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D’s Virginity

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Hi everybody my name is Anne and this is the story of when my husband D gave me the greatest gift, his virginity. I have recently told you about the first time my friend Kim and I had sex. So, I decided it was time to tell ya’ll about the first D and I made love. So, sit back and I hope you enjoy as much as I did excepting his virginity.

My ex-husband had filed for divorce and it had been a brutal fight. I moved in with parents till I could get enough money to get my own place. My mom loved me being back as I could help with my dad. But, it was finally over and I planned the rest of my life alone, as I had been so badly hurt by my ex that I wanted nothing to do with men. But fate and my friend Sue had other ideals. She kept telling me about this guy she wanted me to meet, but I kept putting her off. I finally had enough one day and told her if this guy was not six foot four or taller I did not want to meet him, thinking there was not may guys that tall. Since Sue stopped hounding me I figured I had won and she was going to leave me alone. Thankfully I was wrong; I was over at Sue’s house one day waiting to go to a friend graduation with her. She was showing me her new rose garden, when I heard somebody pull up out front, I just thought it was her daughter coming over to go to the graduation with us since it was her boyfriend graduating.

“We are over here.” Sue calls out.

“About time you get here Melinda we are going to be…” I turn to get after Sue’s daughter and my heart stopped a beat as I was not looking at Melinda, but some stranger in cowboy boots and jeans.

“Anne I want you to meet D he is going to Doug’s graduation with us. D this is my good friend Anne.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Anne.” As he extends his hand to shake my hand. I took his offered hand and felt a surge of electric energy pass between us, and my first thought was, Oh shit he is over six four.

We go to the graduation and Sue talks D into going to get ice cream with us, since I rode with Sue I had to tag along. Sue sat with Denis her husband so D had to sit beside me, I was nervous but, we all sat and visited for well over two hours till Brahms started to close. The next day Sue called me up and started asking what I thought of D.

“He seems to be very nice, I was surprised by how polite he is. He does seem a little younger than me. Just how old is he?” Sue tells me he is twenty-one. “Dang Sue, he is thirteen years younger than me. There is no way I could date him even if he was interested in me. So, let’s drop it Ok.”

About a week later I was over at Sue’s house and we planned to go shopping. We went out to get in my car and head out, but my car would not start. I had no clue who to call, but Sue told me a mechanic friend of Melinda’s was coming over to work on her so she would get him to look at mine. We took Sue’s van and went shopping, when we got back to her house Melinda’s hood was up and being worked on. I got out of the van and went to talk to the mechanic, I was shocked to find out the mechanic was D.

“So Anne, Sue told me your car will not start. If I can have your keys I will look at it real fast, so we can go get parts.” Like an idiot I just stand there and stare at D, not able to talk. I finally snap out of it and hand D my keys and I turn to go into the house, I had to get away and compose myself.

“Sue where are you I have a bone to pick with you.” I shout as I bust through the front door. I hear Sue laughing from the kitchen. “You did not tell me D was the mechanic.”

“Oh I am sorry it must have slipped my mind. I just know you needed your car working and he was coming over to work on Melinda’s car anyway.” Sue responds to my tirade.

“Never said I liked him I said he seemed nice. Plus, he is thirteen years younger than me.” Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Come on in, it is open.” Sue calls out.

“Is Anne in here? Oh, Hi Anne, just wanted to let you know the starter is out in your car. I can take it off and you can run around to the parts house and get a new one while I finish Melinda’s car. If you know how to drive a stick shift you can use my truck. The keys are in it.”

“That will be great and yes I can drive a stick. Let me know when you have the starter off and I will go.” A few minutes later D is back and tells me the starter is in the back of his truck. I go and get in his truck and start to drive around to the parts house. As I take off from the stop sign I notice my feet touch the pedals, and I start to cry. Let me stop here and point out I am five foot one and D is six four, I should not Ataşehir Escort have been able to touch the pedals. He had moved the seat forward for me. That simple act was the nicest thing anyone had done for me in a long time. I just sat there and cried for a good five minutes. I finally composed myself enough to go get the part and make it back to Sue’s. I pull up and give D the starter and excuse myself so I can go inside.

“He moved the seat for me Sue, he did not ask he just moved it for me so I would not have to.” I tell Sue as I start to cry again.

“It is Ok to like him Anne; he is a nice carrying man. I do know he broke up with his fiancé about a couple of months ago and I think ya’ll would be good for each other. Why are you fighting it?”

I was so mad at Sue and I do not know why. D was not a drop dead super model or anything like that, he is just a good old country boy. But I am not a model either. I am short and am not skinny, but yes, I was beginning to fall for D and that scared the hell out of me. But none of that mattered as I had no clue if he felt anything for me. “I am not fighting it Sue. You have no clue if he is even interested in me or not. Plus, he is only twenty-one.” Again, there is another knock on the door and D pokes his head in and tells me my car is ready if I would like to come test it. I tell Sue I will talk to her tomorrow, I need to be going. I follow D out to my car.

“He opens the door and tells me to give it a try.” I turn the key and it starts right up. “Thank you so much, how much do I owe you and will you take a check?” I ask D as I am reaching for my purse.

“You do not owe me anything I am glad I could help.”

“I cannot let you do all this work and not pay you, so tell me how much.”

“I cannot take any money but I can take you out on Saturday if you would let me.” He just stands there and smiles at me. I feel my heart start to melt, but I cannot say a word, I just stare up at him.

“So do we have a deal? Or do I have to take the starter back off?”

“You know this is black mail, don’t you? I should be mad at you for taking advantage of me like this.”

“But you are not mad at me, are you? I do not mean to upset you I just would like to have dinner with you and visit with you, then maybe we can catch a move. I really enjoyed talking with you at Brahms the other day, and would like to get to know you better.”

“I would really like that, too. What do you say we meet at 6:00 on Saturday? Let me write down the address.” I quickly grab a piece of paper and give him my address.

“I look forward to it, till then have a good week.” He closed my door for me and watches me as I drive off. My stomach is doing flip flops; I have not felt this giddy in a long time. The entire way home I argue with myself. Part of me says I should call him up and cancel, while part of me says that would be stupid he does seem to like me. I did not sleep at all that night, I kept thinking about D. The next day I called Sue and told her that D asked me out. She laughed and said it was fate.

It felt like Saturday would never arrive, but it did and so did D holding three red roses. I thanked him and place them a vase, then we went to dinner and a movie. During the movie D reached out and took my hand and held it. After the movie, we went to a park and just walked and talked, for several hours. I looked at my watch and it was 1 am.

“I had no idea it was so late let me get you home. I did not mean to keep you out so late. I am so sorry.” He talks me home and walks me to the door. “I want to thank you for a wonderful evening and would love to see you again. May I call on you again.”

“I would love to go out with you again, call me.”

“I will do that. May I give you a good night kiss?” I do not answer him I just stand on my tip toes and give him a kiss. It was not a long kiss but it was long enough to take my breath away and make me realize I was in trouble.

D called me the next day and we went out after church. Then the next weekend, it got to the point that we were spending time with each other almost every day. D would kiss me and hold me in his arms, but I never felt like he was trying get a free feel. I have had enough men try and get a free feel of my 38 DD breast to know that D never tried. If D ever got an erection while we were kissing and holding each other he never let it show. This went on for about four months. The entire time, our feelings continued to grow and we both knew we were falling in love. I was house setting for a friend and I invited D to come over. Kadıköy Escort I told him I would make him dinner. So, the date was set. D meet me at the house and helped me carry the food in. We both got in the kitchen and started cooking, we got the dinner in the oven and I told D I was going to take a quick shower and for him to set the table and pick a movie for after. I asked him if I could simply dress comfortable? He told me that was fine by him. So, I picked out a silk PJ set with no bra or panties. When I stepped out I noticed D was surprised, and stared for a second. Then just as quick he looked away. I asked him if I need to change into something else and he said no he was fine with what I had on.

We ate dinner and talked about our day. When we finished, I told him that I would do the dishes later. We got on the couch and I told D to scoot back and lay on his side. I laid down in front of him and we started the movie. D was laying curled up on his side with his arm draped over my side just barely touching the underside of my breast. This was the first time he had even accidently touched my breast, and it felt so good. I was getting so worked up, but I still could not tell if D was hard or not he kept making sure his crotch never came into contact with my butt.

I could not even tell you what the movie was about, I found myself wanting to make out with D, so I sat up and looked down at D. “Roll over onto you back.” Which he did. I then laid down on top of him, and we started making out. We kiss and hold each other for several minutes, when I start kissing on his neck and sucking on his ear. I learned that was his weak spot. He started moaning, and I could definitely tell he was hard as his groin was in direct contact with my crotch. I was a little worried because his erection felt like it was larger than my ex’s and I worried that when the time came would I be able to take his erection. I decided that I would wait till that time came.

“Would you take your shirt off?” I asked him, he raised up and I helped him remove his shirt. I started running my hands across his bare chest and nipples. I bent down and started sucking on one of his nipples. I could tell he was really getting into this. I raised up and removed my top and let D look at my breast for the first time.

“May I touch you?” He sounded so sweet and caring the way he asked.

“I would like that very much; you can even suck on them they are very sensitive.”

D reaches up and tenderly caress my breast and nipples. He plays with them for a few minutes before he finally leans up and sucks one of my nipples into his mouth. This gets a moan from me and I feel my pussy getting wet, I know I am leaving a wet spot in my shorts, but I don’t really care at this moment.

I lower my mouth near his ear and tell him. “I need you.”

He stops sucking on my nipple and looks up and me. “Are you sure? You do know I have never made love to a woman before, don’t you?”

“I figured you were still a virgin. And yes, I am sure I want you to make love to me. I would love to take your virginity, but not here on the couch let’s go to bed.” I stand up and slip my shorts off. “Do you like what you see?” I ask him as I reach out to help him up.

“I love your body you are very beautiful.” He pulls me to him and we passionately kiss.

I break the kiss and take him by the hand and lead him down the hall to the bedroom. I pull back the cover and crawl up on the bed, and wait for my soon to be lover. He loosens his belt and unsnaps his pants before letting them fall to the floor. I look down at his erection and realize he is as big as he felt. I am a little nervous about him hurting me, but then it dawns on me that D would never hurt me. He will go as slow as I need him to.

“Oh Damn, I don’t have a condom, I can go and get one.” D has a panicked look on his face, and I almost laugh. If I did not love him so much and know that he was only being concerned for me I may have laughed.

“Come make love to me, I am not worried about a condom.” Thankfully he just crawls up on the bed with me. I spread my legs and invite him to come lay between them. He lays on me and starts kissing be again. I can feel his hard dick pressing against my pussy, I can also feel my pussy getting wetter the longer he lays there. “D; I need you inside me, I need to feel you making love to me. But I need you to go slow. Since we do not have any lube except my juices and it has been a long time since I have been with a man. It is going to take a few seconds to get use to your size. I have never had any one as Ümraniye Escort big as you, so can you be gentle and patient with me?”

“Oh Sweetness, I would never want to hurt you. I will be as patient as you need me to, just tell me if I need to start or keep going. Are you ready?” I just nod at D. He reaches down and takes hold of his dick and starts rubbing it up and down my lips searching for the opening.

“Here let me help.” I grasp his dick and guide it to the opening of my pussy. “Here you go now take it slow.” I feel D start put push forward sliding his dick into me. He stops with just the tip inside me and ask if I am Ok.

“I am fine, you feel incredible keep going. I can take more.” With that he pushes more of himself inside me. It feels so good the way he is stretching my pussy I don’t want him to stoop, but I need him to so I can get accustom to his size. “I am sorry but I need you to stop for a second or two and let me get use to you.”

“That’s is Ok, I needed to stop anyway. You feel so amazing good; I was afraid I would cum before you had a chance to climax.”

“I love you so much D; you are so kind and caring to me. Don’t hold back you orgasm on my account, I have already had a small one.” I wrap my legs around him and quickly pull him all the way inside me. “You are all the way inside me. You are so deep and I am so full of your dick, I did not know if I could take you all the way or not, but I can. Now I need you to make love to me. You do not have to worry about hurting me now.”

D starts making love to me. He is a little bit awkward and almost frantic, but it’s working for me. I don’t know if it’s knowing that D just gave me his virginity or what but I can feel my climax start to build and I know it will be a toe curling one. I feel D get into a good rhythm and can hear his breathing start to come in short gasps. I know he too is close to cumming.

“I never knew sex could feel this good. You feel so tight down there, that I don’t know how much longer I can last. Are you going to cum soon? I really need to know that I have made you cum. Please tell me you have cum, because I can’t hold on any longer. Oh, God I need to pull out before I cum inside you.”

“Please don’t pull out I need you to cum inside me. Yes, yes that’s it I am cumin, cum with me. Oh, my God I can feel you cumming inside me. It feels so good.” D shoves his dick into on last time and just holds it there, while I feel his body shake and his dick keeps jerking, putting more cum inside me. My arms and legs wrap around him holding him in place, and yes my toes do curl. Every time I feel his dick jerk I have another climax.

D’s dick finally stops jerking and slips out of my pussy and I can feel our cum start to leak out my pussy. I just lay there and let it leak out as D rolls over and snuggles up next to me.

“Thank you so much, that was amazing. Did I hurt you? Did you enjoy? You did have an orgasm, didn’t you?” I place my finger against his lips.

“Shhh, stop worrying it was a beautiful thing and I loved every second of it almost as much as I love you. That was the best gift anybody has ever given me. Thank you.”

“What gift are you talking about, what am I missing?”

“Your virginity silly, that is a gift you can only give to one person. I am only sorry I could not give you mine. Could you spend the night with me tonight?”

“I would love to I was worried about leaving after just making love to you for the first time.”

“Roll over on to your back, I want to curl up on your chest and sleep there.” And that is just what I did. The was the best night’s sleep I had had in a while. I woke the next morning with D curled up behind be and this time he was making no attempt to hide his hard on. He gently nibbled on my ear and asked if he could make love to me again. I rolled over and told him he can do that any time he wanted. With that we made love again.

“Oh, Shit I am going to be late for work if I don’t get a move on. Could you make me some toast and coffee? I have got to get in the shower and wash some of the cum off me.” When I got out of the shower, D was waiting in the kitchen with coffee and some toast. I walked up to him and gave him a bid kiss and told him thanks for last night and this morning. D picked me up and placed me on the counter, where he started sucking on my breast through my shirt and I came in my panties right there on the counter top. I had to push him away.

“What have I created? If you don’t stop right now I will not make it to work. As it is I will be working all day in cum soaked panties thanks to you. Now I have to go.”

I quickly slip past him and out the door. That was 21 years ago and we are still as passionate now as we were then.

Thanks for letting me share my story with ya’ll. I hope ya’ll enjoyed, as much as I enjoyed tell ya’ll.

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