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Her voice rose to a crescendo as the audience sat apparently awed by the power of the human voice. A few passages back I had sang a very fast-paced part which really took all my concentration to do well. It also contained some really high notes, straining even my tenor voice. During practice I had almost failed to give that particular passage its proper interpretation, not always able to execute those high notes with the power, brilliance and clarity they deserved. But today I had gone through it with aplomb, and I hoped that as soon as this piece was finished the audience would show its appreciation of both of us as a duet. Those feelings of having finally come to this performance well-prepared and giving the audience their money’s worth filled me with a deep joy so that as we combined our voices for the final part of the song, we sounded our best ever. Together we soared, passed and repassed each other, chased one another up the scales, and down again to bring the piece to a very satisfactory finish. For the first time in many years the entire hall erupted in a standing ovation.

Helina and I had sang in many performances over the years since we were but teenagers. Today I shudder to think how our music must have sounded then! Under the guidance of old man Zenigizokay, we had built up our expertise until today we could feature on the programme of the Adelaide Music Society Evening Concert. It meant that after years of hard slogging, practices and performances in lesser concerts around the country we had finally made it to the pinnacle of the choral music society. It was indeed fortunate, for the conductor was in dire straits since three top singers had died in a tragic accident on the Bendigo Road on the way from Melbourne. Thus we were invited not just because the organisers wanted to include something fresh in the programme and our fame had reached their ears, but also to explore the possibility of adding to their numbers of professional musicians. We could feel it in our bones that we had made a very powerful impression; it was now only a matter of time before we were formally invited to join the ranks of the Music Society.

In music we each needed to sing our part not merely accurately and enunciating the lyrics clearly, but also conveying the mood to the audience in such a way that they also felt what the composer had intended. Our personalities allowed us to complement each other on stage, but there was another duet we discovered belatedly we could play equally well. Though everyone, our parents included, expected that when we decided to marry we would pick each other, it just did not happen that Küçükköy escort way. She ended up marrying a jazz singer and composer, while I fell in with a teacher of among other subjects, music. Both marriages were productive of children, but hardly of marital bliss. Mine was the first to die while her sputtered on for a few more years before giving up the ghost.

The judgmental among us said that it was the musical ties that weakened the marital ones, but then we had started singing together long before meeting each our spouse. I had felt reasonably happy and secure in my marriage. Only when my wife developed a scolding, cantankerous streak did the amorous flames begin faltering. Eventually we were together for the sake of our three children, rather than for the reasons we had started out with. On her part, Helina found that her husband was fond of collecting things and when it got to his picking up cars with the stated intention of repairing and reselling them, things started to get difficult. For their front yard eventually had four which he promised day after day to dispose of after giving them the much-needed repairs; he never got round to doing that. She saw all too clearly that too much of their resources were tied up in these toys of his, leaving them struggling for basic necessities when they really should not have been.

Through all this Helina and I continued to give each other support, musically and emotionally, yet in a non-marital manner. We knew deep inside of us that had we married, the routines of married life would have dampened our musical spontaneity; it could very well have spelt the end of our musical careers. Worse, if we were to have serious disagreements and so poison our home life, it could in all probability pour into our practice sessions and spread its toxins there as well. So we had long ago promised each other never to feel towards each other the way spouses feel, that they can only be truly happy when together. We knew we were not made to live with each other. Neither with anyone else, it now seemed after our marital difficulties.

This did not preclude, after the collapse of our separate marriages, giving one another emotional and sexual satisfaction, however. In bed we discovered that we were like a pair of Russian acrobats on stage. We could take it at any speed that suited us at that moment. Many was the evening of slow sensuous pleasure with wine and candles; others were hot, violent and tempestuous encounters.

It was during a performance that we would wordlessly decide that we were ready for each other that evening, and make promises Mecidiyeköy escort bayan about the kind of loving we would give each other. Her brown eyes, seeming more liquid than usual would tell me she was at the point where she needed my loving. She always told me that she could detect a quality in the tone of my voice when I was ready to engage in one of our romps. After coming off stage we would stay apart as family, friends and fans came to give us words of congratulation and encouragement. Finally we would head to our cars which would be on opposite sides of the parking lot whichever it happened to be. Once in each our cars, we would call each other and agree on a rendezvous for our tryst.


Tonight her body was softer, seemingly more responsive than usual. Her kiss lasted longer and her nipples felt harder. I ran my hands all over her face telling her how lovely she will always be to me. I saw her as she was 19 years ago when we had stepped out in front of the lights for our first performance. I looked deep into her big, lovely brown eyes, now shining with a lustre that promised a rough, rowdy sex scene. My hands went to unfasten her bra impatient to get my hands, lips and mouth on her full breasts. They sprang free as I pulled the garment away and threw it onto a chair. As always she moaned a deep throaty sound when I cupped them with my hands. How full, soft and inviting they were! I rubbed them gently and circled them without yet touching the aureoles. I knew how much she loved me fondling the nipples and I could already feel her body pushing into me.

After torturing her with my tongue in her ear, neck and chin, I started licking her chest flicking her boobs once in a while. My hands now ran over her aureoles and nipples causing her to squirm. She most enjoyed my lightly squeezing her nipple between my fingers. I gave her a few pulls, them planted my mouth right on her nipple She cried out in sheer pleasure as I imitated the squeezing action with my tongue and lips. We were in ecstasy.

I felt my cock grabbed with sudden fervour. He stroked me up and down the way she knew would drive me wild. “Ohh, my god,” I cried. Then we moved our bodies so that I could kiss her stomach and she knew full well that that meant she would soon taste my mouth with her cunt lips. Eagerly she parted her legs as my mouth approached I wanted to spend time admiring her mound, swollen as if packed with beef or pork, but she was ravenous tonight leaving no room for lingering. I knew she would come hotly with great violence when Escort Merter I gave her a good licking. Running a narrowed tongue so that it was like a penis, I parted her lips and tasted her arousal lurking in her slit. Her hips were gyrating wildly on the bed by this time.

Avoiding contact with the slit I found her hole, wet with anticipation. She lifted her legs into the air screaming my name. I plunged the pretend-penis into her roughly, giving her a mock-fuck with it. Her hands had clutched the sheets for dear life and a trembling had set up in her body. I felt her very close to coming. My tongue arrived at her clit and as my lips clamped onto it she threw her legs out violently and her juices gushed out of her depths all over my face. I drank as much as I could manage but some still escaped down to the crack of her ass. I grabbed her thick thighs and hugged them to my chest.

She returned her attention to my cock, inserting it fully into her mouth. I retaliated by placing my mouth back on her cunnus, sucking all over her plump lips. Without entering the pink kingdom of her folds I licked all the way to her asshole, cleaning up the juices that had escaped me earlier; I felt her jump. We nursed on each other for only a few moments before she said, “I want to suck your cock with these other lips, darling!” I too was dying to plunge my male meat into her hungry cunt.

Turning around I placed myself at her entrance like a guest knocking. I teased her for a bit, rubbing her slit with the head of my cock. Suddenly I felt her legs being thrown wide then wrapped around my waist. This action pulled my prick right into her cunt. Pushing against the foot of the bed, I sought to embed myself deep into her wet, inviting flesh. I was rewarded by those gentle sucking sounds that told any who may have heard that she was ready for the fuck of the century. If I stroked her I would come in seconds; if I dug into her she would also come without invitation.

So I plunged deep until I felt myself knock against her cervical entrance, at which her mouth opened as if to yell the house down but no sound came. I gave her a few shallow strokes, which brought me to the very brink before I sought refuge in her depths again. Alternating these movements brought each of us right to the precipice. Her naughty, dirty words of enjoyment caused us both to topple over into that land where no light or sound penetrate, except that ecstasy of sexual satisfaction at climax. Our feelings were roiling about in that place so violently that had there been an earthquake we would never have known.

When we floated back into consciousness we were in a riot of bedclothes that looked as if there had been a storm in our “absence”. They were twisted around and lay in a small pile in the middle of the wide bed. Sated, all we wanted was to lie in each other’s arms and imagine our fans applauding this our performance with a standing ovation as well.

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