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Down the Rabbit Hole Pt. 02

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I would like to state that this piece of writing is a work of fiction, all characters within are of age and consent with the plot and bear no resemblance to anyone I know.

The story is a work in progress and will feature a variety of different niches as both it and the characters within evolve.


Kate was sitting at her kitchen table, she had pushed the boat out and cooked herself a microwave meal that she found rather mediocre but washed it down with a glass of pinot noir. She had had a busy week at work, it had actually been rather stressful and there had been many late nights. She had stayed at the Savoy in London all week, very expensive but her company picked up the bill, so she made the most of it. She made a mental note to make sure that her PA’s salary package was enhanced, her name was Alice, she always made sure that Kate had everything she needed.

Her mind went back to the previous weekend with her daughter Jess, her hand instinctively went to her breast and began squeezing it as well as pinching her erect nipple. She only wore her kimono because she now preferred to be naked as much as she could, but chose to cover her body when downstairs just in case. Knowing that her children liked to drop by unannounced and the potential for the prying eyes of strangers, although she had no issue with Jess seeing her now.

It had been a couple of days since she last heard from Jess, picking up her phone to look through her messages and opening the last one she had received from her. It made her blush and she pushed her hand down to her vulva, she rubbed it for a short while and pushed her middle finger between the folds of her labia. Pushing her finger in as far as it would go before withdrawing it and bringing it to her mouth, she closed her eyes and sucked upon it. It was something that she had started doing everyday, fingering herself and then sucking on the finger covered with her pussy juices. On one occasion she had thought about sticking her finger in her asshole but could never bring herself to do it, still wanting to take things step by step.

She had been looking forward to getting home all week, she had not taken her personal laptop with her and couldn’t use her company one to look at naughty things online. It was the same with her mobile phone, the IT department would have a field day with her if they knew what she was looking at on the internet. She had relied upon her memory to aid her when she felt the urge, which was often but she resisted most of the time because she didn’t want to irritate her vagina too much.

Draining her glass as she stood up, Kate took her plate to the sink to rinse it off before putting it into the dishwasher and turned it on. Topping her glass up again, she made her way to the lounge and turned the TV on and looked for something raunchy to watch on Netflix. Nothing grabbed her attention though, she turned the TV off and tossed the remote aside in frustration and got up. She turned everything off downstairs and made her way upstairs, she stopped at Jess’s room along the way and took a look around. She picked up the pillow on the bed and put it to her face, she could smell Jess on it and took a deep breath through her nose inhaling her daughter’s scent. It was then she spotted the t-shirt that Jess had been wearing the last time she was here, picking it up and smelling it like she had done with the pillow but this time she kept it to her face. It had a stronger odour to it, one that started to turn her on more than she already was.

Smiling to herself, she put the pillow back but kept hold of the t-shirt and took it with her to her bedroom. Having taken her robe off, she pulled back her duvet and climbed into the bed. She held up the t-shirt and looked at it, turning it around before bringing it to her nose again and spent time sniffing different parts of the garment. To her surprise, the area that had the most desired effect on her was the armpit region, there was a pungency to it that turned her on.

In a way, she still had some doubts and felt conflicted because this was her daughter, her flesh and blood but besides her late husband, no one had ever made her feel so wanted, sexy and alive. She also worried about her son Jack, what would he think of her if he ever found out! If he was anything like his twin Jess, he would probably think it was cool and be accepting. She was in no rush to find out anyway.

She reached for her personal laptop that she spotted on the bedside table on the other side of the bed, pressing the power button and waited for it to load up. After about 3 minutes or so, it came to life and displayed a family photo, she swallowed a lump in her throat and entered her password. She opened up her browser and went to the links Jess gave her and opened up the blog, biting her lip as she scrolled through it. It didn’t take long for her hand to start caressing her clitoris, she slapped it a few times and rubbed firmly, pushing a finger inside her vagina every so often. Her bahis siteleri mind flashed back to the previous weekend, feeling her daughter’s hands on her, the way she teased and penetrated her with her fingers. She was trying to emulate it but it did not feel the same, being touched by another was far more exhilarating and unpredictable.

She watched a few of Jess’s videos, feeling amused at the one of her farting that she had watched before and was again transfixed by the sight of her anus almost winking at her. The sounds coming out of her were impressive, She made a face but replayed the video over again and again. Pushing her hand down further, she touched her anus and left her finger there momentarily. Although she had touched it many times whilst cleaning herself, either after using the toilet or when bathing or taking a shower but this was different for her because she never really associated it with sexuality. She moved her finger in a circular motion, feeling the texture of the skin and the tightness of her sphincter as she pressed her finger tip against it. She didn’t have the guts to go further, she pulled her hand away and looked at it. She half expected it to be brown but it looked clean, except it glistened in the light due to being covered in her own juices. She brought it to her nose and sniffed at it, the smell was different but not repulsive like she had imagined it would be and without thinking, she put it in her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned aloud, her taste buds were assaulted. Feeling both delight and shame at what she had done, the latter ebbed away as she moved her hand back down as she spread her legs again.

Turning her attention to the laptop, she quickly searched for another video to watch but being spoiled for choice, she just clicked on one at random. Seeing the familiar body of her daughter, she smiled to herself and began playing again. She moved her other hand down to her vagina and brought her knees up as far as she could, spreading her labia with one hand and began rubbing her clitoris with the other.

“Oooh yeah, fuck!” She was close already.

Closing her eyes and resting her head back, she touched her anus again and began rubbing that too. So dirty she thought but was loving it! Pressing her finger on her sphincter again, she slowly pressed into her asshole and felt the tightness. She found the sensation weird at first, it felt like she was having a poo but she wasn’t, she liked it a lot and was amazed that she had gotten this far in life without ever experiencing what she was doing to herself at that moment.

“Oh my…” She was so close and could feel her orgasm starting to bite.

She pushed her finger in a little deeper, she felt some resistance on her finger tip but thought nothing of it and continued rubbing her now engorged pussy. Her breathing hastened, she could feel her heart pounding but lost her sense of hearing, everything sounded muffled.

“Fuck….me!” There it was, her orgasm exploded and as her hips jolted, she pulled her finger out of her ass and brought her legs back down and put them together, her toes curled.

As her orgasm started to subside, she moved her hand to her mouth and put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. She soon became aware that it did not taste the same as before, it had a sweetness to it but left her feeling a little disgusted but excited at the same time. She brought her finger up to her eye level and looked at it, her eyes widened at what she saw but she quickly decided that she had already had it in her mouth and tasted it. So she put it back in and sucked it clean, closing her eyes once more.

Kate had taken a shower and brushed her teeth twice before she got back into bed, having to sleep on the other side due to the wet patch she had created. Feeling too tired to strip and remake her bed, she powered down her laptop and set it aside on the table next to her. The cold sheet felt great against her naked body, pulling the duvet up to her chin and then turning on to her side.

Her phone vibrated and lit up, she reached for it and saw that she had a message from Jess.

“Hi Mum, just letting you know that I will be over in the morning! xx”

Placing the phone down, she turned the light out and closed her eyes.


Kate sat up in her bed and stretched her arms out, yawning as she began to process the morning. Looking down beside her, she remembered her antics from the previous evening and why she was not on her side of the bed. Pushing the duvet down to expose the stain she had left on the egyptian cotton sheet, she placed her hand on it and felt that it was still a little damp.

She got up and stripped her bedding and threw it into a pile by the door. She felt a dull ache in her lower back and reached around her back to rub it, perhaps she had over done it. She pushed it out of her mind and went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet, she looked at her hands as she emptied her bladder. Not bothering to wipe herself, she stood up and stepped canlı bahis siteleri into the shower and turned it on. The initial shock of the cold water was always something she enjoyed but welcomed the warmth when it finally came through, her back still aches but the hot water was having a desired effect.

She came downstairs after about 45 minutes, she had washed her hair and had it tied up in a loose ponytail. The weather was fairly nice outside but she wasn’t feeling confident about mowing the lawn or any other garden work but it needed to be done. Placing a pod into her coffee machine, she waited for it to finish and added a drop of milk and drank it slowly as she looked out of the window. Still no sign of Jess though she thought, checking her phone for any messages but there were none.

Against her better judgement, she decided that she would go ahead and mow the lawn and do what else she could whilst the weather was nice. Having managed to only mow the lawn and do the borders, she had done enough and her body ached more than before. After tidying up and putting the tools away, she raised her head towards the driveway as a car pulled in. Her heart leapt in her chest, it was Jess. She walked slowly towards the car and beamed at her daughter when saw her.

“Hello Mother!” Jess approached her with her arms wide, she threw herself at Kate and hugged her tightly.

“Hello dear, be careful please.” She had pain written on her face. “It is so nice to see you! How was the drive down?”

“Oh? What has happened? What have you done?” She gave her mother a look of concern, her hands now on her shoulders.

“I must have slept awkwardly, it has been like this since I woke up!” She rubbed her lower back. “Perhaps I should not have just mowed the lawn!”

“Well that was silly, wasn’t it!” She shook her head at Kate and tutted. “Tell you what, I will just have to give you a lovely massage later won’t I?”

“You are just dying to touch my body and do inappropriate things to me more like!” She nodded and winked at Jess.

“When you put it like that!, maybe!” She moved her hands and put them behind her mothers neck and pulled her in for a kiss.

Kate moved in and their mouths met, she put her hands on Jess’s backside and gripped it firmly. Jess let out a soft moan into her mouth, they brought their embrace to an end and composed themselves. There wasn’t much risk of being caught but thought best to take some precaution, a simple kiss between mother and child is one thing, full on snogging and feeling each other up is another.

They both made their way into the house, Jess followed as Kate led the way. She was enjoying the sight before her, her mother had good legs and a wonderful bottom that she just wanted to do many things with.

“Have you eaten?” Kate enquired as they entered the kitchen.

“Not yet, I am actually quite hungry though! What do you have?”

“Well, I haven’t been here all week, so there really isn’t much in the fridge. Check the freezer.”

“Ok.” Jess had a little rummage in the drawers. “You have a selection of Gyoza?”

“That will do nicely! You wouldn’t mind getting the steamer pans out, I don’t think I am up to bending down that far.”

“Sure, no worries! Why don’t you sit down and relax, I will sort this all out!” She stopped to give Kate a kiss on the cheek before going about her task. “Drink?”

“Oh, sparkling water please!” She grimaced as she sat down at the table, she chose a chair that allowed her to watch Jess as she busied herself.

Jess was still dressed in her work clothes, although she was still studying at university and didn’t really have to work because her tuition was paid for by a trust that her father had set up for the twins when they were born. She was wearing a black knee length pencil skirt over sheer tights, white shirt, black waistcoat and a black tie. Jess had kicked off her heels when she entered the house. Her hair was tied up and her make-up was minimal, gold sleeper earrings and an Apple watch, she was wearing her favourite perfume by Issey Miyake as well.

“How was work?”

“Ok I guess, we had a lot of early check outs at the hotel, so breakfast was set up early! I ended up starting at 4am this morning, that is why I managed to get away earlier.”

“4am? That is very early indeed, and to drive all the way here after your shift!” Kate was alarmed.

“It’s ok, I am shattered but I am here now and my next shift is on Tuesday evening.” She smiled at her.

“You must be uncomfortable in all that uniform, surely?”

“Oh! I hadn’t thought about it to be honest!” She pulled a face, expressing her own stupidity.

Kate watched Jess unbutton and remove her waistcoat, she then loosened her tie and pulled it over her head, revealing the sweat marks under her arms. She then undid several buttons of her shirt, exposing some of her cleavage, Kate pursed her lips at the pleasant sight/ Finally Jess pulled the shirt out from her skirt and removed the pins holding canlı bahis her hair in place, allowing her hair to fall down onto her shoulders. Kate smiled and felt an overwhelming sense of pride at how beautiful her daughter was, she leant her chin on her palm and continued ogling her daughter.

“What?” Jess asked abruptly. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Can’t a mother look at her daughter?”

“Of course she can!” She slowly licked the spoon she had been holding and winked at her mother.

Jess glided about the kitchen as she finished up cooking their lunch, she had cleaned as she worked and made everything seem effortless. Bringing the plates to the table and placing cutlery down for them both, she pulled her chair closer to her mother’s so they were sat next to but facing each other.

“Bon appétit!” Jess said before putting a gyoza into her mouth.

“Thank you darling, it smells wonderful!” She put her hand and Jess’s thigh and patted it.

They both made small talk as they ate their lunch, Kate’s work, Jess’s Studies, Jack and his girlfriend. Jess also brought up her late father, they reminisced about the fun times they had had together and also agreed that they were doing a lot better now. They had both finished and Jess cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, she gathered her belongings and turned to her mother.

“Mum, I am going to head up and take a shower, do you mind if I take a nap?”

“Of course dear! I think I will do the same.” She smiled and eased herself from the chair.

“Take it easy! Come, lean on me!” She held her arm out and Kate accepted the help.

They made it upstairs and parted on the landing, both women went their separate ways into their respective bedrooms.

“”Shit!” Kate said when she saw that she still had to put fresh linen on her bed.

“Are you ok?” She heard Jess say as she walked in.

“Oh it is ok, I forgot that I had stripped the bed this morning.” She sighed. “I think that is what put me in this situation.” She rubbed her back again.

“I will help you, don’t worry. Where do you keep your clean linen?”

“In that cupboard over there.” She pointed.

Within minutes, Jess had single handedly remade the bed for her mother and had worked up a sweat. She took her shirt off and undid the zip on her skirt, allowing it to drop to her ankles and then bent down to pick it up after stepping out of it. She was fully aware that her mother was watching her, she was enjoying it just as much. Now wearing only her black bra and sheer tights, she saw her mother’s eyes light up when she realised that she was not wearing panties.

“I love how it feels!” She confessed.

“Another thing that I will need to try! My own daughter is teaching me so much.” Kate said in jest but meant it.

“Oh yeah?!” Jess walked out of the room as slowly and seductively as she could, like a catwalk model in slow motion.

Kate stood there for a moment, she was a little blown away by that image of her daughter and made a mental note to try that sometime. She carefully took her top off and slid her shorts down and stepped out of them before walking into her bathroom and turning on the shower. Once the water was hot, she stepped in, stood under the water and closed her eyes. Her eyes opened when she felt hands that were not hers cup her breasts, followed by a kiss between her shoulder blades.

“Why waste water when we can share!” Jess said before kissing her mother on the neck. “Pass me the soap.”

“This is nice!” Picking up the bar of soap and putting it into Jess’s hand.

“Well I figured that you might need some help, How about I give you a massage later this evening?” She had lathered up the soap and was now applying it to her mothers back and shoulders.

“That would be lovely!” She turned her head and smiled, welcoming her daughter’s touch as her hands glided over her body. She was being very thorough.

“You have such an amazing body.” Her hands circled her mothers breasts, her nipples felt hard as she squeezed them.

“What? For an old bird like me?”

“No, I mean it!” Her hands moved to her under arms as her mother raised them.

“There is more to it!” She joked.

“You mean like this? Jess moved her hand down her mothers back and then pushed between her bum cheeks as she lathered up between her legs.

“Oh yes!” She pushed her bottom back.

“What about here?” Jess now moved her other hand to her mothers vagina and rubbed at it after taking the soap.

“Oh God yes!”

“My turn!” Jess stood up, much to her mother’s disappointment and handed her the soap.

“Not fair!” She exclaimed. It was her turn now to put her hands all over Jess.

They spent the next few minutes enjoying the touch of each other’s bodies, both wanting to do more but they had plenty of time to explore more. Jess had leant back against the wall out of the stream of water, pulling her mother to her as they kissed each other passionately. Jess guided her mothers hand to her vagina and held it there, she looked into her eyes and saw them widen, she then grinned.

“Oh Jess.” She felt the warmth upon the palm of her hand, she didn’t know what was happening at first but soon figured it out.

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