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Dream Encounter

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He visits me in my dreams, touching me, tasting me, penetrating me, every night he makes me scream and writhe in pleasure while doing unspeakable things to my body and mind. Is he a man or demon?

I’ve never really put much thought in to the supernatural but that’s the only way I could explain any of this. He is tall, dark, and beautiful with the most piercing clear blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

He always takes me somewhere seductive, and I’m hypnotized by the timber of his voice it’s so warm, and tender I can’t help but drift towards him. There’s something magnetic and addicting about my mystery nameless shadow man.

As always it starts with a dream. In my dream I’m in a lush forest. I could feel the wet soil and moss beneath my feet, the earthy smell of the woods, and I hear the sounds of birds and it’s strange that I don’t feel afraid, I know I’m not alone… I know his there in the dark.

My legs won’t move, but I can feel him move closer towards me. I can feel the atmosphere change as goosebumps prickle my skin, I can sense him behind me and the anticipation is making my heart pound.

Warm breath on my neck a split second before his lips touch the skin. His fingers gently rubbed my arms and I didn’t know I was holding my breath till I gasp but he kept on kissing, nipping and soothing that sting with his tongue, my head falls back on to his shoulder.

My blood heats as he slides his fingers under the straps of my dress pulling them down my arms, revealing my breasts to the chill of the night air turning my nipples into pebbles, the further he pulls the fabric away revealing more skin, wet kisses cool against my heightens my senses wanting to know what would he do next.

My dress pools around my feet leaving me bare and cold but his hands are hot and blaze trails of fire, he plays with my nipples pinching and twisting them I thought I might pass out from the pleasure. I wanted more and it was like he read my mind I felt as his hands slides down my torso, past my trembling stomach, to my hips, as he playfully pulls my pubic hair, I feel his fingers parted the lips Yalova Escort of my pussy and started to circle my slippery clit, I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my throat.

He sucked, kissed, and licked my neck as he played with my hard little clit working me while dipping two finger inside me. My hips have a mind of their own moving towards the pleasure.

“I have to make sure you’re ready for me, my sweet.” he said and I felt him grin, as his fingers played with my pussy, and as his forefinger found it way between my lips, he seemed to be an expert at this and he knew how to stroke my clit, how to rub my clit so that my body was soaring. He didn’t stop roughly stroking me, bringing me to the edge while I rotated my hips, thrust it towards him. I was begging him to fuck me.

“Please stop teasing me! Please let me cum!” My orgasm was just within reach. I could feel the vibrations coming from his chest, he was laughing while he fucked me harder, plunging his fingers deeper, alternating between fucking and rubbing my clit, he was enjoying torturing me.

“Cum for me, my beauty, l want to feel you wet my fingers first, then I’ll give you what you want.” His deep voice penetrates my lust haze mind. His breath warm, his tongue wet, and his teeth sharp as he bites down on my neck just hard enough to hurt and just then stars exploded behind my eyes and I lost all control of my body as I started to shack and shudder.

He alternated between licking, nipping, and sucking, it’s too soon for me to come again. My body is pliant and sated, from my first orgasm and here he was insatiable and ravenous.

But he was far from done with me, as he laid me down on the soft grassy moss and kissed his way down my body to my nipples, sucking, licking and biting them making me squirm, he traveled down to my pussy. And gave it a lick that shot a bolt of electricity from my sensitive clit all over my body.

He looks up and I see his face covered with my wetness I couldn’t help but arched my back wanting more of his wicked tounge, as he slid it over my sensitive flesh. He was going Yalova Escort Bayan to make me cum in his mouth! As I writhe in pleasure I feel him suck my clit into his mouth and gently bite down, I can’t breathe, I can’t see, all I can do is feel.

As I come down off my orgasm he kisses his way up my body and I can’t resist offering my breasts to him and he took my left nipple into his mouth. I weaved my fingers through his velvety hair as he sucked one then the other. Swirling his tongue around my nipples and biting softly on them.

I could see the bulge of his cock. He was definitely well endowed. Probably too big and he must have seen my eyes widen, because he smiled again. “Are you worried?” his voice was a whisper in my ear.

And as I shook my head “no.” I tried to hide my nerves and kept silent.

“Good.” Was the only warning he gave before lifting me off the ground and walked us towards a tree. When my back hit the rough bark, I felt him squeeze my ass and grip me firmly.

He released himself and his looked big and red almost purple at the tip, throbbing and emanating heat and he gently, with a strange tenderness, brushed the slit of my core. His cock was so hard, and I was soaking wet that he didn’t need a hand to push inside me. I moaned, arching my hips taking him deeper inside me.

After my body adjusted to his size, the thrust of his cock became aggressive. I wanted it but I wasn’t expecting it and he didn’t take it slow. His cock plowed into me and I yelped from the pain mixed with the pleasure. I felt the inner muscles of my pussy contract around his girth of his cock trying to accommodate him.

“You’re very tight. You feel so good like you we’re made for me.” the gravel of his voice sends a shiver through my body. He pinned my body in place for his delicious fucking.

Every time he pushed himself in, I wanted to scream out, but he was determined to make me cum in minutes. It was like he had no patience for anything else. I could feel him big and strong inside me, stroking me in that spot which was the point of no return. Escort Yalova A few more strokes and I was going to tip over the edge.

As he pulled his cock out of me and thrust into me again. I knew my body was tight and my wet folds enveloped his cock like a snug glove as he pushed deeper and deeper into me. Those knots in my belly were beginning to come undone as he thrust into me with more force.

He hadn’t stopped rubbing my clit with his fingers as well, so that now my orgasm came rushing down on me in waves. I came, screaming and moving my hips as he slid into me wildly.

“Come,” he mutters, his face pressed into my neck. “Fucking milk me. I want to feel you come around me, want you to gush on my cock. Want to feel it dripping down my balls. Fucking do it.” He growled.

I can’t think until he changes the angle. His cock jabs at some place inside me, insistent, almost painful, and then my legs start to shake. “Wait, wait, wait,” I cry, but that only makes him do it faster.

He let go of my ass and caught my waist as he emptied himself into me. I could feel his warm seed burying into me, as he grunted and plowed away like a machine, I could hear a woman scream, oh! That’s me.

It wasn’t until my orgasm began to subside that I could hear and breathe and see again. Before that, I had been in my own world somewhere.

As he pulled himself out of me without ceremony and he makes me twitch and sigh before he finally moves between my legs. He licks and licks, the mixture of out cum until I’m lost in an orgasm again.

I knew as I felt the cool chill of the nights air that I would have bruises on my back from the tree trunk but for some reason I didn’t care.

I was startled awake and I was back in my bed, sweating, and panting hard. Was it all a dream?

My fingers touch my nipples and they were tender and sensitive. My fingers keep going down my body to my pussy and it was sore, shocked I feel what seem like cum leaking out of me, and even though I’m sore I work my clit with wet fingers, remembering my delightfully yummy dream man, spreading the wetness all over my pussy dipping a finger then two into my cunt fucking myself nice and slow.

The morning sunlight streamed into my bed room as my back arched and I came hard squeezing my fingers and spreading my legs wide. Mmm… I can only hope he visits me again tonight.

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