt good, but primarily because he was embarrassed she may see his erection he turned around. Then, before he knew it she was running the other direction. “Wait up!” He reluctantly turned and hollered. She didn’t even know where she was going. He picked up the pace, but wanted her to stop running back down the sidewalk.

“Hold on. We’re going this way!” This time she listened and stopped.

“Where?” She wanted to know.

He pointed to the left where there was no sidewalk. There were tennis courts approximately 300 yards away. “This way, around the building. It’s faster.” He told her.

They now walked together towards the tennis court but turned left just before that. It was here that the football field and stadium were visible. She didn’t have to say anything, she looked pretty impressed right away. The next thing he knew she was running ahead again.

“Let’s go!” She hollered back after quickly getting a 10 yard head start. “Race Ya!” She challenged him.

“It’s on!” He thought to himself as he took off running.

Her eyes widened because she now realized the mistake. Within 5 seconds he was flying past her. But she immediately picked up her pace and the two of them ran completely to the street immediately beside football field. When he reached the curb he stopped and turned to watch her come the rest away. He could see her breasts bouncing slightly as she finished the run. She actually stopped and put her hands on her knees for a second to catch her breath.

“Look at you,” she commented. “You’re not even breathing heavy.”

“I told you I’m here almost every day working out.” He reminded her.

“Where,” She wanted to know.

He started to run slowly again across the street towards the fence surrounding the field and the bleachers. “Come here.” He called.

She walked slowly to his side. He was disappointed because he hoped to see her breasts shake inside of the light blue shirt once again. Once she joined him her breathing was normal again. The football field was visible from there. They walked up to the fence and looked in. He talked about how he was sad he could no longer play on it field. He started for three years on the varsity team both as a linebacker and center. It was obvious to him she was impressed. It became even more obvious after her statement.

“You work out a lot, don’t you?” She asked him.

“Almost every day in the weight room.” He boasted. “In the Fieldhouse right there, on the other side. You can see the door from here.”

“Well, it’s obvious.” She told him with a smirk. She briefly touched his bicep as she said it.

His chest grew bigger with pride after that. The sun was setting fast and although they didn’t have to be home by dark, they didn’t tell anybody where they were going.

He reminded her of this fact, “We better get back. Nobody knows where we are.”

She agreed, and they backed away from the fence and started to journey back to his house. As they turned and started back home, Sherry asked,

“What’s the other direction?” She had wondered. She saw plenty more houses but wondered if there was anything interesting nearby for future walks.

“Just more houses,” he told her, “but if you go far enough, about a mile or so, there’s a McDonald’s, a grocery store, and a record store.”

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