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Driving Lesson

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Jake’s POV

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone has had a moment where they thought for sure that they were going to hell. It doesn’t matter what made you think that or if it was even for a second, but you know. You know exactly when you think of it and when you do I’m willing to bet that the thought doesn’t even bother you. I’d like to say that I am above thoughts like these but then I’d be lying. I knew that very moment I would be going to hell when my step daughter sat in the passenger seat.

I married Sonya’s mother, Nina in my senior year of college. She was sexy, beautiful and my professor. Even though she was much older than me it never occurred to me that she would have a child. I mean when I grew up you just didn’t have children without being married. So you could understand my surprise when on moving day I set down my stuff in our new home to find a disgruntled teenager sitting in our living room. I could never understand why she didn’t like me. I never punished her or hit her, to be perfectly honest I mostly stayed out of her way except when it came to birthdays and holidays. On our 3 year anniversary Sonya was getting ready to leave for college. Nina’s lecture wasn’t going to get out until late so she asked me to pick up Sonya from school and to take her shopping for school supplies. I wasn’t crazy about the idea but I figured being a part of this girl’s life since she was 16 I should at least attempt to do something fatherly. I pulled up to the curb at her school and waited for Sonya to come out.

When she finally emerged from the double doors I was less than please to witness the scene in front of me. There stood my step daughter in her mid-drift tube top and tight mini skirt with a slobbering teenage mutant, I assume, attached to her face. It doesn’t surprise me that she’s hooked another one. Sonya went through boys like a flu patient goes through tissues. She treated them all like crap so I couldn’t see what she possibly could get out of a guy like that. I bet junior had already creamed his pants by now with the way she was handling him, in public no less. I was about to honk the horn when I noticed her eyes flicker towards me. Maybe I was imagining it but I was pretty sure without a doubt that my saucy step daughter was getting her boy toy’s rocks off while staring at me. It was then I felt myself getting excited at the thought of Sonya fondling me. Shaking my head vigorously I got a hold of myself and honked the horn. She pulled the mutant off of her and walked away, coming towards me. The way she sauntered over to the car made me feel hot and honestly pretty bothered. Why was I thinking of her this way now? I never looked at her before. She’s Sonya; my wife’s annoying, opinionated, bossy daughter. So why was I seeing this lustrous, devious vixen coming my bursa otele gelen escort way? My thoughts scattered the moment the passenger side door opened and she sat down.

“Jesus Christ Jake! Why is it so fucking hot in here?” She barked.

“Sorry the air conditioning got a bit cold.” I retorted.

“Well turn it back on I’m getting all slick and sticky.” She ordered, pulling her long auburn hair off the back of her neck.

Christ what a choice of words and with the way she was showing off the back of her neck with a few beads of sweat rolling down I was not about to object. I could feel my dick start to get erect as my mind wandered off to less honorable things. I quickly reached over and blasted the ac; hopefully the cold air would do me some good.

A few minutes later while driving down the highway towards the mall, the cold air did me some good but that’s not all it did. As I glanced over to my brooding “child” I couldn’t help but notice Sonya’s erect nipples! There they were just poking out pressing hard against the flimsy cloth that made her tube top. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t wearing a bra. I had half a mind to quickly turn off the ac and save her some dignity mind you though, only half.

“Cold?” I teased, as I nudged her elbow.

However her reaction wasn’t quite the one I was expecting. She turned her head towards me with a smirk gracing her lips when she quipped, “Are you?”

Mortified, I definitely didn’t want to look down and see my raging erection to validate what my step daughter meant. So instead I just gripped the wheel, desperately looking for a rest stop to pull over and put some space in between us and hopefully a bathroom.

“Oh come now, did I embarrass you?” She giggled, “I thought you were the one trying to embarrass me.”

I shouldn’t have looked at her when I did but something in her voice just told me too and I immediately regretted it afterwards. There sitting in my front seat was a topless and quite supple young woman.

“I’m going to hell.” I stammered as I quickly swerved back onto the road. Sonya just giggled as the car fishtailed on the highway, clearly aware of the effect she was having on me.

“Count me in then, saints are boring.” She whispered into my ear before she took my earlobe into her mouth.

“Christ Sonya! Do you want me to get into an accident?” I yelled, wrenching my head away from her mouth. “And put your shirt back on.”

“What crawled up your ass?” She huffed as she threw herself back on to her seat.

“For fuck’s sake will you let me drive?” I hollered, trying my best to focus on the road.

“You don’t look like you want to drive; you look like you want to fuck.” She purred while twirling a piece of her hair.

“Real bursa eve gelen eskort mature Sonya.” I scoffed.

“At least one of us is!” She screeched sitting straight up. “Will you stop being a fucking pussy and look at me? I’m not a kid anymore! I’m 19!”

The next thing I knew she yanked the steering wheel out of my hand, forcing me to quickly slam on the breaks as a cacophony of horns honked at our reckless driving. Before I could scold her I felt the weight of her body press on top of mine as she locked her lips with mine. Her tongue forcefully pushed past my lips and explored every facet that she desired. I honestly knew better but the fact that I had a horny teenager straddling me in my car begging to be fucked, well that just seemed like the better option.

Sonya’s POV

Let’s just get one thing straight before you all start making your opinions about me. I’m not a troubled teenage brat with daddy issues. I have a dad and quite frankly if you saw him you would be surprised too if your mom ended up bringing home her new husband and he looked like Jake. Jake is young, hot and the complete opposite of my mom. I knew from the moment he walked into our living room that I had to have him. When my mom asked him to pick me up that morning it was the perfect opportunity for me to make my move. One way or the other I always get what I want.

“What’s the matter Jake?” I teased, biting his lip playfully. “Can’t get it up?”

Glaring intensely at me Jake crushed his lips on mine while he thrust his groin against my pelvis. God his cock felt good. I could feel the heat and the pulsating throb through our clothes. This wasn’t a time for romance or fore play. A tight confined space in public is all you need for a good dirty fuck and that is exactly what I was going to get. I took that action for me to get busy so I made quick work with his zipper; the man never did like belts, and pulled them down as far as I could. Like I said it was a pretty tight space, so I did the best I could. No matter, I quickly found his bright red, erect cock leaking with pre cum, and I had to have it in me. Lucky for me a bra wasn’t the only thing I “accidently” forgot to put on. Pushing my mini skirt up my waist, I led his thick dick toward my horny slit and teased the entrance, lining my lips with his pre cum. Tired of waiting I pushed in the tip and slammed the rest of him inside of me. A crescendo of groans emerged from both of us as my wet cunt engulfed the entire length of his cock. Slowly pulling myself off of him I pushed right back down, once I could feel the tip almost coming out. Repeating this motion I started to fuck him faster and faster until I’m pretty sure I could feel the car start to rock.

“God Damn it!” he moaned, while bayan escort bursa guiding my hips. “Your pussy is so tight and wet!”

“You like the way I fuck you?” I smirked, as I continued to hump him. “The way my tight pink pussy feels around your huge fucking cock.”

“Oh God yes!” He groaned.

After a good sweaty build up and some great impromptu sex I could feel Jake starting to come to his climax and I wouldn’t be much farther behind him but something was just eating me up inside and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy this the way I should have unless I said something.

Slowing down a bit and rotating my hips more, I kept a constant pace to keep us going but not enough for him to climax, “Does my mother fuck you like this?”

Jake’s POV

Why did she have to ask that? I mean here we are in the middle of completely inappropriate mind blowing sex and she goes and says something like that. Right then and there I should have stopped but I wasn’t about to have blue balls on the fucking high way because shit just got real. Quickly laying down the seat and flipping her over, I resumed our frantic pace and rammed my cock in and out her cunt, slamming it to the hilt each and every time. I don’t know why I got so aggressive but something about what she said and how she looked just made me want her to realize she doesn’t call the shots or hold any cards. I might have been hurting her with how hard I was fucking her but I just didn’t care at that moment.

Sonya’s POV

To say the least I didn’t expect Jake to say anything but I didn’t expect him to do what he did either. I was taken by surprise when he flipped me over and continued to fuck my brains out but I think I was more surprised by how hard he was doing it. It felt like the inside of my vagina was bruising and under the all the raw pain and anger I felt a sick sense of pleasure building in my chest. Before I could say anything Jake clamped his hand over my mouth and changed his pace to a slow and almost sensual pace, melting away any pain that was there.

“I’m going to talk and you are going to listen.” He instructed, looking straight at me. Since I couldn’t say anything I just nodded. “You are a beautiful girl inside and out and I think the moment you see that you’ll stop treating men like toys and instead more like human beings.”

I don’t know what he did but when he thrusted again I felt my orgasm take over completely. Waves of pleasure crashed over as the intense pressure in my chest was released. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open while riding his continuing thrusts out but I could have sworn I saw him smiling. Soon afterwards Jake had his climax, hunched over me, breathing hard on my neck. I gripped his shoulder tightly, not wanting even a little bit of space to get in between. But sooner or later it had to be over and after getting settled back into the car and arriving at the mall I was ready to get out when Jake grabbed my arm.

“Your mother and you are very different, can’t really say either way which one of you fucks better but I’d certainly be willing to test it out.”

Huh? Now that I think about it, maybe I do have daddy issues.

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