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Bbc Cuckold

He had bought it for me as a sort-of joke. That cute little vibrator with the silicone sleeve. He had told me I would need it when he went on deployment. It wasn’t fancy, but it was something to tide me over, so he said. He had no idea those settings would come in handy on his duty nights before he had even shipped out.

It was only seven inches long with a modest girth, but for a small bodied girl like me, it was perfect sized. And it even had seven different settings, after all, I was a girl who liked some teasing. It happened one Tuesday night that I was especially lonely and in need of a good cum. I crept out of bed after several minutes of pointlessly playing with my clit without any kind of release. I opened the dresser drawer and there in the packaging was the purple godsend. As soon as I opened the plastic and slipped the silicone cover over it, I couldn’t wait to feel my new friend inside of me. I rolled it in my hands for a minute… debating if it really was a good idea. Masturbation often left me wanting more and unable to Arnavutköy escort bayan fully please myself. I guess that was a risk I was willing to take…

I laid back on my bed and slowly inserted the head into my awaiting pussy. It was slow to get past my puffy outer lips, but once it broke through to my cunt opening, I knew I was going to be in heaven. I was instantly wet as it slid into my hungry pussy. As soon as it was in, I turned it on the first setting.

Immediately my pussy started to spasm as my first pre-orgasm wave hit. My juices began to flow and I couldn’t resist turning it to the next setting. I pumped it in and out of my cunt for a second before burrowing it to the hilt inside me. At that moment I hit the next setting. My pussy contracted and a small amount of cum began to seep around the sides of the purple vibrator onto my bed sheets.

As my orgasm ended, I began to pump it fervently in and out of my slit in hopes of continuing to another. The sound of my pussy slurping Escort Avcılar as I did it through my over the edge as I turned it up another setting. This was the last of the regular vibrate settings. The rest were intermittent and patterned.

I decided to relax for a little while and let myself have a little fun. So I pushed the purple intruder all the way in and turned it on the next setting called the stair step. It would pulse then slow down continuously. So I crossed my legs to hold it in place and turned on the television. It’s quiet hum however, aroused me to the point where I knew I just had to cum again.

The next setting was a faster version of the first. I began to feel my next climax building, but I wanted this one to be slightly more prolonged. I took the vibrator out of my cunt and pressed the very tip of it against my clit. I drew my breath in sharply as it pulsed vigorously against my swollen button. God it felt so good, but I still hadn’t achieved what I wanted, a full body, trembling, Bağcılar escort earthquake orgasm.

I clicked the button one more time, and found that apparently these genius vibrator makers had hidden another -even faster- vibrate setting in the mix. I couldn’t stand it any more and shoved it back into my aching cunt. As I drew it out then back in to the hilt, my hand began to tremor in anticipation. With one hand I fucked myself and with the other, my fingers were dancing over my clit at light speed.

I gasped and suddenly it flooded over me, with each wave my body felt weaker and weaker but my hands kept flying back and forth. I came so hard that I collapsed onto my pillows as I tried desperately to turn the vibrator off. Finally as my spasming pussy and it’s purple intruder came to rest, I felt the copious amount of cum that had pooled around my outer lips and even onto the bed beneath. I dipped my finger down into my hot snatch and brought it to my mouth, the taste was exquisite. I couldn’t help but sucking on my finger for a minute to savor the last of my taste.

I rested for a little while, then began to clean up. I started to wonder just how my my fiancé would enjoy hearing this story as I sent him a text message saying I just had the best self induced orgasm of my life. I guess this night really was worth it after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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