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Dusti’s Road Trip

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On one of our weekends away from college, Greg and I drove to just outside Oklahoma City to see some of his relatives. We usually tent camped on our trips, but this time Greg wanted to stay in a motel. This was just fine with me. Greg and I had slept with each other quite a few times by now, but we had never done so in a bed! This was going to be great!

We stayed in a name brand motel that was nice and clean. It had an indoor pool and Greg and I spent most of the first part of our first evening swimming. Then we got dressed and went to what is locally called a “smoke house” for supper. This was Greg’s most favorite place in the whole world to eat. He worked here before he was old enough to work in the oil fields and thought of the owners as his grand parents. The owner’s son is one of his best friends.

We went into the place and the first thing that happened was the rather large lady owner came from around the counter and grabbed Greg in a big hug. I thought she was going to squeeze him to death. Then Greg picked her up as if she were a feather and kissed her on her cheek.

“Hi Grandma!” Greg said.

“Oh Gregory! It is so good to see you!” Grandma said.

“What you doing with my wife, boy?” I heard from around the corner.

“I’m given her the love and attention you don’t anymore, Grandpa!” Greg said.

Then this older man with a cane came limping around the corner and Greg gave him a hug too.

“Your Mama know you’re here Greg? She didn’t tell me you were coming home,” Grandma said, eyeing me out of the corner of her eye.

“No. I wanted it to be a surprise,” Greg said. That was the first I heard they did not know we were coming. I wondered what their reaction to me was going to be.

“Well, your folks and Danny are sitting back at table 10. I guess you get to tell them you’re here rather quickly, don’t you?” Grandma said eyeing me with open interest now.

“Oh. This is Dusti, Dusti, this is Grandma and Grandpa,” Greg said matter of factly. “Dusti is a friend from school.”

I said “hi” meekly to them and I know I blushed at least three shades of red. I should have known it was going to be like this with Greg. I was surprised that he had not called his folks to let them know he was bringing a girl home with him.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Get yourselves some plates and get something to eat and go on back there,” Grandma said.

We did just that. Greg led me to this huge buffet that had everything in the world in the way of meat on it. Since BBQ, is my favorite food, I was in heaven. Not many places do ham and I just love BBQ ham. When our plates were full, I followed Greg over to a large table where there were already three people sitting.

“Mind if we join you?” Greg asked, as he pushed his little brother over to make way for us on the long bench type seats. Greg sat next to his little brother while I sat next to his mother.

“Gregory, you are going to be the death of me yet!” His mother said. Then seeing that I was with him, she said, “You must be Dusti. Greg told us about you on one of the few—THE ONLY—phone call he has bothered to make home this year.”

We chatted for most of the evening and Greg’s grandma and grandpa came over and chatted as well. While I could see that everyone was a little expectant of that fact that Greg brought “a girl” home from school, at least no one asked if I was knocked up. It was hinted at, though. I smiled through the whole evening. His family were really dears.

Grandma came up to me while I was alone at the buffet (getting more ham) and told me that I must be someone really special. Gregory had never brought a girl to meet them before. Not even when he was dating in high school. He had never brought a girl home to meet his folks, either. What could I do but smile!

They were not overly pleased Yalova Escort that we were spending our nights at the motel. I might go so far as to call his mother’s attitude “livid” when he told her. But no one said anything out right about it. At least not that I heard.

That evening we got back in time to close the pool down, then we went back to our room. I took a shower (Why do you need to take a shower when you were just in all that clean pool water? Greg asked. Duh! To get all the chemicals in that water off me!)

While I was sitting in front of the mirror brushing out my hair, Greg came up behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders and started to rub them. While Greg was standing behind me, I realized that Greg was the only man that had ever seen me without my makeup on, and that it did not bother me. Then he leaned over and kissed me on the top of my head. He knew I loved that.

Then he kissed lower on my neck Greg’s hands went down my shoulders to my upper arms, then down my arms. All this time, my hair brush was going slower and slower. Finally, Greg turned me around and kissed me on my lips.

I put my hair brush down and reached out my arms to him. Greg picked me up out of the chair and took me into his arms and I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He undid the knot on my bathrobe rope belt and reached inside it. Since I knew this was going to happen, I did not bother to put on any underwear. I was totally naked under the bathrobe.

“Surprise!” I said to him, when I came up for air from kissing him.

“The kind of surprise I really like,” Greg said.

Greg reached up and pulled my bathrobe off my shoulders. I was standing there nude in front of him. Greg still had on his under shorts. I reached down and pulled those down and we were both standing there nude. I put my arms around his neck again and pulled him close to me. I could feel his arms around me, his hand moving up and down my spine. And his cock sprang to life between my partially open legs. I really liked that feeling.

Then Greg reached down and put his hands on my ass. Greg pulled me closer to him and pulled my ass cheeks apart. As he did so, he moved his fingers a little deeper inside my cheeks to where they were almost touching my asshole. His cock was now pushing deep between my legs, just under my pussy. This was driving me wild.

“Oh Greg!” I said.

With that, Greg moved back and sat down on the bed, with me still clinging to him. I climbed on top of him and he moved his hands from my ass to my breasts. Greg knew my “On” switch was my left nipple. He pulled at my breasts until he looked up at me and took my left nipple into his mouth, and bit down gently.

“Oh Greg! YES!” I said out loud.

Here I was, naked, knelling with my legs spread wide apart, with Greg in between them, with him reaching up and biting my nipple. I knew my pussy had to be just dripping wet.

Greg confirmed that in about two seconds when he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh. With one finger, he rubbed all the way from my knee right up into my very wet and wanting pussy. His finger homed in on my wet box like it had built in radar. I went right up into the ceiling. I don’t think I have ever cum so fast in my life. The fact that I had been horny for him all the time we had been at the restaurant may have helped.

After I came down from that high, I found that Greg had laid me out on the bed and was lying next to me. He had his usual shit eating grin on his face that he had when he made me cum like that.

“Hey Dusti, there is something I always wanted to try in bed but never had the opportunity. Willing to try it with me?” He asked.

“What is it?” I asked him. I knew he was not into giving pain, so I was not really worried about what it was. I was more curious to know than anything.

“I Yalova Escort Bayan want you to lie on your back with your head hanging over the end of the bed, your hair hanging down while I stand above you. Then you suck me off. Willing to try it?” He asked.

“Sure!” I said. I didn’t want to tell him that I had done this with my past boyfriend several times. Men really dig this position for some reason. I think it has to do with the image of taking the helpless female. I lay down on top of the bedspread with my head hanging over the end of the bed, and my hair hanging down to the floor. Greg came up and spread his legs apart and edged up to my head. He had to bend down a bit to get his cock at the right level. I reached up to take his cock in my hands.

“Don’t use your hands… just let my cock work it’s way in. I saw this in a movie once and always wanted to try it,” Greg said. With that, Greg bent down until his cock was right above my lips. I reached up with my tongue and licked the underside of his cock, from the head back. He had his pre-cum dripping off him already. He grew harder and finally became so hard he could force his cock into my mouth. I took him in greedily. I loved to suck Greg’s cock any time.

Finally, Greg worked out his rhythm going in and out of my mouth and soon he was fucking my mouth for all he was worth. I reached up with my hands and grabbed his ass. I pulled him closer to me, which forced him deeper into my mouth. I just loved the feel of his cock sliding over my tongue. Greg is always gentle with me when he is fucking my mouth. I think he knows he can hurt me if he is not careful. Just before I knew Greg was going to cum, (I can always tell) I bit down gently on his cock and dug my fingers into his ass.

This drove Greg forward into me. Greg shot what seemed like gallons of cum into my mouth. There was no way I could keep it all in, upside down the way I was. I swallowed what I could. It flooded out all over my face. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and let him cum directly on my face. My old boyfriend used to love to do that! I knew I was going to have to wash my hair again before I went to bed, anyway. So what! Having Greg cum in or on me was worth it. Especially if it gave him pleasure! I didn’t get to please him by trying something new often.

When Greg finished cumming, he fell down on the bed next to me. Greg was really drained from this. By the time I took a towel and cleaned the cum off my face, Greg had fallen asleep. This really surprised me. Normally Greg has the stamina of a pony. I think the trauma of bringing me to meet his parents had taken more out of him than he wanted to admit. We would normally make out where we both came at least twice.

I thought about waking him up, but then I reconsidered. If he fell asleep like that, it was because he was really wiped out. Here we were, facing the wrong way in the first bed we ever made out in, with our heads down at the foot of the bed. Besides. We had the whole weekend together.

I knew that shortly after Greg fell asleep, he would roll over to his left. I pulled one of the pillows down and put it to the left of him. Sure enough, he rolled right over on his left side right on cue. I went in and quickly washed my hair again and used my hair dryer to dry it quickly. When I came back to the bed, he was right where I left him.

I just lay down on his right side (where I normally slept) and covered us both up with the sheet. I followed him to sleep very shortly.

Right before I woke up the next morning, I started having this very erotic dream. I dreamed that someone was eating out my box. I automatically spread my legs for them and felt something slowly working its way into my pussy. Suddenly I woke up! Greg was between my legs eating me out in my sleep. He had his Escort Yalova finger deep inside me.

“I thought that might wake you up, sleepyhead,” Greg said with a grin.

Then he lowered his head and finished what he was doing. I came shortly after I woke up and Greg climbed up and started kissing me and squeezing my breasts. I reached down and grabbed his cock and wrapped my hand around it. It was already hard.

“Love me Greg! I want you to love me, now!” I told him. Greg got upset if I told him I wanted him to fuck me. Greg needed no more of an invitation. He climbed right between my legs and started to rub the head of his cock on my wet pussy lips.

“Yes! Inside me! I want to feel your cock deep inside me Greg! I have to feel you cum deep inside me or I’ll die!”

Greg pulled my legs apart farther and then pulled my feet up by his head. He put them over his shoulders and holding onto my ankles, sat straight up. This pulled my ass all the way off the bed. He folded my legs back over my body. Then he scooted up closer to me and started to rub my pussy with his hard cock. I was on my shoulders now, most of my weight supported by Greg. From up above me, he was able to thrust his cock down and into me. Greg teased me with his cock. He teased me by rubbing my outer pussy lips with his hard cock.

My pussy has a mind of her own. She started to kiss at his cock as he rubbed her and finally, she was able to wrap herself around him. My pussy loves to suck on Greg’s cock fully as much as I do. Only she gets to take him deeper inside her than I can. She doesn’t have to breathe like I do. (Yes, I’m jealous of her!)

Greg slid fully down inside me with his first thrust. I was so wet, I’m surprised he was able to keep his balls and hips outside me. Then Greg started his regular rhythmic love dance on me. In and out he slid. Deeper and deeper still with each thrust. Each thrust felt better than the one before it.

Moreover, I started my love dance back to him. Greg’s was physical. Mine was verbal. We both really enjoyed each other to the hilt.

“Oh Greg! You feel so good inside me like this! Yes Greg, Yes! I love to feel your cock so deep inside me…. Filling me so full! I love to feel your cock loving me like this! Don’t stop! Never stop! Fill me with your cum! I want all your cum Greg. CUM IN ME!” and so on.

Greg reached down and played with my breasts, which were hanging down close to my face. While he was filling my pussy with his cock, his hands were squeezing my breasts. I had my legs folded back over his shoulders now. I was pushing myself up into to him as hard as I could. I wanted to do this forever. Only, like all good things, it had to end. Greg finally came deep inside me. I tried to pull him deeper inside me still.

When we were done, we both quickly changed into our still wet swim wear and went down to the pool. Greg told me what was on tap for the rest of the day. The only thing I cared about was at the end of the day, we would be back in bed again.

I really enjoyed meeting Greg’s family. They made me feel right at home and welcome. You don’t want to hear about the rest of our trip. It was the usual thing a young college couple did when traveling. It was the two nights in the motel that were the best parts.

I’ve known I was in love with Greg almost since the day we met. I had become very possessive of him by that time. I really was thinking of being with Greg long term now. Long term as in the rest of my life. Wedding bells, rings, children, and all. That was what I was reading into him taking me home to meet his folks.

I still didn’t accept at that time that marriage would not be possible with him. Another woman had claimed his soul for her own. Not a human one. My mother saw this in him right away. His mother did, too. Greg’s Mom told me I would have a hard time pulling him away from the woman she called Maria, after a local legend. She was right. I never could. However, Maria—the Mistress of the Wind, did not mind sharing him with me. She knew I could not claim him. No human woman ever could. No human woman ever has!

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