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Dr. Joe Pt. 02

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Dr. Joe – Sightseeing and Sex

So that morning I showered and packed up. I got dressed in my tennis outfit that consisted of a white skirt, pink top, socks, and jogging shoes. . Dr. Joe seemed to be pleased; however, he didn’t know my skirt had a built-in panty.

We had a nice breakfast at a local diner before heading to the zoo. Needless to say it was hot and I was glad to be wearing comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Every chance we had, we would duck into some air conditioned building or find some shady place to rest. We decided to cut the zoo short and take a visit to the Incline Railway. I was surprised that it was located within a business district. We made the 1 mile trip to the top and had a nice view of the city. On the descent it became apparent the extreme angle of the mountain side that is billed as almost 74%.

We then made the drive to the top of Lookout Mountain and our resort. It was an older but nicely kept area. Our cabin had a bedroom, small living room, small kitchen, and a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and fireplace. After unpacking my evening wear, I took a shower while Joe took a short nap. Poor guy must have been exhausted from running with a ‘younger woman’.

That night dinner was aboard the Southern Belle, a side wheel riverboat. Of course, I wore my sailor dress with hose, heels, and anchor jewelry. Joe was impressed and said the captain might run aground if I was within his field of vision. I didn’t think so, but it was nice of Joe to pay me such a high compliment.

We boarded the cruise ship and had a nice romantic dinner of prime rub with all the trimmings and southern pecan pie for dessert. We danced some and took in the stars and moonlight on the observation deck. Joe was very attentive and was intent on kissing me at every opportunity. I was wet with anticipation of the fun we would have once back at our cabin.

On the way back to Lookout Mountain I teased Joe by turning toward him and placing my left leg over the console giving him an unrestricted view of my pussy. Further I teased him by fingering my clit until he decided to take over with fingers exploring my smooth shaven genitals. It was about then that I slipped the straps of my dress down freeing my tits. I pulled and played with my nipples while Joe’s fingers went wild between my legs. Eventually, I got so hot that I totally removed my dress. With my body completely exposed Joe was having a hard time concentrating on the winding road up the mountain. There are some really beautiful homes with views on Lookout Mountain. Joe didn’t have time to notice on the drive back to the cabin.

Since we could park directly in front of our cabin, I didn’t bother to put my dress on and walked to the front door in only hose and heels. Joe was nice enough to bring my dress into the cabin and I thought for sure he would take me right there on the front porch. A sharp love smack to the right cheek of my ass let me know that I still had his attention.

Joe wanted to use the Jacuzzi so there was no need for a special costume tonight. As I filled the tub, Joe placed candles around the Jacuzzi and put the champagne into an ice bucket. While Joe removed bonus veren siteler his clothes, I sat on the edge of the tub and slowly removed my heels and even more slowly rolled down my lacy thigh highs. Joe entered the tub with a nice erection and tight balls. Once I was immersed and we were comfortable, Joe adjusted the jet flow to give us a nice massage. I played with Joe’s erection while he fingered my pussy. As we played with each other in the hot bubbling water the jets pounded at our bodies beating away any cares or worries. Drinking champagne we eventually finished the bottle and I must admit to a nice buzz. We got out of the tub and toweled each other off and moved to the king sized bed. With a devilish smile on his face, Joe tied me to the bedposts and proceeded to feast on my pussy. Not in a threatening or aggressive manner but one of tenderness and caring. I could feel his tongue gliding up and down the lips of my pussy. He then sucked my clit into his mouth and proceeded to lightly nibble on it with his teeth. I thought I was about to cum and he released my bud only so he could go deeper between my legs and search for my opening with his tongue. A few quick in and outs and he was back to nibbling my clit. For a second time I thought I was going to explode when he stopped his oral assault on my genitalia.

He got up from the bed and crossed the room to retrieve the empty champagne bottle. His cock was bright red and totally perpendicular to his body. It was so rigid I thought to myself that I could hang my clothes on it. Coming back to the bed I saw him grab the bottle of lube and coat two of his fingers and then the neck of the bottle. Crawling back into bed he stopped only long enough to insert those fingers into my vagina to lube me for what was next. As I lay there completely naked, I surrendered to whatever plans he had for my body. Lying next to me now, he slowly and gently inserted the bottle into my now buttered muffin. With very light pressure he also twisted the bottle as he pressed inward. I soon felt the flair of the bottle pressing into my canal and stretching me open. Just a little deeper and his erotic assault stopped. He sat up in bed and with one hand twisted and pulled the bottle in and out while rubbing my clit with the other. This pushed me over the top and a fantastic orgasm washed over my body. When he knew that I was finished, he removed the bottle and replaced it with his now purple headed cock. With my legs pointing to the ceiling he hammered me. I felt his first spurt in me and then he pulled out and his cream flew everywhere. I had ropes of semen running from my pussy up to and on my tits. Joe tried to cover my body with his cum, rubbing it on my tits, stomach and hairless pussy. When he couldn’t make it go any further he inserted his cock in me one more time to deposit just a little more seed. He untied me and we spooned the rest of the night away.

Before we drifted off to sleep I promised him my nurse outfit for Sunday night and he promised to give his nurse a ‘special exam’! (Something about helping me locate not only my g-spot, but also my a-spot and u-spot.)

Sunday morning was relaxed and laid bedava bahis back. While I showered, Joe shaved and then took his shower. We dressed and went for a continental breakfast at the owner’s house. They had a small gift shop and dining area with two tables. The couple who owned this resort thought that I was Joe’s daughter. Oh poor Joe, he told them that we were married. He went on to explain that his wife had died and he decided to marry much younger the second time.

Our first stop for the day was Ruby Falls an old tourist attraction. We took an elevator to the cave and walked to the falls. It was lit with colored spots. The best part of the falls was how cool the temperature was underground. A nice break from the hot and humid

We drove a short distance to Rock City. This was extremely nice with a view of I think seven states. We have a nice light lunch on the patio overlooking the bluffs. We took a journey along the Enchanted Trail with many plants and gardens along the woodland path. Also, saw the Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village.

We arrived back at the cabin in the early afternoon and had time to relax before heading for dinner at the Canyon Grill. The restaurant was BYOB, so Joe stopped for some really nice red wine. After showering and shaving, I approached Joe while he was watching television on the couch. I put my leg up on the leg of the couch and allowed him to eat me to a mini-orgasm. As he got dressed I applied my make-up and put on a red side slit dress. It was almost a 30 minute drive to the restaurant. Joe was complimenting me the whole time about my dress and how it accented my legs. He was not looking forward to leaving tomorrow for Florida but I told him that we had all night, and I meant ALL night.

We had baby back ribs with traditional southern BBQ sides. The service was nice and the atmosphere was very casual and rustic. On the drive back, there was some fog which made driving stressful for Joe; but I reminded him that Nurse Lily would give him a nice back rub with her skilled hands.

Back at the cabin, I dressed in my nurse’s outfit with cap and stethoscope. Underneath I wore a white shelf bra, thong, white thigh highs, and white heels. Joe was extremely impressed and asked if he could give me his special female exam now. He asked me to remove my uniform and sit on the edge of the bed with my legs spread. He placed a pillow under my ass and removed my thong. He had me recline backwards while keeping my heels on the floor. Joe removed his shirt and then his pants. I watched carefully as his manhood started to grow.

He mentioned that the hottest topic on men’s blogs was about the female anatomy and the g, u, and a-spots. He was going to probe each area and I was to let him know which was the most stimulating. Slowly he parted my labia with his moistened fingers. He mentioned that the u-spot was near the opening to the urethra. Joe slowly rubbed the u-spot in a circular motion with his finger and then with his tongue. Finally he touched the tip of his cock to this now aroused area. I had to admit that his tongue was far more electrifying and by far the best.

Next he moved on to deneme bonus the g-spot located within the vaginal canal and against the anterior wall. By using his finger in a ‘come here motion’ he began to rub the thick fleshy spot in my love canal. Then he used his cock and angled it in my vagina to insure the head of his penis rubbed against the g-spot while moving in and out of me. Using his cock felt better than his finger but either one would have gotten me off. I also know that had he kept stimulating that area I might have squirted on him.

Finally he went on to the a-spot which is between the g-spot and the cervix. He tried to probe me deep enough with his fingers, but nothing. Then he used his cock and had some success but was lacking. Finally I suggested that he get my dildo “rocket”. After inserting it into me, the rapid vibrations did the trick. I could feel the secretions in my pussy affording me extra lubrication from within. I said, “Rocket is the best”. He laughed. With all his probing of my female bits, I was well lubricated and told Joe to use his cock to stimulate my g-spot and a-spot. We played with each other all night and occasionally used “rocket” to hit my u-spot. Bringing each other to a near climax and then changing things up kept us both on edge the whole night. Oh what fun I had as I could no longer contain my orgasm and Joe’s was close behind.

As we rested, Joe talked about his buddy back in Florida and how he would never believe the wildness of this ‘bucket list’ item. I was surprised when Joe asked if he could take a photo of us together having intercourse. I was very hesitant, but he was very persistent and I finally agreed as long as my face was not visible. He smiled and said with the shot he had in mind, not much more than our genitalia would be visible. With that he grabbed his cell phone in his left hand and positioned himself between my legs. I giggled and spread wider as his cock was positioned at my pussy. He entered me slightly, burying just the head into my tunnel and snapped several shots. Then he threw the phone on the chair and fucked me to another orgasm.

Joe was so gentle as he kissed me all over my body and thanked me for a wonderful few days. I promised him that he could do anything he wanted to my body for one more day before heading to the airport.

That Monday, Joe woke me in the early morning by sucking my tits and fingering my pussy. He fucked me in the missionary position with my right leg in the air. This position allowed him to reach an area that only ‘rocket’ had the night before. After cumming he fell asleep while I rolled next to him and cuddled. We slept until almost 9 am. We took a shower together and of course had some more fun. I couldn’t imagine him having another orgasm, but he did. We loaded the car and headed to the airport. We kissed one last time before he left for his boarding. I drove home to hubby with many memories swirling around in my head. I stopped on top of Mount Eagle for gas, lunch and at the fabric store in Paducah. On the long drive home I started to think about a Person’s Bucket list. I realize that it is just a random list of things to do before you “Kick the Bucket” and you cross the things off as you get them accomplished in no certain order.

My only question is, when you complete the list do you then go back and rank the items from “Absolute Best” on down?” I wondered where Joe would put our weekend together on that list.

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